Marie African Flavors
12600 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77099, United States

Review №1

These people are not serious. I've been having bad experience the last two last time I ordered baked fish there. The first time they served me fish with french fries instead of plantain. This time the fish salty at the point to boost my blood pressure. It seems like every employee salt the fish at their turn. Is it how they treat people who order to go? I'm very disappointed

Review №2

This food was amazing. The. The rice. The . The . Thanks Terence and Stanley

Review №3

This people are the rudest people ever... I have been to many many many African restaurants but this one is the worst of all. In terms of good flavor food I would classified them in the top 10, but they employee's have no respect for no one. Anyways, I will save my energy for better things but if you want attitude for no reason go the Marie African Flavors.

Review №4

The food tastes great, great collection of drinks, and good music. I allowed three chances for them to make right but was disappointed all of those times. Twice I've ordered take-out over the phone to show up and realize no one knows my order from my name. Twice I've picked up my orders to go home and realize they were smaller sizes just wrapped in many foil papers. I even tried to go and dine-in, but staff didn't care about face mask, and I waited an hour for my food that I never received and left. Service sucks in general.

Review №5

Good price for the dollar and tasty meals! I highly recommend it.

Review №6

Love this place. The ambiance, the food, the music, the servers was all great. This is our number one spot for african food in Houston when we visit. Food prices are fair and drinks as well

Review №7

The food is AMAZING!! I had the fish and fufu and by far the most authentic. Only problem I have is the attitude of the servers at the register/ bar. I've been 3 times in the last 2 years, and each time there's dry, unwelcoming attitudes. The first 2 times I've summed it up to a bad day, but this last time makes me think the disrespect is intentional?! I really hope they can begin to appreciate the value ANY customer brings.

Review №8

The best home experience ever. Good food, good music. Just perfect.

Review №9

The food is legit. I had their eru and it was so good! Thank you for this good food!

Review №10

Always good..I eat there so much.. I've put on some extra a good way

Review №11

I don't think they know what customer service means. I'm not expecting a lot but a least acknowledge your customers by greeting them and paying attention. I like their food but if I don't feel welcomed it's just a waste

Review №12

I wish there was a zero star because this place doesn't deserve any!The guys serving food are so entitled and of course that is very typical.They food is great no doubts. But the service is the worse in the country. They don't care about their customers and will have you waiting without talking to you then 25 mins later you get bottle water.This place doesn't deserve any star. Avoid it, if you have value for your time or planning to eat 2 hours after arrival

Review №13

It's an amazing place to visit. The food is great and the customer service is awesome.

Review №14

The food is good but as an African American its hard to get them to wait on you. Great food but horrible horrible horrible staff..

Review №15

It is really wonderful place visit & full of enjoyments.

Review №16

Great African food. Taste like homemade.

Review №17

Best Red Drum fish meal ever!!

Review №18

I will never return. Never return. I placed my order for roasted drum fish at 7:35pm. I was told at the time it would be $25.00 and it would be ready in 25 minutes. I arrive and at 8:54pm still waiting was told it would be $30.00 due to the size. They stated that the other size wasn't available and this is bigger. I am still here waiting on the food to be ready for pick up at 9pm. They just brought my food out and I'm now leaving at 9:01pm. HORRIBLE SERVICE. They gave me a large amount of food for the 32 dollars it came to, but in all honesty I was ignored when I arrived and had to actually check them to finally get answers. There are other African resturants that I can go to. Marie is no longer on that list. Word of advice eat here with low expectations. Also be careful they don't start cooking the food till you arrive and try to hype up the price while you wait. Smh always a scam with them I swear. Bad customer service and scamming go hand in hand here.

Review №19

Good food vibes n music is to loud to be a family style sit down restaurant

Review №20

Best place to get well- baked fish, nice delicious meal..take away and eat-in.

Review №21

As much as I come to this restaurant and spend money, I have been cheated. I ordered 1 $5 glass of wine as I always do and a $5 Guinness for my friend. Yesterday there was a new server there, he brought the wine and Guinness to the table, opened the wine and stood there. After a while, I poured my glass and continued talking. He walked off without the bottle, I said No, take the bottle, I just wanted a $5 glass. So he took the bottle. When I got the bill, I was charged $15 for 1 glass of wine. When I brought it to the manager's attention, she tells me that the server grabbed the more expensive bottle of wine. I asked her was that my fault? Is it right to blame the customer and overcharge the customer? Then she says you poured your own glass. I asked her what does that mean? Because the server didn't stop me and say, Let me pour it or you will be overcharged. So why are you overcharging me? Marie's has truly lost a customer that comes in every week and spend $50- 100 over a $5 glass of wine. This manager would rather cheat the customer than correct her error. Also watch the tax being charged on your bill. I had to make them correct it more times than I can count. Maybe she should have been monitoring the new employee rather than laughing and talking with co workers. This mistake may not have taken place.

Review №22

Very good service and the food was great.

Review №23

Beef Stew and plantains were great. Tilapia was on point!!

Review №24

Great place nice comfy music and company..

Review №25

Their service was extremely good.

Review №26

The best fish I've ever had...clean place, nice vibe, and the food was superb

Review №27

Such a nice place! The customer's service and human relations is very good. I will visit again and again. The flavour is superb! Keep it up

Review №28

Food is horrible. Suya is stewed beef! Unacceptable!!

Review №29

Food is good, africa wins baby, simply the best. Nothing can top it. The staff does a good job of taking care of the clients, well done. I feel at home, great location around Houston, everyone who lives in Texas and wants to eat good, gotta definitely make a stop there. You wont be disappointed.

Review №30

On a good day someone else orders for meBut today I called in over the phone to order they told me 25 mins I got there and still made me wait 50 mins before my food cameOutGreat food !!! Horrible service

Review №31

Worse service today ! Walk in and the staff doesn't speak no hello how are you. I was picking up a to go order. The guy at the register just stares and is very rude! I had to ask him what is he staring at ?! He was making fun of my friends hair !! All of the staff then began to talk in their language about it. Just very poor service. Another time came before this and the waiter is rude wears headphones doesn't engage him conversation and just a rude demeanor like today all together. I will not go back !!! Too many good African places with better service to their customers!!!!!!

Review №32

Very nice and professional. The food is also great. My personal favorite is the sweeyah. Food also comes in good portion.

Review №33

The foods here are so delicious

Review №34

I love the suya made by this restaurant.

Review №35

Was disappointed twice , brought roasted fish and it was too salty. The second time the fish wasn't cooked properly.

Review №36

First of all I am not African so this was a new experience for me. The resturant is in a small strip mall. It is super clean. The servers were nice. The presentation of the food was very pretty. We actually all received FREE water bottles. The food was tasty. It was a great experience. After 9pm the place gets super crowded, the music is good and everyone appears to be having a great time.The 3 Stars are for the service, the cleanliness and the free water bottles...

Review №37

Rude as hell! I spent 10 mins asking the guy that supposedly takes the orders did the Suya Platter eith Plantains have more Suya than the Small Suya. He was all the way confused and there was definitely a language barrier. He said he understood but he didn't because he kept repeating that I wanted to order both. Finally I gave up! They brought out the Suya and I tried it, it was brisket and was not spicy at all. It is not the usual suya that I get from Sabo and Afrikiko. They totally missed the mark.  Guy comes out  and tells me that I can't eat in there. I tell him that I was trying it, not eating there, as I know that you cannot dine in. Then he goes and tells another guy that comes from the back that I was eating. Wth is he gonna do? I asked the guy that takes the orders for some spicy seasoning for the so called Suya and he tells me that it is spicy. I tell him that it is not. He goes back and forth with me for a bit then proceeds to open up my bag and I stop him. He just stands at my table and I tell him that he could go. So I asked the tattletale for some spice and he tells me that it is spicy. Really?? Idk what's wrong with these people. He then tells me to pay $1 for it. That is the best he can do. No sir. We get the rest of the food and I check it, while being watched like a hawk, and then we leave. I was so ready to get outta there. I will never ever come back to this place. The language barrier, lack of customer service, and I can't deal with the rudeness.Jollop Rice- ok not spicy enough for meCoconut Rice- tastes goodGoat- too toughSuya- Noooooooooooo...

Review №38

This is a true representation of Home Away from Home. African dishes at Marie African Flavors, "Eat Like Back Home"

Review №39

One of my employees invited me to go several times. Sat at bar. They switched the order cause I ordered spicy, he did not all my food was not spicy. None of his was. We asked the lady at the bar and she argued us down saying my food was spicy. So we switched food and I ate his order and he ate mine. The thing was I did not know what I ordered or what he ordered. I jus ate it. And told him never recomend another one of his people's restaurants!

Review №40

Nice atmosphere when I entered on a Sunday. The staff was good. I was greeted twice and the food came to me very quickly. I tried the beef, next time will try the goat.

Review №41

Each time we come, the employees are very distracted and somewhat rude. The only reason we come back is because it is hard to find this type of food with the same taste. Unfortunately we have to deal with the bad attitudes of the staff each time we visit.

Review №42

Good food, neat environment, beautiful servers, GREAT music!!!. Surprisingly food not expensive. Loved it

Review №43

Great customer 6

Review №44

Courtesy and customer satisfaction was a priority. And the was really nice and affordable

Review №45

My African friends brought me here and I have a new love for the cuisine. I had the fish and rice. It was really good and the employee was nice and helpful especially since I had no ideal what I was ordering. I will be back.

Review №46

Place -Clean & nice musicService- polite & friendly(+)The drum fish DELICIOUS RICE GREAT TOO.EUGUSI- for ME was entirely too spicy. I did NOT enjoy it, my mouth, lips, throat, even in my stomach was all hot. Mine was full of small fish bones, I had to keep picking it, them out, I was really disappointed. I came from far across town, then I ask for chicken with mine. I had these 3 bigg hunks of meat, dry, and a lil tough in my bowl. I DID NOT eat that. So I finished the bony, extra spicy hot Eugusi & FuFu...My cousin was soo kind to share her good BIGG drum fish with me...I was upset and traveled across town home. Not fulfilled with what I went out there for (some EUGUSI.)It's a Nigerian dish, but this is not a Nigerian restaurant.It's a West African restaurant.the plantain was dry and not very sweet.

Review №47

Its the BEST African his food in Houston.

Review №48

My favorite place to get grilled fish, loyal customer!

Review №49

Always great except today. Food is really good. Today they made me wait to long

Review №50

I will definitely be back at this place every time i come to houston. That was the best fish i had ever had last night. Just work on the customer service guys. Keep it up.

Review №51

This place is pleasant for chilling. Though I like their fish but is quite expensive for my liking.

Review №52

The service is wonderful and the food is so yummy!!! My favorite is the fish with a side of Rice.

Review №53

Just excellent! Quick service, comfy and nice ambiance, great food at affordable prices.

Review №54

Truly Africa cuisine, sumptuous and tasty food, reasonably priced, wide variety to choose from, good background music and band on weekends, commendable service. Also offers assorted drinks in the bar.

Review №55

If you want to have a taste of african flavour. This a place to visit. It's multi cultural...

Review №56

Food was great. I Will definitely recommend it for any one wanting a taste of West Africa. They could improve in customer service.

Review №57

Delicious food. Suya is very good

Review №58

Delicious!!I love the suya beef!!The tilapia is really good too!!Great flavors and spices...

Review №59

Great food and service!

Review №60

Ordered the pepper soup. It was good, despite the long wait. Had requested for 'to go' packaging twice. First time the guy acknowledge went to the back and came out with nothing. We reminded him again and it took about 15 mins to get what we needed. Other than that the place was cool, clean and comfortable....

Review №61

The food ok but the staff is horrible and no natural drink everything huge and unhealthy but it hood Africans so enjoy

Review №62

This was my first time trying this restaurant. The 3 star is for the food. Food is very good but customer service and service is a zero! The lady came quietly to our table to take the order but was very distracted. She didn't even listen to what we wanted . She Just assumed so for result we got our order wrong but went with it because we were waiting for over an hour . Very deceiving.

Review №63

Best African Restaurant In Texas . Number 1 ..Incredible Taste. Go have some delicious delicacies.

Review №64

I love it especially their fish.

Review №65

Nice restaurant, good food!

Review №66

My husband and I make it a point to come and dine at the restaurant at least once or twice a month. We love the Jollof rice and the Egusi Soup.Reminds me of back home, it's quite popular and foot traffic Dey plenty .The owner Ms Marie is a sweet women and very humble.They provide complimentary chilled bottle water(Which is a bonus for any restaurant, especially Nigerian restaurant)I would highly recommend this restaurant (I'm hard to please and they exceeded my expectations with providing a clean environment and exquisite meals.It stays busy!

Review №67

Had the grilled tilapia and it was delicious.

Review №68

The food was delicious and authentic Africa dishes. Made me feel like like I was back home eating my grandmother's cooking. The prices were fair and the service was nice. The live music kept the place upbeat and fun. I recommend anyone who loves African food or just wants to try it for the first time to check out Marie's African Flavors

Review №69

This place is a great African restaurant. It serves some of the best African dishes in Houston. Great customer service. I will recommend and go to this place anytime.Yaya

Review №70

I love this place

Review №71

Great place for genuine african, exotic flavor. Food is always fresh! The grilled fish is best, but a great mix of menu items & entrees.

Review №72


Review №73

Good service and yummy food. Sometimes there's a wait. Whenever I call in and they tell me 20-30 min, that's exactly the time they take. I never wait more than a couple of minutes when I come to pick up. The owner Marie is very personable. The staff even helps me with bringing my order to pack in my car. Anytime I'm on the south side, Marie's is where I go!

Review №74

Great vibes. Their fish is the best in Houston. Nice staff

Review №75

Friendly atmosphere but the price on the menu is differenr from the price that was actually charged!!!

Review №76

Good food. You should definitely try it.

Review №77

Good African food and friendly services. Wait time is still a concern.

Review №78

Delicious Cameroon Food.

Review №79

First time here and i was excited to try something new. Service was slow ok very slow. Foos was good yet our waiters suggestion for me - even though i plainly stayed NOT SPICY was a bit too spicy for me. plantains were cooked well and tasted great. The place was clean and folks friendly.

Review №80

Very delicious awesome food. I really enjoyed eating there with my husband I just wish that they had shimp there.

Review №81

Good food , friendly staff , Jamming music

Review №82

I love their food, great taste plus nice environment and not too crowded

Review №83

Best place to eat grilled fish in Houston

Review №84

Le meilleur poisson de houston. I'll name it the best African restaurant in Texas.

Review №85

I go here especially for the grilled tilapia & jollof rice. Food is cery seasoned & served hot. Service is lacking, but could be cultural difference.

Review №86

The food is wonderful...yummy service outstanding!!!

Review №87

The best place for real authentic African restaurant. The food was delicious and the service was. Feels homey. Will definitely be coming back

Review №88

Great Cameroonian food

Review №89

Lovely African specials! Nice and clean. Keep up the presentation!

Review №90

Clean, nice surrounding compared to other African restaurants in town. Good food. Last outing was great only that I was served s meal with meat even after I insisted I was vegan. Otherwise great place. Will return.

Review №91

Rice was spicy, service was slow but it's a okay place. I like my plate.

Review №92

Very friendly and respectful..

Review №93

Yummy delicacies and fast service

Review №94

Awesome I love it, feeling at home with the environment

Review №95

Excellent Nigerian food. Enjoyed every moment.

Review №96

Correct place. For real Africans

Review №97

Great place nice atmosphere and yummy food. Customer service is A1 you will not be disappointed.

Review №98

Really beautiful and nice Services

Review №99

Food is good but inside is not clean. Also very poor customer experience

Review №100

Experience is TRASH!1 and half hour wait for food30 min wait for a to go plate after the food came30 min wait for the checkJust to get a wrong bill at the end of the mealI came on invite idk how anybody comes here at free will.Oh, we were the 1st onces to be seated.Experience is TRASH!

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  • Address:12600 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77099, United States
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  • Phone:+1 832-771-8778
  • West African restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
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  • Friday:1–11PM
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  • Sunday:1–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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