Sabo Suya
9405 Country Creek St, Houston, TX 77036, United States
Review №1

Always bought suya hen from them. It was perfect. Bought two hens 2 days ago. The hens were extremely dry both of them. It was a big disappointment eapecially since i bought two. Called the place up, the only condolensces i received was the cook might have been having a bad day. Looking for a better place to get my hen

Review №2

I moved to Houston about 3weeks ago and I was told I HAD to try Sabo Suya....I have been to the resturant twice in 3weeks...The Ram suya is AMAZING! I recommend it over the regular beef suya...Customers service is Great. The folks there were polite both times I visited and the space is really clean....I don't walk out of the restaurant smelling like I made the suya myself.

Review №3

The young man at the counter customer service needs a lot of work . The suya was ok but the rice had little stones in it I'm not sure why

Review №4

Best place for suya handsdown

Review №5

Excellent suya place! The new location has a very warm and lovely atmosphere. The staff are very polite, and most importantly, the suya is top class! I can argue that you probably get a better suya here than in Nigeria. I recommend this place to anyone that wants original and delicious suya!

Review №6

Through the years, I have been lucky enough to see the amazing growth of Sabo Suya and it's a testament to his/their dedication to amazing service to their customers at its finest. This is the number one Suya spot in all of Houston and their attention to detail in providing a quality customer service with an experience is next to none. When in Houston, make sure you try Sabo Suya. You'll never regret the experience.

Review №7

Customer service is great but the Suya is NOT. Please just stick to Kazeem and Abdul or worst case, suya hut. Not ever you here again. Zero taste! Waste of dollars!

Review №8

The Suya is good but it's northern style not Lagos style. Northern style has peanuts Lagos style does not. I prefer Lagos Suya. Would be nice if both options are available️

Review №9

I love coming here on Friday nights. The music is live and always a beautiful atmosphere. My favorite is their fish. My husband loves their RAM and rice.They were due for an extra star. This PLACE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN HOUSTON. No imagination here. It is a MOST TRY WHEN EVER YOU ARE IN HOUSTON. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY!! I HAVE TRIED MANY HERE IN HOUSTON BUT THEY SURPASS THEM ALL BY FAR!!! GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT FOOD I CAN COUNT ON IN EVERY BITE .

Review №10

Customer service was great, the lady was awesome. The hall was clean and smells great. Love their beef and chicken Gizzard suya. Will definitely drop by to try some of their other menus.

Review №11

Taste suya, great friendly customer service

Review №12

The ram is perfection... very tender and tasty. Unlike other African restaurants, the food here pretty much tastes the same every time. My only pet peeve with this place is their lack of organization when it comes to keeping their specialties stocked. They always run out. What's worse is that they will tell you they'll restock by a certain time, and you show up and they say they won't have anymore of that specific item for the day. Then why did you make me waste my time driving all the way up here???!!!! It's very annoying. If they can change that aspect of their service this place would be a five star joint.

Review №13

Tasty suya and friendly customer service

Review №14

The rice has stones in it..Hen is good. I don't know maybe they don't wash the rice but it has stones

Review №15

Food is great! I love the jollof rice, ram and chicken on a stick

Review №16

Love the chicken..they here..

Review №17

Great jollof rice and ram meat. Loved it

Review №18

This is the real thing, delivered by Adama all the way from the ancient city of Kano. All others are sub-par imitations

Review №19

The improvement is amazing!!! The kidney suya is the best suya as far as I am concerned. I only do not like the distance from me.

Review №20

Great customer service, one of the few places to eat when there is a late night craving. Bathrooms were clean as well. Only thing is there was a lot of peanut butter on the suya. It felt like i was eating meat immersed in a lot of peanut butter vs eating a nicely spiced suya.

Review №21

I love the chicken suya, and ram with rice! If you like spicy food, you will love this place. Just make sure you ask for your food Nigerian hot or they will tame the spice.

Review №22

Great place, 100percent will come back and recommend

Review №23

Their food is delicious, I can't stop getting their ram Suya , and Jollof rice.

Review №24

Sabo suya joint is so nice and hot, I will love to come back again. That is so great.

Review №25

The ram and suya are absolutely very tasty

Review №26

Awesome suya great location excellent customer service. Can't wait to go back next time I'm in Houston

Review №27

I always enjoy Friday night with family and friends when I am at home in H-town.

Review №28

Good and excellent service

Review №29

The best suya in this city houston.Needs more flyers to diffrent Works of life.sabo suya is unbeatable compared to other stores where suya is sold. Slogan in flyer : Test our suya and see the difference. Distribution locations : all African churches, place on car screen.Note you will need good workers to meet the demand of customers.Everybody I give this suya gives tumbs up.

Review №30

Terrible customer service! I called and ordered Hen and Ram suya over the phone. The guy said come get it in 20 minute. I drove all the way over there just for this lady to tell me "I'm sorry we don't have anything, we restocking right now!" Then had the nerves to look at me like I was crazy.

Review №31

Extremely delicious menu.

Review №32

Great customer service, food is spicy and just the way I like it. Beef Suya is good the Jollof rice with Ram was a no for me though. The Ram meat was good but the Jollof rice not so much. Good music and vibes as well.

Review №33

Great tasting suya, feels like home.

Review №34

They have good suya

Review №35

They are very polite and professional. Response time is very fast.

Review №36

The best place for Nigerian Suya in Houston Texas. The hot gizzard and liver mix was so delicious. I enjoyed my stay in Texas with sabo suya

Review №37

The ram is favorite.

Review №38

Just love the spicy food!!

Review №39

Best suya in Houston

Review №40

The best suya spot in Houston, Texas.

Review №41

I've been looking for suya for over three weeks now, so I find this place and will be back really soon! The beef suya is so delicious too bad we ate it all before a pic.

Review №42

Best suya in the city

Review №43

I ordered the Jollof rice and it was sooo good. I called my order in and it was ready when I got there!!

Review №44

Only hen is good here

Review №45

It was fantastic great arthentic African food

Review №46

Fun place to be.

Review №47

Good grilling spot

Review №48

The ram suya is great and you can't go wrong with the hen either.

Review №49

If u Like Suya As Much As Me This Is Right Place To Come, Customer Service Is On Point, The Orders Are Always On Time...My Favorite Is Jollof Rice With Suya Come And Try it The Food There Is Great

Review №50

Absolutely some of the best food I have ever had in my life, I just moved to Houston and I will definitely be going back to this restaurant!

Review №51

Great place to eat.

Review №52

They have good suya here.

Review №53

This is the most delicious Suya I've ever had in ma life. Please keep it up, never change the chief nor stop this business.The place seems not that active no coke was available but the Beef Suya was above all expectations.

Review №54

Pretty nice menu and friendly reception

Review №55

Fresh hot authentic suya

Review №56

Good place to eat.

Review №57

Long time customer. The best Suya in Houston. Hands down!! The owner, Ahmed is a nice guy with a pleasant attitude always.

Review №58

Its good place for you to go and eat spicy food, proud of you Uncle Adamu

Review №59

It was ok.

Review №60

Love their food, every item I've ordered has been good but I especially love their chicken!! Not consistent with their cooking though, one day it's a little burnt and the next time it's just right! They're not good with answering the phones either.

Review №61

Great tasting suya in the U.S.

Review №62

The best Suya in the city of Houston and neighboring cities as well. Customer Service is always good. Get some hummus and have it with that also try the onions with hummus.

Review №63

Love the ram suyaI love it spicy

Review №64

I liked their food been an African restaurant and spicy food. But they need to work on their customer service most especially on answering phone calls.

Review №65

I love the Hen suya but to my disappointment, they now cut is so small and just 6 pieces. I'm not pleased with it and I'm highly disappointed. I should get value of what I pay for

Review №66

Nice place

Review №67

First of all... When you first enter this restaurant, you WILL be tempted to turn around and get out...It looks like an abandoned restaurant that needs major RENOVATION.Anyways, I decided that I was already in there, I might as well order my To-Go and get it over with.They have limited menu but different types of Suya meats at VERY reasonable price.I ordered their beef and liver Suya as well as their jollof rice (that's the only real food item that they have). The guy and lady that took the order were really good.I must confess that I was overly impressed by their Suya and their jollof rice had to be the best that I've tasted in a very long time.Overall, I'll DEFINITELY recommend this place , more importantly, order out until the restaurant is upto par...

Review №68

The customer relationship is superb. Adamu was quite a caring man, coming to our aid after having a nasty experience outside the shop . Kudos for the charity, God bless your ventures.

Review №69

The meat is amazing. Juicy and soft. Well cooked

Review №70

Good place

Review №71

Great Africa suya joint, and pepper soup with standard customer service

Review №72

The meat suya is my favorite, the ram was great too. Best suya in town.

Review №73

Have no words for it, just the IT place

Review №74

The Suya (Very Spicy Beef/Chicken on a stick) is amazing!

Review №75

Home away from Nigeria, just a taste of the suya made me remember my days in kano. The taste is good

Review №76

Their chicken suya is A1. Most times they give you your order instantly, other times you'll have to wait a while. Coming from Nigeria, I'm really impressed with this place, it's the best suya place I've seen I'm Houston

Review №77

Great suya spot.. The owner is very friendly and professional. . He always puts the customers first

Review №78

Owner understands the value of excellent customer service

Review №79

Sabo suya, the best I have had. Delicious, spicy, tasty suya. I crave it all day. Great customer service too.

Review №80

Great job guys let's keep it up

Review №81

Lovely suya. Interior needs update. Laid back local joint.

Review №82

My order is always on point... Ram meat is awesome... U should try it

Review №83

Clean and quick service. Polite and attentive.

Review №84

The dark guy here has a great customer service approach.

Review №85

Not everyone will feel comfortable with the ambiance,i mean the food is definitely good.

Review №86

Nothing fancy. The interior isn't well lit up.

Review №87

Nice and tasty meals of all kinds

Review №88

It's a nice place, you can always have ur meeting and gathering here too

Review №89


Review №90

Best Suya and jollof rice in houston

Review №91

The jollof rice was amazing but the beef suya was terrible.

Review №92

Best suya I've ever had!

Review №93

Excellent suya and the owner is extremely kind!

Review №94

The Suya is awesome. They really take pride in the quality of their food and it shows.

Review №95

I love this place please don't close ever

Review №96

Great Service and Nice

Review №97

Great suya although I've not tasted it

Review №98

This Suya is the best in Htown. period.

Review №99

Best suya I have ever had!..and I've had plenty. Going back again tonight!:)

Review №100

Love this place....

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:9405 Country Creek St, Houston, TX 77036, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 832-768-5973
  • West African restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:12–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:12PM–12AM
  • Saturday:12–11PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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