Southwest Farmers Market
9801 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77036, United States
Review №1

This used to be one, if not the best place in Houston to get anything Nigerian... but now its a shell of what it used to be. 3 stars cos the ONLY decent thing there is the bread! Its fresh and its baked in store. Apart from that, its a one star store. They have refused to grow with the times and completely ignored the competition around them. Which is a total shame.. wazobia African markets has now opened a store less than 3miles from them- be interesting to see if that changes anything. Lastly, can you please keep the store clean?! That INCLUDES the damm shopping carts! They are filthy.

Review №2

I'll definitely be avoiding this store and will be patronising other places. Staff are rude, especially at the meat department. Check out lines are extremely slow. Staff screamed at me for taking pictures while I was helping my friend who lives in another state pick out her preferred products. What did he think i was going to do with the pictures? Glad there are now other viable options in the area and this is no longer the only major Nigerian store.

Review №3

They got all the spices in need to jazz up my cooking! I'll definitely go back to buy some more goat meet!

Review №4

Southwest Farmers MarketIs "the Place" to get all your NigerianFoodstuffs in amazing quantitiesI would greatly recommend them

Review №5

Used to go there, but I think thiss will be my last time. Every time your cashier will make a mistake with the receipt. How did you train them. Today they charge me $ 29 for 3 small yam. I call to have the cost of yam's pound and nobody can answer. I didn't pay attention because I was tired and for that I paid cash.Better go at wazobia for my monthly grocery.

Review №6

The place has good supply of African foodstuff. I bought vegetable soup. It was very delicious but it was very spicy. I wish they will be putting less hot pepper.

Review №7

Unscrupulous people working there and the owners. Beware of this store. There are hidden charges in all the meats. They will charge you 1.49lb of roundabout but will ring you 1.79lb without your knowledge. When you are buying meat check the price they ring you or better yet go to Wazobia and shop. The owner is awesome and they have better customer services

Review №8

Always on point, competition doesn't even come close! You guys have NEVER EVER disappointed me. The few tines I tried your competitors, I was 100% disappointed always. I just returned from another shopping spree with you guys and yes I am very happy and blessed. Yes, there are opportunities for improvement (like dusplay of prices) but I will not fail to commend and commend and keep commending you guys. I say 'Bravo! Thank You!!' Cheers

Review №9

I shop here regularly has everything African and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №10

Love there food! Nice place to shop African foods

Review №11

Always well stocked. Prices a bit higher than smaller stores. Helpful staff

Review №12

Love the choices but the place is just too filthy. No matter the renovation, it's still dirty. With the amount of traffic in one day, they should at least have a clean decent store.

Review №13

I have always been coming to this location for years and the experience has always been phenomenal. They're always helpful whenever I am in search of an item or placing a unique order. This is a great African food store.

Review №14

This is my Nigerian DNA and heritage. It is a way for me to stay connected to my people.

Review №15

I love my experience with them. They are jovial and attend to their customers well. Glad i discovered it earlier.

Review №16

The women are always rude like be kind to people that are giving your business money especially in times like this...but anyways...I love the soups and the fried fish....mostly the fried fish its so good

Review №17

Service was great. But should improve in tidying up the place and the smell!!!!!!!!......

Review №18

.. they always have everything you need, just can be a bit rude at times..

Review №19

Although I wasn't shopping on this trip, accompanied a friend of mine, and this is a neat little grocery store with the most pleasant staff...way to go! Awesome all around.

Review №20

African market with a difference. Here is home to Nigerian and other African recipes. It's a nice place to shop for the local delicacies and the ingredients.

Review №21

Excellent place to get all kinds of Africa foods stuffs.

Review №22

They have a bunch of African stuffs. That's the only good thing. If you buy any of their cooked stuff even if it's rotten and you then immediately they tell you there is nothing they can do. No exchange no refund nothing. The customer service here could also do better. Nigerian stores need to do better with their employees.

Review №23

Family friendly witth trained customer representatives. If they don't hv what u need that houston doesn't hv it period.

Review №24

Pleasant and friendly staff. Wide selection of items to choose from. We love their homemade bread.

Review №25

Slippery floor, prone to accidents. Awful smell and unfriendly staff.

Review №26

They had everything I needed, the employees at the meat department were real friendly, one of the cashier wasn't that friendly, BUT the ladies that sell the cooked food r soooooooo mean and rude, I will never go to that side of the store next time.

Review №27

Found what I needed and they were pretty helpful

Review №28

Great place to get your groceries...

Review №29

Feels like naija... Lol

Review №30

You can get pretty much everything here. Including already cooked food. I have included a picture of the catering menu, just zoom in to see the options available and prices

Review №31

The Gentleman was very helpful. They didnt have Uda (suzi) in the whole form. They only had it in ground form. I was suprised that he understood that I needed it for Medicinal purposes. Very good customer service, very attentive.

Review №32

As a Nigerian I naturally would love to have our kind of cuisine anywhere I go. Lo and behold I found this gem in Houston, a one stop shop for all the food items and condiments of Nigerian origin. The service is good but there's room for improvement.

Review №33

Nothing out of place. Items needed were ready in short order.

Review №34

The Hot food was good and friendly customer service

Review №35

Awesome place, I look forward to visiting again!!

Review №36

This place needs security guardsCars been broken intoPeople been robbed there

Review №37

The customer service is horrible - even from the managers! I prefer to keep currency circulating amongst my own but when I experience such maltreatment from every employee (even the cashiers), I cannot support such an establishment. When people ask where I buy the ingredients for my West African dishes, I recommend them to smaller, more friendly establishments. I will never shop nor mention the name of this market chain again.

Review №38

I love their Designer Rice! Haven't been in awhile due to me moving on the North side, but I will be on that side of town soon and will be ordering two. Wish you had a farmers market close to Cypress. I would be there every weekend. lol

Review №39

It's a very clean environment. They have made things convenient for Africans, mostly Nigerians. They catered for everything WE in the diaspora need. The service and people are very professional and helpful.Prince Obi Chukwu.

Review №40

I feel like I'm home

Review №41

It's a great place to buy groceries and ready to eat food. I will recommend this place for my friends. The front of the store needs to be fixed for easy cart movement of the food items from the store to one's car.

Review №42

It's a nice store to get your meat and African groceries

Review №43

Very good variety... wouldn't hurt if it was a bit cleaner

Review №44

Excellent place for African grocery

Review №45

I Actually highly recommend the produce part and hot food part of the store. The staff is plenty and friendly.

Review №46

One of the to go places in southwest Houston for Nigerian grocery shopping. You can find almost everything you need. Some of the employees are really nice while some are

Review №47

Good place to buy African and Caribbean food at very reasonable prices. They need to add a few more American products to accommodate friends who are not too familiar with the African products.

Review №48

I got good oxtail and fish

Review №49

Unprofessional workers. Especially in the meat area.

Review №50

Say hello to Is real in fresh Bread. He will look out for you. The best fresh bread in Houston. Because of the bread and Mr. Isreal. I have to give a four star. If not for them it would be far less. Store needs a fresh look.

Review №51

Love the variety and the feeling of being transported to Nigeria once you walk through the door. A little expensive though but then it's probably to cover the cost of importing the foodstuff. The freshly baked 9ja style bread was heavenly. Couldn't wait to get home to tear out a piece, squeeze it and take a bite. Yes i ate some in the car lol.

Review №52

Need Marvin Zindler Too take a Look at thisPlace.

Review №53

Nice mix of vendors

Review №54

Great food, lovely produce and very clean. The staff is extremely friendly and I could go on and on.

Review №55

I really enjoy going to Southwest Market and I love the kind treatment as well as their so polite. Very inexpensive it's worth the 3 1/2 drive.

Review №56

Nice spot. Many people can drive by and stop

Review №57

I don't know it

Review №58

It was awesome and good customer relationship

Review №59

Most African Items are available at affordable prices

Review №60

Naija market place with varieties of imported local foods.Staffs are friendly too

Review №61

True will find whatever you need and the service is perfect, the food is delicious.

Review №62

Always busy and very helpful staff and managerFoods always in stock and also hot bread fresh out the oven! Very delicious. Anything you need you can get it here

Review №63

Great pace to buy good quality food items, especially African food.

Review №64

Southwest farmers market is a great palace to be when you are very hungry and need our African food to eat , they have all Nigeria foods to eat and be satisfied, kudos to the owners .

Review №65

The place still stinks! Dirty water on the floor!! Watch out! You may slip!! I wonder why the management of this place cant just pay attention to making sure the store is cleaned! Common guys! You can do BETTER!!!!

Review №66

Nice place to get stuffs...even ready to eat meals

Review №67

Nice place for shopping and pricing is competitive the ambience could be stepped up though

Review №68

I was actually at my dentist Southwest Dental they're great guys check them out

Review №69

Cooked food from fresh ingredients. Very nice.

Review №70

Because their food doesn't test good and I will not buy food from them again, the annoying part is that when you have your debit card to buy something you must buy something up to $10 before the will approve it otherwise you pay cash

Review №71

It's ok. Sometimes you get a friendly cashier. Once in a while you get a friendly sales associate who will say hello first or respond when you greet them. Great selection of products. Very competitive pricing. Delicious food. Sometimes it's more economical to buy the prepared foods than attempt to buy the ingredients. Either way, you're in the right place. Watch out for some of the customers, they act like they own the place. Just a heads up.. I had to add this. Definitely check your receipts or pay attention. More than once I've had an extra snack item added to my bill, on the days I was in a rush. There are some dishonest cashiers. I mention this only cos I never got any one to fix this.

Review №72

Meat is not freshbthe place is poorly kept yet they keep expanding and renovating. Some of the staff are unpleasant dont smile and lack customer service. Need to do better this is not Africa where half the population dont know how to be polite

Review №73

The Jollof Rice, and the designer stew brings me here regularly.

Review №74

One stop store for your African foods. Home away from home.

Review №75

I was in and out and the customer service was perfect and awesome.

Review №76

Everything is good here except their Cabin is not original or is always exposed to air and too soft, I've had to dispose the Cabin multiple times after purchase from the store due to fear of eating fake or bad Cabin.

Review №77

I love this place... huge shopping complex with large varieties. You can basically find anything African food in this store. Prices are decent and the store attendants are helpful. I will recommend this place to anybody looking for a one stop store for all your African ingrendents and also prepared food. The food taste good and the work hard to meet their customer demands and satisfaction.

Review №78

Sometimes I buy yam and stew when I eat out or jollof rice , good price/portion ratio and tastes good. Good overall experience, clean place.

Review №79

It has lots interesting African food. It neat and the service is prompt

Review №80

It has pretty much everything that you need. All you have to do is look

Review №81

Lots of Nigerian food need better service.

Review №82

Good Nigeria food , there stuff are expensive but good place

Review №83

I had a bitter experience at the store, even though I have been a loyal customer for 3 years.I had purchase a couple of items for a friend who was scheduled to visit Houston, but plans fell through at the last minute.I went to return the items and I spent the las 20 minutes with the store manager, who refused to accept returns (After calling the Head office/ Bissonett) saying, they couldn't accept the items because I purchased them 10 days ago.You'll only experience such inhumane treatment form a low-end Nigerians store, who cares less about customer service and professionalism.Extremely disappointed!!!

Review №84

Lots of African food stuff

Review №85

Interestingly this place has changed for good. Clean, great customer service. The guy at the meat section was polite and quick. I had thought about this place differently in the past, but obviously, management is doing a great job.

Review №86

Firorhis is. Pan- African, Carribbean, Hispanic market. You can find unque items thtat are popular among the aforementioned cultural entities. These food items, accessories and spices hellp dish- out hard-core authentic cuisines that make one go back for more and more and more. Such uncommon foods include African white yams, ukwa , cocoa-yams, unripe plantains, ogiri,oha leaves onugbu, uziza, ehuru' ube. Sometimes they also carry traditional regal clothings, natural traditional cosmetics and local African drinks like palmwine. Prices are generally fair.

Review №87

Nigerian food at it's best in Houston, Texas

Review №88

Good price on African foods

Review №89

All of African foods in one location

Review №90

Great selection of African and Caribbean food products. Delicious cafe in the back too.

Review №91

Very fulfilling as I got all that I needed.

Review №92

I've noticed that the store is trying to be cleaner and more organized than it used to be. I've seen noticeable changes from the last time I was here. There are wider aisles with more space for people to move around. The vegetable section is cleaner. They now remove expired food items from the shelves. I hope this is sustained.

Review №93

A meeting point, crossroads for selected afro, carribean, tropical, exotic culinary engineering for the discerning palate. Still growing, it will get better.

Review №94

Home to buy everything you need

Review №95

I love the market so well, their prices are great!

Review №96

Nice place to buy pretty much everything African food at a cheap price. The place used to smelll terrible before but now they have put things in order , their agege bread is second to none, i bought fried yam and 2 fried chicken today and the price is a steal

Review №97

Just barely tolerable

Review №98

They've got varieties and shockingly good prices too. I love this place

Review №99

Amazing store for varieties of African food.

Review №100

This is the worst African store I have ever seen, the people in the meat section are so rude and full of dishonest there is a number to pick in order to be in line and this supposed to be done in orderly, manner but this people will be there doing nothing customers are lining up waiting for someone to attend to them no one will ever do as if they recognize people standing but whenever there friend arrive you will seen the way they will quickly attend to there friend why living the people waiting to buy meet with numbers in each people hands. This is not ideal and it is very wrong the management needs to put this people in order because it is not family and friends store it is a public store. They have left me more than 3x to attend to their friends why I got there before their so-called friend.

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