5700 S Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77036, United States

Review №1

The service and food was so delicious We will definitely be a regular customer. This was our first time trying them out. The vegetable soup with pounded yam was by far my favorite so far!

Review №2

The food was absolutely delicious and bountiful, especially for the price!! Highly recommend the grilled fish. The customer service is subpar, unfortunately.

Review №3

The grilled tilapia and coconut rice is the bizwax!

Review №4

The food was excellent but i had to wait long enough for my order, i guess because of the weekend

Review №5

So I called to order two grilled fishes, arrived there to pick up my order, they told they don't have no more fish. The mixed lady with long hair was so cold. Very disrespectful

Review №6

The food here is some of the most delicious west African food that I've had in Texas thus far. I recommend at least 2 visits in your lifetime.

Review №7

Great food! I drive across town to dine here. Be prepared to wait a little bit. Everything is made fresh.

Review №8

I have heard so much about Nigerian food in Houston, I went there last month for a program and I decided to eat Nigeria food all through my trip. I googled some places and I wasn't satisfied with their reviews so I asked my cousin who lives there and he told me to go to this restaurant omg! The first day I ate there I was amazed at how many dishes they have there. I ate lunch and dinner every day for 4 days in this restaurant. I love their service in fact, everything about them. If you do not want to experience a delay with your food, call and them your food order before heading to the place if not it takes about 10mins to get served depending on the food you want, which is not bad because they have to prepare most of their food after you have ordered.Thank you Trinity restaurant, you got a customer.

Review №9

My husband and I went into this restaurant for dinner. We've eaten there once before and the food was pretty good. We walked in and went straight to the bar area to order our food. After looking through the menu we decided what we wanted to order. We placed the order with the short lady with a curl ponytail. She told us to sit down until the order was ready. We waited there OVER ONE HOUR. My husband walked up to the bar area and asked her when the food will be ready. She told him she forgot to put in the order. I was thinking what on God's green earth where you thinking when you continued to walk by us waiting on other people? How did you forget to put in the order? She had the nerve to ask us to continue to wait while she puts in the order right then. We left and we will not be back! Very poor customer service.

Review №10

Horrible. Waited 40mins for an order that was to take 20mins. Paid $20 for food, added a $5 tip and ended up being given food without the ordered meat. To make matters worse they refused to pick my calls

Review №11

It's ok I had better but I do like the atmosphere and it would be a great date if your just on a chill vibe and want to enjoy music but not talk much

Review №12

Great!But please abeg, stop running out of fried plantain

Review №13

Very Cozy place! The food is not bad! A friend brought me egusi soup and fufu without meat from here and it was good. The African organization that I'm part of always get food from here as well! I was slightly disappointed when I went myself and my egusi soup barely had any spinach in there and it was thick as when my friend bought it. Still a good place to grab food!

Review №14

5 star food was great. very clean place and relaxing.bathroom was very clean

Review №15

I ordered Vegetable soup, nkwobi and coconut rice ( not a big fan of coconut rice so it's understandable) . The vegetable soup had the right amt of pepper I want and it was so delicious. The nkowbi was also good. I sincerely love their meal because the soup was delicious.

Review №16

The best African food ever Mexican even eat here they get the whole fish I love the veggie soup its the best

Review №17

I think the government should do an investigation to know what exactly they are selling. Like most of Nigerian restaurants in Houston, if you are new, they neglect you and try to discourage you and make you wait a very long time so you can get out. In my opinion these restaurants are not restaurants, they must be other illegal businesses they do. it is not possible to open a restaurant and refuse to serve your clients. as you can see in the reviews all those who gave positive comments got Nigerian names, but all other names were very disappointed, and all say that it takes a very long time to get served.

Review №18

Food was ok but pay attention to bill. The menu said $8 for jollof rice only. I asked the waitress what came with it, she said vegetable and plantain. When the bull come it's $10 and the plantain and vegetable is extra. Will not be going back.

Review №19

Always Good. They need to work on their Egusi but jollof rice etc is bomb Af

Review №20

It was a great experience. I enjoyed the soups ,the vegetables, the ogbono and my wife enjoyed the afang .they have great staff with great hospitality , thumbs up chidimma ,thumbs up Mary. I really enjoyed the hospitality at trinity. The chef ,you great.

Review №21

The food will definitely satisfy you. The atmosphere is dimly lit and relaxing. I always leave satisfied. I love trying out new African foods there. But I love agusi soup if I'm spelling it correctly. Lol

Review №22

Worst restuarant I've ever set my foot on , I went there with my household, my husband, 2kids, dad and mum. We got there at 6:30pm, the waiter took our order, we waited for 1 hour 30mins and our food wasn't ready, in between, I kept asking the waitress of how much longer it will take, she told me to exercise patient which we did.There was no communication whatsoever, my kids 7 and 4 were restless and hungry, I was hungry, everyone was hungry, fact, we went there cos we were all hungry. We drove all the way from Katy pass 99 to this restaurant and yet we couldn't eat due to their bad service which was BS. The worst part of this ordeal is that everything we crave for they never had but then again, it is in the menu. I usually don't right reviews on bad experience but I had to write this one. The Management needs to step up and do something.

Review №23

Great Nigerian restuarant...the vegetable soup is on point and hey Chka, thanks always for your professional service and your smiles...I will visit again soon!

Review №24

Excellent food. Delicious and the price is decent. The best African/Caribbean food around...this place is heavenly. SUPERB.

Review №25

Ask for Mr. Martins... Great service, great staff and delicious food. What else do you need from a restaurant. Just be patient, it's an African time thing.

Review №26

Varieties available, with excellent customer relation skills. Clean environment to sit and enjoy the African dish as just as you will have it in the comfort of your home dining.

Review №27

I am so disappointed with this food. I continuously refer friends to this restaurant and have used them for my events. This is the 3rd time I have went here and my food was old. My fresh grilled fish is old, dry and hard and the waitress wanted to argue with me about the freshness stating it was cooked in the morning. I'm addition, the rice taste old and I simply wasted my money and time to come and purchase this food.

Review №28

Went here twice and got the rice meat and veggies plate. Both times I barley got any edible meat. 2 pieces one full of bone the other tiny. So basically I spent 15$ on some rice. DO NOT GO HERE THEY DONT CARE. And there kitchen looks dirty

Review №29

I wish I could give no star at all, rude service they took away my water because I didn't eat anything. I just took my friend there to eat I wasn't hungry but I was thirsty. These people have a very bad service.

Review №30

Jollof rice was dry and not well flavored, the chicken was tough

Review №31

Customer service sucks!! Seriously, you will be standing in front of them, three workers there and bet they won't say nothing to you. Food is mediocre! I only go there because my boyfriend likes the grilled fish. Don't waste your time or money here. Go somewhere you're welcome and your business is appreciated!

Review №32

The food was good, but I received a plate full of rice, uncooked vegetables, and 2 very small pieces of unedible meat with large bones in them, while the person sitting next to me received 4 healthy peices. When I asked the waitress why the meat amounts were so small I was told because the restaurant did not receive enough meat. She proceeded to the kitchen and brought us all out 1 extra piece a person, still with large bones in them. I would not waste your money here....... it's discrimination, or lack of care for the customer, either one is wrong when your paying for their biggest plates...!There was also no soap in the restroom.... what did they wash their hands with???

Review №33

I ordered a catering order and they were exceptionally late is preparing the order. Mind you I gave them almost a 3 days notice, and a guy working there, assured me that it will be ready on time.Please don't make promises you can't keep.Aside from that the suya is good, my guest really enjoyed it.As for future services from this place, I'll have to pass. Costumer service is a learned skilled, please work on this.

Review №34

The food was disappointing. The meat flavor was okay. But the sides were nasty like some canned goods from the grocery store.The service was absolutely horrible. The wait staff do not speak to you at all. No greeting upon entry. No occasional checks. When you ask for something, they frown, say nothing, and walk away.The knats flying around the food was not very entertaining either.I vote a firm NO for this place.

Review №35

Great food. . .nice ambience. .. diverse crowd. . .not very expensive. . . great service.The restrooms though old and clunky, still work.

Review №36

It was a fine experience. Polite owners, friendly staff. You should go there, you will love it.

Review №37

I like it here. The atmosphere is good. The food they serve is plenty. The pricing is average.

Review №38

Okay service and atmosphere, but this place has the best Ngwongwo in the State. Want great Ngwongwo? Get yourself here!

Review №39

A professionally restaurant should be well stocked with food and ready to serve. I wanted to place an order and in the middle of the day around 2:00pm and they were out of spinach, okra, and moi moi. They shouldn't have it on the menu if the items are not in the store to sell!!!

Review №40

Good food but service too too too slow

Review №41

The setting is nice, food is great! An American shout out to the cooks and prep team! Keep up the good work people!

Review №42

They earn two stars for the decent food, but absolutely terrible service. I call in my order and guy says ready in ten minutes, I get there about half an hour later only to sit and wait another half hour. When I very patiently inquire about my food, I'm told in an aggressive tone of voice to chill out your food is ready. Then I wait..., and I wait..., and I wait. Twice this has happened to me so never again will I eat from this place.

Review №43

The plates are very huge enough to share they give a lot of plantain bananas that's what I call it and rice there is another plate you could order to me it looks like Chinese fried rice:-)! Of course the fish is very healthy for you but they give you the whole fish which is very nice I especially like which is very different to me the African bread it's very doughy:-)! I see a lot of African people of all ages either eat here or order to go I do admit to me a little pricey on some items :-(! But if you want to try authentic African food something very different taste and being adventurous this is the place :-)!

Review №44

I love this place my favorite African restaurant in Houston

Review №45

Love coming here for their jollof and grilled tilapia. You can't go wrong!

Review №46

Yummy take on West african food. Flavorful, comfortable decor and reasonably pricedGreat for meeting friends for lunch.

Review №47

The manager is nice but those front desk girls have no respect whatsoever, the guy is very nice and shows concern about your order, but the girls are very disrespectful. I mean very disrespectful, the 5 stars is to support a great manager, he is a great guy, and food is outstanding!

Review №48

Great African food. The fish is awesome, I love the jollof rice

Review №49

Very friendly employees. Food was so good. I will be visiting again.

Review №50

Worst meatpie I have ever tasted in my life, the white rice was ridiculously hard/undercooked

Review №51

One of the best nigerian restaurants in houston with a very pleasant customer service to complement the good food.

Review №52

Went for the first time with my husband and we were pleased with the service and the food was excellent. We will definitely be back soon!

Review №53

Oh my goodness I had oha soup here and was immediately transported back to Nigeria. Just thinking about it this many months later and my mouth waters. I should say you will get the standard Naija treatment, nothing spectacular but the food makes up for that. So, go for the food.

Review №54

My first time visiting location during lunch hours and it was a little busy, but the people working at the bar were quite attentive.I ordered two entrees and it was around $30. I felt like the amount of food I got and the price was fair. There is still so much for me to try on the menu. I got the house soup which was a rich goat soup. I absolutely loved how spicy it was. The soups all came with fufu. Fufu is like the bread or crackers alongside soup but the Nigerian culture which you'd pinch and dip in the soup. It's good, but it's super high in carbs. I can't recall the name of the other meal I got, but it was goat in a spicy tomato base, plantains, greens and bookoo amount of rice. Whatever that meal was, it was so good that it stayed on my mind days later. I would just get more greens next time.I'll definitely be back.

Review №55

This was my first visit to have African cuisine. I thoroughly enjoy my meal. Large portions and good flavor. Staff provided excellent service.

Review №56

This was my first time trying the Nigerian dish fufu. I ordered the vegetable soup with the cut fried fish and the yam/cassava dough. Now, while I wasn't a fan of the dough (not bc it wasn't good, actually it had little to no flavor) bc I have texture issues, the soup and fish were to flipping die for. Super duper flavorful with lots of spice.The dish was EVERYTHING...The service was a bit slow (but I'm assuming that's from dish prep) but other than that, it was a good meal. My friend and I are eager to go back.

Review №57

I'm an American lady that ordered and waited inside for my food to be prepared. Two pregnant ladies served me. They were RUDE and asked if I was going to come back to get my food as if they didn't want me to wait inside?? The food was ok. Customer Service was horrible

Review №58

The food was very good the price was great I had a excellent waitress because I had the rice with the barbecued fish then the sauce that was on the fish was getting all over my hands she was nice enough to bring out a bowl with soapy water so I can wash my hands as I ate I've never received that kind of service anywhere else I highly recommend it and I will be returning.

Review №59

The Woman who served me this morning at the food store was very rude and not professional at all. I'm not going back there. She reminded me the customer service back home. My dear forget about your palace and director position in Africa. Here is America, and the customer service is very important in business.Thank you.

Review №60

The tilapia and coconut rice were delicious.

Review №61

Horrible customer service, unclean!

Review №62

Food was good but They took 10 mins to take the order, 30 mins to serve the food and 30 mins to bring the bill. We can do better

Review №63

Very good food and fast service

Review №64

Good. But you have to wait between 20 - 30mins before being served.

Review №65

Nice African restaurant with good food.

Review №66

Very poor customer service a lady took my order and left me on hold .. I wouldn't refer anyoneThere no more they don't know how toTreat their customers

Review №67

Love their food. You can always rely on them for authenticity! Thank you Zainab for your help.

Review №68

Great meals and the owner is so nice, caring with a smiling demeanor

Review №69

So I was there 2 days ago, the food was nasty, it literally had no taste and it was expensive BUT great customer service, this is like the second Nigerian restaurant i've Been to with great customer service. The lady kept her cool all through. BTW don't ever go to southwest farmers market to shop, the workers there are crazy, they will ruin ur day.

Review №70

Love this place. Good quality Nigerian food. I only wished they do delivery

Review №71

An excellent West African restaurant, with very tasty dishes. I highly recommend the Jellof Rice and Plantain, a simple dish that is easy for any African to judge the quality.

Review №72

Good West African food. Service is getting better. Used to be really slow but was surprised at the improved service today. Staff are really friendly and courteous.

Review №73

I totally enjoyed the meal and services. The Jollof rice and the fish was top notch

Review №74

Delicious could... great service... nice ambiance

Review №75

Great food. Horrible customer service. Employees are rude.

Review №76

I came here to to eat but when they asked if I wanted a drink I ordered a French Connection (Courvouisier & Grand Marnier) to which they tried to charge me $20, I was done... No need to eat if the drinks cost that much.., Im out!

Review №77

Lovely African foods, real tasty vegetable soup.

Review №78

Great food! I would recommend this place to anyone who loves african food as I do.

Review №79

Nice Bar!! Jollof rice and Goat meat is Aweeeeeeesoooooome! Y'all should try em .

Review №80

Great food, affordable and a good atmosphere ! We received such great service as well! Whatever you order be ready for some spice in your life.

Review №81

Omg!! Yesterday I ordered food 5/15! Last night. As soon as I finished my food BOOM!! Diarrhea!!! Woke up early morning room right now I'm vomiting NEVER WILL I COME BACK!

Review №82

I live in a part of the US where Nigerian restaurants are whole non-existent. So you can imagine my pleasure when i was first brought here by a friend a few years ago. I recently visited this restaurant while visiting my girl friend in Houston and had the best pounded yam and egusi soup i've had in a long long time. After leaving Houston, my girl friend visited this restaurant since she had a taste of the food i bought just before leaving. She loved the food. By the way, my girl friend is a picky eater so if she gives it a thumbs up twice they must be doing something right.There's room for improvement on their customer service though.

Review №83

The pepper soup.. Is very good

Review №84

WORST customer service I have ever seen! just left the place because no one would bother helping me. At first, I walked in and there were 3 servers standing at the counter arguing about who gave out a lady the worst order. I was there for about 10minutes looking at them and no one even greeted or asked what I was looking for. Then came a man I bet he is the manager. He was at the computer I yelled 3 times "excuse me sir" He acted as if he didn't hear me then turned looked at me and turned around to just say "talk to them" pointing the servers who were arguing. What? I felt like just leaving at that moment but I really was craving that goat meat and today is a party day so I finally decided to go after a waitress that was having an attitude for no reason. I asked if they had goat meat she told me to come 2 hours later that it would be ready. That wasn't it! I came back that day and when the girl saw me walking in she just turned her back acting as if she was busy. I stood at the counter again waiting for assistance. She then came back saw me there and IGNORED me. A custom came asking for a menu she gave him and just stood there as if no one was there. I felt so insulted and sure was about to make a scene because this is just UNACCEPTABLE. I finally just decided to leave because at that point I was about to be very rude and I really hates driving attention on me . I got my meat at the supermarket across the street and am cooking it myself.I honestly do not recommend this place to anyone .

Review №85

I love their signature jellof rice and grilled fish with onion salad and fried plantain.Try their bitter leaf soup with oatmeal or pounded yam.. Superb

Review №86

10/10 exquisite! Well mannered attendants! Grilled fish is bae here!

Review №87

Loved their fish, will definitely pass though again. Service from the bar was good, especially with Hannah

Review №88

My favorite African food restaurant in Houston!!!! I always get the grilled fish, veggies, and plantain!!!!!

Review №89

Delicious. Large portions. Whole grilled fish. Goat. Jollof. Authentic and affordable.

Review №90

Good food but slow service.

Review №91

The bitterleaf soup is the best in town

Review №92

Neat environment, very delicious African cuisine

Review №93

My friends and I had a lovely dinner here. The fish pepper soup is delicious.

Review №94

The food and service was some of the best I've had!

Review №95

I would definitely visit when I'm in Houston. Their meals are legendary

Review №96

I love their coconut rice and plantain! Nice customer service too...

Review №97

Just looking at their menu will make your mouth water, really fast service and tasty food.

Review №98

Fast service, good customer care and good'm food

Review №99

Awesome. Customer service was great, my friend and I were attended to on time. She even checked up on us to see if we're comfortable with our meals. My friend had the yam porridge with beef and vegetables, cleaned the I had the grilled fish with plantain and vegetables. Looooooove it.

Review №100

One of my go to nigerian restaurants in Houston. Nice portions.

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  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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