United Sisters
8731 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77071, United States
United Sisters
Review №1

I don't know, but when I get there Awwww it's the best of best. Great service experience with good attitude.. price is Awwww chai keep eating

Review №2

Food is good, but there seems to always be a wait even when you call ahead and you're told it'll be ready in minutes and your drive exceeds those minutes. For example, being told the food will be ready on 10 minutes and you get there 15 minutes later, and it's still not ready to be picked up.

Review №3

I made a mistake with a rice order for pick up and the worker helped to get me a pan of rice, although I didn't have an official order. She was understanding and helpful, and the wait still wasn't very long, especially as they cook the food fresh. My household thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very very good rice

Review №4

Good Nigerian cuisines....i enjoyed my food. If you are around, you can check them out.

Review №5

It was delicious. I enjoyed the veges soup n the service wa perfect. Amazing restaurant

Review №6

I had pounded yam n egusi soup and it was awesome

Review №7

The Food is Great Most of the time But, the customer service is terrible in person and over the phone..They have the same old lady answering the phone and taking orders..She is so rude..she does not have any customer service skills ,NONE..she must be friends with the owner of the company or something ..I am an American and she definitely makes me feel like it..It's a good thing I am a Christian and I was taught to respect my elders and have patience in life because you have to have all 3 things when you deal with her...Sometimes she answers the phone and sometimes she doesn't ..and most of the time when she does, you are going to be put on hold for at least 10-15 mins before she takes your order..and when you go to pick up your order make sure you clear your schedule for the rest of the day because it is going to take you at least 30-45 mins to pickup your order, no matter how many customers they have ...smh....I have been eating from this place for the past 3 years and this has been my experience with them for the last 3 years..If their food did not taste so good..I would definitely take my business somewhere else...

Review №8

Good Erifo

Review №9

Tasty food, the goat pepper soup was on point ,so was the Owerri soup. Will definitely go back

Review №10

You guys should try and be consistent with the quality of some foods you sell. I have bought large portions of white soup from you 3 times and they have all been different each time. This last time is the worst. Please bring some consistency to your recipe and menus. Your foods are actually good, please keep them consistent.

Review №11

Food is great. Owner is very friendly and polite. United Sisters Restaurant was the caterer for my wedding of 250+ guests. Everyone loved the food and asked us who the caterer was. I love that I can call ahead of time and place my order and it will be ready for pickup when I get there. I have been a customer for years. United Sisters Restaurant is actually the preferred caterer for events at our church. We always look forward to the delicious food. Our favorite is the coconut rice with spinach and hen. We love the meat pie too.

Review №12

Very good food. The Jollof rice is always amazing!

Review №13

Absolutely terrible service but that is unfortunately the Nigerian standard. We need to start expecting and demanding more from ourselves and business and stop accepting absolute unprofessional services like the one that was provided to me. Won't support such a business and will make sure friends and family don't either. Tufiakwa!

Review №14

My family/friends enjoyed the coconut rice we ordered a week ago.

Review №15

They are doing their best to serve their customers well.

Review №16


Review №17

The older lady taking the order appeared to be annoyed that we asked questions about items on the menu. Even asked me "Are you Nigerian? If you are you would know it" (referring to a dish). I was unaware one had to be Nigerian to eat their food. That was very rude of her, and we should have taken our dollars elsewhere. Due to the fact that we drove from the other side of town, I went on and proceeded with the order. The inside of the restaurant was very cold as well, and it was a cold day out. I do not plan to ever return to this establishment. The food did not taste good! The meat looked and tasted old. Meat was also very tough!

Review №18

Food was awesome.. 3 stars because of the service. Waited forever for someone to come take my order, ended up having to get up to go place the order.Took another eternity before my food was brought out. Honestly just go there for the food and forget having the nice dining experience

Review №19

Disappointed today, waited for 50 minutes after ordering my food but without any foodMost annoying is the fact that people who came after me got attended toI left without eating

Review №20

United Sisters Restaurant is a Godly environment. The food is outstanding and fantastic. There's no restuarant in USA that can be compared with it. Their services is prompt in an awesome environment and peaceful. Go and check it out and you'll have a testimony to give as well .

Review №21

Since 2006 I have been ordering from this restaurant,my kids birthday partys, Xmas Eve party or just a regular order this joint is the best.

Review №22

Food great.. the place too hot , need better ventilation..Hygiene is questionable

Review №23

Poor in customer service, wait a lot of buyers time when they come to pick up ordered food.

Review №24

We usually don't get good service anytime we visit here, but we keep coming back because they have very good food.i will recommend this place to anyone that wants to eat good Nigerian or African food,but be prepared for the long wait time before you are attended to. Also they offer catering services and are very reasonably priced.

Review №25

Good local Nigerian dishes. The pepper soup was really great. Totally enjoyed other meals served there. Although service was delayed, they need to improve on that.

Review №26

Very good service, very delicious food and excellent customer services.

Review №27

Sauce was delicious, they give small piece of meat.

Review №28

Nice eatery, it offers my local cuisine. I love it.

Review №29

Good food but it is kind of dirty.

Review №30

Good African food place

Review №31

They have a great variety of Nigerian food.The service is also quick and the food is served hot.They could improve the cooling system there.

Review №32

The best place to get any Nigerian food. Her jollof rice is epic

Review №33

Sigh. I'm over Nigerian restaurants never having most of the things they place on their menu and instead of seeking contrite about it, they act as if you're bothering them. No customer service whatsoever and I didn't even eat there eventually because I truly felt like I was bothering them by being there. Won't be going back.

Review №34

Fine nigeria Restaurant

Review №35

Lady was rude as hell. Food was alright had the goat and rice. Rice was better than the goat she picked bad cuts of meat I had two big pieces of nothing but fat, they didn't have plantains either. On top of that I paid 15 bucks for a medium sized plate when i could have spent the same at cool runnings for a HUGE plate. But I digress, wont be back there.

Review №36

If I could give it a zero, I would. I hate business that makes you pay cash because they simply want to avoid paying taxes. Not only that they also have a poor service.

Review №37

Good African delicacies

Review №38

Me and my family came and it was horrible customer service , and it was very hot and stinky in there

Review №39

If you want Nigerian dishes, you will get it here

Review №40

The best there is. I am from out of state. This is in comparison to what we have in California and a few others I went to in Houston. The food is delicious and unbeatable. The inside is very welcoming.

Review №41

The food was amazing. Im new to Houston and they made me feel welcome. Will definitely return!

Review №42

Customer service not good, food was okay. The place needs to smell better.

Review №43

I made an order on the phone by 3:07pm and told them l will be there in an hour time. When l got to the restaurant by 3:58pm. I had to wait for almost 2hrs before l got my order.

Review №44

There has been numerous times I have eaten food from this place. My only complaint is the rice......................... How cheap is rice??? Why serve someone hard, overnight, leftover cold rice? It's so disgusting. How long does it take rice to cook? Everytime I ask for fresh rice they say okay but it isn't. I just left there getting a plate(jallof rice, vegetable,fried he&plantain.Everything was amazing but then I had a spoon of rice........... I am highly upset for that to be my main dish and it was horrible.I just threw the whole plate away,$10.00 wasted. Please stop serving people that mess. I'm a rice eater so I know when I'm getting freshly cooked rice.This is your business......... Yes, I'm very upset. Even when catering....... Don't give us that mess.From:An unsatisfied customer

Review №45

Quality African Food. Good customer service.

Review №46

Truth is I saw a dead roach in thier glass pastry oven. Customer service is horrible & thier food isn't good quality like it use to be back in the days. Ate Igusi soup & my stomach started hurting badly.

Review №47

Of all the Nigerian places, this one serves the tastiest. Not the best decor but the food makes up for it. Good prices

Review №48

On 3/7/14, came out to this location, ordered their fresh catfish and plantains n vegetables. When the food came out, it was half the section of fish that was brought out. I complained to my server that the fish given was much smaller than what was on the menu pics. My server told me they can't do anything, because they are not the one serving the food. Finally he took the food back. I was of the impression that they will change it and replace with d right fish. 40 minutes later, no food yet was brought out. Got so bad that one of the people I came there with, called for the owner of the restaurant. The manager came out. We explained to him, but still no.change. I will never come here again. Food is good but service is horrible!

Review №49

Horrible customer service!!! Horrible!! But food was good!! Can't ever go back!!!

Review №50

Extremely unprofessional and unsanitary. Fly traps with tons of flys that haven't been changed are scattered everywhere. Disgusting establishment. They cater food and leave their customers orders on the floors that haven't been washed since God knows when. Wait times are extremely long and it's not even authentic Nigerian food. They hired cheap Latino workers in the kitchen instead of Nigerian chefs. Definitely on the bottom of list when it comes to Nigerian Food in Houston. There's Trinity, Aria, Cafe Abuja, Suya Hut Finger Licking are all much better.If you're curious as to why such a harsh review here's a review of my encounter with them.: I went to pick up a catering order for my mother that was worth about more than $300 worth of food. As the Latino employee rang me up, he told me that the remaining balance was $260. (My mother already paid a deposit for the food) I only had $200 on me so I asked if I can pay the remaining 60 with my card. They refused and said cash only. They do this because they are corrupt and using Tax Evasion schemes to make more money. I grudgingly agreed and went to the nearby bank to obtain the remaining balance. The worker had my food and I was kind enough to assist him in loading the food into my car. As I was arranging the food he came out and said that was all and it was complete thank you sir have a nice day and sent me on my way. I live 45 minutes away and 5 minutes away from my house I get a call from my mother saying I had forgotten the meat? So I told her I didn't forget anything he told me everything was in the car. So I now had to drive back 45 minutes to collect the remaining food. This was very unsettling because I'm now late for my fathers birthday celebration. So as I arrive, the same Latino worker apologizes and blamed me for forgetting the meat. I was like you or me? He said "I FORGOT" admitting fault to the situation. So since I paid cash, I asked for some sort of discount or partial reimbursement for my troubles. I and the owner/manager had a brief exchange and everyone in the restaurant that observed the situation said that they were at fault. But they refused to provide any sort of reimbursement. "I'm not giving you a damn dime" and she blamed the confrontation on the the fact that I'm "today's youth" not her employee that forgot my food and made me take an extra trip. It wasn't about the money it was about the principle. You don't respect the customers that are sustaining your business then you don't deserve to have a business at all. Read the other recent reviews that support my claims.

Review №51

Great place for a Nigerian traditional meal. Excellent customer service, convenient location, reasonable prices.

Review №52

If you are big on customer service this is not the place for you. Got the wrong soup took it back and the attitudes were horrible. I use to enjoy the food and service after this I will not return.

Review №53

Yes Nigerian specialities

Review №54

Lunch there was good. The bitter-leaf soup I had was quite tasty and I guess it was with fresh leaves. The ambience was relatively ok. Airfreshners could mitigate the very strong foul smell at the convenience - so someone doesn't lose his/her appetite. It was without any type of hand wash - which isn't quite hygienic for a restaurant.

Review №55

This is one of my favorite places to satisfy my cravings for delicious cuisine.

Review №56

Good supplies but hard to find them.

Review №57

On point! Food was hot and delicious! Good variety of Nigerian (African) meals. A little piece of local Lagos (Nigeria) food joint in Houston.

Review №58

Soup taste good.

Review №59

Nice place to eat and very delicious home made Nigeria food.... Love it!

Review №60

Great place to dine Nigeria food and more. Love it.

Review №61

First timer. Foo foo was delicious and the red sauce was superb. We had spinach dish with orange sauce. It was delicious.

Review №62

I love the food and the atmosphere it's is awesome

Review №63

Control the flies PLEASE!!! And wait time is eternity..... but great food always.

Review №64

I enjoyed the visit the service was good and we got our food quick thank you

Review №65

Great food, but long wait times.

Review №66

I had jollof rice and chicken and the food tasted stale like it was cooked a few days before. Second time experiencing this. Never coming here again

Review №67

They always mix up orders

Review №68

The food is excellent and the service is cool.

Review №69

As far as taste it's the best I've had BUT I had the runs for an entire day the day after.

Review №70

Nugerian food are served mostly okazi soup is wow. The only thing I don't like is the stew I don't like fried stew which most people will like... I recommend this place

Review №71

It's not that great food but it's affordable. Could use as improvement but other that it's okay in price. Food tastes bad.

Review №72

Nice place ,the food was good..service was excellent

Review №73

Good for served hot with excellent service: thanks, I will be seeing you

Review №74

Service is extremely bad..the three waiters there seemed so busy to attend to the over 25 customers waiting..a candid advice to whoever owns this joint..employ more hand..and by the way your jollof rice is oily..y'all need to work on your service..I don't usually give reviews but I just can't hold this within me.

Review №75

Could use better organization but nice African food

Review №76

Worst telephone etiquette. Very rude and poor customer service.

Review №77

Great place for eat in or take outs. Good variety of African delicacies.

Review №78

Delicious meals!!! Always get a nostalgic feeling of home, whenever I eat here.

Review №79

The best, reasonable price, best taste, a lots of varieties, quiet environment and good customer service.

Review №80

Good food, nice environment for African eateries

Review №81

Very quick and friendly service. Food served is fresh and hot.

Review №82

Food is great! The best African food in all of Houston. Restaurant looks and smells clean too.

Review №83

Nice place to eat good food and relaxed by watching some of the local tv channels.

Review №84

Service was excellent. Food was tasty and delicious.

Review №85

The ofe nSara was like thick cocoyam soup and taste horrible. I asked for to go with assorted meat and they put a 2 big bones for me with Stockfish. The bitter leaf soup was manageable but such shouldn't come form a known restaurant like United

Review №86

Mama Regina is amazing. The food is really good.

Review №87

Great African food...I like their suya

Review №88

United sisters restaurant is really the right place to go for all the delicious foods you've been salivating for.

Review №89

Nice and modest place. Okay customer service but there's more work to be done.

Review №90

Good Nigerian food. Service is getting better.

Review №91

Excellent Nigerian food for all to check out.

Review №92

Friendly staff and owners. Delicious well prepared food.

Review №93

Nice and quiet environ with african edibles

Review №94

The food smelled gross and the restaurant also smells gross. The people are rude and have horrible customer service. I will not be back.

Review №95

Great taste of Africa

Review №96

The real flavor from Africa Particularly Nigeria

Review №97

Friendly staff and good food

Review №98

Nice African restaurant

Review №99

The food here is top notch

Review №100

Food is GREAT, but the price is better!!

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  • Address:8731 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77071, United States
  • Phone:+1 713-995-5545
  • West African restaurant
Working hours
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  • Tuesday:11AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–11PM
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  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:12–6PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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