Applebees Grill Bar
5055 J Turner Butler Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
Review №1

Most of the staff are nice friendly people. Decent value for the food. Every month they have a $5 drink special.

Review №2

Good food. Good service. Good company.

Review №3

The staff have great customers service so far the food has been good.. But my last two visits I have noticed that they are out of stock on a lot Alcohol beverages.. And you could tell the employees are not too happy about it because they kind of losing money Why give a generous tip if you're out of stock something. And you offer it on the menu . I think the morale is a little off. Hopefully it's just Has to do with the whole COVID-19 situation and Applebee's turn it around and start stocking up..

Review №4

Walked in for lunch and there was an immediate stench of bad odor like the the carpet hasn't been steam cleaned in years, we sat anyway at a booth, and you can still smell it.The server was great, very good service, we had the $25.00 lunch special for two, chicken fettuccine and ribs, the food was excellent.We love Applebees but will go back to my local one in Bartram Park, where it's a lot newer, updated and clean.

Review №5

Madeline aka marry w the red hair had my back the other night when I was accompanied by my 2 friends. Lol we all went out for dinner and watched part of the game. We always sit on the patio & between her and yo-yo(spanish waitress) we had a great time. Service was fast, drinks are always good. Great job guys!

Review №6

Great customer servicePractice social distancingThe food was delicious

Review №7

Great service but food was not that good. Changed from 3 star to 1 star. Gave Applebee's restaurant another try . Run don't walk from this place had the inconvenience of the manager being rude to me . He came where I was sitting and scolded me about not talking to hostess and I was my charming self as always bad move mr. Manager

Review №8

Just don't go here. The service is always bad. Our server didn't even know her own table numbers or what we ordered. My husband's food got brought to the wrong table after waiting about 45 minutes already for the food we got. Our server literally tried to drop off the wrong food to our table after half of us had entrees. When we told her it wasn't ours she's goes "oh, she told me the wrong table number"...... ma'am, it was your table. You should know where the food is going? The manager ended up discounting our meal (honestly the manager was the only good thing about our visit. She was literally bussing tables/seating guests. Amazing manager....she needs a raise for the staff she's dealing with). We were offered a free dessert to go and when we got home it was literally an inedible, rock hard blondie. Bro... just don't go here. Save yourself the time/$$.

Review №9

I was going to give 3 stars but they fixed a problem with my to go order at no charge and replaced my entire meal. Customer service is so important to me. Applebee's did the right thing with no argument and no questions. Everyone likes to get five star reviews. If you cannot do that... Tell them why not and give them an opportunity to become a five star company.

Review №10

Quick seating for lunch and food came out timely. Friendly service. One weird thing is the switch to "touches" menus means you have to have an internet connection device, however they have a device on the table that should serve as that. Since you have to pay on that, it just doesn't seem to make sense to not use that to order.

Review №11

Went to Applebee's to try their new steakbowl on the 2 for 20 menu. Saw it on the menu I had to QR scan to see but I was told by the server that her manager said they weren't on the 2 for 20 yet and asked what the date on the advertisement on THEIR MENU was. (It said November 2020, and I saw it online in an ad first) honestly disappointed because I came here specifically to try it. Our server also avoided me most of the time I was there. It was busy but she walked past me and my empty drinks several times before asking if I needed refills and then preceded to forget them. The food I did get was delicious, of course and it was busy but I was very disappointed.

Review №12

I wish I could remember our server's name. She was exceptional! She made my 7 year old niece feel very special after having eye surgery that day.

Review №13

As they say, stuff happens, I ordered the steak special with shrimp for $1.00. I ordered online for curbside pickup. Unfortunately, they were out of shrimp. They gave me my dollar back, but I was still disappointed. The young lady who went back and forth several times to fix my payment was nice and patient and apologized several times. Kudos to her for her terrific service.

Review №14

The food tasted alright however my sister had been given a dirty fork and didn't realize until after she had already used it it had lip stick all over it and my sister doest wear lip stick. It really killed the mood and made my sister sick to her stomach.the manager kept offering to remake her food but we had all lost our appetite.

Review №15

We haven't been to many restaurants since the reopening of places. But Applebee's is our favorite! Our food was fresh and hot. Our server was attentive and polite.

Review №16

The staff is awesome. Very pleasant and allways attentive. Just can't give the place more stars until the menu is back to full size. Having such a small menu is such a disappointment.

Review №17

The wait was a little long, but the service was great. Our waitress Georgia was wonderful. She took really good care of us. The food was also really good.

Review №18

Food was lukewarm...I ordered the mac chees and clinger fingers..looked great in the pics it was so so...definitely microwaved there were 3 different temps...hubs ordered a sandwich au jus but jus was more like soup...not horrible but not great either

Review №19

I just ordered TWO 8oz steak dinners from this location (thru UberEats) & once I got my food, the steaks were 4oz steaks & NOT 8oz steaks! I know what an 8oz steak looks like (I work in the Culinary industry, more specifically for the Jaguars) & I did NOT get 8oz steaks. This location is substituting 4oz steaks for 8oz steaks when you order an 8oz steak dinner - which is a RIP-OFF!!

Review №20

We went to Applebees for dinner on Veteran's Day! It was around 6 pm. Getting kind of busy as expected with free meals for Veteran's Day.. We were sat at our table within 10 minutes and our waitress was busy but did a great job with our drinks and taking our orders. There were two of us and I got my food first from a guy, not our waitress. I had ordered a 6 oz steak and he asked if I wanted A1. I said yes. He never came back. I sat and waited for 5 minutes. Then the purple headed woman came to the table and brought the other person's food. I still had not started eating and was waiting for the A1. I asked the purple headed girl for some A1. She said ok and left. Now we had not seen our waitress in 10 min. Still no A1. When our waitress finally did come I asked her for A1 and she brought it immediately. The steak was cold by this time and I didn't complain because I was getting a free meal. The reason I'm writing this is because the same thing happened to us in NC at applebees. About 6 years ago I asked the first person who brought my salad to the table for extra dressing. She said ok and left. Our waitress did come with the other food but I didn't want to tell another person the request for the same thing. 45 minutes goes by. I see the girl who I had asked for the dressing and told her you never brought my dressing Im still waiting. She yells at me and tells me Im not her customer. The other person had eaten their whole meal and I was so mad at that first idiot I called the manager and told him what happened. He refunded the salad but we never went back to that location. Winston Salem NC. They try to have all these servers get involved with people who are not their customers. They make the dining experience bad for applebees. Our waitress was nice and we didn't stiff her because of her two poor Co workers. The purple headed girl looked at me dead on 3 times since she was serving in our area where we were seated. She knew what she did. They both should be fired.I would go back to this location but would never let the first two people who brought our food wait on us. Seems like Applebee's would get the hint that the way they are getting food to the customers isn't working. They have so many server complaints and Im sure it's related to this exact story.

Review №21

The food was excellent and very fresh. Good job. Excellent cook and To go service. Keep up the excellent job

Review №22

The curbside service was top notch. The phone in service is extremely friendly and thorough. The baby back ribs with Texas BBQ sauce was filling and the Garlic Mashed Potatoes were generous portions.

Review №23

Though the service was great, due to corona virus. ( Covid - 19 ) we had to wait for straws for the soda, spoons to stir sugar into coffee. Forks to eat our salads and knives to cut into the boneless rack of ribs ... Other than that everything was fine and all employees and customers had masks on

Review №24

The staff needs to be trained the Apple Bee's way. No customer service training at all! Thank God they hired Gabriel he took care of me! The Manager was just walking in circles.

Review №25

Loved the hospitality and the manager was awesome and so was the stuff. The food was always hott and fresh.

Review №26

Burgers were fresh a tad bit salty. The curbside was good service, they wore a mask when bringing food to the car.

Review №27

Try their 5$ spooky drinks. So yummy and a good size drink too?!!!

Review №28

Great food and atmosphere..I've been a pleased customer for many year's.

Review №29

Good was good. server was funny and efficient

Review №30

We had to wait on a table, and Robert served us sweet tea as we waited. He made sure we taken care of. Christie was excellent, very attentive!!

Review №31

Great food. Service is usually good.

Review №32

Really loved their shark bowl drink with gummy sharks in it

Review №33

I ate here because it was close to my hotel. Average food at best, the service was good but nothing compared with Chillis. The chicken was good but it came with a sea of rice and was served on top of another sea of fried cutted tortillas. Not what I was expecting. You won't die by eating here but there are better places.

Review №34

Food and server was good, but not the greater at the door. She made customers go back outside even if there was tables ready.

Review №35

Great food I had the Bourbon street Chicken and shrimp. Excellent service, Gabe was very knowledgeable and friendly. We would definitely eat here again .

Review №36

Worst Experience I've ever had with the car side to go. Not only was my card charged twice. After waiting an hour when I got home half of the food I ordered was not in the bag. Called the manager and was told to “swing back by” and they would give me the food which I assumed was sitting on the counter in a bag. No thank you!! I will never go back to Applebee's on JTB.

Review №37

I came in Sunday with a party of 7. Tre was our server. He was phenomenal. We loved the service. We will come back again.

Review №38

Great customer service. Everybody had a mask on and we were all 6ft apart. Great food

Review №39

Great food, service and atmospheres. Always a good experience . . .

Review №40

Waitress was friendly and informative. There wasn't a thing I had to wait for. Lovely experience.

Review №41

Everything was fine until the service staff seems to come back and forth to the table like they rushing you

Review №42

It waa nice , full menu great specials.

Review №43

Food was good but service was slow.Wings tasted good and came out hot. Fries also came out hot.Overall wasn't a bad experience. The men's room had a diaper changing station - glad to see that.

Review №44

I placed an order yesterday evening online. It stated my order will be ready at 6:08pm. I was in traffic so I arrived around like 6:18ish. I sat in the Togo parking waiting to be greeted & wasn't noticed not once. I called at 6:29pm & this guy name William answered. I advised him that I was waiting to be greeted to pick up my order. He was so rude he stated “we'll get to you when we can. It'll be shortly.” I sat until 6:35pm no one greeted me so I left. I didn't get a call until 6:45pm stating that they were running after my car to get my attention. No one came out at all, I was at the light watching to see if anyone came out. What bothers me the most is that I used to work for Applebee's for 7 years. Despite how busy I was I greeted my customers & informed them on what was going on. I never let them sit & wait in me. The customer service here was terrible, & I'm so disappointment I won't go back.

Review №45

It was good we went at the middle of the day so hardly anyone in there.The server was nice.It was clean.Yea I would go again.

Review №46

Hostess illegally refused service and was very rude. When I tried to explain her refusal of service was against the American Disability Act and she could be sued she said ok. At which point we left and went across the street and was immediately served. Will never go back to an Applebee's!

Review №47

Great food! Sirloin steak, baby back ribs Friendly staff! Very fair price 2for$26

Review №48

Worst waitress staff out of the dozens of Appleebees that I have eaten. Food was up to par. The waitress was quite rude until she brought our check....

Review №49

Never. Got my. Food... Not. Good. At. All. Worrt Service. In all. Apple bees

Review №50

Great service and friendly employees. Didn't wait long for my food.

Review №51

This Applebees Grill & Bar was Great! The service and food was Great! The Staff is practicing social distancing, wearing mask and keeping hard surfaces sanitized.

Review №52

Cleanliness probably is/was not a priority. The picture is a look from the table upwards to the light fixture. There is a film of grease on the fixture and the carpets, while probably vacuumed regularly, do not appear to have been deep cleaned in quite some time.Food was good when it did come out, got a brunch burger. It was a good choice for me. My meal came out last as they probably forgot to make it. For the lack of business at this location it sure took quite a while to 1) get food out and 2) pay a bill. Refills on drinks were only on request and not offered, at least by our waiter.All in all it was an experience that we will not have again as we will not return. Probably better service and a cleaner establishment next door at the Waffle House.

Review №53

The food was great and our service and server was on point fast to get our food

Review №54

I was rather disappointed! Our server who was new, was THE BEST , part of our meal. We spent $80 on 3 of us and other than our server, was the best part. Not enough servers or floor space and extremely unorganized!

Review №55

Food no longer taste good....gv 2 stars because waitress was very nice

Review №56

Had lunch on yesterday. The service was great and the food was good. But they were out of hamburger buns and no baked potatoes/mozzarella sticks. We were told that the truck want be in tomorrow.

Review №57

Went on Saturday night. I can never understand why a restaurant would have empty tables on a busy evening but can't seem to figure out how to get people seated. One receptionist was taking names and bringing people to tables. We could see open tables with no one at them but we were told 20 to 25 minutes. Next she was actually cleaning off tables while people waited. After we were finally seated she was cleaning tables bragging about what a hard worker she was. Meanwhile servers were warning her that people at the front were just skipping in and sitting where they wanted. She seemed all surprised. Whoever the manager is he was nowhere to be found.

Review №58

Really good food and low prices. Loved $1 bahamamama (February special)

Review №59

Great customer service by Gabriel The food was delicious

Review №60

We were met at the door by an aggressive, angry, tall female. “ You all need a mask!” She barked.No offerings of a mask were made by this person.Sad, dirty place to eat...

Review №61

I am not a huge fan of restaurant chains like Applebee's as I always tend to have bad culinary experiences in them, but I am happy to report that my first visit to any Applebees was a pleasant one.The least smooth aspect of our visit was coming in and waiting close to five minutes before someone saw us and seated us. But besides that one hiccup it was smooth sailing.Our server was very friendly and as she grabbed our drink orders she recited all their specials. It was kind of surprising that they had an alcoholic vodka rum cocktail drink for $1 dollar. We didn't order one, but they sure had other fair priced drinks.My wife and I ended up ordering the 2 for $20 deal they had going. First, you can order one item from a list of appetizers. We ordered the spinach dip. Additionally, each of us could order one entree. My wife ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad and I ordered the Classic Burger.It was pretty empty since it was the middle of the day so we sat around chatting and we watched some of the sports games that were playing. There are many TVs set up around the restaurant and they show different games. There was a UNC bball game, UCLA, UCF, etc. playing while we were there. The tables also have these tablets on them where you can order certain items from the menu and you can also play games on them. The games are not free though and you have to pay for them. That wasn't really for us, but it could be nice if you have a kid.The food arrived after 15 minutes or so and we sat and ate. The Oriental Salad was substantially better than the usual salad you find in restaurants which was nice. They also come with a yummy looking bread stick. My burger was really good and the fries were good too.Paying the bill was straight forward with no surprises. I am not sure why this location rates so low, but I had a good experience.

Review №62

Avoid this place. Our order got lost, we waited for over an hour for food. Our appetizer arrived after an hour. The cooks in the kitchen keep walking out like there are no orders waiting to be cooked. I've literally seen everyone who works in the kitchen come out at least 3 times each.

Review №63

Pleasant experience. The bartender Jennifer was attentive and friendly.

Review №64

Rice was dry chicken was ok could have been better

Review №65

Love the food, every time I come I get something different and I'm satisfied every time.

Review №66

Great server..Sad Pina Colada

Review №67

For the love of God, do not eat here. This location is so poorly managed that it affected everything else. The hostess sat us in a section where there was no server. It took 32min for us to get water. Everything lagged because of poor management, inefficiency, and lack of cleanliness. It took so long to get everything. And it was not busy.

Review №68

I ordered there wings to go and I couldn't believe what they gave me. Hard fried old chicken wings. Applebees isn't the same as they use to be.I was very disappointed.

Review №69

The waitress Madeline was a standout server. She rocks. And it's very clean. Social distance standards are followed to the T.

Review №70

Worst place ever.Ordered my food for pick up at 9:15pm, was supposed tobe ready 9:45pm. I get there at the time given, stood their for 15 to 20 minutes before I was approached by anyone. Finally someone ask if I had been helped, nope I'm here to get my order. They ok what's the name, I tell them my name, they walk off.15 to 20 minutes later your food is someone walks up to me again. Can I help you? I'm here to pick up my order. What's the name? I tell them. They leave and a few minutes later they come back , its being packed up.. ok then 5 minutes later they bring out the food and half the things I ordered are missing.Im missing a few things. Ok the manager will be right with you and stood their longer. By the time I got home 10:45pm, the food was soggy and cold and nasty. so straight the trash .. thanks applebee's for waisting my money.. will never be back

Review №71

The place has empty tables for four empty tables for two will not seat waiting customers.

Review №72

Totally surprised by the tasty grilled veggies. They were perfectly cooked, not greasy at all. The ribs were very tender & I had them sans sauce. Nice flavor.

Review №73

My husband said his burger was good but the mac'n cheese was dry. I got a chicken fajita roll up that was more like a ranch chicken roll up. ( I didn't like it) Service was very slow. I was really disappointed especially since we paid $50.00 for the meal. Just a happy hour draft beer and a child's fruit punch to drink.

Review №74

Right off 95 Butler Blvd exit, have been to this location twice. First time was late on a Thursday and service was slow, food and beer were good.Went on a Sunday evening and place was packed. Wait staff really hustled. Sunday football specials are a bargain.I certainly will be back. Really enjoy the riblett special. Good place to watch a game.

Review №75

Food was good and very nice set-up

Review №76

I ordered online and the food was ready ontime and was good.

Review №77

The juiciest chicken sandwich I ever had in my life... compliments to the chef

Review №78

My wife and I decided to give Apple Bee's a chance for lunch this past Monday June 18, 2018 - The service was okay.. The waitress, Marsha reassured us that they had Burgers on sale for $7.99 for lunch, any burgers.. I ask for the tripled bacon, the picture shows a patty with cheese and two slices of bacon.. no thing else, the waitress didn't even ask me during the time of ordering if I would like the works or any veggies, mayo, etc.. I could forgive them for all of this, HOWEVER my wife took a second look at the receipt today to found out that Apple Bee's charged us $10.99 for that Burger with fries... REALLY?! We paid cash that day and left her a $7 tip for her to charge us even more, did she care to check the receipt herself? NO! Never again will be enter into an Apple Bee's, seriously. I have no tolerance for places like that. They do not deserve our company or yours. Stay away from this horrible place that does not care about you.

Review №79

Food was good but service was lacking. I can say this with confidence as I ate here often while working in Jacksonville for 3 weeks recently.

Review №80

Usually come here for lunch during weekdays since I work near by and the service is usually good but this past Friday was a total busy and quite disappointed. Usually order simple inexpensive meals and get home runs in preparation. This time I spent good money on steak and shrimp and this was my serving. Steak was supposed to be medium temp. It looked like it was pre cooked then kept alive for speed cooking in a 3rd pan with water on the grill. Plate was a soupy mess and broccoli was semi cooked and basically worthless. Planning to go show and tell management since I live in Saint John's county and let them know this is how companies lose business.

Review №81

Never would have thought Applebee's would have a tasty steak and good soft baked potato. Try it you will be really surprised. The vegetable was cooked well, not too soft and not crunchy. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Looking for low calories, then try the small steaks. It was late on a Saturday and the local beer pubs were closed. But Applebee's was open! Had a couple beers and an appetizer and stayed until closing. Very nice bar staff. Nice selection of domestic and craft beers. More than I've ever seen at an Applebee's. I stop in again if I'm in the area.

Review №82

The chicken bacon wrap was delicious. However, their "garlicky" green beans had very little flavor in my opinion, even after adding s/p. They were also still very crunchy, although ordered well done.

Review №83

I have been very surprised how good this place is! I tried 4 or 5 times and everything I ordered was good. The French soup, the burger, the salmon.. the service is good too.

Review №84

Ordered the fajita trio. The meal itself wasn't terrible, but it took almost 30 minutes to get our food. Then, we waited another 10 for cutlery so we could eat our food. This place is definitely not worth the time or money.

Review №85

Good place for a light to heavy lunch. Not as good as it used to be but still adequate. This location is slightly difficult to get in and out of. Food was good and adequate portions. Service was good and friendly.

Review №86

Definitely came to enjoy the $1 Long Island at about 9:30pm on a Thursday reasonable time and was told they were out. Poor service, poor management. I visited with my husband and daughter we provided a nys form of ID and was told we couldn't drink.Waiter Dru.!!!!!!!!

Review №87

Bourbon Street steak with mashed taters. The best!

Review №88

Great food and such a great server Dru we love the way you made my birthday great!

Review №89

Spent two hours waiting on our food. My friend got his plate first he ordered a steak and i ordered chicken breast they said the reason why mines was thinking so long is because my chicken was frozen? I mean really... everyone else who arrived after us had wings and appetizers and it was brought out to them. I had the manager come out and he looked at us like what you want me to do look. I will never ever ever ever go back they really need to be shut down!

Review №90

Very friendly, food was great.

Review №91

It was ok. Our server had too much to do by herself. She was taking care of the bar area and a few tables.

Review №92

Food was excellent..... the take out system needs work but no worries the door is open if you have concerns. IIL BE BACK

Review №93

Pleasant atmosphere with great food lovely servers.

Review №94

Did the all you can eat chicken shrimp and ribs it was good had two drinks that were awesome lol went for my bday had fun just to get out and enjoy another year with the living... Great stuff also

Review №95

They have good food

Review №96

Me and my boyfriend walked in and waited to be greeted took a minute for someone to acknowledge us.Then we get seated and nobody comes to us for at least 15 minutes servers walking right past us then we stop a man to ask who was going to serve us he said he don't know ! POOR SERVICE

Review №97

Enjoyed a meal on veterans day. Hubby is a 27 yr Navy vet and they were very kind! Fun atmosphere but always a crowd..

Review №98

Good food and great customer service

Review №99

2 for $25 Rib plate with broccoli and the steak with green beans and mashed potatoes

Review №100

Server was great, asked if we are on a time restraint so she could expedite order. Food came out fast, hot and correct!

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:5055 J Turner Butler Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-296-6895
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Diner
  • Family restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Traditional American restaurant
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  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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