Captain Ds
6550 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States
Review №1

Quick stop for a seafood fix. Pretty darn good! In addition, the Service has increased tremendously for the better.

Review №2

Went for a quick sandwich.. The giant fish sandwich was fresh and the bread was so soft. Very filling and delish.

Review №3

I like the fish for a quick meal. Always get extra for the next day, tortilla, mayo, and cheese!

Review №4

Oh no I ordered two deluxe seafood platters I was enjoying my food with my girlfriend screamed out it was a long blonde hair her green beans we took the food back lo and behold the lady in the kitchen have blonde hair no one had on a hat or hair net the manager was sending people out to their cars to get visors and hats to put on they recruit my order and gave it to me but by this time I had no desire to eat I am now saddened because this was my favorite restaurant

Review №5

Disguisting. Came for lunch and there was a hair in my salad and came back and manager tells me "we're only human its going to happen." I understand it will happen but if nobody in there has a hair net or hair all down of course it Will... will never come back

Review №6

For it to be a fast food place, the girl working there was very professional, courteous and friendly, constantly smiling and always moving getting the job done and taking care of the customers that were like 5 deep, amazing job she did as she was the only employee I saw helping customers. Definitely she will go far in life with her spirit. Lovely person, excellent food prepared fresh. Must go back,,yum yum

Review №7

Food was correct, tasty, quick! Got it to go and workers were wearing gloves and masks in the drive thru.

Review №8

We went 3 weeks ago,headed back now The food was perfect. Best Captain D's experience for us

Review №9

This restaurant use to be a great place now its a joke waiting in the drive thru for a hour for 1 thing smh crazy business and don't waste your time here

Review №10

It was good, but the price was not good.

Review №11

Best in Duval County hands down,.

Review №12

Excellent.... Consistency and the prices are good and so is the selection... HOME RUN!

Review №13

I know it's decadent but I love Captain D's. They're not down around where I live so whenever I pass one by I get takeout

Review №14

Everything with food was great, n.v ordering in drive thru, employees were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. However, we had to wait 15 min. parked at front of building. Food was terrific, so I guess it kinda balanced out. We would have given 5 stars if someone had apologized for our wait.

Review №15

No sweet tea in lobby and low on ice. But the frying oil seemed fresh and the food was good. All in all I would recommend if your in the mood for quick seafood.

Review №16

Hands down the best Captain D's in Duval County

Review №17

Very good food. Service is really good. Friendly staff. Great management. I'm from out of state. I have been very impressed here.I've gone back twice now and I just love this place!!

Review №18

Great food along with great customer service

Review №19

30 min wait to get food staff was great food very greasy

Review №20

Wonderful lady waited on us, working both drive thru and take out - Jatoy I'm sure I'm messing up her name - working her butt off. Very professional very courteous while the blonde - who we can only assume was the manager - was doing very little and VAPING inside at the drive thru window. Need fewer chiefs and more indians.

Review №21

Had lemon pepper white fish dinner. Was decent meal for the price. Updated restaurant was clean and staff polite and efficient

Review №22

Great staff an clean place

Review №23

Smelled great but it made my daughter and her boyfriend very ill. One cook and one person working the drive thru and lobby. They were over worked and under staffed which made for a bad meal.

Review №24

Fresh food & Pleasant Atmosphere

Review №25

Still brings back good memories. And the Fish is really good to. I have been going there for many years.

Review №26

The food was great and hot. The service was excellent. The price is always right. What more could you ask for?

Review №27

Me and my Mom came here walked in to get take home, well the cashier ran my mom's bank card 3-4 times was only told she can run it twice. But for some reason everytime she ran it, it kept saying declined but yet the funds was being taken out my mom's account each time which was 6 times the amount. My mom had her account pulled up on the phone to show the manager which he was very helpful in helping my mother look into the problem, but he's never seen anything like that done before so it was all new to him about what what and why this was happening. But..we walked out paying cash and my mom was able to get all her funds back into her account. So overall it was a good experience. Good food!as always with Captain D's

Review №28

I ordered some funnel cake sticks and they were cooked to hard

Review №29

Great fish sandwich

Review №30

You wait forever. Doesn't make sense...

Review №31

My experience here was exquisite. The employee at the counter, Syanne has great people skills, and her customer service is out of this world. She was very respectful, and made Captain D's feel more homey, so she's a keeper in my eyes. The food was fresh, and hot. You couldn't ask for anything better from Captain D's at Normandy.

Review №32

Got the big fish sandwich and it was as advertised. Quick service too.

Review №33

Cheap, fast-food seafoods

Review №34

We went through drive through. Moved through line quickly. Received food, order was correct and food was delicious.

Review №35

The lady that was the cashier was very friendly very nice that's why it got two stars the first time I ever went in there was getting the best fresh fish sandwich that I've ever had it was wonderful the last two times I've been there it's been horrible it's been I've asked for a fresh fish and they said yeah no problem we got to do it for you but it came out lukewarm and Soggy meaning it had to sit there I'm in Food Service I know when it's fresh and not fresh really wish they wouldn't have lied to me and I just would have done what I asked and I would be back there almost every day cuz their fish sandwich the first time I went was the best ever ever since they're it's not been the same and it sure hasn't been the best

Review №36

Love this Captain D's. I go through the drive through frequently and they have never messed up my order. I only had one time where I was given cocktail sauce instead of vinegar. I also got tarter so it wasn't so bad. I hate cocktail sauce. My food orders though, never wrong. Just the condiment and only the one time. Food taste fresh but I only get the fish here, which is delicious. I prefer shrimp at a sit down seafood restaurant. Captain D's cooks their shrimp a little too long for my taste.

Review №37

Drive thru was quick. My order was correct and my food was very good.

Review №38

We really enjoyed the meal our the customer service was nice and professional.

Review №39

This establishment is easily noticeable in traffic with great tasting fish and coleslaw. Clean unisex restrooms with free parking. Seating available for those who choose to dine in with family or friends.

Review №40

Cold fries. Nuff said.

Review №41

The staff had good customer service, were attentive and responsive.

Review №42

I love this place. Friendly staff and for fast food the quality and taste of the seafood is amazing.

Review №43

I haven't ate here in a while but the food was good but the cashier had a small attitude

Review №44

Please check your orders before leaving this store.

Review №45

The young lady that took our order the other day was amazing! She had so much to do but still made time to make us feel welcome and gave us everything we asked for to make our experience perfect! It's nice to see a young person care about what they do!

Review №46

No where to eat and took way to long to get food

Review №47

Hush puppies under cooked. Fish. And hush puppies extremely greasy. Cole slaw had a piece of plastic in it

Review №48

Used to purchase family feast meal for $10.99, now it's double the price and they have secretly cut the fish in half lengthwise and give the same number of pieces. I asked about this practice and they insisted that it had always been this way?!? Lies! Hope the corporate big wings are living more comfortably now. I DO NOT buy anything from Captain D's anymore. Overpriced rip off.

Review №49

Well, what's to say dirty restrooms dirty dining area slow service and we were the only ones there. How hard is it to fry fish seriously.. Came out raw just like the cold fries..

Review №50

Best dinner I've had from the Captain in YEARSWe wiil definitely be back!!

Review №51

Restaurant was clean , staff was friendly and food was hot and prepared when we ordered.

Review №52

Very good and hot food but customer service was lacking

Review №53

Food was cold when we got it, I mean who does that. Should always have HOT food

Review №54

Not worth the trip. Was very disappointed.

Review №55

Good food,good price,friendly service.

Review №56

Good cheap food. Quick service

Review №57

My first experience at that location wasn't a pleasant one. I was in the drive thru for a hour waiting on my food. The cashier was very nice & showcased excellent customer service. She was humble, sincere, & very apologetic. However, the staffing should have been more strategically scheduled.

Review №58

Really need to retrain the employees and remind them of what CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT. IT'S CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A REASON. No one wants to listen to what they done over the weekend or what their plans are. The lady that was taking orders was rude and obnoxious to the people in front of us and to us as well and had the same i don't care attitude the entire time we were there. Never again will we EVER visit this location again

Review №59

When I visited I was on the go and did not expect to be there for long. I went through the drive thru and was expecting it to be fast. I believe they were short handed because I was there for about 10 minutes waiting for my food. The food was actually quite good and hot and also fresh tasting. The customer service was good but could of been faster is all. I recommend the food but the service can be better.

Review №60

Had the fried shrimp dinner and it was delicious. Havent eaten here in awhile, but it is close to our new house. We definitely will be coming back soon.

Review №61

Staff was friendly & cooks got food out quick. Good experience overall.

Review №62

The food is ALWAYS fresh. But on my last visit the fries were cold.

Review №63

Fries were cold and fish was warm. I should have checked at the window. But now I know.

Review №64

Good food just a little slow that early.

Review №65

It's a real treat for us to eat at Captian D's, and it's great every time. The service is great as well. Thank God for the money saving coupons, they make treating ourselves much less expensive. Captain D's. Rocks!!!!

Review №66

Good food, fast service. Sometimes they have coupons.

Review №67

My favorite fast food is probably Arby'sThis is absolutly the worst!20 minute wait for lobster roll made with what anybody's guess! Awful us kind!

Review №68

Food was delicious and hot but the wait was way too long.

Review №69

We don't go as often anymore, but when we do, we remember why we use to go so often!! It's not just the food... Which is fresh and so good. But the atmosphere!! Just everyone is friendly there!! Customers included!! It's like eating dinner with your extended family!! I don't know what they or in the air... But I Love it!! Lol

Review №70

The meal was delicious as usual. The drive-thru had the manager working it. she was very polite and very professional. we are very satisfied with the trip this time as usual.

Review №71

Great service but kinda skimpy on the food

Review №72

It was a pleasant experience. Fresh hot food, fast and wonderful service! It's a Sunday, and I'm not sure if that's part of why this worked out so well. However, I'm positive that the drive thru employee was spot on with her responsibilities. I look forward to eating from there again.

Review №73

My wife love them nice and friendly and fresh

Review №74

Gordon's type fish

Review №75

Staff is always friendly and it's the cleanest Captain D's on the westside!

Review №76

Tasty food. Took a little bit to come out, but worth the wait.

Review №77

The food was cold and it was it tasted like microwave food. one of the worst experience's we have had 23 dollars of bad food my husband threw up when he got how.

Review №78

First time in years that I've had Captain D's and I wasn't dissapointed. Wait time could have been better but I suppose its expected, given that its a seafood restaurant.

Review №79

The VERY BEST Captain D's EVER 5 No joke. If you have any complaints, it's probably something wrong with GD best hush puppies EVER..period. The freshest Fish EVER! A++

Review №80

Who ever the cook was on this day, he or she knew what they were doing. Fish and hushpuppies were awesome .

Review №81

My Mac n cheese and broccoli was cold, my fish was kinda warm.

Review №82

Always a fast go to for seafood on a week day night️

Review №83

Place is extremely dirty. Soda and condiments bar left unstocked and out of ketchup and tartar sauce and some sodas. Extremely expensive prices and the food was not cooked well.

Review №84

I like Captain D's cook to order, everything is always fresh.

Review №85

This Captain D's is one of the best in Florida & Georgia IMHO. Both drive-thru line & inside line move quickly & efficiently.My family, friends, nor I (as far as I know) have NEVER gotten anything sub-par from this location.There have been a few inaccuracies throughout the years, but I'd give them a 99.99% accuracy.

Review №86

Quick service

Review №87

The food is good, customer service is average, but nothing wows me about this location. So, if your looking for seafood, I would recommend this location, but if you want an experience, not so much.

Review №88

Love to eat here food prices and staff great

Review №89

Very disappointed this location has been here for 25-30 years service was eh good the food not so good was very very salty the cleanliness not so good eitherdon't know if this is a franchised unit if so better make some changes before you have no changes to be made. If not a franchised unit corporate needs to really consider doing a complete overhaul if you want further years of business. From my view it won't be around much longer!!! That's sad to let a little gem disappear!

Review №90

Captain D's is always good good quality of food they give you and plenty of food always hot and fresh service is quick they did it out very quickly table never had a problem so we do recommend it very highly

Review №91

Fast, friendly service & fish was amazingly fresh!!

Review №92

Nice food with really good service. They get a lot of business and we're clear with all the customers confirming each order before people left. Prices are reasonable for the amount of food. Hush puppies were great! The catfish was also very good and not greasy.

Review №93

It was ohk

Review №94

We got the family meal & enjoyed it emensely. Captain D's is great food! The cashier was nice & asks if you want dessert? It' s difficult to say no but need to save some $ for gas.

Review №95

Great place.... Last night I saw Al Pacino, 2 burned out hippies one looked like Engelbert Humperdink and then icing on the cake...... A genuine Kentucky Blue skinned old feller about 70-75 years old who asked if the fish was tested for mercury. Well yes it has, stated by the most wonderful cashier named Ms Ruth. Was a helluva sea at day sir !!!!!!!

Review №96

Food was good

Review №97

Alaskan Pollock Fried to perfection

Review №98

Surprisingly good. I haven't eaten here in years but gave it a try. Got the baked wild salmon with corn on the cob and a sweet potatoe. The salmon was just a tad over seasoned for my liking but others may really enjoy.

Review №99

The cashier was acting agervated with customers coming in near closeing but since I work in the same kind of busines I understand the feeling but you should treat them the same way as if you just opened

Review №100

The rice was actually cooked right this time around. The rest of the food was great as well.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:6550 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-781-2727
  • American restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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