Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
438 Commerce Center Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States
Review №1

A consistently enjoyable meal with a side of country charm. Most recently, I went here for lunch and had one of the $5.99 meals (meatloaf). I will say the portion size seemed just a bit small, and I was surprised to find that a soda was nearly $3. But apart from that, the food was delicious, the atmosphere is always great, and the waitress was kind and eager to help.

Review №2

Server was a little rude when asked about the limited menu on Thanksgiving. I understand the concept of a limited menu but to answer my question about extra green beans instead of sweet potato casserole so rudely was unacceptable. Not to mention my dish arrived at the table as if it had been on an assembly line and under a heat lamp too long. The food had a skin on it from sitting too long and the plate had dried food around the edges and bits of macaroni and cheese was on top of the dreaded sweet potatoes as if the same spoon was used to plop the mess on the plate. Meanwhile, everyone else's dish looked appetizing as they ordered the same thing.

Review №3

Cracker Barrel is always good. And although this trip was breakfast, it will be the only place I get fried chicken for the family now. Our server, Manning, was wonderful! Perfectly attentive without being always in your face. Very nice guy. Wonderful breakfast experience.

Review №4

Love, Love, Love!!! My 16 year old daughter and I eat at Cracker Barrel on days we have to go to downtown Jacksonville. The restaurant is always full and the food is always fresh! She is partial to the fried chicken or chicken tenders. The food is Always fresh and hot and it always makes us feel like it is home cooked! If you have time for a great sit down meal, definitely stop in!

Review №5

I went in this morning to place an order to go because I haven't been in a while and my friend was talking about it and how good it is how he loves it I place an order for apple and cinnamon oatmeal and blueberry pancake dinner when I get home I realized there's no apples or cinnamon in my oatmeal it's just plain oatmeal so I called and the hostess tells me she's sorry and that if I come back up there she can sprinkle some up some apples on it. That's not play with me but they didn't do anything more or offer anything better. It's 6 miles away from my house and I am not driving that far for them to fix my oatmeal. It literally has no butter or anything and I'm so annoyed at this waste of money

Review №6

One of my favorite places to eat and shop. The food is very good and the working staff are awesome. Their merchandise is high quality and reasonably priced. They have a discounted section in the store that is just fabulous. This is certainly a place you want to check out wh3n you have a lot of time to browse around.

Review №7

This location is easier to get into than most. We had a short way we're told about 15 minutes but only waited seven. Very pleasant young man seated us period our waitress was sweet although she forgot a couple things. Sunrise sampler was delish. I ordered mine was scrambled cheesy eggs and grilled sourdough toast. My favorite way to have the sunrise sampler. My husband's over easy eggs were a little more so but not bad. Bacon was almost burnt but otherwise good and the sweet ham was absolutely delicious. I don't know who does their hams but they never fail. We go to Cracker Barrel more often than First Watch now mainly because the service is so much better. They do seem to go out of their way to hire pleasant people period who the heck wants to go out for a meal these days with grumpy servers LOL.

Review №8

Newer waitress so took a couple tries to get my maple chicken blt sandwich correct and friend's Mac & cheese tasted like cinnamon in it. Manager was told but never came out to see if everything was ok or replace the mac & cheese. Will come back but wanted to share feedback for improvement. Peach mimosa kept me occupied and was yummy!

Review №9

I was in a party of 4. We waited 35 minutes for our food. There were less than 20 other patrons in the dining rooms. Three of us got literally room temperature food. The one that was hot was a very poor rendition of chicken pot pie. I'm thinking that this was probably our last trip.

Review №10

I can't complain.. I have eaten at so many cracker barrels, in different states and towns. I love the country store and food. Those greens and corn bread are so good. The hamburger steak and fried chicken aint bad either... worth the stop. Staff is friendly too

Review №11

In 30 minutes of waiting at the table i got my water after about 15 minutes and my order taken. At 30 minutes the waiter never brought my coffee nor did he check up to let me know when my food would arrive. All the while other people were being seated and their items came in a timely manner. I walked out. Thanks for wasting my time I went to Zaxbys right next door to you.P.SDon't order to go. The food is trash if you don't dine in.

Review №12

Some of the employees here are discombobulated. You have to have your fingers crossed and praying hands when ordering your food. But to say non the least, the pancakes are why I keep coming back. Yummy! Yummy!

Review №13

My wife and I both ordered the Country Fried Chicken. Both orders were very dark as though they were either cooked to long or in dirty oil. They tasted overcooked and were very greasy. I have eaten at this restaurant and never questioned the quality of my meals preparation. We called our server who was excellent about our meals and she graciously took them and said she would tell the manager. He never came to our table. I'll repeat that: He never came to our table. If not for our great server, I would have rated this meal with ONE star. The food quality in a restaurant reflects on Management. In this case irresponsible management.

Review №14

It's a very good restaurant. The southern fried chicken was good, the turnip greens with that pepper sauce is always good, the coke cola cake even though it's very rich, never disappoints me. The meals are generally consistent and it feels cozy. The store is fun to look around and things change every time you go back so you can look forward to something different. Only 4 stars because there have been inconsistencies like with small portions of dumplings and other things that are usually fine. I'd easily recommend this place if you're on a road trip, vacation, or simply want nice warm home food.

Review №15

Check your to go order before you leave. Ordered 2 Country Fried Turkeys but received Turkey and Dressing.Not what I ordered.Live to far away to return. Food was good.

Review №16

Never and I will say never will I eat from this location. I placed my order at 4pm by phone said it would be 30 min, no problem.Arrived at 4:30, not done. Walked around the store to pass time 5pm, no food. There were at least 6 patrons waiting on to go orders. In the hr alone no orders came out for anyone. 5;30 nothing I asked for a refund. It was like kitchen nightmare. One guy was so frustrated he sat by the kitchen for his food. An hr and a half no food I dont know what the problem could have been, all sides should be cooked so you would only have to cook the meat portion. There were 2 bags in the to go area which I noticed people had access to and were touching them to see whose orders there were. Orders should not be placed where anyone could touch them. Social distancing is still in place which is why I ordered to go, but yet I was forced to stand inside with everyone else for my food. I did not notice the manager wearing a mask as well. The dining area was packed. We are still in a pandemic and seeing this is exactly why I will not go eat inside a restaurant at this point. Such a disappointment from this restaurant. I will use another Cracker barrel next time. Definitely not enough staff.

Review №17

We order from Cracker barrel for breakfast a few weekends a month. I hate breakfast, but their loaded hash brown casserole is put together so well it usually gets me to overlook the fact.However, today was the laziest bit of work ever... And is causing hurt feelings with my partner who bought it because I refuse to eat it. It's basically a deconstructed hash brown casserole/looks like I ordered eggs and bacon with a side of hashbrowns, with entire egg and whole bacon strips just piled on top (usually, the eggs and bacon are cut up and incorporate into the casserole, hiding the dreaded breakfast bits). Gross, fail, cracker barrel, epic fail.

Review №18

Server very pleasant, helpful and timely for checking on us. We has a simple meal, grilled cornbeef sandwich and eggs was delicious this visit. They follow the covid precautions. Didn't have to wait, yay!

Review №19

My son and I had a very nice dinner there together. Food was great, service was fantastic.

Review №20

Great food great service. Definitely a place we go back to

Review №21

I always enjoy good home cooked TASTING food! Cracker Barrel is my go-to place for soul satisfying food!

Review №22

Ya'll come on down and have a great feast. No matter what time you come in. Love the shopping in the lobby.

Review №23

American food and the atmosphere here is very good. i love this place, great food & service. the service here is great.

Review №24

Not a happy customer at all, my mother had to send her pancakes back twice. I order a cheeseburger that was made from a frozen patty with no type of seasoning and the bun was greasy and I was able to lift the cheese right off the patty.

Review №25

Wait was a bit much but food was spot on... Had a great waiter very proficient red head rather rotund fellow belive his name was Zach dont remember cause my steak and eggs was so good theybstole the show.

Review №26

Completely loved it. Food was delicious, generous portions, and priced right! Our waitress, Grace, was very nice and did a great job accommodating our requests. Thank you!

Review №27

This is the second time in the last few months that I did not receive all of the items in my order for take out. They left out several items today and I had to wait for them to bring the missing items out, only to find that they brought me someone else's item that they were missing as well. The cashier made a comment, as did the other customer who was waiting to get his order fixed, that "orders are wrong all the time so you should always check here". The cashier was laughing while saying it. Unacceptable and won't ever be back to this location. McDonalds have more accurate quality control associates than this location.

Review №28

Food was great actually fantastic The service another Matter very dissatisfied

Review №29

We had fried catfish takeout last night. I don't know who the cook is but you need to give them a raise. It was delicious! If it continues to be this good we will be eating there a lot more.

Review №30

There is a gentleman named Luci that walks you to the table. He is so polite and you feel like you are at an amusement park! "Thank you for choosing us today my name is Luci and i will be very happy to walk you to your table today" Really nice guy!!

Review №31

Haven't been here in 15 years or so.Came in waited 30 min for food. When did came room temperature all of it. Probably sat in the window for 10 minutes. When food came had no silverware the hostess did not give it when sat.See you maybe in 15 years.

Review №32

Its always been just ok. Service is slow, decor is ok but not exciting, not dirty but nit clean. The food is nothing to write home about alway out of something ordered chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and they were out of Mashed potatoes. We ordered cornbread which was supposed to come with our meal and it was forgotten NEVER brought to our table. Ordered a salad with Thousand inland and was told they don't have it anymore. I can say I have never been to Cracker Barrel and had a good experience.

Review №33

The wait was long, I think as a courtesy anyone waiting for food for 20 minutes or more should be offered a complimentary drink or something. The food was still fresh and hot when I got home to eat it. That's a plus

Review №34

The service and food was great! My good was delicious, the coffee was fresh. I enjoyed my visit there. The waitress was best nice and helpful.

Review №35

I had a very enjoyable afternoon lunch break at the Cracker Barrel at Regency. I was seated immediately and had my order in for fried catfish, hashbrown casserole, broccoli, and carrots. The food came in a reasonable amount of time and the fish was crisp and I got two good-sized pieces. The carrots and broccoli were hot and cooked to perfection. Jonathan was my server and was prompt filling my requests. (Napkins and tartar sauce) I am not usually a fan of hush puppies,but the three I got were just a tad sweet and small enough for two bites. The blackberry dessert was scrumptious and put a crowning touch on a delicious and well cooked meal. Oh, and the biscuits were delicious also with a little bit of honey and real butter!

Review №36

Ate lunch today at Regency Sq. location food was so so dry and definitely not fresh. The manager was wearing street clothes with a Stetson hat and was very disorganized. He couldn't tell who was next in line. His employees were standing up next to the cash register talking and not practicing social distancing.Not a good place to eat anymore and definitely not managed properly. I did note to the manager that this was the last time I eat there and he sad good.

Review №37

Can we just talk about the new Summer Southern Fried Chicken! Juicy, Crispy, and delicious...try it once!!! Was Amazed!!! The chicken was so moist, flavorful and heavenly. Then there's the batter, crispy, crunchy and southern. I wish I could ssy I cooked it. Def top game with this winner winner chicken dinner!

Review №38

Kevin, the kindest manager, met needs as a perfect gentleman, without ever saying a word! He needs a raise!

Review №39

Great always love seeing all the Christmas stuff little high but takes me back in time

Review №40

I order the pancakes they could of tasted better little more fluffy. Bacon was hard. Eggs were better good. Ordered online they don't bring you food you have to get out and get it..

Review №41

Shopping was nice but our food was room temperature. Wasn't hot at all. Coffee was weak and wasn't pleasant to drink. I gave 3 stars bc of the gift shop.

Review №42

There is no better place for variety. Everyone in the family will find something they love

Review №43

You have to try the country fried turkey. Amazing

Review №44

Chelsea out waitress is always on point. We go every Wednesday morning and get great service.

Review №45

Always homecooked meals with personal service!

Review №46

Worst meal ever! As a, now single Senior, I was looking forward to enjoying a good home style meal. I couldn't have been more disappointed than I was last night. I ordered the “ country fried steak”, green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn. It was beyond a doubt the absolute worst meal I ever attempted to eat. The canned beans had been cooking for so long they were mush, the old corn obviously had a newer can added to it as most of the corn was so over cooked it looked inedible and both vegetables in fact were. The “Country fried Steak” looked and tasted like a pre-cooked , frozen pattie. However the instant mashed potatoes and iced tea were actually the best and only part of my “ meal”. I'll never go back.

Review №47

As with most Cracker Barrel's the food was good. But, sometimes, when you meet someone that is extraordinary, they deserve being mentioned. The team working while we were at the restaurant was nothing short of awesome. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything that we needed. (Not only in the restaurant, but in the store as well.) When visiting a place and it is apparent that everyone loves their job, it makes me feel really good! Kudos to you!!

Review №48

Great food. Everything together for togo

Review №49

We went and had dinner for my grandson's 14th birthday and had a wonderful dinner. Our waitress gave us excellent service and even brought cake and ice cream to my grandson. We went shopping in the store and found some good deals and I can always find some jewerly on sale anyway I knew that it would be a wonderful place for his dinner because l dine there at least once a week !!

Review №50

Great food, nice store, had a good time and meal. Good customer service

Review №51

The food and service at this location had been consitently good for 5 years

Review №52

Great Service, delicious mac n cheese, steak could have had more flavor but that's just a personal opinion. Went with three other people and they all liked what they ordered. One agreed that it could have had more flavor.

Review №53

The Haddock, cheese grits and Slaw was the best, it has become one of my favorites.

Review №54

Our waitress was Latifah, she was top notch from beginning to end. I was surprised they had really good sweet tea. We all had take out cups.

Review №55

Friendly service. Great wait staff.

Review №56

Ordered curbside and everything was so fresh tasting, hot and good! I will definitely go back!

Review №57

Got it to go. Ready on time. Hot and fresh. Found a pretty trinck when waiting to pay. Nice suprise

Review №58

I came in hungry ready to eat with eight men from my Bible study class. The biscuits and fresh baked corn muffins came hot and fast! My meat loaf serving was generous accompanied with sweat potato, steamed broccoli and carrots and not cooked to mush. A well done home style meal at a reasonable price.

Review №59

Food was great and they social distancing.

Review №60

I am a super duper fan of Cracker Barrel. I accepted the waitress suggestions of trying the Chicken and rice dish...OMG is an understatement! Marvelous, and the biscuits always fresh and delicious. I even left with a pretty confetti scarf from the store. The best!

Review №61

Every time I order to-go from this place the condiments are always missing. ALWAYS. Whether is the syrup or honey mustard. They don't check the bags and mark the receipts like they're supposed to. Its very infuriating.

Review №62

Very clean and ready for custs. Since they are down on custs food came out very quickly.

Review №63

I did an order over the phone and Kyro was very nice taking my order, and when I got there he made sure I got my order, and that everything was good! He was very nice, and polite, best service ever!

Review №64

I have a disabeled mother and usually do all the going in pick up shopping for her. I didnt know you could call in but came to the store ordered for 5 people, so kinda alot. They were so kind and helpful. They got everything done and packed for me in under 30mins, and that's AMAZING! Double checked it for me. I never write revoews but this store deserves it. Fresh hot YUMMY AND CORRECT FOOD! With everything going on, it's nice to have some relief of cooking and doing the dishes for me!! Lol. You should come here. Great friendly staff!

Review №65

The staff was friendly and accommodating. They were busy but we didn't wait long for seating. My mom is disabled, so rather than have her stand and wait, the hostess placed us at the first table which is normally for a party of six. Thank you, hostess. I'm embarrassed that I didn't get your name. Dallas treated us like he had a thousand dollar tip coming. Well done, Dallas. The food was good and I never ran out of coffee. After eating we enjoyed looking at all the pretty things in the gift shop and found quite a few sparkly bargains which we took home. The cashier was friendly and helpful too. Overall it was a good experience.

Review №66

Very slow was actually quite unnecessary to be as slow as it drink refills no check on our table until it was time to bring the bill out. Maybe our waitress had too much going on that morning.

Review №67

Great food and okay service. We love the biscuits!

Review №68

They now have some outside seating on the porch!

Review №69

I noticed 2 lemon seeds stuck to the bottom of my coffee cup after I had eaten.....they gave us our meal but who cares. I feel grossed out! I would rather pay and have not seen that!

Review №70

This is our favorite family cooked meal. It is always good and the service is awesome.

Review №71

Always a favorite place and never disappoints! This particular location has stellar service and a homey atmosphere. Thanks for taking great care of us Iyanna! We will definitely be back!

Review №72

Staff and food is great, one of the best in Jacksonville.

Review №73

Very nice staff. Social distancing observed

Review №74

They are now serving alcohol and the Strawberry Mimosa is delicious!

Review №75

Great wait staff had chicken pot pie was great

Review №76

So much food. Good prices. Server kept drinks filled.

Review №77

I went during COVID. They were social distancing and all had facial masks. Service was good and friendly.

Review №78

Hostess is reason I didn't give 5. Kind of rude..... Other then her I always have a good experience!!!

Review №79

I've had breakfast at this location several times and it has always been great. So I decided to order dinner meals for delivery, but the Uber driver messed up the delivery and we never received our food. We called the store and they were understanding of the situation, they offered to cook fresh meals because the food had been sitting for two hours. The Uber driver made a mistake but Cracker Barrel came through at closing time. We picked up our food and they went above and beyond to make our experience great! I want to give a shout out to the front desk and kitchen staff, y'all are great!

Review №80

It's been a while since we've been here but I went in for a specific item...not only did I find it with no issues but I also rediscovered how awesome of a store it is. I had to take a bit of time to reacquaint myself with it & I'm very glad that I did.

Review №81

Service given with a smile. Although they we're busy, they gave us great service. I was also able to pick up a few gifts for a friend too.

Review №82

Service was great was ok

Review №83

Everyone wearing masks everything being wiped down on the porch and in the store! Great job

Review №84

Grilled lemon pepper fish is good

Review №85

Service was great thank you Brittany our server who put a smile on our faces

Review №86

Great service and delicious food!

Review №87

Love their fall specials.

Review №88

I ordered online on Mothers Day and they were 2 to 3 hours behind on orders and I have yet to recieve my refund either. I have called restaurant twice and spoke with managers all they told me was corporate handles refunds and the email was sent last Monday. I will not do business with this restaurant ever again.I finally got refund back about 2 weeks later.

Review №89

Excellent experience, the service was great, the chicken heavenly.. highly recommend it!!

Review №90

The food is not the best at this location. Very good at messing up an order.

Review №91

Fresh food and great service.

Review №92

I had heard so many wonderful things about this location but sadly I left very disappointed. Our food was not fresh at all. The gravy was the consistency of mashed potatoes, the hash brown casserole was just bad to say the least, My scrambled eggs were not at all scrambled...I honestly can't tell you what technique was used, and everything was just 60 seconds away from being cold. Management was very kind though.

Review №93

We were a party of eight and had an internment to get to. They seated us right away and I've never gotten food so fast in my life. They were very accommodating and everything was delicious

Review №94

We do love this place. The corn bread is my favorite between the muffins and those. I love the country fried steak they offer. Get it with mac n cheese and mashed potatoes and it can't be beat.

Review №95

I took my dad and brother here before their flight home to California. It was super busy on a Sunday morning and we were still seated in about 5 minutes and our waitress was amazing. I believe her name was Rachel (I may be wrong) she was super helpful and patient and even brought my brother more of those pegs for the little game they leave on the table because his was missing one. I hardly ever eat out but I was very impressed at how quick everything was for how busy they were. Definitely worth the money! Oh and the food was great, as it has been every time I've ever gone to a cracker barrel!!

Review №96

I came here for the Thanksgiving meal. Omg it was delish. The raspberry lemonade was great as well.

Review №97

Good tasty food, love Haddock, big portions, great prices.

Review №98

I placed my order online, and in addition to hot food I also ordered 2 jars of the apples, well they forgot those, then once I got home I found out that they forgot part of my hot food order as well. We had gotten the pancake family meal, so my husband had to go back and get that. They did not give me a hard time about getting it, but they did not offer me a credit for having to come back up there and all my other food getting cold while waiting for the remainder of the hot food. Probably won't get to go from them again.

Review №99

Great service all the way, and you get a whole lot of food for your money. The food always comes out hot and fresh and if there is a problem they are all happy to help. I suggest there Hashbrown Casserole and of course anything on there breakfast menu. They truly do live up to their "pleasing people" promise.

Review №100

As expected. Food okay, server very busy not quite as attentive as usual.

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  • Phone:+1 904-805-9220
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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