First Street Cafe
2126 N 1st St, Jacksonville, AR 72076, United States
Review №1

Love First Street Cafe, staff is always very friendly and helpful, small-town cafe feel, the food is always great! Prices aren't bad, the daily special items make for a great, less expensive lunch.

Review №2

I like breakfast that fill me up, most places lack on the quantity... This place DOES NOT! The country boy breakfast is a giant amount of biscuits, haskbrowns, and sausage covered in gravy with eggs on top... for $6.99?! Hell yeah! Very nice staff as well and good coffee, can't go wrong here.

Review №3

This is a nice, cozy, usually quiet place to dine. The food quality & taste could be better but the service is pretty good.

Review №4

Wonderful homestyle food and friendly service!

Review №5

I've been here 3 times. The first time was for breakfast which was greasy and half of it was undercooked while the other half was overcooked. The gravy was cold and the biscuits were stale. I gave this place a second chance and came by a week later for lunch which was great. No complaints and the sandwhich was made perfectly. Today I came in for lunch and ate my lunch there but ordered 2 to go sandwhiches. I was late so I paid and left only to find when I got home I was charged for my meal and my two to go meals but only recieved ONE of my to go sandwhiches and it wasn't even the one I ordered. It was also sloppy and thrown into the box. I gave it 2 stars because while I wasn't completely dissatisfied I am still highly upset. I will NOT be going back. The picture included is the 1 sandwhich I got which was not what I ordered and this is how thrown around in the container it was. The box sat perfectly still on my way home so I know it was like this when they gave it to me.

Review №6

Bailey is the best...She can brighten any day

Review №7

Loved the diner atmosphere and service was great. Breakfast was really tasty and i would definitely return the next time i am in the area. Place was recommended to us by daughter and son in law and we were glad we went.

Review №8

Good food, not expensive, and we had the nicest waitress. Very attentive and always a sweet smile. (Jesse)

Review №9

Quick, polite, consistent, and delicious. Can't really ask for more! Plus it's super affordable.

Review №10

Excellent breakfast place not great crispy bacon friendly service

Review №11

Great place to eat. Great staff, even better food.

Review №12

Ordered the daily special, turkey and dressing. Couldn't eat the turkey, it tasted like a slab of tuna if that tuna slab was cat food that the cat then threw up on to make gravy. But the little millimeter sized plop of cranberry sauce was really delicious!Don't expect a ceasar salad if you order a ceasar salad. The chicken in it was ok enough (if you enjoy belching the stench of a rotting corpse for five hours after you eat) but they dont even use any actual lettuce leaves. The entire salad, which was minuscule for a full salad of nearly $8, was made up of the hard white spine/ribs of romaine. So it's made with romaine's remains. It was totally sans parmesan, and the dressing did not taste one bit like ceasar dressing. It's not that difficult, people. Ceasar dressing should have a kick of horseradish, not a kick of lemon in a watered down ranch. Geez Louise!

Review №13

Really enjoyed this place. They have a wide variety on the menu and the breakfast is awesome. The staff is friendly and helpful and do not leave you waiting. I prefer eating at this family owned type of restaurant anytime instead of another big chain franchise. This is a good one so keep the food food coming First Street Cafe.

Review №14

Another good place to eat.

Review №15

First time eating there and the meal was pretty good. Good value for the price. I'll be going back.

Review №16

Everyone here is absolutely so kind! Great customer service and the breakfast is so fresh and yummy. I highly recommend them and you can't beat the prices.

Review №17

Bad cashier cloey

Review №18

Good ole home cooking. Plate lunches are every day. I had the chicken fried steak. It was perfectly breaded. Yeast rolls were very tasty. I would highly recommend this place for a really good lunch.

Review №19

Have enjoyed breakfast many times. Food is great, service is wonderful, prices are fair.

Review №20

Delicious grill burgers and breakfast. Good choices for selection.

Review №21

Great food and friendly service.

Review №22

Food are good and cheap. Crew are kind and nice. I like Girst Street Cafe.

Review №23

It's an excellent little own business! The staff are great, food is good and atmosphere feels just right! The price, quality and customer service is excellent! I have never had a problem get my food or get seated for big groups. A place everyone should visit regularly!

Review №24

They served us cold food. Everything was cold. The Asian woman was rude. I WOULDNT EAT HERE IF YOU WANT GOOD FOOD. When we told them we didn't want the food the Asian woman became loud and was yelling. Nobody wants to eat cold meatloaf!

Review №25

Great breakfast

Review №26

Good service. Food ok

Review №27

Food is awesome, breakfast and lunch, a+ across the board. Some of the reviews with 2-1 stars are just ridiculous, if anything don't let these reviews change your mind. Food is afford and quick. Good job with all the work they do a+

Review №28

Good food /nice people

Review №29

Can't tell you how the food is as it turns out that they stop serving breakfast at 10:45am and I set down at the table at 10:46am and was informed that breakfast was no longer being served. I would get back to you about the quality of food next time but they lost this customer and I won't be back. I can understand why they couldn't serve me breakfast though after all there was two other customers eating otherwise the place was empty. On a side note the place looked clean.To bad they lost at least one customer, family, friends and relatives over being one minute late. Should have a little flexibility it's good for customer relations and word of mouth publicity, guess they don't need the business , good luck ....

Review №30

The food was not good. The fish tasted really fishy and the mac and cheese didn't taste at all, the mashed potatoes were cold. We got there at about 12:10 and they were already out of the chicken and dumplins. Service was okay.

Review №31

Service lacks personality. Food is great and prices are ok.

Review №32

My daughter and I went for lunch on a Friday. She had the sweet potato fries and they were really good. I had the lunch special Open Faced Roast Beef with Potatoes. My food was pretty good as well. This is a nice place for a reasonably priced plate lunch.

Review №33

Good food great serv.

Review №34

Good food. Great service

Review №35

Food, service and prices are good.

Review №36

Servers were very nice! Food was excellent

Review №37

Good food , great service . Took my best friend for breakfast .

Review №38

I love this cafe. It's like a hometown cafe. Great service, wonderful food. The food is always served super fast. Highly recommend!

Review №39

Great food. Staff is always friendly.

Review №40

It's an okay place. Friendly staff and service. Reasonable prices and alot of choices but pretty ordinary food. Our server took our orders, dropped it off and kinda left us to our devices. We paid at the cashier when we were done. It's a nice little cafe in Jacksonville, AR and if you live in the area you know that it's a plain little town.

Review №41

Good food and friendly atmosphere

Review №42

The breakfast was awsome, I will definitely go back the next time I'm in the area

Review №43

The waitress was terrific. The food was great to

Review №44

The food and service

Review №45

I paid $10.34 for a cheeseburger, 5 onion rings and a drink. When I placed my oreder, the waitress never told me they charge 2.09 for fries or onion rings and the burger only comes with chips. The waitress only checked on me once as she walked by and never asked if I wanted another drink. Will not be going back.

Review №46

They also have home cooked meals

Review №47

Very good food. Friendly employees.

Review №48

Delicious food!Daily plate lunches & excellent servers!!

Review №49

Went here for some Beef Stir Fry and was not disappointed. Lady serving even asked if I wanted to leave the sauce choice up to them which was kinda nice since I was indecisive.

Review №50

Great little place. Good choices for breakfast. Especially for those of us that don't want lots of food. Pancake was a bit better than average. I find it hard to find a great pancake.

Review №51

Loved the food and the customer service by phone was outstanding. My order was EXACTLY as I ordered and had picked up for me. This, in and of itself, is amazing as I've come to expect an order to always have something missing or wrong from carry out. Thanks so much! I will definitely be eating here again. Great breakfast!

Review №52

Great breakfast! Great prices! Clean and family friendly

Review №53

Pleasently surprised by the breakfadt i had there. Service was good and the breakfast of good quality. Im not a breakfast person but i left satisfied.

Review №54

Food is amazing. Fairly priced and enjoyable environment

Review №55

The sandwiches are great here I just wish the side portions were smaller. I can never finish the meal because of it. Breakfast is good but I really enjoy eating lunch here. The staff are all super nice and my waitress has my order memorized even after going on maternity leave.

Review №56

A group of us have breakfast here every Friday morning. Our waitress is always welcoming and friendly. We talk really enjoy First Street Diner. Thank you

Review №57

I've been here many times for breakfast and have never been disappointed!

Review №58

Food and service very good. We have breakfast here every Saturday morning. Tina is the best. Friendly Family place.M

Review №59

Very good prices for good quality food

Review №60

The waiters are very kind, the coffee is great and the breakfast is always warm and cooked just right! Been here often with groups of 12+ from work and always get great service. Affordable, clean.. the definition of a good southern cafe!

Review №61

Good food, friendly girls.

Review №62

Love to treat myself to Saturday morning breakfast here. Great food and staff.

Review №63

Food could be better but it's ok occasionally

Review №64

Nice place. Lost my wallet there but a patron was awesome and got a hold of me by going the extra mile

Review №65

Delcious food

Review №66

Best place in town.

Review №67

Favorite mom&pop place in Jacksonville! Quick service and excellent food. Used to stop by here every morning for breakfast before school when I was a kid.

Review №68

I have only tried breakfast and would highly recommend trying their western omelette. It is delicious and not expensive

Review №69

Great food. Good hashbrowns. No meat alternatives for their bacon, sasage, or ham options.

Review №70

Good diner style food, and friendly service.

Review №71

"Like home." Great selection. From southern soul food to the delicious jalapeno cheeseburger. And the best breakfast in town.

Review №72

Great food, nice folks. Fast service. Grilled toast. The butter isn't frozen! Great value!!!

Review №73

Food was great. Wait time for meal was lengthy

Review №74

Very good dood and large portions

Review №75

Our food took over an hour then half of the orders were cold. My hamburger had mustard and pickles; even though, I specifically said not to, waitress took my burger scraped of the pickles and tried to give it back to me. Last time we'll eat there!!!

Review №76

Chicken fried steak is worth going for any day. Club sandwich is very greasy. The staff are always super friendly.

Review №77

Always so nice, good food.

Review №78

Wonderful breakfast

Review №79

Great place for breakfast. Very attentative. Coffee won't go empty.

Review №80

Always enjoy going here!

Review №81

Walked in and found a seat, me and my wife quickly decided what we wanted to eat as we only had 1 hour for lunch an set the menu to the side, a group of about 6 walked in an set near us, the waitress who had noticed we were there, passed us up started greeting them and taking there order, we left.

Review №82

Very friendly f haven't eaten anything that wasn't yummy! Quick service 2! Not cheap but not outrageous :)

Review №83

Great food and good prices. Only serve breakfast and lunch.

Review №84

Friendly staff, good food, reasonable prices, quick service

Review №85

Very good food but I a little slow.

Review №86

My bestie suggested this place for breakfaat for us this morning. The food and the service was very good. I will be returning

Review №87

Good food and good service. I enjoyed it.

Review №88

Good hamburger steak for a low carb meal.

Review №89

Great prices, service, and food

Review №90

Always has the best food and service

Review №91

Bad. Bread was stale service not great. waitress took order and brought food. Price was ridiculous for chicken strips and a footlong over 20 bucks. Never again.

Review №92

Love this place! The food is perfect every time and the service is great!

Review №93

Good greasy heart attack food. Reasonable prices. Service is fast and friendly.

Review №94

Aight, so came here out of town and checked the place out. Did not like what I saw in there.Didn't like food or service. Saw the waitress gave me some looks as if she didn't like me for some reason. When I called, she passed me to take care of someone who I guess had better duds than me.Guess this place had standards. Since it does, won't come back here again for a long time. Maybe once I get back from Fayetteville

Review №95

Terribly managed business. Nobody knows the wifi password and the manager does not want to fix it. A cafe without wifi. Food is good and well presented but might not be worth the price. Very simple menu.

Review №96

Good food, clean bathrooms, and good service.

Review №97

Terrific breakfast there too bad they don't serve it all day

Review №98

Best breakfast spot in Jacksonville Arkansas. They are super friendly, inexpensive, and fast.

Review №99

Good food and good service!

Review №100

I had the salisbury steak. And it was real good... the gravy and mashed potatoes were excellent. And to top it off i ha "blackberrycobbler"... with a scoop of vanila ice cream. Whoever made that cobbler broke the mold. It was one of the best blackberry cobblers i've ever put in my mouth!!.And i've eaten well over my share of cobblers.... Keep up the great food.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:2126 N 1st St, Jacksonville, AR 72076, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 501-985-9600
  • American restaurant
  • Diner
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–2PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–2PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–2PM
  • Saturday:6:30–11AM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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