First Watch
11111-14 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223, United States
Review №1

I have been waiting half an hour for an order that has been paid for and was supposed to be ready 30 minutes ago. I have watched multiple orders be served, numerous parties be seated, and whenever I inquire about my order, I am told it will "be a few minutes." This location is worse than Riverside and I will never waste my time placing a "quick" to go order from here again. If you value your time and quality service, it is probably best you go elsewhere.

Review №2

I love this place. Always enjoy my breakfast. I wish they carry mimosa and bloody Mary like the one on Riverside. This place always so busy. It's worth waiting. We always get a bag of coffee to go. Their bread and jelly is so delicious. Maybe I will get a loaf of bread next time if they sell it. Everything is so fresh. I can honestly say everything is good here

Review №3

What a great experience we had! Sunday morning, tired from the week and feeling hungry. First Watch was exactly what we needed. No long wait. Delicious healthy prepared fresh breakfast with quick friendly service. Our waiter Chris was amazing! So polite and informative. This will become a Sunday tradition for sure! Thank you First Watch!

Review №4

Good club sandwich and million dollar bacon! My husband 1st time and loved it.

Review №5

First Watch is a great spot for Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch. They have a nice menu and have many items that are fairly healthy. One of my favorite items is the Ham and Gruyere Melt, and my wife loves the BLTE (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Egg). On this particular trip, I tried the breakfast tacos. They tasted great and came with 3, so it was a nice sized portion. This place tends to get busy on Saturday/Sunday mornings, so come early or be prepared for a wait.

Review №6

O.M.G. 1st Watch️LOVE IT️ Yummy️Variety Healthy Drinks Love them All. Today I had morning meditation drink totally refreshing️Morning Market Veg. Omelet perfectly roasted veg. with fresh goat cheese & herbs with the side of freshly cut of fruits fresh, toast & homemade jam...yummy drooling Their pancakes are the best in town. My fav. Carrot cake pancakes Amazingggg️. I love everything in this place... fresh healthy beverages, variety tasty homemade omelettes & pancakes delicious fresh sandwiches & more...The service was awesome very sweet, kind, helpful️Seriously This is One of my favorite Breakfast/Brunch place in town️YES I WOULD RETURN AGAIN & AGAIN️My#1 ️️️️️️️

Review №7

My first visit. Quality of food, presentation and customer service was exceptional and delicious. Coffee was excellent as well.

Review №8

This location is great. Cute decor and nice people. Food was cooked perfectly, although I would say the eggs were put on the plate with more oil than necessary.

Review №9

This is one of those fancy breakfast places most would call it. But I have gone several times and am never impressed. This time the onions were undercooked in the omelette the bacon I am never a fan of. The service usually takes a while. At a different location, but same restaurant our meal was paid for because of the wait. We keep going because my dad likes it. In my opinion the best part of the meal was the lemon juice salad that came with the omelette. Yes I have also tries other things on the menu. Nothing has impressed me. If your familiar with kekes breakfast cafe, this place similar to that.

Review №10

Food at First Watch is always solid and consistent. The coffee is some of the best in town. I recommend the kale tonic. You will not go wrong with the avocado toast. The service on last visit was a little spotty but not horrible.

Review №11

Breakfast here - very tasty. prices are decent for the quality. this place has great reviews for a reason.

Review №12

One of my top locations for breakfast. i love eating here. the service was friendly and sociable. feeling here is similar to a place in columbus i liked.

Review №13

Breakfast at this spot - great. nice location to meet with family. prices that won't shock you. food is like a restaurant in louisville i loved.

Review №14

Breakfast is always great. But the always get my eggs wrong. Over easy isn't that far out to get them wrong

Review №15

My favorite location for tasty Breakfast. cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, i'll be back. the place has a great atmosphere.

Review №16

Honestly my favorite breakfast place. Healthy options that just taste great. Well worth the money, if you haven't tried first watch yet you need to. I highly recommend the banana and granola Pancakes.

Review №17

Christina was amazing! I usually go to First Watch all the time, but it was just time to leave a review finally. The food is amazing, the prices are amazing, and I'm never disappointed. Thanks guys for having a solid place to dine at.

Review №18

The food is very delicious! The menu is special! The place is comfortable and the service is very good.

Review №19

Food is great, just slow to arrive at your table

Review №20

Perfect place if you want to eat healthy, great choice. , very clean , quality 5 stars, customer service 5 stars love this place you may wait 10/15 minutes but worth

Review №21

Breakfast at this spot - delicious. Went there on a Friday I think. Really nothing but good experiences here. Prices were fair for the quality of the food.

Review №22

This was my first time at this particular location, but the service at First Watch is always great. They always have seasonal specials, but the chickichanga almost always comes in clutch. The pancakes are HUGE. and you'll definitely get full off of them. On busier days (like on the weekends) be sure to add your name to the waitlist on Yelp or their app. it'll come in handy.

Review №23

My boyfriend and I arrived and were seated promptly. And that was the only positive of this visit. After being seated we looked over the menu, decided what we wanted. After about 10 mins we realized no one had been by to greet us, get us drinks or really anything. Parties that had been sat after us, had received not only their drinks but also their food; while we still did not even have a hello from anyone. Numerous servers saw us without anything but did not do anything about it. After almost 20 mins of waiting we decided to leave. Servers and other staff saw us leaving and did not say a thing. Do not your waste your time here.

Review №24

A fine establishment. There were many foods I wanted to try. I got the breakfast burrito and was not disappointed. I'll definitely return soon. Perfect for a casual date.

Review №25

Breakfast at this place - very tasty. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. If it was closer to my home I would be here often.

Review №26

The food was good but the service was Not.

Review №27

Food was soooooo good. Service was on point. I love First Watch.

Review №28

Delicious Food! Arrived around 1:30 on a Saturday and was taken to a table right away with no waiting. Although, it did take a while before someone came to ask about drinks. At that point we already read the menus and knew what we wanted. After giving our choices of food and drink the service was good. We both had the Asian-glazed pork belly which came with quinoa, farro and brown rice, two eggs sunny-side-up, pickled daikon radish and carrot slaw, fresh jalapeño, cilantro and Sriracha. The food was absolutely delicious. I still wanted more food after finishing my plate. However, I fully content after eating the extra my girlfriend didn't like. She had forgot to request the eggs be cooked another way and gave the center portion to me as well as some of the pork since she doesn't eat as much meat. So, for people who like a little larger portions like myself, an extra egg and half cup of the quinoa mix would have made this dish a hands down best breakfast for taste and satisfying my appetite I've had here in the Jacksonville area! It was worth the drive and will be making it back for breakfast again!

Review №29

Love the iced coffee. service is wonderful.

Review №30

The food was pretty good. The portion size for the pancakes are big so I would recommend only getting one. The bacon was crispy but a but too expensive. It cost almost $5 for 4 pieces of bacon. It's kind of a rip off.The employees are nice and attentive, the wait time isnt very long and the food is pretty healthy. I would recommend coming here.

Review №31

Mandarin location has terrible service! And quite frankly awful customer service! Rudeness is not necessary. Whatever happened to friendly service.

Review №32

Excellent food. Not the usual greasy spoons around here. Clean and great service.

Review №33

Love clean food and every time when i come here.. always get table in one second , you know it's not easy to find clean food and good taste in one dish

Review №34

Always 5 stars, well prepared food, great menu, atmosphere and service

Review №35

I have been coming here almost daily for about a year or so. Not only is the food delicious but The entire staff is amazing! Huge shout out to Heather and Chris (servers) , they always go out of their way to make sure I have everything I need for a 5 star meal everytime I go in ! Its always super clean. Highly recommended!!

Review №36

We used to go to the first watch in Arizona often. Not coming back to Florida locations.The good:1. Used the Nowait app and we were seated in 2 minutes2. The food we did eat was pretty goodThe bad:1. Rotten potatoes in my and my kid's dish2. Dirty cups with unknown particulates at bottom3. Took 52 minutes from seated to get food4. Kid's dish was missing bacon side-we said don't bother5. Service awful - if you want drink refills, don't come here6. Kid's French toast was undercooked partly in a few places7. Very overpriced for the quality of food. 70.00 without tip for 4 people breakfast is pretty high8. On our way out, saw an employee in the back taking the assumed unused coffee cups and drink cups wipe out with a single cloth (no washing). These cups were then placed out for new customers on tables

Review №37

Just wanted to take the time to say Thank you to our server Christopher! He was so great, courteous, knowledgeable and provided exceptional service to us. Keep up the great work! He also knows how to multitask. He served, checked us out and also sat customers while they came in. He really deserves to be recognized for his amazing work.

Review №38

Great experience. Food was delicious. Crowded but I sat at the community table. Quick service. Will continue to go.

Review №39

Food was really good, fresh and seasoned correctly. I ordered the Avocado toast, blueberry boost juice and a side of regular bacon, not the million dollar bacon (actual name on menu) . $25 including a tip for breakfast for just me seems expensive. It was a nice treat.

Review №40

Good food and service.

Review №41

In this picture, I got the tomato basil soup with a side of seasoned potatoes and it was only 300-someting calories overall for a very filling breakfast! I love this place. Their coffee is delicious, their seasonal pumpkin and cinnamon chip pancakes are divine, their in-house juice blends feel so healthy, and the people are always so nice! It's a casual but trendy (and always busy) breakfast and lunch place with health food and vegetarian/vegan options, as well as more traditional higher calorie options as well.

Review №42

My girlfriend and I come here all the time. Can't remember ever having a bad experience, they're great.

Review №43

Service was great although it seemed like plenty of tables were open and I prefer not to sit next to the bathroom. Food came out hot and tasty. I actually began to love avocado this day. And my wife thanks you for it! LOL best place I've had an iced coffee! I will definitely be back to this place.

Review №44

Great service! Ordered the Floridian french toast, was perfectly seasoned and topped with fresh fruit. I also got a juice that had orange and beet and guava juice. Very refreshing!

Review №45

Fantastic options on the healthier side! Or not. The decor is cozy chic and the flavors round out a terrific dining experience. I definitely recommend getting in line via their app or yelp before heading over.

Review №46

Very good food! I think the food was made with organic ingredients and a very healthy alternative to what you can get a “regular” restaurant.

Review №47

Amazing breakfast and safe social distancingCOME.OUT AND SPEND SOME MONEY .... EVEN IF IT IS TAKE OUT.

Review №48

Server was nice but the kids turkey sandwich is like something they would serve in a jail. Plain bread meat and cheese no condiments. Also both glasses of water had stuff floating in them they replaced one but that is just filthy. This Resturaunt could be good but has a lot to be desired as far as the flavors go soups are good though. The odds of returning are slim though.

Review №49

Service was slow. Never had out server stop back by after food was dropped. Had to track down host to ask for boxes and check. She passed us several times and never stopped. Had my friend even stand up to try and catch the attention of any server. We wanted drinks and another entree to go, which we didn't receive, because of the frustration of waiting. It wasnt that busy, and she stopped at other tables multiple times but never ours.

Review №50

The service was great and the food was very good. I had the breakfast pork burrito and it was great. Everyone enjoyed their food. We will be back.

Review №51

So this location needs some employee revitalization. Server screwed up everything from the drinks to the food, to not ever checking in with us. The food was mediocre at best. Like nobody even cares here. Wouldn't recommend this location until management retrains their crew to care.

Review №52

Breakfast was great. Gluten free options. Wonderful service and food was delicious. Hot and fresh. The quality of food is excellent. Nice environment and very clean. The menu is amazing. We will definitely be back.

Review №53

Great spot for diners of any persuasion. All of the classic breakfast foods are present with lots of opportunities to adapt standards into vegetarian options. Always excellent service.

Review №54

Easily over a 30 minute wait while watching tables sit empty too long. A bit of a wait for our food and then my biscuits and gravy come out almost warm. I asked our server to warm them up, and he takes them back to the kitchen. I finished my over cooked eggs and potatoes before he gets back. I will say our server was very attentive and apologetic. Not a banner day for the watch.

Review №55

The waitress I got was very rude. She left us at the table for an unreasonably long time before she even asked us about drinks. I can understand the restaurant can get hectic but that is something you ask the guests upon seating them and then give them time to go over the menu. Next, we she brought the drinks back she spilled mine all over the table. My wife and I were under the impression that she went to go get napkins or maybe a towel to clean it up. Nope. She only brought napkins upon request to clean up her mess in which she left us to do it after dropping the napkins on the table and walking away. She stopped by once to check on us and did not give one ounce of sincerity in her voice, tone or body language. And instead of asking if we needed anything else she dropped the check on the table and said I'll meet you at the front when you're ready. And when I say dropped, I don't say that for exaggeration, she literally drops things on the table while walking by not even coming to a complete stop and acknowledging you like a human. I was in a generous tipping mood before I came in but she messed that up for herself.

Review №56

A crazy great experience! The food is great; however, I have been to other places with great food. What set First Watch apart was our server Madison. From the first "hello" we were treated like family. We were never just "another customer" -- we truly felt as we were her favorite. I'm sure that all of her customers feel this way, however. I assume that other servers are encouraged to be as "top shelf" as Madison which makes dining there an experience and not just an event.

Review №57

Food is good. Hope you don't have any gift cards. For some reason, they don't want to accept them.

Review №58

Fantastic food! Glad we took the trip to visit.

Review №59

Excellent food and service. :)

Review №60

Amazing as with all the First Watches I've been in.

Review №61

When we discovered that First Watch is located in Mandarin, we jumped out of our shoes with joy. During our few day stay in Mandarin, we ate here twice and could have made it three times. We'll reserve that for our next visit. OMG. We love this place️ We were there on Mother's Day. Chocolates were being handed out to mothers. It was a very nice gesture.

Review №62

It really pains me to write a negative review about this place because the recipes are so delicious and creative but the execution is almost always off at this place.My family has been coming here for a while and my parents refuse to go with my sister and I, frankly, because we are tired of having to complain about the same things. We are not very picky people and we have worked in both food and retail and have an appreciation for what these folks do. However, I'm tired of making excuses for this place like "they were really busy" or "they're new here."Most of the time, at least one of us gets food that's cold. The water glasses and vases are almost always visibly dirty and/or smell. The two photos show food inside the water vase for the one that was delivered AND for the replacement (which we didnt get til after we were almost done eating) which was the same time we finally got syrup for our almost gone pancakes. They always correct things (eventually) and have a positive attitude but c'mon many complaints have to be made before you realize your execution is off? I cant even get my parents to go anymore and my sister and I are ready to give up ourselves! PLEASE fix this..the recipes can only make up for everything else for so long!Spoke with the manager today and made him aware of our concerns. He listened and didnt make any excuses, comped our meal and assured us that we wouldn't have that same experience next..looking forward to giving it another shot so I can give this the 5 stars that I think it can earn.

Review №63

What an awesome place! Fantastic food and incredible service.

Review №64

I am a big breakfast eater. This place is just too Yuppie and expensive for me. Others might like it better.

Review №65

I tried the turkey burger and it was DELICIOUS! I'm not a huge fan of avocado but on this burger it was perfect. My child's meal was good too. Clean restrooms and the staff was nice.

Review №66

Fresh taste as always :-)

Review №67

This is a good place to eat if you want healthy options without sacrificing taste. They have really good Soups especially the tomato soup. The Cobb salad is yummy and the sandwiches are all delicious. The service is ok. The online app lets you get your name on the waiting list as there is usually a wait of 15 to 30 minutes during normal eating times.

Review №68

Great food, good menu options, OK pricing

Review №69

The food is excellent.. but a little pricey for what it was.... got what they call hash which isnt its country fried potatoes(1 potato) mixed with some greens 2 types of cheese onions peppers and mushrooms and 2 eggs. we added avocado (2 slivers) and tomatoes and bacon very little bacon. On the side u got toast (1 piece) with perseveres and a little dipping bowl with some fruit in it. The bowl it was in wasnt really that big.. we paid 15 dollars a plate. It was 4 bucks for the orange juice... I was very tasty though.....

Review №70

Great service! Fresh food! (Avocado toast is perfect!)

Review №71

Managing numerous fine dining restaurants in NYC, I know that know matter how great ones food may be, the service can make or break ones return to the restaurant as well.. luckily for First Watch, not only was our food superb, but our service by Madison was spectacular. She was perfect; attentive without being overfawning; extremely knowledgable and helpful and made our experience one which will have us coming back time and time again. Thank you First Watch for great food and thank you Madison to make our one dining experience we ever had in Florida enjoyable.

Review №72

Even though there was a problem with what I ordered, it was handled very easily and I felt the server was sincerely sorry. He reassured us her would make it right. When everything came correctly, it was delicious. Very flavorful. I got the Ultimate sandwich on grain bread. Very tasty! I think it's one of the best things I've ever had at First Watch.

Review №73

Service was really good. Better than the first time we went. Must have made a change.

Review №74

Service is good, efficient & friendly. Food quality is very good and prepared well. These factors add up to a good dinning experience.

Review №75

Best breakfast in a restaurant. I get the Eggs Benedict with lemon hollandaise sauce and it's undefeated!!! Farmhouse skillet is amazing as well. Kale tonic

Review №76

4 in our group only one really pleased with their meal. Maybe we ordered wrong as we usually go to Metro or Beach diner. My biscuits and turkey sausage was relatively flavorless, no sausage chunks. Probably won't be back any time soon. Have had better luck with lunch

Review №77

Our meal was wonderful and our server Madison was very attentive, pleasant and thorough

Review №78

Farmhouse skillet was barely warm and eggs were scrambled hard instead of light. Told server who took away eggs but didn't come back w correct order until half skillet was eaten. I should have just ask for all freshly cook food if I was going to wait that long. I did enjoy the fresh made juices I had some cucumber concoction and my friend had a beet turmeric both was delicious. Not a fan yet. I was told need to try again. Will do and we'll see.

Review №79

I have been here 5 times since past 3 months and the front door is still BROKEN which makes a loud and disturbing noise not sure why management ignoring customers complaint to fix and repair this mess.

Review №80

This one of the best restaurants in Mandarin. Great service, the food is great, and healthy. The restaurant gets extremely busy. Plan accordingly

Review №81

Always a great breakfast spot!

Review №82

Great food, can get sat quickly, and great service

Review №83

Lovely place to have breakfast. If you are a morning person and enjoy breakfast, you should definitely give First watch a try. They have great healthy options, wonderful coffee, and service is really good too. I love their eggs Benedict, you could get them in different options. They have a wide variety of omelets, something for everyone. Their toast is really good and healthy, try it with avocado. No way you won't love their dishes. The only down side for customers is that the place is always packed, but you know why that is. You will definitely enjoy a wonderful breakfast there.

Review №84

This location has the best service of the 3 we have been in and always great food

Review №85

Ate there for the first time. Great menu and great food, loved it!!!

Review №86

Great breakfast and lunch options, casual atmosphere. Kind servers. Never had an issue.

Review №87

Very busy, but the wait wasn't bad. Enough benches inside and out to wait. Friendly service. Unique menu items. You won't walk out hungry.

Review №88

Not the place for a good Southern breakfast! Establishment is very clean and service is good.

Review №89

The food is good but the service is terrible! I've been here twice and the "call ahead" app is worthless. I have a 2 year old so I try to time it to where we're next in line. Both times we still had to wait 15/20 minutes. Then it took our food about 40 minutes to get to the table. After sitting for an hour my toddler was restless. Couldn't even eat our food. Both times same story

Review №90

The food was so delicious! Service was great and the staff was friendly.

Review №91

Wow, great find. Some friends took me there for lunch. Of course I had breakfast. My steel cut oats were fabulous and everyone else was totally loving their meals too. Will definitely go back again and again.

Review №92

I love the quinoa chicken pesto bowl. It's so tasty and fresh tasting. They make the meals with fresh ingredients. Their breakfast meals are also very good.

Review №93

First time at this location. I usually have a really great breakfast at this chain but I had the eggs benedict and the eggs were poached but so long they were hard boiled. They of course offered to make another one for me.

Review №94

After watching copious food programs, my standards are slightly higher than normal. Having wrote that, I found it to be overpriced compared to the quality of food. My vegetarian buger wasn't any better than a frozen patty from my grocers and the side dishes were not exciting.

Review №95

This is a place that my wife loves to eat at on the weekends from time to time. We both enjoy the food and the atmosphere until our most recent visit. My wife use the app to get us in line prior to our arrival. All was well until the seated us. Once we were seated we observed other customer that were seated after us we provide service as we just sat there. We sat down at 10:18 and no one acknowledged we were there until 11:00 as the hostess walk past us several times not providing any courtesy gestures. The gentlemen that seated us noticed and approached our table with concerns that no one has even attempted to bring us a glass of water. He was able to get a hostess to take our order and provide services. I was very unhappy at this time but remained calm as we got our food. Once we finished I approached the gentlemen at the front desk and informed him of our dissatifaction and we probably won't come to his location again. He assured that he would address because he witnessed and thanked me for my patience wishing I come back.

Review №96

I love coming here. The food is great and they use a lot of organic or natural foods. They have options for everyone and the waffles are huge. It's pretty great. They are very busy most if the time but they handle it well, with quick and great service. My family loves it, we can always agree on going.

Review №97

Healthy, unique choices. Delicious, fresh food. Kids books and toys to keep kids entertained while waiting. Friendly wait staff. We love this place!

Review №98

The Chickichanga was wonderful! The service was great, as well. Our waitress was great she brought us to go drinks before we even asked.

Review №99

We are what you would normally call a problem table littered with allergies and dietary restrictions. Our server Madison was phenomenal. She took all our allergies with grace and never sounded overwhelmed. She offered to have the chef change gloves between preparations and took every precaution to ensure we were happy with our food. And we were so satisfied! The food was absolutely delicious. We were seated 30 minutes to closing, and she made a point to tell us, I will be here for a while take your time eating and don't feel rushed. Our compliments to Madison and to the chef for creating a marvelous experience for us.

Review №100

Come here almost every Saturday morning and are always attended very well. Love Annie as our waitress along with Chris. They do an awesome job of taking care of our orders. Great food for the value.

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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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