Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
4250 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
Review №1

The food is prepared excellent and the taste is exquisite, food is fresh and delicious this restaurant is worth the trip. We ordered a whole Thanksgiving dinner now and a beautiful spirit paid forward for our whole entire dinner. I was feeling really low and God show me that there is hope and people do care. The restaurant owner even gave us a good deal on a Thanksgiving dinner and the Lord blessed us on this day. Great place wish they would open that one closer or in Nassau County.

Review №2

Very clean washing of hands at the door. Sanitizer readily available. Everyone going up for food wore mask. A very safe environment.Along with good food. Very tasty variety of foods. Excellent place to eat and be safe.

Review №3

This is one of my favorite buffets. The food is always good. The servers get refills and take your plates at a good rate. The honey rolls are the best. Love the steak when they have it. The desserts are always good. The banana pudding is my favorite that's not home made. The sweet tea is always the right sweetness. I always get my money's worth when I visit.

Review №4

Going to Golden Corral on Thanksgiving and getting dinner to go has become kind of a tradition. This year, I was anticipating long lines, curt staff and a big mess. My experience was just the opposite. This was the easiest, smoothest year ever. The staff, with the exception of one young lady with an attitude tending the yeast rolls, was friendly for a change. The food was good. The tradition will continue.

Review №5

My favorite Golden Corral ever. Easily the best grill for steak on a buffet. Every time I come here, the buffet is stocked and ready to go. I am not much of a breakfast eater, so steak and chicken is up there. If you are a breakfast eater, go early and grab some of the best eggs you can imagine. As of this review, they are serving slow roasted sirloin. That itself is worth a trip. As far as deserts, they have every taste covered from cookies to pies, and even ice cream! Salad bar has plenty of choices for everyone, including shrimp and cocktail sauce. Even the sodas they serve are delicious. I think I will end this review and go to Golden Corral.

Review №6

Fantastic. All of Jacksonville needs to come here. Best buffet in the world. What you all waiting for? Thank you chefs for the delicious food. Thank you servers. Loved the whole experience from beginning to end. Will be returning soon.

Review №7

Food was good, they have a handwashing station and temperature check at the front before you pay to eat, but I saw 3 employees walking around the dining area with no masks on. Also, customers were going up for food without masks, so are they really enforcing the mask mandate set by the mayor???

Review №8

Still like the food here. Prices are fair and there is ready to eat variaty. I wish they took better care of the appearance of the place and trained their staff to serve with professionalism, they usually make you feel like you're asking for a "favor" when you ask for an extra piece of steak or dessert

Review №9

Buffet food, mmm, yummy. everyone at our table was very satisfied. service is consistently good.

Review №10

It was real good, the roadt beef was a little too salty for my taste buds. The baked potato was delicious with butter and sour cream and my ice cream cone topped off a good meal. The price was very good compared to some fast food chains that I go to.

Review №11

This Golden Corral is very clean. The buffet is well stocked and and clean. The wait staff is very nice and helpful.

Review №12

It was so great to have it open again!!It seems like was a year ago that we ate there..its been a very long closer..but I am so happy to tell all the food was great. All of the favorites you all love are there and so tasty..The seafood was good and the staff was really great. The restaurant was clean and you wore your mask when you went up to the fill your plate . they had you use some hand sanitizer when you first came in and tables where a little spaced out but not funny looking. And as people left someone bused the table and cleaned tables very well and the I thought that was a nice touch..But everyone was happy to have them opened again and they were very happy you all came in.

Review №13

Typical golden corral. Happy that most locations are open. This one is just like all the others so they get 4 stars... nothing was exceptional to rate 5. I had a steak. It was cooked just like I prefer... medium rare. They kept all the food trays full. And the waitress was pleasant. Overall.. very decent place to have dinner.

Review №14

Always a great option for a quick meal with good variety of food. Staff friendly and super fair prices (very cheap for lunch/buffet $8,99 per person)

Review №15

Due to how things are with covid they are running a smaller amount of food as to not waste much. The cook was so thoughtful that he bought our steaks to our table. They have gloves that you wear each time you go up to get more food. Very sanitary! The was hot too! Great service all around!

Review №16

With so many restaurants closing it was good to know that this Golden Corral survived Covid.The sweet potato casserole takeout was delicious. I'm still eating a little bit for the past 3 days.

Review №17

A top spot for delicious Buffet food. Stopped in on a Monday I think. The service here is outstanding.

Review №18

The Restaurant was very clean. The employees was friendly, pleasant and nice. Our server was helpful,compassionate and she was happy to be our server. She made sure everything was right and did not hesitate to do anything for us, if we asked her to. It was a joy to have her serving our table. Thank you for having her working at your Restaurant.

Review №19

Food was EXCELLENT. Masks were required as mandated by the local government. Plastic gloves were readily available to those who wished to use them. Buffet is still self serve as it has always been. For the quality, quantity, and cleanliness, the price is CHEAP!

Review №20

Great variety of salad, meats, fruits, desserts and all at a great buffet price. Loved their prime rib and Sirloin steaks! This particular location was very clean and the staff very attentive.

Review №21

After a morning of "Black Friday Shopping" we enjoyed a sit down meal before heading back to the hotel. Service was great and atmosphere was great. Keep up the good job .

Review №22

Food was great. Everyone was very nice. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the things they call mask. They did not cover the nose and was just a small piece of plastic.

Review №23

Different city , different kinda service.I saw the owner there, I guess this is how much if you care about your business you will always have happy customers.

Review №24

I enjoy the food. When are they going to build a Golden corral in yulee?

Review №25

They changed things up since I was last there...pre-Covid and I was pleasantly surpised. They changed the various stations around and there were definitely more food options available. Good wholesome food!

Review №26

I love this location .Everything is nice clean.And staff is very great .And help make sure to give everyone .Great service and the Management staff is so friendly .And it will be my go to place.

Review №27

We are in st. Augustine halfway between this Golden corral and the palm coast location. We will be going to this location only from here on out. The food was hot and free. The selection was double the others. Our drinks never got below half full.

Review №28

The salad bar and fresh fruit was the best it's every been, steak off the grille was perfect as well server was very attentive and nice.

Review №29

It was amazing, The steak just melted in My mouth. Great service.

Review №30

Great food as usual. The Latin guy on the grill is awesome. Always offers a nice juicy steak

Review №31

We eat at GC maybe three/four times a year and everytime I wonder why do come back for such bland food, that all too many times lays in wait.This trip on Friday mid afternoon was the worst yet. Not one item I ate was good (at best) Even the soft serve Ice Cream as very grainy. However my friend loved it, so all was not lost. To be clear, I DO NOT GO FOR THE VOLUME, just a meal. My Grandaughter did like the Pepperoni pizza slice though. Fried Ship was hard as a rock. Fried Fish was extremely "spongy" . Vegetables were ok. Table Server was great!

Review №32

It is sad that Golden Corral is not open on Merrill Rd do to COVID. I now travel a little further to still get the same great food.

Review №33

I ate dead good some of the food here could you some approvement doe *hint hint* (The grits)

Review №34

Wouldn't recommend. Plates and forks were dirty and food did not taste fresh.

Review №35

Great customer service! Food stayed in a timely hot and fresh rotation

Review №36

Reasonable prices but it's need more hygiene

Review №37

Fresh and delicious they kept things replenished and serve was very nice and attentive.

Review №38

My wife and I love this golden corral years of enjoying this place.

Review №39

Staff were extremely friendly, food was good for a buffet, I do highly recommend the fried chicken as it was really good.

Review №40

Great food, nice atmosphere, very clean, and the owner takes extra steps to keep employees/guests safe.

Review №41

Great food at a great price...been cleaned up. Since they have A NEW MANAGER. MET OWNER A WEEK AGO...HE HAS. CLEANED THE PLACE UP.. I got rid of that awful manager.

Review №42

Good food. Pleasant staff. A little bit pricey but definitely worth it

Review №43

Everything was great. Just a little crowded

Review №44

Everything was good today. My drink was refilled the food was hot and never empty good job

Review №45

Great server, great food. Felt safe eating there during the pandemic.

Review №46

Good bargain for the price. A bit crowded upon "phase 3" reopening.

Review №47

The one of Normandy is sooo much better!

Review №48

Hand washing station awesome. Very clean and food good

Review №49

It was pretty good hadn't been in awhile it was worth it

Review №50


Review №51

What do ya want for $10 bucks... it was fine...

Review №52

Waitresses are friendly and attentive. The buffet was very clean

Review №53

Food choices were excellent, buffet areas very clean & sanitized. Nice service.

Review №54

The food was good and fresh but the glasses had to be replaced 2 of the 3 drink cups were dirty

Review №55

This golden corral is really clean! The food is nice and the service is great. We even went later in the night and the staff was still chipper!I suggest you give this place a gander when you have the chance. Good food, good service and family friendly!

Review №56

Amazing. Food is always incredible.

Review №57

Fantastic selections, great food, fine dining . . .

Review №58

Very good American food. There's a large salad bar and a large selection of desserts too. The prices are reasonable and takeout is available. The parking lot is huge and it's in a nice accessible location. All you can eat, people, all you can eat!

Review №59

For being my 1st experience in this location in Jacksonville. My experience was great and my children loved it. My niece and my husband also. The variety of food was great. My down fall is that when you first come in you have to pay and the cashier doesn't ask what ages are the kids or assume that they eat adult plate. And also should explain how you get your beverage and you have to tip the person.

Review №60

Was quick and easy food was good for buffet style and many options would have given 5 stars is the grill guy had any clue between welldone medium and rare totally clueless asked for medium rate every time got well done or super rare daughter ask for med got rare everytime it was ridiculous

Review №61

Social Distancing stars posted on floor upon entry; while waiting you get gloves for handling serving spoons; hand sanitizer dispensers all around and social distanced seating. I felt safe.

Review №62

So great to have Golden Corral open again! Great variety of food hot and fresh whenever you're ready to eat it

Review №63

Breakfast is awesome at this location. I really enjoyed the omelette that I received the only thing that they could do better is the bacon needs to be leaner. Other than that, I truly recommend this restaurant. God bless!

Review №64

The managers of the restaurant are not abiding by the 6 foot covid guidelines. We sat at a booth at the far end away from everyone until 3 individuals not wearing masks sat at the booth immediately behind us. Individuals were serving themselves without masks or hand sanitizing from the buffet. When we brought to the manager's attention he refused to ask the other individuals to move but told us we were welcome to do so.Restaurants not abiding by government laws should not be allowed to remain open. Sickening disregard to the public's safety.

Review №65

Jan and the rest of the staff are great! Food excellent I highly recommend.OH I forgot to mention, the state of the women's restroom was, YIKES!!! but besides that, everything else was great.

Review №66

The food ok but we decided to take it to go. No social distancing and employees not wearing masks. Customers also at the buffet not wearing masks and Customers getting there own plates from a stack. Seen one person touch at least 5 or 6 before getting hers.

Review №67

Great food and our server was wonderful

Review №68

My friend and I was invited to have lunch after church yesterday 2/9/20 at the Golden Corral on Southside Blvd. It had been a while since I had been to Golden Corral to eat. I couldn't believe how wonderful it smelled when I walked in the door. I remember seeing a commercial on TV and it showed some of the wonderful food items. I was passing "The Grillhouse" and I saw some of the biggest steaks on the grill. They were huge. Probably a porterhouse, maybe. As I passed the dessert area I saw the "Chocolate Fountain" flowing. Sundays are usually busy for them and today was no exception. We had an excellent meal and an awesome chance to have some quality family time as because of our busy schedules, it is hard to get together. We had a wonderful time.

Review №69

If you don't know what Golden Corral is you should register as an alien. It's an all you can eat cafeteria. If you're hungry and don't stop when you know you should, slam dunk, Go buy some of their stock. Mostly comfort food fare and not among a nutritionists style haunt. Make some room, wear some sweats and indulge in a guilty pleasure, Develop a peculiar need for some munchies? Your Valhalla awaits.

Review №70

Good food but very disappointed in their compliance with preventative measures for Covid health situation. As I walked in the door, it was immediately noticable that none of the employees were wearing masks. There were no tables blocked when I sat in a near empty section at a booth, i was soon surrounded on all sides by other guests. There was no social distancing. i chose to eat at a buffet, so that risk is on me....but I didnt see anyone change out utensils at the bar that was in sight of my table during my stay. And the dining room attendant who was sanitizing tables was carrying a squirt bottle...presumably with sanitizer...but never used it! She just wiped the napkin caddies with a sad looking towel. The food and table service was good today. The Golden Corrral leadership and concern for our health was disappointing.

Review №71

Today Lawrence at this Golden Corral made my night. I'm pregnant and have been craving their rolls but didn't think they were opened due to the virus. My husband called anyways to see and Lawrence answered the phone. He said that they had closed at 6 (it was 6:11). My husband told him it was okay no problem we were only gonna get about 6 of their rolls anyways because I'm pregnant and that's what I've been craving. Instead of telling him to try again tomorrow, Lawrence said he would stick a fresh batch in the oven if we could come by soon. He made this pregnant girls night! Will so be coming back here.

Review №72

Everything was distancing in full effect. Hand sanitizer and gloves everywhere

Review №73

This by far has been the worst Golden Corral we have visited. We arrived at 8:30 pm, they didn't have any food selection and refused to fry some french fries for my 2 year old because the fryer had been turbed off. They did not take out any food despite there being about 15-20 customers. Exactly at around 9:15 the the Manager started screaming ti the crew to start breaking down the buffet line. What the hell, we were charged $36 (2 adult buffets) but only ate 2 plates of food. Save your money and visit else where.

Review №74

The weekends are unbelieveable. Beatrice is a huge friendly grill master, The pork steaks are not overcooked. Ermira is our favorite roommate enjoys his omletes. The Steaks are cooked to perfection. Sincerely , Jeff Snitzer [email protected]

Review №75

I visited this location on Monday evening with my family. My young child needed to use the restroom. Upon entering the ladies room I noticed a swarm of live flies everywhere! There was well over 20 flies. I was absolutely disgusted, and did not finish my dinner. I figured, if that's how that location maintains their bathroom, I could only imagine what the back of the restaurant looks like. We did talk to a manager as we were leaving, and he was so nonchalant about the issue. He claimed he knew about the infestation and there wasn't anything they could do. As a manager he should have done everything possible to take care of the problem. I can only imagine if those flies came in contact and contaminated the food. The picture I have does not do any justice to the amount of flies that were flying everywhere!!!!

Review №76

Sorry i didn't get to take any photos... but this location is highly maintained. The front of the house manager had everything on lock. The food was hot and fresh and he kept things moving and organized. I was very pleased to walk in and immediately see a difference from the last GC i visited. Great eats at this specific location

Review №77

I usually go to the one on Normandy I saw all the cars in the parking lot so. I was convinced this people was doing something right. So I went inside I was right the food was delicious. My sever was very friendly and so nice she didn't introduce herself. I believe she was African or Jamaican. All in all

Review №78

Decent food for the lunch price. Wouldn't go for dinner though.

Review №79

The staff was friendly. They had glovea and saniterze everywhere to keep us healthy during covid. And the food was the best I have had at one of there branches.

Review №80

Good breakfast for the price, nay great breakfast for the price.

Review №81

Food good, service good, I liked how all the employees seemed to b happy working with each other & there...

Review №82

Not a good selection and not particularly clean. Service was lacking as well. We sat with dirty plates for a while. Server seemed overworked too many tables. They need to hire more help!!

Review №83

I love this buffet delicious food generous amounts lots of varieties and reasonable priceHighly Recommended

Review №84

This location is my absolute fave! The service is always great and the food is delicious. If you're craving good steak, I definitely recommend the Southside location because they have mastered the flavor and they are not stingy with portions! I usually share a pic with my review, but I was too busy devouring my well prepared meal

Review №85

I have been a fan of Golden Corral for many years now. I was very disappointed at my last visit because service wasn't great. it was around 8 on Monday night, so they were very slow. it took such a long time to get refills on soda and to have dirty dishes picked up off the table. Other than that like always, the food was excellent and the desserts were okay. they don't use butter when making their desserts so there's a noticeable lack of taste in them. Management claims that there are a lot of senior citizens who can't eat butter. That's all well and good but I don't think that the majority of the customers that come in to Golden Corral senior citizens. They need to do like what a lot of other restaurants do with gluten free products. They offer some gluten free products but the main items they have a regular.

Review №86

Always the best food ever,and debra is the best employee they could have always polite and she works hard.

Review №87

Golden Corral never disappoints. Always very clean and the food is so good. A great variety and plenty of vegetarian options too! The desert buffet was also great.

Review №88

*long review w/ does and donts*Friday about 630/7 pmThat manager lady is the actual bomb!!! She runs a super tight ship!! It was clean. The staff was great. My review went from a 4 at dinner to a 3 after dessert then a 5 on our way out.DO: pot roast, terriyaki steak, meatloaf, collard greens, YAMS, obviously the yeast rolls, mashed potatoes with the BEEF gravy, bourbon street chicken, steak fries, auntie B's fried chicken, I mean pretty much everything was pretty good if not fire.DO NOT: cornbread not the muffins or the skillet , actually the worst cornbread I've ever had. Roasted red potatoes, Mac and cheese, chicken gravy, all dessert except chocolate cake. If you want fun, try the pumpkin pie. The after taste=old lady. Also the brownies would make an excellent weapon. The dessert is all trash but it's all outsourced so I don't really fault them for that.Overall excellent experience though

Review №89

The food was very tasty and delicious and yes I am going back

Review №90

Great food! Especially when you're hungry. We sat there for a couple hrs and had a great conversation while our stomachs settled. Very Affordable pricing.

Review №91

Terrible.....the food tasted bad and was old. I ssked for a refund and cashier just smerked and said im sorry....Dont go here after 5 p.m

Review №92

Typical buffet place as in it depends on when you go as to how the food is going to be. If you go while it's busy and packed guaranteed hot fresh food otherwise as with other buffets you run a 50/50 chance. Service has varied on the multiple occasions I have gone but all in all a good location.

Review №93

Me and my bae had a good feast his greedy self

Review №94

It was one of few times I had a good lunch at Golden Corral

Review №95

Food taste goodNice people working thereGood customer serviceI won't give them more stars because the RESTROOMS are really DISGUSTING

Review №96

Good food. Nice people!

Review №97

Clean and great service!

Review №98

We are fans now! We love it. First time there.

Review №99

The fried fish was old and chewy. Other than that it was good, like always

Review №100

Christmas Day. Was hoping on breakfast. This Golden Corral did not open till 11am. They did open on time with a long line of other hungry eaters. Everything was clean and the food was hot. The staff was on point even tho they had to be here on Christmas day. I enjoyed the salads, foods and especially the dessert.

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  • Address:4250 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
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  • Phone:+1 904-620-0600
  • American restaurant
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  • Down home cooking restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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