PDQ Restaurant
13702 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258, United States
Review №1

Just ate at the PDQ restaurant on St. Augustine Rd in Jacksonville. This was our first experience, and I ordered the grill Callie bowl. The food was good, but the cleanliness of the restaurant was two or three stars. The tables and benches were dirty, the floors in the bathroom were very slippery and I would give them a three star.

Review №2

Had salad with crispy chicken and broccoli dish. It was good

Review №3

Great service at the old st Augustine location. Dakota was really nice. We have gone back a couple times and he is always very helpful and friendly. Great customer service,good food & tasty sauces!

Review №4

Bowl was really good, i added lettuce no rice. Made it a little healthier

Review №5

A great place for families and groups craving chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, and meals. A nice variety of chicken items. Clean and airy atmosphere with cozy outdoor seating as well.

Review №6

Best chicken dining my family has had in awhile. Super efficient and caring staff. Absolutely enjoyed our server Stone's hospitality and ability to keep with how many sauces my husband needed.

Review №7

Chicken has gotten better than when they first opened. Tried it at first and didn't go back what couple years now. Until lately I tried it again and their chicken has a better taste so I go 2-3 times a week for their salad.

Review №8

My son and daughter loves the food. Look into their french fried zucchini fries. Delicious .

Review №9

Very fresh food, clean building, friendly staff. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Review №10

Such a great bunch of people at the old st Augustine place.

Review №11

Fries were burnt. The coke was flat because it was being poured from a pitcher. Ran out of the coke on my drinks so instead of telling me and asking if maybe I wanted a different drink, just gave me 2 2/3 full cups. Paid $10 for that? WAY over priced. Just go to Zaxby's or Chik-Fil-A.

Review №12

Delicious as always. With the transition to our new normal during this quarantine, their menu has altered a bit. They no longer have as many side item options, but their waffle fries hit the spot every time.

Review №13

It was quick service and food was not bad... I think there Fri options is the best thing

Review №14

Jessie the manager is awesome!!! Her and her staff are always so happy and friendly! Not to mention she is always going above and beyond for her customers. I love going there to purchase catering orders for work and for personal use. Deff my favorite place to go eat and just to go to period.

Review №15

Awesome tenders and sauces! Good quick service too!!!

Review №16

Was dining in and went to the first table, found crumbs, second, dirty, third dirty, found five tables not cleaned off. Told manager who had someone come wipe it off. Not too cool when you're in a pandemic.

Review №17

Fresh hot tasting food with great service. Thank you.

Review №18

Food was fresh and the staff was very firendly

Review №19

I'm obsessed with the zucchini fries! Love the selection of sauces. Is a little pricey to bring the entire family. But I enjoy my private little lunch breaks. Staff super friendly and Super fast.

Review №20

First time ever eating at PDQ. I ordered the Thai Peanut Bowl which was really delicious. It had a small kick but nothing too over bearing.

Review №21

Came in and my friend and I were immediately greeted with big smiles and happy attitudes. Place has great vibes! Very clean! We ordered the Honey Butter Chicken sandwiches. I got zucchini fries on the side and my friend fries.Service was quick and the food was very fresh, hot and absolutely delicious! They have a Coke machine where you can mix it up which I really like. Everyone was beyond awesome and even the manager was greeting people and helping his staff. Now that's great service. Other places should take note. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Review №22

I normally wouldn't rate a fast food chain because once you have been to one McDonald's you have been to them all lol.... but that's not the case here!!!! Moving down to Florida, I had never heard of PDQ. So we went on a whim and I ordered some chicken tenders with waffle fries, my spouse got the honey butter chicken sandwich and my son also got the tenders. Ok so.... it was sooooo good. Not only was the food great but the service was super amazing for fast food. Even rivals Chic fil a service!!! And they are also happy to give you as many sauces as you want. I had no idea what any of them tasted like so I asked for all of them and they were happy to help. Btw, go with the creamy sriracha!!!! I have gone back and had multiple chicken dishes and even the burger. While the burger wasn't outstanding (they are known for their chicken) it was still pretty good!!! They have fries, tater tots, corn, cole slaw, but all with a twist. They have salads and healthy bowls, grilled chicken instead of fried, this place can really be a guilty pleasure without the calories as well. I would say to go here for a quick dinner or if you are feeling like fast food but definitely like better quality.

Review №23

PDQ has really improved since they opened a few years ago here in Jax. Food was excellent and a very good price. Service was outstanding. Definitely going back.

Review №24

What is there to say? The tenders here are amazing!

Review №25

Great Food I really love there Milkshakes there

Review №26

Favorite fast food place around. Wouldn't even really consider is fast food because of how great the food is. Fries are amazing. Very fresh. Salads are great option. Always very clean inside. Always great service. A bit pricier than other fast food but that's because of the quality.

Review №27

I ordered a five piece tender meal they put fries on the bottom of the tender box and only two tenders, to make it feel as heavy as a five piece also gave me the side of fries. Poor management and they won't get any more of my business. Shady.

Review №28

Love their Crispy Chicken sandwich. And my kids are crazy about the oreo shakes

Review №29

PDQ in general is a great tasting restaurant. Most of the dishes are chicken oriented but each dish never fails to bring new tastes! This place in particular was really nice. The staff, the cashier, the chefs, everyone seemed to "enjoy" what they did; serving the customer. I've learned that food tastes better when the ones who cooked it enjoy what they do. I ordered a Pimento Crunch Chicken Sandwich and it was wonderfully crunchy in all the right ways. My other recommendation is the zucchini fries. Other than that, PDQ is a great place to eat at. You don't have to dress formal so it's a great place to sit down and have lunch or dinner. I would 10/10 eat there again.

Review №30

Love the chicken strip family meal

Review №31

Love turkey sandwich!

Review №32

Excellent fresh food, great serve!

Review №33

Great visit, I tried the Greek Salad and it was one of the best I have ever had!

Review №34

Food was nothing to write home about not sanitizing dining area. Will not go back.

Review №35

Great chicken tenders, as always!

Review №36

Oh my!! What delicious food! Fried chicken, pimento cheese, bacon, and chips on a bun! What could be better?

Review №37

I love PDQ! They are like CFA (chik-fil-a), but maybe a little better? The sauces here are hard to compete with the sweet honey mustard sauce is very good! A++

Review №38

Always tasty Cali Club with crispy chicken. Yummm

Review №39

Somehow in the last 6 months the nuggets are all breading, just a tiny bit of chicken to where my 7 year old won't eat them anymore. So sad bc he used to really love them. The shakes are still amazing tho!

Review №40

Fast & friendly crew, and delicious chicken!

Review №41

Very friendly workers and the chicken taste great!

Review №42

Great friendly people, good prices, great food. And they have a military discount too. The one thing I miss is honey, so I get all my orders to go now so I can dip in honey.

Review №43

Great food, slow service

Review №44

Always great food

Review №45

Love their tenders and excellent service at the drive through.

Review №46

Food was great but lobby and floors could have been cleaner. It wasn't that busy.

Review №47

It was great! Tenders are delicious, drive thru is very fast and easy, staff is kind, and food quality is great! I filled out the online survey and got money off my next purchase! Definitely recommend checking this place out! Bathrooms are clean, and tables are wiped. Definitely coming back for more!

Review №48

The crispy chicken sandwich with barbecue sauce is bomb. Nice alternative on Sunday when Chic Fil A is closed.

Review №49

Hot and fresh! The garlic sauce and the homemade toffee keep me coming back.

Review №50

Excellent salad with chicken. And, good service.

Review №51

Great food !!! Really great service! The price are fantastic too. You must try it.

Review №52

This is the second PDQ in Jacksonville I've been too. The staff is friendly. Food tastes great and comes out quick.

Review №53

The food is OK, but a bit overpriced (it is, after all, still fast food). The place is very clean and the soda fountain gives you more choices than you shake a stick at. I'd go back there, on occasion, if I really wanted something else than the customary fast food fare.

Review №54

Love this place and my kids do too! My kids are picky and they normally don't eat when we go out. However, when we come to pdq my kids eat all of their food.

Review №55

Friendly staff and excellent food. Sooo much better than Zaxbys across the road if you're looking for chicken fingers and the like. I also really like how, if you decide to do drive through, you're not talking to some speaker/microphone post - you actually pull up to a window with a real human being who takes your order, takes the payment, and gives you a smile. Finally, they have TATER TOTS. Anyplace with tater tots gets a few points just for that in my book.

Review №56

Great chicken.

Review №57

Ok chicken. Fast drive thru service.

Review №58

Food and drink was good. 6yr old granddaughter enjoyed it

Review №59

We had a lot of fun! Waited approx an hour for our bowling lanes to open up but we played all the arcade games during that wait. We has a blast! I only wish they had more arcade game options. I'll definitely be returning.

Review №60

Fast, affordable, tastes great! Definitely a family favorite spot to eat.

Review №61

Great service and quality food. Lost 1 star due to forgotten pickles on my honey butter sandwich.

Review №62

Good food and good areas

Review №63

Solid chicken tenders. Really like the zucchini fries and apples too.

Review №64

My wife and I ate here for the first time yesterday... And I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner! I had the Pimento Crunch with Zucchini fries while my wife went with the Honey Butter and regular fries... Both were absolutely delicious. That delicious sandwich left such a lasting impression with me that I had it again at lunch today. With the amazing food, fantastic service, and more than reasonable pricing... I would highly recommend driving past Zaxbys and enjoy the PDQ experience.

Review №65

Good food

Review №66

Food always fresh. Great customer service.

Review №67

The tenders here are so good, very moist on inside & light crispy batter on outside. Then there is the dipping sauce, buffalo blue is my favorite.

Review №68

Quality has gone down a bit

Review №69

Good food!! Had the Cali will try the Thai Peanut bowl

Review №70

Amazing Customer Service tonight at the drive thru!! From the moment I order until the food was in my hands, it was seamless! Great job!!!

Review №71

Always fresh, hot and delicious. Always friendly, courteous staff. Always a clean table and clean restrooms. Best fast food chain. Period.

Review №72

Yummy food! The serving size was nice and the girl that took our order was very pleasant we'll be back!

Review №73

Consistent and quick service.

Review №74

Food was fast but chicken had weird aftertaste

Review №75

PDQ Chicken is better than Zaxby's. PDQ has a small menu, so you may expect they'd do them be better at it. You'd be correct. I got the 3 Tender meal with tots and my wife got a Crispy Chicken salad with a side of zucchini fries. This was my very first experience with a PDQ. The checkout window was IN PERSON, not a buzzy speaker. The girl was smiling, friendly, and very helpful when I had a question. The next window was also in person. The guy was smiling and apologized to ask me to pull over to a lane to wait for the zucchini fries. I waited for couple minutes, he brought my food out and again apologized and, still smiling and seemingly enjoying his evening, wished me a nice evening. The food itself was still hot when I got home. I had chosen the honey mustard and the Buffalo Bleu sauces. The chicken Tender was, in fact, tender, moist, and delicious. The breading was thin, but had a fantastic flavor. Some crunchiness. The sauces were like they had been made by a chef and placed into a small container. They were were fresh, with distinct flavors that were almost delicate when the tenders were dipped in. The Buffalo sauce was very tasty but rather mild for me. My wife was impressed with her salad. Crunchy lettuce, fresh veggies, and very tasty chicken. We will eat at PDQ again.

Review №76

Very nice and clean, pricey, but good

Review №77

The french fries where hard like potato chips

Review №78

Great place to dine with friends and family. Food is served fresh and the ambiance is great.

Review №79

Had the PDQ burger, Angus meat, delicious

Review №80

The best chicken fingers in town. Great menu items and deserts.

Review №81

Only my second visit here, it was great food great service and a clean and safe environment

Review №82

Its got the best food.Greatest chicken fingers and the chili corn feta side is SO DAMN GOOD!!

Review №83

Great chicken & quick service

Review №84

Food is always delicious and fast. Staff is very friendly.

Review №85

Best chicken tenders...homemade dipping sauces that are so good. Fries are very good for fast food. I thought they were hand cut at one time but dont think they are anymore. Still yummy. Better than the popular chicken place.

Review №86

Very good

Review №87

First time coming to this restaurant. Will return, service was very good and everyone was very courteous.

Review №88

I love their Buffalo Blue or special request Buffalo Ranch dressing the best.Their skinny fries are much better than any of the fast food places.I love their 5 piece "crispy" (they dont like to say the word FRIED) chicken dinner... The quality here is fantastic when compared to most other eateries... The fact that Tim Tebow owns part of it is a BONUS.Go Gators PDQ!

Review №89

I stopped by this morning at 10:20 am I was not paying attention to the fact they do not open until 10:30 am. I was promptly meet with a smiling face that took my order and directed me to the next window. once I pulled to the next window the same Girl came over and apologized that it was taking so long and offered me a free drink and cookie... ( me still unaware that the place hasn't even open yet guess my earlier Coffee was not working) I told her no thanks she tells me it is just going to be a bit longer as we are waiting on fresh tenders... 5 minutes later ( what I assume to be the manager) comes over and tells me it is Tender day and that I can have 3 extra Tenders if I would like... I have always loved PDQ much more than that other Chicken place!! But today they earned my business forever. they went above and beyond.

Review №90

Store was extremely clean. Wait staff were friendly and courteous. Had a Greek salad with chili lime vinaigrette. The lettuce was very fresh and crispy. The grilled chicken was flavorful and plentiful. Hummus was surprisingly delicious. Very affordable. Will definitely visit again soon.

Review №91

Luv the Chicken Love the Place Love the people who Run it! Honey glazed Chicken Sammy is YUM

Review №92

Love their zucchini fries and the tenders are always perfect!

Review №93

My new favorite fast food! The chicken strips are to die for, so moist and real white meat. Just melts in you mouth. Customer service is excellent, very friendly atmosphere!!

Review №94

Best chicken and waffle fries!!

Review №95

Some of the best chicken and frys I've had from a fast food restaurant

Review №96

Good chicken tenders and salads...numerous sauces available to perk up your tenders.

Review №97

So 16$ for 2 chicken breasts together that equal the size of my palm. Yeah I WILL NEVER BE BACK!!! The chicken literally covered half of the bun. And the fries were hot and overcooked. Once again pdq ripped me off

Review №98

Just like any PDQ location this place is awesome! This hidden gym is the perfect place to get a late night bite or afternoon snack and there is no wait time since it is never really crowded. I recommded getting the tator tots instead of fries since the fries are usually hard.

Review №99

Best visit ever! I live one mile from the Georgia border and we don't have a PDQ anywhere near us. I told the girl behind the counter how much I love their Ranch. She loaded me up a to-go bag with a few cups! PDQ for life!

Review №100

Eric at the drive thru was super friendly. The food came out perfect, just the way I ordered it. And it was delicious.

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