Pollo Tropical
730 Skymarks Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, United States
Review №1

Good food early, but don't go after 8pm or you will have little to choose from!!

Review №2

Decided to try this place for lunch. Trying to order, my husband asked if there was pink lemonade or reg lemonade to drink. The response was laughing in background with what do you want to drink?... The lady at the window was polite when taking money and giving bag of food. The macaroni and cheese was spilt in the bottom of the bag which was on our other food. My husband said his chicken sandwich was good, not great. My wrap wasnt hot unfortunately, but looked toasted. They were out of plantains for a side. So overall wasnt a great first impression.

Review №3

I had a mobile order that they apparently didn't see so it wasn't ready which is OK so I waited. When they finished my order, I noticed they didn't provide me with the sauces I request so i waited for them to find more. The empolyees were complaining about who was supposed to make it and they were out of several flavors. When I got home I discovered that they forgot a few sides as well. Great food, under staffed and the building was warm which totally sucks for kitchen staff.

Review №4

It took an hour to pick up a curbside pick up. Had to go thru line twice. Wouldn't answer no phones such as the store phone or the curbside pickup phone. Also the by the looks of it she must of been the manager. She is pregnant with long hair, she had the store close but was allowing her friend to go inside and eat. While turning down customer. When mentioning to the lady at the window she was quick to close the window on people's face when we were trying to figure out what was going on. Never again will I come to this location with this kind of customer service. It was unexpectable.

Review №5

Great food! Chicken is amazing! Definitely better than what I had expected. I love Caribbean food and this did not disappoint!!

Review №6

Take out only. Great tasting food at reasonable prices. Counter help is often cranky but not intimidating.

Review №7

Love this place the black beans and yellow rice and pork it's very good

Review №8

Order was on point and everything was good. My only complaint is the management needs to do better at keeping their employees from being over worked. It could show in the woman's voice and the line was unusually long. I'm sure they were short staffed. I hate to leave a low review when the service was good but something has to be done to let the managers know they messed up and dropped the ball on this. It's not the first time but last night I noticed how stressed the girl was so I figured I had to post. Thumbs up if you think I was too nice with a 3 over this kind of issue and I'll lower it.

Review №9

The employees at this location are very rude and the store is visibly dirty. The sauces were previously free before the pandemic (you could get as much as you wanted at their sauce bar in the store), but now they charge $0.25 per tiny container of sauce. I used to visit this location regularly, but they have made it clear that they do not appreciate their customers, so I will no longer be dining here.

Review №10

I go to this location multiple times a week and it's sad that I have to leave this review but the common trend lately is if you go after 7-8pm they are out of chicken, which is sad because you would think that is a main meal served. I refrained from leaving a review multiple times because I do like the location but im wondering if the owner knows this is happening and if they are really out or just dont want to make more. Other than being out of chicken ALL THE TIME I have nothing else bad to say.

Review №11

I love their grilled chicken, with black beans and rice. Their Tropichops are excellent macro cuisine with low calories and lots of flavor.

Review №12

This place has really gone down over the years. Staff extremely ghetto and constantly messing up orders. Please get new staff and teach them how to be professional.

Review №13

The food is perfect, considering the pandemic upon us service was also.

Review №14

I love the food but my god how can my order be wrong 60-70% of the time.. please pay attention!!

Review №15

Keep there drive Thru employees as happy as theirs food keeps their customers happy

Review №16

So slow. Food was wrong. Not returning until they have Crispy Pollo bites back.

Review №17

Great food. Great meal portions for family gatherings. Delicious and well seasoned.

Review №18

The Drive thru cashier that worked around 9:00 pm was very polite, nice and helpful. He didn't mind telling me how to setup my reward's app for Pollo Tropical. The food was good.

Review №19

Love this place. I eat here every time I come to Florida.

Review №20

Pollo Tropical serves the best grilled chicken! It's even better with the beans and rice! I would've scored them with five stars. But, they stopped serving the corn souffle

Review №21

The drive attendee was rudely rushey, only to have us wait and hand items one by one, instead of together to keep the food warm. And to top it off bloody chicken. Not pleased by this service this is the second time.

Review №22

Boneless chicken breasts are always served dry. Went there today for the third time, hoping the first two were a fluke. I was wrong! Best thing on my plate were the sides.Staying away from this location. Their sister locations do not have this issue.

Review №23

The food is always great here, menu changes have happen, but that doesn't disappoint!

Review №24

Food was good & all the social distancing and cleanliness protocols are in order. However service was Terrible! Terrible severice with an attitude!!! I like to keep my reviews positive.......Very disappointed.

Review №25

I was standing inside the place waiting for some one to take my order and everybody ignore me they where fighting. Also the store inside was dutty if you have no customer inside is no reason to be like that.The food was very good but the service was horrible.

Review №26

My favorite Hispo fast food joint. I'm very disappointed they've left Texas and equally disappointed that they no longer carry mojo (garlic oil) to put on the tostones and yuca.

Review №27

Caribbean style fast food.Good food, quick service. A little less expensive to feed the family than many other places.

Review №28

Food was good it just took a long time to get my order. Dining room was open but only for takeout.

Review №29

I really liked everything thing except the steak strips that came on my trip platter. I didnt like the lime season it was marinated in but is sure was tender. The chicken sausage was so good, and the chicken breast was good. Those bbq wings were so good. I will most definitely be coming back to get more wings and to try other things on the menu. The cheese cake was just ok.

Review №30

Everytime i come here i ask for several types of Sauces in my online order and I never get any of the sauces or quantities I asked for. You people are paid to deliver the customer exactly what we want i mean seriously how hard is it to count sauces. Reevaluate and hire new people who will execute customer request

Review №31

I had the 1/2 chicken platter with rice/ beans (black beans) and mashed potatoes/ gravy. Yeah, I know..but there was a wait on the macaroni and cheese. It was excellent! Freshly cooked and way more than I could eat. I enjoyed myself. Clean establishment and well worth it!!

Review №32

Just got served some old, dried up chicken breast. It was so bad i don't even want a replacement, and I'm right around the corner. Never stepping foot in here again!

Review №33

Childhood food still great and reasonable pricing

Review №34

One star because I don't like fraud. Charged me twice for the same order. Forgot to ask for 20% military discounts when ordering through speaker and asked for it before handing over my card when I got to the window. Didn't notice until I looked at my bank account a few days later that I was charged the regular price of 10.79 plus tax AND the military discount price of 8.62 plus tax for the SAME meal of 1/2 chicken with two reg sides and reg drink.

Review №35

I don't understand how this locations has 4star average. Maybe it used to be better? Idk maybe they were having a really bad day but still... never had this kind of experience any where else before...but I felt it was so bad today I had to post a review....I hadn't been there in a while I used to go to the one in St. John's town center quite often a couple years ago and the menu looks like it had changed. I pulled up to drive through and it's like they are angry if you don't know immediately what you want to order and you can't ask any question. I was literally only at the drive through for not even one minute and I had the WORST MOST Shockingly horrible customer service in the drive through today at 12:15pm SO bad I actually said cancel my order and went to chick fil a instead. I will not be ever trying to go there ever again. That was their second chance. I think this is just a horrible location. The one at the town center has always been good. Disappointed that the one that is close to where I just moved is so terrible.Don't go here! I don't know about you but I wouldn't want someone acting like making any of my food or handling any of it! Unless you don't care about customer service and they probably spit in people's food!

Review №36

The drive thru cashier has an attitude problem

Review №37

Pollo Tropical happens to be one of my favorites restaurant until I went to the Atlantic Blvd Location on 9/13/19. This location was so dirty. Manager not concern about who he's serving. Really Nasty Location

Review №38

This place is super hit or miss, the employees are either great or have a terrible attitude. They discontinued the sweet corn casserole, which is upsetting because it was the best thing on the menu. During one visit with a friend who has severe, potentially deadly food allergies, the employee could not tell her what came in one of the wraps, so that wasn't great either. Every employee interacting with customers should know the entire menu!Will I eat here again? Probably. Is it my first, second, or third choice? Nope.

Review №39

Staff there was extremely rude to us and of course got our order wrong. Last I checked we aren't doing you a favor by being there to order food.

Review №40

Great food at great price

Review №41

I live in SC and everytime we travel to FL we always plan our lunch around pollo tropical. Always had a great experience until today!!!! What a horrible experience. The gentleman at the cashier was rude, unwilling to help and seemed bothered by our presence. The food was so unrecognizably nasty we couldnt finish it. Rice had no taste and was sticking in lumps. The beans had no flavor. The plantais greasy, yuca seemed old and stale. The chicken was also lacking the normal pollo tropical taste. Overall the worst experience.

Review №42

Ordered a Cesar grilled chicken salad & the chicken was so dry I trashed the salad.

Review №43

Love the new roasted pork sliders. Plenty of seating. Tables and seats could be cleaned better but the food is consistently good.

Review №44

Very tasty food. Great selection of add ons and sauces. The white meat was a bit dry but tasted great.

Review №45

We attempted to call in our orders on the phone and could not get through to anyone several different times. Then we finally get our orders and sides were missing, condiments we asked for and customer service was not great. When at the window we asked for more of the garlic cilantro sauce and they said they couldn't give us more than 2 and we had 4 different orders! After speaking to their customer service on the phone and told I would hear back from someone I never did. It's been more than a week since my complaint. The foot was good which is why I gave the 1 star. However, 3 years ago I did get food poisoning from this exact location.

Review №46

Number 1 the menu in drive thru is have covered w paper. This was my first time coming here and they rushed me to order and I didn't know what was on the menu so I get to the window & the black manager is laughing at me along w another employee. I'm far from dumb & don't appreciate being treated this way when I'm spending my money. Need a better team on day shift

Review №47

Rude, if you hate your job then quit.

Review №48

The fried plantains are amazing! There is a sad lack of sour cream and ranch here but to make up for it - other interesting tasty sauces and a variety of menu options. I loved the bowl of food I got, everything tasted well seasoned and fresh. High quality for fast food.

Review №49

I live the chain but do not go to this one. Terrible service at this one. They were out of something when I ordered and didn't bother to tell me. They just left it off the plate. Manager had an attitude and shrugged his shoulders when I asked about it.Also, the place was filthy. Look at all the dust on the fixtures above good prep area. Trash on the floor on the kitchen. The bathrooms looked like a truck stop. Do not go here.

Review №50

Ordered the 1/2 chicken with beans and rice. Went for lunch and place was busy but got thru line quickly and food took about 15 minutes to get to table. Everything was great. Love the mango sweet tea.

Review №51

Drove all the way from Savannah, GA just to eat some of this amazing food.

Review №52

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I even called Pollo Ttopical's Guest Services to report it. The only reason I gave 1-star was for the food.

Review №53

Amazing food. Very tasty and flavorful. Very clean and very good service.

Review №54

Food is great and the bottled hot sauce that they have there is amazing

Review №55

Worst FOOD ever! Ordered a Chicken Pulled Pork that was mostly fat but the kicker was the Yellow "Tasteless" Rice was mushy, wet and over cooked! What a mess! Disgusting! And where are my Peppers and Onions???

Review №56

Because of shelter in place I ordered delivery, however 2 items were missing. When I called I was told I had to go pick up the items personally. They would not credit my credit card. I will never buy or order again.

Review №57

Not the best Pollo. It was dirty and seemed terribly disorganized. My chicken was good, but I was given a really skimpy amount of black beans. I've been to much better locations

Review №58

Five months ago I was here and gave 5 stars. Had I had the food and/or service I had tonight I would have not come back. In fact, we will most likely not return here.Every employee, starting with the manager had a lousy attitude. Jokingly, I told him I was very disappointed that they no longer had the Cuban sandwich they had during the summer. His response, "well, call corporate." He was also irritated that I changed what I wanted immediately after saying it.Food took forever to get out to us. We were told that it would be 10 minutes for the chicken and we did tell them that was ok. Took much longer than 10 minutes. Another customer, who ordered before us, was given the rest of her order except for the chicken. The chicken came about 10 - 15 minutes after the rest of her food so one of her kids sat there while everyone else ate.I went back up and ordered plantains. Waited for over 10 minutes for something they literally scooped out of the dish and put in a bowl.I don't know if their management has changed, but something needs to be done at this location.

Review №59

Didn't get a chance to order drive thru line was very long inside was closed so I left

Review №60

Always good. I always get the tropichop bowl. Fresh and clean.

Review №61

Surprisingly the drive thru service was fast this time, however the cashier at the window was rude. Her attitude was the worst and her mannerisms(eye rolling etc.) made the entire experience horrible..

Review №62

Nice food is amazing

Review №63

I love this place, the customer service & food is great! So many new items to choose from.

Review №64

Amazing fast food. Could do a better job cleaning off tables. Will eat there again

Review №65

Excellent service at Airport! The clerk was about to go home, it was somewhere around 2p or 3p and I could see she had her bags in her hand. It was very busy. I saw her put her bags down, wash your hands and step right up to the cash register and she helped me, she even asked me was I military and thanked me for my service and gave me a discount. Thank you so much for helping me, I know it was busy and I know you were on your way home but you still went above and beyond. Thank you sometimes it's just the little things that count.

Review №66

Some rise to the occasion and some fail miserably. Pollo Tropical fails miserably. They once again invite me to come by texting me a special. Last time was free item with meal purchase and they were out of it and wouldnt substitute. This time since its online, phone, or drive thru only we tried online which wouldnt allow the special. We tried to call for 45 minutes including on the drive over which we decided to do since no one would answer the phone. We get there and sit in drive thru and finally get to the speaker and try to order. They don't have what we wanted. So we ask foe wings and they dont have them either. We look at the menu board and most of it is taped over or turned around backwards. She says basically all we have left is pork in a take it or leave it manner. We left it. When they first opened they would bring your food to the table and clean the table off when you were done. They changed all that too. It has really turned into a nasty place that doesnt care about their customers and is poorly managed. Sad and disappointing not to mention infuriating. I will never frequent another Pollo Tropial as long as I have money in my pocket.

Review №67

It waa okay my food was warm ..the cashier wasn't helpful even after I told him it was my first visit he had and straight forward attitude..will I return probably not

Review №68

We had not eaten here in a couple years, and we wanted to find a different taste from Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, BBQ, etc., and etc. I remember the place on San Jose Blvd, and not much of a drive from the westside. We didn't stop going there because of the food, but simply so many new restaurants popping up with different cuisines. We always got the chicken plates and never disappointed. This time we both tried their roast pork plates with two sides. And a large additional side of fried yucca. The pork was so well seasoned you didn't to add sauces. Everything was great. Speaking of sauces they have a very delectable variety of sauces. Sometimes my wife and I like to mix a couple and it is always amazing the flavors you can find. Service is great. Everyone was friendly. I have eaten here at rush hours and this time we happened to come after their noon hour rush. It is not uncommon for any restaurant to pause on the rush to clean up their tables and remember there are families who bring their kids to eat and kids are quite often messy eaters. I recommend this restaurant. It is worth the wait to have them clear a table for you to eat. I would say this place is cheap to mid-range in prices.

Review №69

Everything was good, like their new menu. We haven't been here in a while, but we will definitely be back.

Review №70

I usually enjoy my food, here, up until the last two visits; which today was and is my last time visiting.A few weeks ago I dined in. I asked if I could swap my two dinner rolls for two fresher ones. Due to both falling out of the bag onto the table. The manager gave me two new ones; however she placed the two I had touched and dropped on the table back in the bag of rolls.Today I visited on my break, and by my surprise, after mixing in my pollo pollo sauce, I see green, molded chicken. Of course two acted surprised, while the cooks didn't gaf. Needless to say, check your food before eating here

Review №71

Highly recommend the chicken

Review №72

My food was delicious. I ordered the whole chicken with yellow rice and balsamic tomatoes. If the food at Pollo Tropical was my only experience, I would have given 5 stars; however, service plays an enormous part.The young lady made me feel as if it was burdensome for her to have to take our order at the restaurant's drive-thru. She was very unpleasant, curt and seemed agitated. Two stars are extremely generous, considering how I was treated. I will spare the details, but I will say the entire transaction was horrible.The meals purchased were scrumptious, the service was poor, to say the least. I hope you all reading this will have a better experience.Hopefully visiting this location you will have both: great food and great service. I didn't.

Review №73

Love, love, love this place! The food is delicious, we ordered the Family meal with 3 sides, you can't beat the price, it was only like $18.99, my husband, 4kids and I ate and we had leftovers!!! But this isn't the only reason they deserve 5 stars, their STAFF IS... they are super friendly and professional and that to me is what makes or breaks the deal. I've been to others Pollo Tropical down in South Florida and the food was great but the staff was always RUDE which made me never go back! I trully recommend you come here.

Review №74

They messed the order up and forgot my drink

Review №75

Great experience. I was visiting home after relocating over a year ago, and the Polo Tropical in Atlanta is now closed. It was great to visit the Jacksonville, FL location and receive great service and patience as I placed my order and add to my order :)

Review №76

Rude did not want to remake my Drink.thank you to owner for taking the time to reply. Thank you.

Review №77

I had The skinless chicken breast meal with one side, and both of my chicken breast were burnt and my side which was a caesar salad was thrown in the plastic bowl any kind of way with salad sticking outside of the bowl and one crouton in my salad, also the caesar dressing was not running through the was just thrown on top.. other locations I've been to pretty much marinates the caesar dressing through the salad.. it's also seems like this places has a high turnover because I always see different people every time I come to this location...

Review №78

The staff seemed annoyedwith our requests, there was a 45 minute wait for bone-in chicken (which they waited to tell us until after we ordered), there was hair all over the drink machine and when i thought it couldnt get any worse... i took my children to the bathroom. I was so disgusted with the bathroom floor that I'm upset I even had to wear my shoes in there!

Review №79

The key here is to come at the beginning of the lunch rush. Everything is fresh, except for the bread roll. I'm used to it though, its only been soft, 2 out of 20 some odd times. 4 stars is too high it's more like 3.5 stars. I do like this place. It's just that you really have to get here around 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm.

Review №80

The food's great, the service was ok no smiles, ordered key lime pie and one of them had toppled over they gave it to me and I said I would like another one, should have seen the look on employees face ? Says I'll have to go cut another slice, but he didn't really want to, just need a little customer service training for all employees

Review №81

My experience today wasnt as pleasant. I purchase a lunch special. The entire plate of food was cold. I returned all food back. I did receive a much better hot plate of food. I dont each here often but everytime I do the food is cold. I wont visit no time soon.

Review №82

Food is always good. Great cornbread stuffing. Their guava bbq is good too.

Review №83

Pollo Tropical is no longer what it use to be. I remember when I first tried it in Orlando before they came to Jacksonville. They had a great variety with chicken, ribs and beef. My favorite was the trio which came with all 3 meats plus 2 sides of many they had to choose from. Now chicken is all they offer and it is no longer as tasty as it was then. The Publix rotisserie chicken is so much better. Pollo Tropical has just become another mediocre chicken joint.

Review №84

Good food, great service

Review №85

The food is good but, for some reason, the older gentleman always enters my order as the whole meal when all I want is the chicken. He's says it's cheaper but, I rather pay a bit more than have the rest go to waste. Weird. The other staff members enter my order properly. I'm going to have to call customer service.

Review №86

Its Very good food....hearty and healthy...

Review №87

The food is delicious, the staff was extremely curt to us following multiple order errors on their part, which is unfortunate because this is a location my family has come to for years.

Review №88

Just wish they would check orders before they give the takeout. The manager told me I should check it myself because they were busy and doing their best!! The food is not as good if they forget the sauces or parts of the orders. Good food but always something missing from my order.

Review №89

Radio barely worked two people were talking to me at once so I left and took my business to Regency.

Review №90

Great alternative to burgers and fries, reasonably fast service.

Review №91

The food was very good. The service was also very good the girl at the counter was friendly fast and efficient. the dining area however was quite a different story. We were there for a late lunch 3 in the afternoon so there was plenty of time for them to have cleaned up after the lunch rush. The self-service drink area was a disaster. The salsa bar was also a disaster area sauce all over the place trash all over the place the floor was nasty in the whole dining area and there was not a clean table available. It was absolutely disgusting and there is no excuse. If there is anyone from management or corporate that monitors these opportunities for improvement / feedback please address these issues. I love your food and I like to eat inside but if the dining room looks like this makes me wonder what the kitchen looks like.

Review №92

I've been to this location various times during day shift and it's always a pleasant experience and the restaurant is clean. But this evening from the cashier, who did not advise me one of my sides was not eligble to go in a 2 side meal (she automatically charged me for the side), to the person who CALLED MY NUMBER AND BASICALLY THREW THE FOOD ON THE COUNTER AND WALKED AWAY (the area was pretty busy with customers anyone could've picked up my food and walked away) she did not ask if I need anything else etc. And finally the salsa bar station was filthy and also was not chilled especially the creamy garlic cilantro. I will not be returning to this location as the quality of the employees and lack of customer oriented service is severely lacking.

Review №93

I thought it was going to be similar to Moe's, it was not. Seemed like a cross between Taco Bell and Zaxby's. Food was not bad, just not what I thought it would be.

Review №94

Chicken was great. Slow service but expected.

Review №95

Good healthy food choices at a reasonable price.

Review №96

Went inside to order "to go". Order was wrong when we got home. My trio was a duo. No pork or bun in container. My wife's chop didn't have corn on it. There was no sweet tea in the lobby and a customer had to ask several times before anyone started to make more.

Review №97

Took forever , and half menu , good taste anyway

Review №98

Walked in and the food smelled great. The food was excellent and the serving sizes left you full at the end of the meal. Restaurant was clean and the staff was super nice.

Review №99

I really enjoyed the variety and new items on the menu... I'm so glad this restaurant chain is around and improving!

Review №100

My chicken looked well done but it was not it was wet mushy and rushed. Miami pollo ain't duvals!

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