Red Lobster
13090 City Station Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, United States
Review №1

The bartender was attentive and friendly. She was knowledgeable about the menu and was a great help when we were ordering our takeout. The restaurant was clean. Our order was correct. And the food was delicious. Great experience!

Review №2

I ultimately chose to go here bc of the dim lighting. I like the ambiance...a lot. The caesar salad and cheddar bay biscuits top the cake to my strawberry margarita.

Review №3

Honestly a great experience! The food and service were on point. Service was super quick and attention to details was there the whole way through. Our waitress Kristina was the best, she served our food super fast and took care of all our needs. The manager is also great helping out guests in all questions. Thank You, the best Red Lobster so far!!!

Review №4

The best warm, buttery biscuits!!!! The lobster bisque soup was a great start. I had grilled shrimp skewers with the Nashville rub for an added kick.... delicious! It was served over a bed of rice. Perfectly al dente green beans and creamy cole slaw for my sides. Try the peach lemonade!!!

Review №5

Tables were distanced for safety. Food arrived quickly. Our waitress Angel was fantastic! Some menu items not available, which was the only disappointment.

Review №6

Went for my Mother n Law birthday. The place was practically empty..that being said every table should be clean and the floors should be clean, staff should be ready to greet and serve. That was not the case for us. We were greeted asked if we wanted a booth or table we said a table and got both (table/booth). We sit n look over the menu. The server eventually came over and took our drink order then 5mins later came back with the drinks then took our food order. Drinks: glasses were not clean. Food: Awful. The salad was not fresh, appetizer dip was liquid like and way too salty. Our entree's were ok. The shrimp was fresh and the lobster but the crab legs were not. The best part: The Cheddar Biscuits!

Review №7

If you like oil and butter served with a heavy hand in your comfort foods this is the place for you. As for me I tried to order around it and it was still good food, the waitress helped me avoid lubricated entrées and it was still good. This particular location is close to the airport, meybe a 5 minute drive during traffic.

Review №8

Ordered to go. The food was well prepared with a quick in and out at the bar area to the right side of the building. The bar staff was friendly and quick.

Review №9

I ordered clam chowder soup. Very good

Review №10

The food is always excellent but so was our server. She went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal!

Review №11

Dined in Red Lobster, River City, Jacksonville 32218, 9/20. Pandemic protocol observed. Very good, big-portion entrees: grilled shrimp and shrimp/scallop combination, with palmer tea & spl raspberry lemonade. Prompt & courteous service. Happy-hour drinks before 6pm only.

Review №12

It was just ok for me. My husband enjoyed it more because he loves seafood. I love steak and I ordered med- well it was over well done. They did offer another but I received it 30 mins later in time to leave. Smh

Review №13

The biscuits were great, but the rest we actually could not eat, next time leave the shrimp in the microwave a little longer, thank you!

Review №14

The experience was different, and our server did a fairly good job. She was very patient and helpful.

Review №15

First time eating out since covet broke out. It was very different from before. Plastic cups, no glasses and social distancing keeps everyone separated so the atmosphere is not the same. However the food was as good as always in the staff did an a+ job of waiting on us. Other than the change in the atmosphere I have no complaints.

Review №16

We LOVE the biscuits always...our meal was AMAZINGLY good ️ I will TRY to remember to take pictures next time !

Review №17

Yummy!! Altantic blacked Salmon, smothered in a shrimp garlic butter sauce, fresh mashed potatoes and fresh garlic seared green beans. AMAZING!

Review №18

This River city location was a bust. The food was of poor quality. I had a ceaser salad with grated parmesan that was too salty. My grilled shrimp were rubbery. The scallops had no taste. The meals were a disaster!

Review №19

It was horrible.The waitress was unpleasant & was not nice at all. Next time I will find another Red lobster to go to. The food was Ok. Not even worth the $$$

Review №20

Hostesses were so so.  One was on the phone while the other was sitting in a booth talking!?!?  Not a great way to start… Waitress, Emily, was pleasant and very attentive so we started to feel a bit better… She did forget to bring our salad but honestly we were too busy talking and forgot about it ourselves!  She did great the rest of dinner… Manager, Jessica, introduced herself, which I personally always like.We ordered the "Mixed Grill" seafood platter with salmon, shrimp, scallops, broccoli & rice.  OMGoodnes the "brown butter sauce" is amazing! I asked for another portion for my broccoli.First serving of snow crab legs were overcooked and bland but Jessica (Mgr) took them back and immediately handled it.   Tip…They don't come seasoned…you can ask for your crab legs to be cooked with seasoning! Ask for them to be tossed in the butter and seafood seasoning!  Second attempt with seasoned crabs were perfect! They had that beautiful deep coral color and the meat separated from the shell so smoothly!Mashed potatoes were good, but one plate of broccoli was over cooked while the other was under cooked. Seems to be a kitchen issue where we were plated 2 servings... one from an older batch and one from the other not quite ready.  Fries were good… hard to mess that up.Bahama momma drink was strong…  :) Butter for crab legs was maybe just regular melted butter so it congealed which was odd… see blue ramekin photo.  I didn't think drawn butter was supposed to do that if it were boiled and skimmed/strained. I'm not a chef so maybe that's just too much Food Network for me!It is hard to get 5 stars from me… especially from a chain but since I work with restaurant owners and managers all the time, that is usually what tips the rating up for me when everything else is good.  Food was okay enough, maybe slightly overpriced, but the wait staff and manager was over the top! Thanks for the experience!

Review №21

Wonderful service and great food. We were seated immediately and our server was excellent. She was attentive and checked in with how we were doing regularly. Service could be affected it were busier, but for today we were more than satisfied.

Review №22

They practice well social distance and the food was great

Review №23

Food and service was great. All the servers were wearing mask. Quite atmosphere.

Review №24

Angel was one of the best servers I have ever had. Fantastic service. Food was fast, hot, and delicious. Can't wait for next time :)

Review №25

Decided to go to Red Lobster for lunch. No wait. Excellent service. Polite server who was very helpful with options on the menu. My food was great. Looking forward to going again.

Review №26

The food was very fresh. I would return back to this Red Lobster

Review №27

Well my Food was good but my wife's food was unseasoned so if u want season dont get the ultimate feast other than that my server was attentive and very apologetic the kitchens fails.

Review №28

Good service. Had no problem with the limited menu due to re-opening since the Covid-19 outbreak. My only problem was the wording on their menu. The menu stated "2 sides served with entries except pasta dishes." We ordered fish & chips but were told by our server that we could not get the 2 sides even though it was listed under entries with 2 sides. She said she let her manager know that we thought their advertisement was misleading. Manager blamed it on Corporate, never came by to talk to us or see if they could make it right. Like I said the server was great... food was great but management not so great.

Review №29

Great food service was accommodating....appreciate the usage if social distance. Will return

Review №30

The social distancing was in place. We had a short wait. Good experience

Review №31

Actually we got up and went to Logan's Roadhouse while waiting for our waitress to come to our table. We had a terrific meal there! We do eat at Red Lobster sometimes and their food is good when the waitress actually comes to your table to take your order. Their biscuits are famously delicious!

Review №32

Luv the lobster pizza my fav

Review №33

This is our second visit to this restaurant ( River City) and the food today was just awful. Shrimps were swimming in a lake of butter, the baked potato was also loaded with so much butter we couldn't eat it. Wish I could post pictures! My kids love broccoli, they left them untouched. I mean how hard it is to screw that up? The only good thing was the wine and the Sauté mussels.It upsets me that we spent close to $100 for garbage. No one came to our table.

Review №34

It's been over ten years since we've been to Red Lobster but for the most part things were the same. They still have the live aquarium of lobster in the front and the lay out of the restaurant was still the same. No reservations are needed and the host or hostess will greet you at the door and seat you.The service was good and fast. Hubby and I ate full portion meals for under thirty dollars along with an appetizer. The mozzarella sticks were cooked just right, the clam chowder was tasty and the fried shrimp was good a lot shorter than it used to be but for the price it's to be expected.I recommend it. It's an affordable restaurant. A place to bring your family and friends or dine alone. It's semi-private so you won't be so close to another table.

Review №35

Great food and super service!

Review №36

Food was good everything was cooked well

Review №37

Food was very good and service was above good

Review №38

Took my daughters there For Valentines. After sitting and watching families after families came in after us and got seated I had to walk out. I'm not one to play the race card but as the only black family there sitting and waiting and watching all these white families getting seated I have no choice but to play the race card. I will never eat there again or even suggest it to anyone.

Review №39

Our waitress was super friendly and helpful.

Review №40

I ordered my food to go but I was still pleased with the food and service.

Review №41

The waitress I had was great. I ordered the Shrimp and Lobster on a bun. The entree as you can see, is bigger in the picture than the actual meal itself. I was expecting a nice size meal for the money. It's a rip off

Review №42

Don't order a steak! Stay with the seafood!!

Review №43

Great experience! Had the endless shrimp and got completely full with a take out box. I really enjoyed it. Christina was great and got food out decently fast. It was not too loud and, aside from getting cut on a shrimp tail, everything was awesome. thanks!

Review №44

It was okay but could have been better after spending around an $100 dollars

Review №45

The shrimp was undercooked biscuits were amazing tho!

Review №46

When we arrived they didn't look at the computer to see that we had requested to be placed on the wait list, making us wait even longer. When the waiter finally came to the table and got our drink order it took 15 minutes to get our drinks. We were never asked if we wanted appetizers. We ordered or food and waited 30 minutes for food so we requested reorder due to how long it was taking, he said "well it is Saturday night and we are busy." The restaurant was empty, with only 7 or 8 tables. The couple who sat behind us even commented on several issues that were similar to ours. The table never got cleared off as you can see from the picture. We had to flag different servers down to get drinks because our server was no where to be found. Our glasses stayed empty more than filled. We waited so long for food that my 3 year old grandson began to cry, when the food came out the first time only part of the order came out, not my grandsons food. A manager never stopped by to see us although we know they saw us flagging people down for help. This is by far the worst Service, food, Cleanliness, and experience.

Review №47

The food was good. I ordered the Ultimate Surf and Turf with center cut filet. The service was slow but the bartender was friendly. I would eat here again.

Review №48

The food and staff were great. No wait to get in and quick service.

Review №49

My first time going. It was good. Wait staff excellent.

Review №50

The staff was very nice and helpful. Would definitely return!

Review №51

Although the food was good the waiter was a little rude and the crab legs was not worth the pay the manger was very helpful to us but he was discussing work in front of customers

Review №52

I haven't been to a Red Lobster in probably six years. It was horrible the last few times I went. I figured it had been long enough and would be better by now. I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I will never go back. There were maybe 20 ppl in the entire restaurant and it still took an hour to get food. Veggies were cold. Everything taste like it was cooked in water with no seasonings. Total waste of money.

Review №53

Service was a little slow but would still come back! Had a great atmosphere!

Review №54

Was a good experience. Granny enjoyed and she doesn't even like biscuits. The food was out in decent time. But.bathrooms user beware: your in for a scare, or atleast mad frustration. The restroom are setup for eco friendly, and are crazy hard to get to flush.

Review №55

Add a half star great service and awesome food and that a awesome covid seating plan very safe and comfortable..cold beer what more can I say

Review №56

Food was fine but the waitress was aggressive. I was in the middle of eating my entree and she wanted to know what I wanted for dessert. Back off.

Review №57

The food was very good,the waiter was on point

Review №58

I try to get the lobsters dream every time. Sometimes it's rubbery and sometimes it's not. This one was not. I actually came back again the next month for more. Lol it's tedious to cook them at home so I usually have a mommy daughter date here.

Review №59

The server we had yesterday was the best!

Review №60

My husband and I walk in, no one greets us. The staff was yelling at each other and were too involved with their issues to put our name down to be seated. When we got seated, it took our waitress 15 MINUTES to acknowledge us. Another 15 minutes for her to get us water. She had our food/ drinks in her hand as she was talking to other guests while our food was getting cold. She didn't come back to check our food and we had to ask another gentleman who worked there to get our check because she was too busy worrying about other guests who already had their food. I WILL NOT BE BACK for the lack of professionalism. EXTREMELY dissatisfied. I paid 70 dollars for a disgusting dinner. Go to another location.

Review №61

Had lobster soup and Caesar salad was great

Review №62

Food was hot and on time. Plus very good.

Review №63

I love how the restaurant here close to Jacksonville International Airport is set up. Plenty of room for a large group, or some tables for 2 set in almost private settings. They were nice and seated us in one of those quiet private booths by request with no problem. We had a really great meal, the waitress checked on us multiple times and was very nice!

Review №64

Food quantity is skimpy. Prices are out of range when compared to other restaurants. 1 small Cod filet, baked potato & cole slaw should not cost $11.99 for lunch. Food was lukewarm.Restaurant was clean and server friendly though overworked.

Review №65

Service was very slow food was sporadic overpriced for dinner menu Bar menu amazing between 11 and 6 p.m.

Review №66

The fresh food and great service Thank you Renee

Review №67

Food was delicious but they do not belong to the garden group anymore. No coupons or gift cards work. This would of been nice to know before hand.

Review №68

Food was good service was good. The A/C was broken though and the G.M. doesn't want to pay to fix it.

Review №69

The greeter is the first person one sees and where a first opinion is made. On 9/21 at 6:05pm I was greeted with nothing more than 'how many' and 'name'. We then asked how long the wait was and was told about 30 minutes. No smile, no thank you, no care at all. We shall see what the rest of the night brings...Just finished, had appetizers and sides with entrees. Original greeter seated us without a word but after that the rest of the experience was typical. Upgrading from 1 star to 4. I am withholding her name on purpose. Was here about 2 hours.

Review №70

We had the best waitress, Kenisha S, she was very polite and made sure our table had everything we needed. The food was great!! We went to Red Lobster for our 2 year anniversary..

Review №71

Server was friendly, prompt and thorough. Good beverage and delicious food with generous portions. Would definitely go again.

Review №72

My favorite restaurant! They deliver!!!! Thank you Red lobster!

Review №73

Decent but not great

Review №74

Very good food and awesome costume services!

Review №75

The food itself was good. However, the service was subpar. I felt rushed and the waitress seemed aggravated. She was not personable. Today's experience was disappointing.

Review №76

My experience at this Red Lobster restaurant was wonderful thanks,(Chris) celebrating one of my dearest friend birthday and reminisce with ex coworkers from Florida Christian Health Care thanks

Review №77

Ok. Good service.

Review №78

Came here to meet a friend. Great service staff as usual. Clean and quiet, exactly what we were wanting.

Review №79

Keniesha ( I think that's how you spell it) was excellent!!!

Review №80

Took my boyfriend her for the 1st time and he was very impressed. We went for the endless shrimp. Our server had us laughing the whole time and she was very informative about how long before the food comes what would and wouldn't go good together. Can't wait to back for my birthday.

Review №81

If you are looking for a place of employment at Red Lobster, this is not the place to go. Please stay far away from the City Station location.I have been a server for 2 1/2 and loved working at Red Lobster, when I transferred over to this location it was the WORST experience of my life.The managers overwhelm employees with tasks to where it is challenging and exhausting in order to take care of guest in the restaurant.The glasses are filled with hard-water stains and the silverware is never clean. Please for sanitation purposes DO NOT EAT at this Red Lobster location.

Review №82

Service was the best for my large family and I. The hottest name is Miss Dawn,I will never forget how attentive and pleasant she was to be around.R/LM Williams

Review №83

Great place to eat and excellent service.

Review №84

I understand we're in the midst of a pandemic however only having "Ranch & Ceasar" dressings is just 1 of several failures to follow the rule of 6 "P's".(Proper Planning Prevents Pi$$ Poor Preparedness)

Review №85

Seaver was good but food was slow then cold when reach us

Review №86

Would have been a 5 star but your host staff needs more training in greeting and some of my mussels were cold anywho, our server was awesome. loved that she was engaging and always filled my glass.

Review №87

Service was excellent food not so much. Was disappointed in seafood. Vegetables salad and dessert delicious

Review №88

My second visit to this location. The grilled Mahi and seafood stuffed mushrooms were very good. Biscuits were fresh out of the oven. Denise was my server and she was excellent.

Review №89

Our server was great and brought us drinks as soon as she saw we were low, she checked on us frequently and even after we were done and the bill was paid she still checked on us. She served us well despite having 1 table walk out and not even pay for their meals, another table had drinks brought to them then they decided that's not what they wanted and THEY walked out too, another table was again served drinks then left. She was having a rough day but still treated us kindly. Anyways the food was good and hot and the place was clean.

Review №90

Very nice waitress was and food was great

Review №91

Im sorry i was suppose to give you guys a five star great service bartender was great she was very nice

Review №92

Very poor service. Idk if Tammy our waitress was tired or just didn't want to be at work that day.$160 dollar tab poor service doesn't mixOver cooked lobster (lobster lovers dream was a nightmare) an they must have been scared to serve the biscuits party of 8 an Tammy is bringing 6 at a time.Requested all plastic ware an cups dishes were visibly dirty , salad bowl felt greasy.Long story short avoid this red lobster you would be better off going to ship to shore or jc's on dunn ( i do not work for nor do i have family or friends that work at these establishments i just like good)

Review №93

They were great and the food was excellent.

Review №94

It's Red Lobster. Red Lobster quality food. Wait time to sit is generally good, wait staff are always good, quick, & polite.Is it a top of the line “real” seafood place? No.But for what it is, it's decent.As far as this Red Lobster compared to others I've visited, it's in the top 5.

Review №95

Renee was an excellent waitress. And the manager was able to answer our questions about the shrimp. The food was delicious. Enjoyed the lunch with our family.

Review №96

The food was good. I only wish the waitress had more personality, perhaps she was having a bad day. We all have bad days at some point. Most restaurants' wait staff introduce themselves. I'm not mad, I even left her a note about how pretty her smile is. Before we left, she seemed more bubbly. Overall, we enjoyed our meal.

Review №97

Tasty food. Generous portions. Excellent server.

Review №98

Food and wait staff were fantastic. will definitely return.

Review №99

Service could have been better. If you get a watiress named tammy go ahead and ask for a mother section. Husband asked for one meal but she gave him another meal and charged us for the meal that he didnt ask for. She never asked us if we needed anything until the end of the meal.

Review №100

They have THEE best service ever i loved my waitor Kyle and the host Zavion I believe had the most kindest heart

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