Panera Bread
2401 E 32nd St, Joplin, MO 64804, United States
Review №1

I used to love Panera bread as a grad student but I was shocked by the price and the tiny size of my meal on this last trip. For the price I could have eaten at a proper restaurant and had a much better meal.

Review №2

I typically stop in Panera bread to buy treats or fresh loaves of bread. I have had their soups/sandwiches in the past, but i always forget they serve those dishes when I'm looking for somewhere to eat. Best part of Panera bread is the fresh food, made with all natural ingredients! The one in Joplin is a great place for meetings and every time I have been able to get my order in quickly without much of a wait. I believe the prices are on the high end.

Review №3

I was on a cross country road trip with a 5yo and a 6 month old when my GPS told me this Panera was only 3 minutes off my route. I exited and found the restaurant without a problem but was disappointed to see no drive through -- and both kids were asleep!I called and explained the situation to the man who answered and he was extremely accommodating. He had me place my rather complicated coffee order with another helpful employee who was genuinely willing to help. Three minutes later, the man who took my order brought it right to my car. The complicated coffee? PERFECT! Excellent service.

Review №4

Kinds pricey but always worth it. Never had a bad thing there. Good service. Tables are usually clean

Review №5

Enjoying vegetarian autumn squash soup. Employees are friendly and make good suggestions. Appreciate having a place to work, enjoy coffee or chat with friends.

Review №6

I used to live near and you could smell the baked goods at night. The food is always delicious, fresh and they have the BEST baguettes! Clean surroundings and peaceful atmosphere.

Review №7

Panera always has delicious food, the staff is always friendly but the prices are a bit more than I would like

Review №8

A fav spot for tasty cafe food. This place is absolutely outstanding.

Review №9

Usually a good place to go. But this time the food wasn't very satisfying. Sandwich was dry, croutons in salad tasted old and soggy. It took quite a while to get my food when it was sitting on the counter but no one yelled out my name. Everyone seemed overwhelmed.

Review №10

Friendly staff, good food, a quiet place to study/work. If the weather is good, the patio out back is perfect.

Review №11

Turkey meat was turned. This was my first time trying Panera Bread, unfortunately will be my last as well. I can put good Turkey, bacon, tomato slice, piece of lettuce, and half a slice of cheese on a full size sandwich on wheat grain bread. Also, all fresh, at home in 5 mins. That was a 9 dollar sandwich, with turned turkey meat and cold bacon on it. Wow.

Review №12

I just got a subscription to their unlimited coffee and tried the dark roast and it is freaking amazing highly recommend the coffee and the subscription Club it's only $8.99 a month and totally worth it you can get coffee cold coffee or tea any size any amount anytime they're open if you haven't tried it yet you're missing out on life.

Review №13

Delicious salad and broccoli cheese soup. Great,cozy, clean atmosphere.

Review №14

This was the 2nd time having Panera and I definitely won't be having it again. Bread was VERY dry, so was the scone. Even with butter it didnt help. I got croutons when I asked for none. Only redeeming quality was the staff who was very nice. Other than that, my food was not good. I won't be getting panera again.

Review №15

Good food, slow service but a friendly staff

Review №16

Ordered ahead online for curbside pickup. Followed instructions letting them know “I'm here” and waited and waited. Finally went inside to check on my order to be told my order was sitting on the online order shelves. Remove the sign you have outside of your building and don't advertise curbside pickup brought to your car online. Why require me to put in my vehicle details if you're not going to bring my food out to the car, as advertised. Breakfast sandwiches were lukewarm at that point and no napkins in the bag. Food tasted good still but service needs improvements.

Review №17

Our server Jeremy was awesome! So friendly and helpful. The food was great too as always.

Review №18

I always love going here so friendly

Review №19

It was really good food. They're taking social distancing seriously, and were friendly.

Review №20

Way overpriced. Half sandwich and cup of soup with a cookie and soda, 15.00. Sandwich had two bite sized peices of meat. This is my last visit to Panera.

Review №21

I have not been to Panera in months, prices have become outrageous. Lunch for 2 people (pick 2), with drinks was $29. Considering the small portion sizes and mediocre quality of the sandwich, definitely not worth that price.

Review №22

Food and employees are good, but their Giftcard system is goofed big time. Once you add the card to the App you can't pay with it. You need the actual card present. We tried to do the online order through the app but every thing has a price difference from the prices at the store. At the end I had to go back home and look in the trash for the card and return with it.

Review №23

I ate at Panera today for lunch. Was glad to see that staff were wearing masks but several were not wearing them over their noses! Anyway the food was delicious as usual and seating to comply with social distancing requirements. Pull up your masks folks!!

Review №24

They were very courteous and friendly. They spent a lot of time cleaning.

Review №25

Ordered a Roasted turkey avocado blt with broccoli cheese soup.the sandwich had no flavor the tomato wasn't any good liked the bacon just wasn't worth 10 dollar's either soup was good. I know they can do better

Review №26

Everything is made to bring the very best flavor out of everything they serve. The soups are rich the sandwiches are delicious layers of flavor with every bite. If you crave whole foods with healthy choices this is the place, it will wake up your tastebuds and put a smile on your face.

Review №27

The people working were very nice. Great service

Review №28

Dry bread on my sandwich. Hardly any meat on sandwich, (Teryriaki Chicken ). What was on there was fatty.

Review №29

Not good value for the quality of food received

Review №30

It's always very good!

Review №31

Good wholesome food grade experience the staff was smiling and courteous and friendly and very knowledgeable the food arrived promptly and was exactly what we ordered it was all in all a very good experience and I really enjoy Panera Bread's food

Review №32

Ordered soup. soup people. I have a 30 minute lunch, it took them 30 minutes to get me my SOUP! I get the first come first serve. I really do. but C'Mon man!! the employees need music to listen to or something to get a pep in their step because nobody was trying to get anyone their food quick.. another thing, smile!! you work in customer service!! YOU NEED TO SMILE!!!!!!!!

Review №33

Most of the time I'm here I don't have any problems. Sometimes they're out of menu items, which is bad business at any restaurant, but whatever. One time I came in and there was a hair in my food, so I sent it back to get remade and got to listen to the workers complain about having to remake it where they didn't think I could hear them, which it took them about 20-30 minutes to do because all of the workers were standing in the back and talking. I got it about 5 seconds after I said something about it again and the worker mumbled some excuse about that particular menu item usually taking longer, which I know is BS. You never know what kind of service you're gonna get at this one.

Review №34

Food was great but small portions

Review №35

What's not to love about this place it has great bread and wonderful pastries and the best oatmeal raisin cookies you have ever had. Yummm

Review №36

The strawberry poppyseed salad is very yummy!

Review №37

Great Food, Great Service

Review №38

I had a delicious broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl and my mother had a new Baja Bowl. Both were delicious and... relatively healthy. Service was good and very friendly.

Review №39

I was very disappointed again. I got a Baja Grain Bowl and it was barely half full. The only reason I come here is because my wife likes it. I always leave here hungry. You must cater to women's appetites.

Review №40

Tried the Cuban sandwich tonight. It was yummy, but I would have liked more mustard. Service was great. I love their lemon cookies!

Review №41

Pleasantly surprised with the home delivery service. Inexpensive delivery fee and quick arrival! Would have given 5 stars but my kids grilled cheese was not good. I would suggest a different menu item if you were considering a grilled cheese.

Review №42

Of the two times I have been to this restaurant I have had two terrible sandwiches. Maybe I didn't know what I was ordering but the bread was dry and sandwich was lukewarm. Service was great both times.

Review №43

Waited for about 25 minutes to pick up my rapid order. No apologies, no compensation. Cold mac n cheese.

Review №44

Daughter picked up our two salads, bowls were not even full definitely Not worth $10 for a salad

Review №45

Underwhelming. Overpriced. Food was good however portions are tiny. Service was great but like i said the dine in experience left much to be desired.

Review №46

The mac and cheese is outstanding and the delivery service was fast and friendly.

Review №47

Food is always good and fresh. Staff is always very courteous. I don't like the idea of paying extra for a pastry and only having a choice of a cookie (not including the kitchen sink.) I love the cheese pastry! Cookies are...just cookies.

Review №48

Don't go here unless you have 15 minutes to wait for your ticket to be printed and then another 6 minutes for the ticket to sit and be worked around and then another 5 minutes for them to put it together for you AFTER YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT. ALL I ORDERED WAS 2 CUPS OF SOUP!!!!!!!! Also, they did not have to make anything I watched them get the soup once it was asked for.

Review №49

Great for rich people who are watching their weight and love carbs.

Review №50

Great food, organic drinks, and friendly service. I like their oatmeal!

Review №51

Delicious teas/lemonades and the food is never disappointing!

Review №52

Poor location for a Panera restaurant when compared to other cities. Very dirty shopping center and facade (trash, could use a good power washing!). Food was good. Just not an all-around pleasant experience.

Review №53

This location was older than most Panera's and looked tired. Staff was hit or miss. Had great service from some but some of the employees taking our order were indifferent to customer service. Food was good but a little light on the portions. Got a full Greek salad that looked more like a half.

Review №54

A rabbit agreed it was to bland. Did the democrats buy them out??

Review №55

They always have flawless and delicious food and their coffee supersedes All brands of coffee ive ever had.

Review №56

Great coffee as always

Review №57

First time customer. Cashier was very helpful on my options.

Review №58

Good place.

Review №59

Enjoyed Tomato soup half Turkey sandwich, latte

Review №60

Pricey but atmosphere is good and The taste is

Review №61

I work across the street and go here frequently. It has very poor service and are very slow. Usually the same grumpy lady working the front counter.

Review №62

I love their food but sometimes it's just really slow to get it

Review №63

Panera is one of my favorite places to grab something fresh and healthy. While the food is kind of on the pricier side, it does taste really good. However, the Joplin Panera is not quite on the level of what you'd expect from this fast-casual restaurant chain. For starters, the staff are all helpful and nice, but they always seem in a rush, even when the store is not busy. Another odd thing is that this Panera is CONSTANTLY out of mac n' cheese. It's actually kind of absurd how often I've been told, "We ran out of mac n' cheese already today." Maybe I just have bad timing, but it seems weird to me that I've heard this multiple times. I've never done a mobile order from this Panera before, but I have been behind people in line trying to pick up their order and the store either hadn't started making it yet or incorrectly filled the order. I'm sure it's still a work in progress, but you'd think that by this day and age, the process would be a little more smoothed out. Finally, what frustrates me the most about this Panera store is how often I have found HAIR in my food. I have been here many times and found it in my salads, in my mac n' cheese, and in my sandwiches. While it hasn't happened every time, it's happened enough that I'm actually kind of concerned about what goes on in the kitchen. I don't think that the Joplin Panera is the best representative of the Panera brand. I think it's got some great food and is a nice place to meet people or do homework, but this store needs to get it's act together a little bit more.

Review №64

This is the little shop with the great big flavors! If you aren't hungry when you get here ,you will be ,smelling all the aroma in this place! Never had a bad experience here,no bad attitude ,no excuses!

Review №65

It's a regular, reliable Panera.

Review №66

Ordered pick 2 to go. I ordered mac & cheese and 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich. when I got home (complete opposite side of town) the grilled cheese sandwich was still warm and yummy. But the broccoli and cheddar soup was cold (not mac & cheese)

Review №67

Mid morning, no coffee in 3 pots mgr and asst didnt seemed to be too concerned when myself and another gentleman paid for coffee and none was brewed. I would have been more understanding if it was busy, but there were only 4 tables occupied at the time.

Review №68

I love the bakery goods, very friendly employees

Review №69

Delicious and decently good for you! We love going to panera and when its not to busy will sometimes chat with some of the employees. The best place that I've found in Joplin to get bread.

Review №70

Good but limited veggie options.

Review №71

Amazing food, great service

Review №72

Panera is a great breakfast or lunch spot.

Review №73

I liked Panera Bread because they didn't have annoying background music. In the past it was just low volume, barely heard, classical music. Now they have music with people singing which is very annoying. It is also distracting and If you are trying to hold a conversation with someone, you have to talk louder. Then before you know it, everybody is talking louder to be heard over the din. Another moronic corporate decision apparently. I won't be back until it's fixed.

Review №74


Review №75

Nive spot to meet and visit or have a quick meeting.

Review №76

Great tasting coffee and delicious treats.

Review №77

The bread here is fresh and has no preservatives in it. You can taste the difference. Amazing soups and salads. And don't get me started on the cookies and brownies. Great coffee, good service. Amazing place to eat!

Review №78

First time at Panera bread. As a chef, I'm super picky about freshness and service. I am impressed! I Love the fresh quality and amount of food they serve you. Wonderful customer service with nice, friendly staff. A++!

Review №79

LOVE this place. Excellent service. Always with a smile. Fresh, fast, and friendly. I've been when it's busy and when it's slow and the staff are equally as patient, considerate, and aware during both times. Their sandwiches are enough to make you salivate and the bagels will make you have heart palpitations... good luck. ENJOY!!

Review №80

Great place to eat and socialize with friends. Salad was very good.

Review №81

We give it a five

Review №82

No disappointments here, both breakfast and lunch. Food hot, staff courteous, and, as always, great coffee.

Review №83

"Welcome to Panera Bread Co. We don't really want to mess with you at all, but if you insist on staying here, we'll eventually get around to taking your order."The help there seems to hate the work and are universally surley to deal with, even when you greet them with a smile and thank them for taking your order. I've tried and I can't make these people react pleasantly. It makes me wonder if the manager is a Holy Terror or something. There has to be a management- related reason for virtually all the employees to have such a bad attitude.After the "fantastic" customer service experience and the lethargic pace of all order preparation, you receive mediocre foods at inflated prices. It's sad.All the Panera's I've visited overcharge for what you get, but none I've visited have such a universally unpleasant staff.

Review №84

If you have their rewards card, it takes quite a few visits to earn a reward, regardless of how much you purchase I. Then the reward expires in just a week. Corporate might want to rethink this system. If the goal is to encourage more return visits, it isn't working.

Review №85

The sandwiches very kind of plane in the side was kind of gross but the supe Was gross.

Review №86

The have really good food

Review №87

Foods always great!

Review №88

Great soups and the steak and cheddar sandwich is killer!! Get extra horseradish

Review №89

The staff was having a rough day. We were about 15minutes to lunch time so we had to order breakfast because the soups and whatnot were not ready yet. But they didn't have wraps, only breakfast sandwiches. Mine was ok at best but my wifes sandwich was terrible. Tiny overcooked ham and egg. It was bad, no garnish or anything, just a sad sandwhich on a giant plate. . .

Review №90

My wife loves this place but I am not impressed. It is a good place to go and visit with your wife while having a cup of coffee. It's the food that I have never really been impressed with and it is expensive.

Review №91

Good food, Jeremy was jovial and courteous, however prices are exceedingly high and the front is trashy.

Review №92

Delicious. Great staffI wish they had more coffe fixings like creamer and syrup instead of just the packets of sweatner and creamer

Review №93

Panera is good bagels. But staff needs help communicating.

Review №94

Lots of staff taking orders which is good because sometimes that can be a problem at panera. It took some time to get our food but it seemed like most of the staff were in training so that's okay. One of the first panera's I've been to where they get all orders out correctly which was nice!

Review №95

Need to have more Souffle's ready at prime breakfast hour. Waited in line only to be told it would take 25 minutes to get more ready. Won't be going back anytime soon.

Review №96

Good place to grab a sandwich before going to the park

Review №97

I used to eat there a few times a wk but the last 3 out of 7 times I got food to go they messed my whole order up. The wrong bread on both sandwichs, 4 single serving cream cheese for my bagel pack and I take it to work so I can't go back to get it right. Extremely unhappy.

Review №98

The interior itself is a hot mess; the ceiling is missing tiles & water is leaking into the buckets they've placed on the floor... My friends & I waited at the register for about 10 minutes without being acknowledged as multiple workers were behind the counter. As soon as we placed our orders we were told that they were out of Mac & cheese, all green aside from kale, most breads/baked goods (basically the majority of the menu). One of my friends (they order the same meal) was charged $17.78 and the other was charged $9.06. Upon asking to view the first friend's receipt we were told they are unable to print those for customers. Customer service was far from pleasant and VERY inattentive. Ice machine was out of ice. Generally a mess...

Review №99

Great tuna sandwich and excellent service.

Review №100

No matter your meal choice, or if you want dessert for dinner. Panera always has great fresh food, and the quality is always worth it. The staff is helpful and is full of energy. I would recommend this restraunt for any occasion.

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  • Address:2401 E 32nd St, Joplin, MO 64804, United States
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  • Phone:+1 417-626-2300
  • Bakery
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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