3330 S, S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64804, United States
Review №1

I didn't know McDonald's associates let alone their management teams are actually getting away with abusing customers lying to them and not a care in the world and a full-on confidence there is not a risk in losing their job let alone even getting in trouble as if they're used to getting away with it almost like they're trained to behave that way. Do not go you'll be wasting your money. It's sad to say

Review №2

Their integrity and their lack of customer service is unbelievable. I have already dealt with one too many twilight zone moments in the store with that said I don't want to repeat it when is don't go unless you want cold food and lied to. Not this location I would very much recommend you go to Sonic across the street LOL

Review №3

Great customer service. Made fresh coffee for us. We had to wait just a few, but they brought it to us in our vehicle. Perfect on the cream and sugar. Excellant!

Review №4

Long wait time to order and than took 10 minutes to get to the window and another 20minutes to get our food. Will never stop at this McDonald's again.. But food was fresh

Review №5

Waited far too long. Probably close to eight or nine minutes. No smiles, no welcome, only talk about how they did not have me in their system for their mobile order. Loved the sandwich, though. Maybe next time you could actually center the protein somewhere near the center of the bun? Or is that too much to ask after eight or nine minutes?

Review №6

Last 2 days foods been cold burritos old and hard biscutes hard. Called manager not wanting a freebie just telling him about it he didn't care. Said gravy was at certain temp. Well I wonder how long it had sat before I got to window smh I work 3 minutes from there shod not have gotten cold or hard that fast. Manager doesn't think about how long it sat before I got to window. Not happy with service

Review №7

I ordered a buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich and the tomatoes on it were bad, the sauce tasted funny. I ordered a filet o fish recently as well and they forgot my extra cheese and just slipped it together. The one slice wasn't even on the sandwich... it was mostly on the box to the side. Very disappointing. Not sure if it's new staff or just in a rush but the quality and delivery of the food I received was definitely not great.

Review №8

Great service and fast at getting the food out even when in a rush. Friendly staff and clean facility.

Review №9

Food not as hot and fresh as I'd like when ordering fast food, especially when it's dinner rush and the line is on going, but unfortunately it most definitely was not and hasn't been in quite some time!? That's horrible.

Review №10

I went in to get food after work. I was the only one in line. After I placed my order before I pulled away from the speaker the worker informed me that they needed to drop fries for my order which I was fine with. I paid and was told to pull forward to wait for my order. Again o was fi e with this. I understand it takes a little bit to cook fries. I get my order and when I get home my fries are cold and you could tell by the way they tasted that they had been sitting under a heat lamp for more then 20 minutes. I called the resturant and the person who answered talked to where I couldn't hear them with my phone on full blast. This isn't the first time this has happened. Will not be going back to this McDonald's ever again.

Review №11

How were the burgers? They were RAW!!!!!!R-A-W, RAW!!! Raw as my fat legs after a jog down the street and back! Pinker than a cherry blossom petal in an anime cut scene. This is not a joke. They gave us a raw burger.

Review №12

Im very unsatisfied with the service tonight i told the lady that took my order that i wanted 2 of the 2.20 bundle one chicken and and cheesburger and a mcflurry with extra pickles looked in the bag after i got it and thought everything was there didnt want to hold up the line so i left and went home as i started pulling food out theres was ONE 2.20 bundle and a mcChicken got my order wrong wont be going here again

Review №13

Messed up on order but it's ok. It's fast food.

Review №14

I'm not tryin to be rude but this is the worst McDonald's ever the drive thru lady was rude the first window lady didn't even try to speak English and I got a medium and I sked for a large

Review №15

The night shift was great and nice.

Review №16

At night, waiting 20 minutes at Drive Thru. They said CASH only, did not offer any receipt. Total wait 45 minutes. Poor Management at Location...dont go at night if your in a hurry.

Review №17

Edit: been about a month and gave them another shot. WRONG AGAIN. Got biscuit sandwiches instead of mcgriddles. These people are incompetent...I have been through here 4 times in the last moth for breakfast with the same order all 4 times. 2 of the 4 times the order was incorrect. 2 sandwiches add cheese + coke. Pretty simple orders and they are riding a 50% accuracy. At last they didn't rob me I guess...

Review №18

Went through drive thru tonight August 11th 2020 with my cousin and the lady at the drive through took the money and than yelled at us she told us she would bring it out and made me get out of my vehicle in drive thru to get my meal after ripping my drink from my hands and than processed with negative talk food so so bad i wouldn't feed it to the pigs went back and gave it to them and they refunded the money drinks we're flat and the manager was nice said she has had alot of issues with this lady than get rid of her simple as that wont be back.

Review №19

Good but very slow

Review №20

Double cheese burger plain tasted like nasty old mop water smells. dogs even walked away from it

Review №21

Wasted my money passing thru yesterday ! Nuggets was soggy and just warm ! Fries was undercooked !

Review №22

The store by hwy 44 has better service than the one up the road on rangeline plus the fries are fresher also big plus for a McDonald's to me

Review №23

This location is worse every time. Slow, rude and just terrible quality.

Review №24

Not even worth of a one star. They don't seam to care about their customers the way they should when in the drive through you need to switch lanes rather then make on sit there for 10 minutes while to clear the other lane. Was terrible and rude when finally got to the order in front of me and myself. I strongly suggest going to a different McDonald's.

Review №25

Fast, food was fresh, great experience today

Review №26

My order keeps getting messed up over and over

Review №27

The food was terrible! My burger was falling apart and litteraly tasted like they just threw it together, I ordered onions on it and there was three pieces of onion on it, not happy

Review №28

Yum. Drive thru folk yay

Review №29

Fast service for lunch.

Review №30

McDonald's pays me to give them 5 stars.

Review №31

It took them 11 minutes to make my food for breakfast and all I ordered was 2 sausage muffins, small frappe, large coffee and a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. One employee came in and was coffing into her hand and I never saw her wash it and started working the front computer...another girl wiped her nose with her bare hand and never washed it and started handling the food and bagging it...we waited at the counter to order and waited there for 3 minutes before being acknowledged...poor service will NEVER eat there again...sucked

Review №32

The food was good but service not so much ordered 6 items had to wait for 2 of them to cook understandable whats not is during that wait how i only got 4 of the 6 paid for. Went back through after finding out they fixed it but they offered no kind of compensation for their mistake. Again food was good and was warm.

Review №33

How old are these fries?? Can't believe they served them like this

Review №34

Not very organized with 2 drive thru system. Have had 4 messed up orders in June alone.

Review №35

Omg there was a bean in my freekin burger fk that place

Review №36

Extra friendly staff. Food was prepared perfectly. If you want McDonald's this one does it right. Baca took care of us in the drive thru many times and took care to ask if we needed anything and tell us where each item was in the bags. Definitely no complaints. I usually do not give full stars for fast food but this McDonald's was perfect so I have to. Above and beyond.

Review №37

Slow gave me wrong order then got my order Finnally and they didn't give my drink

Review №38

If you want an average burger that won't satisfy your hunger, go to any McDonald's. I mean, I donno what you might expect? However, the BBQ Bacon Burger is pretty fire, I'd recommend it.

Review №39

Bacon Egg & Cheese Mc Griddles are GREAT! Stop by for two Mc Griddles still Great! This morning very clean. Staff was friendly. Mc Griddles always good. Normal don't go through drive thru for supper. Tonight I was running late. Bad idea, poor service and wrong order. Now on Breakfast only. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone is Delicious.

Review №40

Grab it and go works for me. Thanks McD for keeping up with times.

Review №41

Good food and it's not a long wait

Review №42

I really hope you guys appreciate your employees because I was extremely impressed with how professional your employee acted this morning. I went through the drive through this morning just before 6, just to witness some guys heckling your employee at the window and holding up the line. You did lose a customer from this, but not at any fault of McDonalds or the employees. What blew my mind is how professional and calm he was because, personally, if I had some people coming to my job and spitting on me or my stuff then I would have lost it. Congrats to this man for keeping it together like he did.

Review №43

Good place for the money

Review №44

Eh just like every other one

Review №45

We got in to Joplin to sleep and came through the drive through at 12:45am. We sat in line for over 15 minutes and saw another car leave. We decided to stay in line and wait it out. We get our drink and it's dripping down the side and gets all over us when she hands it to us. We try and go again in the morning for redemption and it was much quicker and a better overall experience. However, coffee was handed to me with coffee dripping down the side again and got all over us again.Wish they had root beer too.

Review №46

Best McDonald's I've been to in a very long time.

Review №47

This place is just okay. The food is good but the drive thru needs work. No napkins, no straws, no ketchup, they forgot my son's Happy Meal toy and we had to go in and get one. We had already driven off before we realized there were no straws, no napkins and no ketchup.

Review №48

It was pretty bad. The fries were like rubber and couldn't eat the big mac because something had gone bad on it. Not sure if it was the meat or the sauce.

Review №49

This location isn't open for dine in but it is open for inside pick up. Restrooms looked and smelled as though they haven't been cleaned since before the covid outbreak.

Review №50

If you've been to one, you've been to all.Coffee is always good.

Review №51

I would give no stars if I could. Waited for 20 mins when they weren't busy. Food was cold and the happy meal was not so happy for my child when we got home and there was no toy.

Review №52

Jeff a d Barbara are great people, and the service with great conversations it's a good place to sit and have a good time.

Review №53

Went 3 times during my stay at hotel nearby,both times went inside,one on a Sunday pm, and once on a Monday am followed by a Thursday pm. The Sunday pm visit was met with a nice long haired gentleman. Ordered 20pc nuggets. Time on order was fine. When I ate them approximately 5 min later when back in room they were horrible and tasted old and recooked. Next morning am went inside for a breakfast. Was met with a cell phone distracted front cashier who didn't even notice me. Long haired gentleman had to get her attention. She didn't greet me ,just stared at me waiting for me to say something. Got food and went to drink station and noticed drain overflowing at bottom of soda dispenser. Dining room was also unkept. Thursday pm was final straw. Went in just for a simple ice cream affair and low and behold same cell phone distracted cashier with back turned away from registers, this time with 3 other employees gazing at said cell phone. Stood at register for about minute. No one noticed so I left and went to Sonic. Not going to this location ever again.

Review №54

I got a quarter pound hamburger and I was disappointed with the size of it and I feel like I didn't not get my money's worth. If I go to steak and shake or Wendy's I feel as if I get more food for the money I am spending.

Review №55

Food was okay, long drive thru line.

Review №56

Order was incorrect, as in the no onion no pickle became no mustard add mayo . . . Bun was stale.

Review №57

The only good thing about any McDonald's is the $1 sweet tea. Especially when it's the only place open at 2am. Everything else I've tried just upsets my stomach.

Review №58

French fries were hot and really good. Only problem was the ketchup containers were empty and it a real busy time. Still they should keep up on small things.

Review №59

Quick, order was correct but the food was not Hot.

Review №60

The food was hot and fresh. Perfect ammount of salt and condiments.

Review №61

The place was so dirty!! The restroom was out of toilet paper and smelly. The windows and soda machine had not been clean in a long time. I am not kidding when I say this place was nasty even the employees had on dirty uniforms!!

Review №62

Got my simple plain McChicken only cheese completely wrong by adding everything that would normally be on it to it. To top it off it was the manager that made it.

Review №63

They gave me sugar packets, I liked it.

Review №64

The food here is almost never made properly or with fresh ingredients. Half the time, the buns are so crusty they crunch a little, even when I ask for fresh. Their prices are going up, but it's the best place for a $1 burger with two patties. The neosho location is the only one (including Webb city) that I can go to and actually expect my order to be correct, good tasting, and come out in a timely manner.

Review №65

Love me some good deals on some tasty food.

Review №66

Had to use the screen to order. Most of the tables needed cleaning. Friendly staff. Nice looking modern decor. Good food. Accurate order

Review №67

Newly remodeled McDonald's now has kiosks to place orders. They also take orders through the mobile app as well as in person. Friendly staff and clean restrooms & restaurant.

Review №68

This McDonald is great clean and nice people .....and didnt mess up noones food and ours is never a regular order so thats important for us ...thanks to the sweet lady with beautiful smile for not giving us "that " looks we normally get when we do .

Review №69

Coffee was really good during the day shift. Night shift not so good

Review №70

Some days are good and some are bad and sometimes it falls on the Door Dash driver but when you give me cold disgusting fries that taste like they've been sitting all day I get annoyed. Y'all have some great workers but some need to actually do their damn jobs like making sure food is fresh.

Review №71

Who don't love the hell out of McDonald's??? Fire!!!

Review №72

The cat's meow

Review №73

Not clean inside.

Review №74

Fast and friendly

Review №75

As expected. Service was good, restaurant was clean, food as expected because McDonald's is usually pretty consistent.

Review №76

This place were my friends and I use to hang out and enjoy our food..

Review №77

It's McDonald's so BYOA (bring your own Alka-Seltzer)

Review №78

I thought the point of drive thru was 2 fold. Allow the consumer to be lazy and to get your food faster. Unfortunately today this McDonald's failed to meet my expectations. They didn't allow the lazy to remain lazy nor did they get us our food quickly. They were not busy, it's Easter Sunday so for most people they were probably lucky and had dinner with family. Some of us were stuck finding fast food, another let down, it wasn't fast. Anyway back to my rating. We ordered a happy meal and a quarter pounder. Paid and pulled up to the next window. They handed us our happy meal and drinks and then asked us to pull up while they finished our order. 15 minutes after we paid I finally got my number 2. For their lack luster performance on this day they also received a 2.

Review №79

Good food

Review №80

These restaurants used to be the model for sanitation. Not sure what happened.

Review №81

Waited in drive thru for 40 minutes

Review №82

The fries were not fresh, my nuggets were fine.

Review №83

This McDonald's was ok. The ladies at the counter were very kind, food was fast, but the restaurant smelled funny and was warm. (It was July!)

Review №84

Nice, clean, and modern... The lobby is fairly nice for fast food. However I do wish they would give it a theme rather than just lavish it with decor.The old themes were "rainforest" - "Ole McDonald n friends in the wild wild west"... Among other terrific themes.

Review №85


Review №86

They made my food fresh and hot so I will be going back to McDonald's

Review №87

Upon arrival counter was good. But too long on dine in meal.

Review №88

Order accuracy was terrible. Food not fresh. Dirty location inside.

Review №89

Place is consistently hot (try turning the AC on) and dirty.

Review №90

Quick customer service and fast order presentation. Had the Quarter pounder with no onions. Food was still steaming. Only negative: sweet tea was more like a tea syrup so much sugar had forced into it.

Review №91

I have always enjoyed Stacy Wu to wait on me while I'm at mcdonalds. Or anywhere actually. I actually used to work with her at Walmart and she would has always been so much fun and so kind to work with. Thank you so much Stacy for all your help.

Review №92

The food is so so. Most of the burger that I have eaten here have not been the best. The place is clean but once again the food is not as fresh as other Mc Donald.

Review №93

The staff was freindly and efficient. The hash browns were inedible due to the amount of grease. The grease also smelled rancid. Also the bathroom had no toilet paper and they weren't as clean as one would expect from McDonald's high standards. I visited on April 8th at 1:54 pm.

Review №94

Great place to get fast food..very clean and very helpful personnel...

Review №95

McChicken for a dollar and add cheese on it, get sweet and sour sauce to dip it in is my favorite right now and a large fry and large Sweet Tea, everything was good. Only suggestion I'd have is clean the oil in the fry grease. They probably already have since I last visited other than that its good there. I still ate the fries.

Review №96

I went to this McDonald and the staff is nice and good WiFi. We were served on time. However, the food in this location does not taste as fresh as other McDonalds. Food was a bit cold as well. Also, don't think this place was so clean. (Restroom)

Review №97

Wonderful and professional employees. Good quality of fries and coffee.

Review №98

Good like always

Review №99

It's all about the fries.

Review №100

Good fast food place

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  • Address:3330 S, S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 417-782-2519
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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