Burger King
1931 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64804, United States
Review №1

Basic burger king location. They work people through their lines quickly and the staff was courteous. A few times they have been out of whoppers due to the pandemic and meat shortages. Prefer this to MickyDees!

Review №2

I've tried several meal items and have not been disappointed. My granddaughters like the chicken nuggets and the Whopper Jr meals.

Review №3

Tasty food with lots of options. My reason for 4 stars is some of the staff are great, but others definitely need lessons in customer service as they are quite rude when you ask for anything, even an extra spoon or some napkins. Aside from the customer service though the food is almost always fresh and good. I'd recommend it.

Review №4

Love this location. Theyre always super busy, bless their hearts. But theyre always super nice and i know they try their best.

Review №5

Decent food, biggest thing is idk if its store manager or day manager. But I guess they let there crew do whatever they want? I worked fast food I know how it is but you still have to dress and look professional. Drive thru presenter had bright red/pink hair, his name tag said "Sweet cheeks" obviously I'm going to offend him and I hope I do but if I wanted to order food from a rave party or dance club I would have went there. Not going back till they clean up there act.

Review №6

Whopper just didnt taste as good as it used too

Review №7

Very slow service through drive thru handed us someone else's order. Then another 5 minutes to get our order. About 15 minutes total. Food was fresh at least.

Review №8

Whopper was made to order. Had a 8.99 2 meal deal coupon which made it even better. Great drive thru service.

Review №9

Awesome employees fast and always helpful. Good food.

Review №10

I enjoy going to this location due to how close it is to my work. I love being able to use the app to place my order and then pickup my food quickly and get back to work. I always get great service at this location and so far have never had a negative experience. Keep up the good work.

Review №11

It was fine, about as good as any fast food place can get.

Review №12

Great food and service. Good place to eat

Review №13

The food was just fine. The service was actually really good. But they keep it colder than a meat locker in there and the kids who work there tell us that it's because corporate says they have to

Review №14

Very rude yelled at my mom and myself definitely won't give them service again

Review №15

It was ok. The chicken wasnt very fresh on my sandwich though, or maybe they used old grease.

Review №16

Absolutely terrible chicken Sandwich everything else was good

Review №17

We love the whopper but got 1 spicy and 1 crispy chicken today. Probably the worst sandwiches we have ever had. They had the old cooking oil look and had been precooked for sometime. Didn't want to go through it or would have taken back. Really turns you off a place.

Review №18

Severice was excellent got it pretty promptly food was excellent and people were friendly

Review №19

Nice clean BK Great service and very good staff, fast as well.

Review №20

I am so impressed with this BK! My husband, 7 month old son, and I broke down in their drive thru after ordering. We were actually stuck in their parking lot for several hours. One of the employees (sadly I didn't catch his name) tried to help us repair and start our truck but no luck. So he and another employee helped us push it out of the way of the drive thru and into the parking lot. The food we had ordered had been the last thing on our minds at the time. After we had parked our truck in the parking lot and we were waiting for a ride home... the nice bk employee walked out to us, handed us our order and told us not to worry about it, he'd paid for it I dont know your name... but thank you! You made my day. Our food was awesome and our service was exceptional and beyond what would be expected of any employee ever. Thank you so much and I definitely recommend this bk. You wont regret it!

Review №21

I got the Big Fish sandwich, it was good, way better than the Whopper.

Review №22

Used to be a good place but lately they just care more about be joking around then do a good job..i never said u can't have fun at work just pay attention on things u need to do...

Review №23

Odere6my whopper plain wsited in a long line drive up. It had everything but the kitchen sink on it.hsd to go there driveup again long wait. I told them that if other fast food places messed up your order they would give you something for your inconvenience. The manager was very rude to me she practically threw a cole baby size at me. This was in bartlesville. I have never been treated like that in other burger kings. Get rid of this lady.this was lunchtime. Pathetic

Review №24

Wanted rodeo burgers. Employee said corporate discontinued them... I was able to order in neosho

Review №25

I love Burger King, but this time it wasn't so great. My Whopper was cold and we could tell the onion rings were old and they were cold as well. On a positive note- the staff was great. Very personable and attentive to our needs. The manager came out to the dining room and asked to take our tray.

Review №26

Other than a woman who was behind the counter taking orders she said her name was Samantha bur I'm not sure if was or not, I just think that she needs to watch her mouth and how she talks to people

Review №27

2 whoppers for $5! No extra charges for the veggies!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!!!

Review №28

Out of beef products, drive through a little slow, food very good and well prepared.

Review №29

Love me a Whopper.

Review №30

If I could Burger King zero stars I would. When I entered the lobby wasn't very busy, we were the third person in line. We waited over ten minutes to order our food because the cashier, who I believe was also the head manager, was waiting for a customer to get her wallet instead of canceling the transaction and serving the next guest. All of the associates seem to be running around like chickens with their heads it off. When I ordered, I asked for ranch and the manager rudely told me to read a piece of paper she had printed on the counter. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich and it was so thin in comparison to the picture. After we finished eating I watched one of the cooks remove his gloves, play with his dreads and then walk off to the freezer. He retrieved multiple items and then came back and grabbed a pair of gloves with his dirty hands. Put the gloves on and started preparing food again. I have never been more disgusted with a restaurant in my life.

Review №31

Go on down the street to five guys. This was the worst Burger King experience ever.

Review №32

Great place to stop and grab a bite

Review №33

Food and service both were absolutely excellent!

Review №34

Good food and fast service

Review №35

Burger King app a must have if your on the go I order my food and tell when I want itPay for it on my phone I walking tell the cashier my number and I'm out.quick and easy save money with deals on the app..I will be using it often..

Review №36

No iced coffee, no ham period anymore and no rodeo burgers period plus forgot both orders of hashbrowns on order, no wonder your losing business

Review №37

Burger King the king of burgers especially when it's fast food you can't get a bigger Burger so fast anywhere else and have it as good as the Burger King Burger I told you the Burger King Burger I like the Walla Walla Burger or should I say Whataburger

Review №38

Customer service ain't their Forte.

Review №39

Impossible Whopper is fantastic, tastes like the real thing! I've tried about every faux meat, this is by far the best. Staff asked if I needed my burger cooked separate from the other meat, it's great to see them accommodating religious beliefs & dietary restrictions. I was also allowed to fill my water bottle at the soda fountain (unlike McDonald's). Short wait time, friendly staff & very clean. Diaper changing station available.

Review №40

Love the 2 for 6 offer. Food was fresh. Friendly.

Review №41

It was really great

Review №42

I see that I am not the only one that experienced unacceptable wait time in the drive thru. Today I waited 25 minutes to get to the window! It took 15-18 minutes to get to order and that was only with two cars ahead of me waiting to order! Management needs to read these reviews and realize they have a problem with the drive thru. I saw 2 cars leave the line.

Review №43

Love the Impossible Whopper! Thank you for the Vegan option, of course made in the microwave not the broiler.

Review №44

Order wasnt right and the window girl did not offer to fix it 3 of my kids didnt get there meals but food taste great

Review №45

I have been to this location 3 times since it has opened and the first two times my food was over cooked/seemed old and the third time was better however almost cold and I didn't get my pies I ordered. I tried to find the number to call them but the only number was for a hotline. If I ever go back I hope that they redeem themselves.

Review №46

I know times are hard but our drivethru orders have been wrong more than right lately.

Review №47

This has absolutely, unequivocally been the worst fast food restaurant I've ever been to. Since they've opened I've been there often; possibly once a week on average. It is not an exaggeration to say they have gotten 60% plus or more of my orders wrong. This last time being "no chicken on my chicken sandwich." How do you forget the chicken on a damned chicken sandwich?? I do not know. There are plenty of burger places in Joplin, including another Burger King. This place is going to replace the order. But, it will absolutely be the last time they see my money!!I went today(5/28) and they did replace the entire order, plus threw in some fries and a drink. I still wont be going back there at least for a long while. There are just too many options, to go to a place that keeps getting it wrong. But, I did want to at least give them their credit for fixing the mistake.

Review №48

Bad! In 40 minutes of waiting they missed a lot of my order. They handed a customer a bag of chicken nuggets (in the white bag that the nuggets come in not a brown bag for whole orders). After they figured out that she was missing more than just one order of chicken nuggets, they took back the bag they gave her and put it back on the warmer. The same bag the lady was holding they then gave out to someone in the drive through! NO STARS! (They make you put 1 star to post) I wouldn't like some other customer that I didn't know touching my food!

Review №49

The soda machine wasn't working, but the food is tasty

Review №50

You could hear a lot of Gossiping going on behind the Counter. Although the Store was Very Clean and Crew Members were doing some Deep Cleaning while we were there! My Bun was burnt on my Chicken Sandwich. I let Management Know. Other than that everything was good!!

Review №51

Fast & friendly

Review №52

The food was good but after I got several miles down the road I realize they didn't give me the barbecue sauce for my chicken nuggets that I asked for or any ketchup that I asked for otherwise I would have given it a higher rating

Review №53

Teresa is always outside smoking cigarettes..where customers can see her..on her shift it takes forever to get the food.. The other day some gal by Cheyenne took my order.. talk about a attitude problem..gee she sure has one.. I tried of hearing her and Teresa talk badly about the other employees.. I just want my food/fresh and fast..

Review №54

Were told they were waiting for our grilled chicken and to pull around. Next 4 cars pulled around too. Took about 15 minutes. Got cold food including the grilled chicken we were waiting on.

Review №55

Good food. Nice new tables for the kids.

Review №56

I don't find this very professional. My girlfriend walked out of this place because she was threatened by a manager. She contacted the other manager and asked multiple times about her paycheck when $200 was withheld because they messed up the scheduling/hours when they we're training and Webb City before the Joplin store was open. I don't think this is very professional. This is disgusting and it is uncalled for. This is a boss at Burger King right now. Take a look for yourself. Her ex-boss threatening her.

Review №57

They were busy the day we went and they were so far behind we were almost late for judo even though I had 30 minutes to spare when I stopped in, the young man at the counter was seriously working hard to keep up and no one was helping him. I saw several standing in the back just barking orders. My order was wrong and the young man at the counter still took the time to fix it. His work through the stressfull situation and usually when I go there its always perfect is the reason I left a 5 star review

Review №58

Sara plays favoritism with her crew my friend worked there and she gives the best hours to her favorites... even though there are other good employees there that have been to work every day or have had a great work record. Corporate should not allow her to do that.My food was made wrong and they were really slow.

Review №59

This is an amazing Bk location. We just tried the impossible wopper and absolutely loved it. The food is amazing and the location is beautiful. Plus they have slushies!!!

Review №60

Okay what can I say about Burger King? I mean we're talking about the Whopper. I'm a hungry guy so I get the Double Whopper. Best burgers in town. Can't beat the service. If you haven't had a Whopper you haven't had a burger. Go for it!

Review №61

Good Whoppers

Review №62

Friendly people and love that they get it my order correct everytime.

Review №63

Been to this location a few times and haven't had anything but great experiences!

Review №64

Had an issue with our order, the manager and staff working went above and beyond to correct the error. Very pleased with the customer service. They treated us just like we treated them. Kindness on both sides goes a long way.

Review №65

We waited for 20 min 3 cars had to pull up that i could see. Then we were minus some items and kid going on a smoke break fries and nuggets were cold. It wasnt even busy nobody was in the drive through so idk, the were fresh thats about it.

Review №66

Hadnt been in years, was suprised by the selection on the value menu. Lots of "bat food" cheesesticks, cheese filled tater tots, onion rings, tacos. Service was good, food was great for what I paid. Place was clean. I'd go back

Review №67

The staff are friendly kind and the food is be very good

Review №68

After giving my order 3 times it was still wrong.

Review №69

Great food, great service.

Review №70

Gave them several tries and rarely was it decent. Each of my visits described below:*Entire lobby floor slimy and people sliding...*Ordered 5 tacos to share with my SO and they made fun of us.*Ordered in the drive thru, asked to pull to the front waiting on a chicken sandwich, 4 cars pass by and we get our food after about 12 min then they forgot the sandwich.*Went in to eat and they took almost 17 min to get our food to us and wasnt bothered by that*Workers gossiping instead of acknowledging there are customers.We wont be going back.

Review №71

Its ok... for fast food

Review №72

We waited 20 minutes in the Drive-Thru for our food and when it came out it was cold. I do not recommend this Burger King there are better ones out there!

Review №73

Nice to have the Burger King back in Joplin Missouri. Nice, helpful staff.Thanks

Review №74

Purchase impossible burgers and they were like eating cardboard they were so hard

Review №75

Went through the drive through and ordered 2 kids meals and 3 combo meals. The staff was really friendly and got our order right the first time. The building itself looks very clean and kept up on. Definitely a clean place to eat! Even with them being short staffed they only had us wait for less then a minute to get our food done, and packed up.

Review №76

Food was very good. Employees very pleasant

Review №77

Gross chicken nuggets

Review №78

Great stuff, very friendly! Good was cooked to order!

Review №79

Very good food! Costumer services were amazing! Short wait, not crowded, over all very enjoyable!

Review №80

Never can get cheese on my burger. And the onion rings must be a few day old.

Review №81

The Impossible Whoppers were hot, served quickly and just as we requested. I highly recommend this Burger King!

Review №82

Very good my food was fresh..

Review №83

First off my son loves BK and this establishment is the problem. It needs overhauled from GM down. Poor service, cold food, long waits, poor communication, and hygiene. It's worse then Webb City's. Burger King in the Rangeline Mall food court is a much better experience if your craving it.

Review №84

Good customer service and good food tried the Impossible whopper probably wouldn't eat again but it's good nonetheless

Review №85

Food was served promptly and most of all hot. My only complaint for the onion rings for cold.

Review №86

Not the best service but what do u expect

Review №87

I only gave it a one star because it was tlno zero option. Our visit was around 3:30 but the the food we received had to have been left over from lunch time. The burger appeared to be reheated making the bun stale and hard to chew and the lettuce was soggy and unappealing. Definitely will not be coming back!

Review №88

Very unorganized. Wrong food left off items. Manager yelling at employees and customers

Review №89

Food was great but the Dr pepper tasted like straight carbonated water

Review №90

Marcus wanted to say thank you so very much for your hospitality and the deserts for us waiting so long your awesome keep up the greatness you provide to customers when you work. We are the ones that ordered 16 tacos and 2 rodeo kings

Review №91

Friendly staffs, fast service. Nice and clean.

Review №92

Love Burger King. Decent customer service and good food.

Review №93

Brought Mom here to get her favorite Whopper & Crispy Chicken sandwich. Great service here and friendly staff.

Review №94

Was there today. Loved the cheese tots.

Review №95

Decent service, food was alright but not very impressive. Average for Burger King in my experience.

Review №96

I was told I could replace my order and when I got there I was informed that I had to have my receipt to be able to replace it just like the day before super long lines people waiting inside and outside on with people coming in from drive-through just to wait for their food. One man had to wait 12 minutes inside when you place order at the drive-thru

Review №97

It was a quick answer for me at lunchtime

Review №98

Have always enjoyed the flavor of Burger King in the past. The new BK on Rangeline in Joplin was poor. Definite full staff with one employee bouncing and jumping in front of customers loudly and proudly stating how energetic she was due to all of her consumed caffeine. With my 9yr old grandson, we ordered two whopper combos. The meat was not hot or cooked through; flavor was lacking. The fries were the star: hot, salty and fresh. Could have caught them at a bad time/day. Will try again. If poor visit next, wont go back.

Review №99

Good hot well made meal. I love whoppers so i may be biased but it was a good mesl.

Review №100

Friendly staff, food came out fast and it was freshly made, not sitting their for a while like some places. Great shakes, only thing I wished the shake where bigger.

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