Downtown Burgers
212 S Main St, Joplin, MO 64801, United States
Review №1

I really enjoyed the food it was piping hot and very tasty. I will be returning there. Great food at a great price. They really rock the great food out of there. Small little building next to the parking lot just South of Second Street. Very impressed!!!!

Review №2

OMG.... so good, love at first bite!

Review №3

Got a burger there, it wasn't great but it wasn't bad, solid burger. The meat didn't taste all that fresh, it tasted premade, which happens at alot of places. This place uses frozen fries as well, which is my pet peeve. Your a hometown burger place that sells burgers and fries, why not put in the extra effort and use fresh cut fries? Fresh fries change the whole vibe of the meal. Average burger place, I would go there again but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Review №4

Food is great for the price. Friendly staff. Always a quick visit and tons of fries lol!

Review №5

Super good. Super friendly.

Review №6

My fiance and I love this place! Maybe a little too much sometimes. People are always nice and conversational. Food is always accurate and tasty! Sometimes you have to wait a little longer, but not often. Even so, it's worth it! We appreciate the hard work of this small business and glad they are still there despite recent hardships. Thanks DTB! You guys rock!

Review №7

I so love this place! Their fries are the boom and their burgers sure aren't nothing to sneez at. There's times I'll just go to get a family bag of fries for myself because Im craving them.

Review №8

The girls are the best customer service in the area even when they are swamped, take the time to make you feel like family. Best ol fashion burgers in the four states area.

Review №9

Great burgers at an affordable price. The ladies are a fresh breath of realism. We've not been disappointed.

Review №10

Yes great burgers I eat there now and then. I have no problem with service.when does the winner of the two cheeseburger meals get posted.

Review №11

The burgers are absolutely phenomenal, as is the service. The fries are amazing, and the special is priced exceptionally well. You can't miss eating here.

Review №12

Really great burger and they prices arent too high. They offered a good deal for the daily special.

Review №13

Great service and great burgers!! I will definitely be back.

Review №14

Staff brightened my day and my burger was absolutely THE best in town. I'd describe more but it would take away from the experience. Yes, its that good. ;-)

Review №15

This was sooo good. The burger was good, little dry, but next time I'll just ask for extra sauce. The fries, though? God the fries were delicious. The ladies in there were charming and sarcastic. A lot of people on here seem to have a problem with that, but they were genuine and fun, and I left with the biggest smile on my face. Definitely will be back!!

Review №16

Food was amazing! If during rush hour, call ahead before time.

Review №17

Greasy, old fashioned goodness. I love it.

Review №18

Great burgers and great service! love grabbin a quick bite here.

Review №19

I had to wait 45 minutes for my food, and when I finally got it they were cracking jokes about the wait. All of the food we got ended up tasting bland and stale. I used to love this place but after this experience I'll never give them the time of day again

Review №20

The burgers and fries are Amazing! It's hard to believe such great food comes out of such a little kitchen, but it does. Once the staff gets to know you, they will tease you relentlessly, but that is just part of the great atmosphere. ;) If you want health food, go somewhere else. If you want great food, go to Downtown Burgers.

Review №21

Delicious burgers and fries. The ladies inside are friendly and welcoming. Would definitely suggest giving them a try. Love it!

Review №22

Great service lovely staff and amazing food if your looking for authentic American burgers this is the place

Review №23

Great people. Great food.

Review №24

Great burger. Quick and yummy.

Review №25

Love their burgers and fries.

Review №26

Great cheeseburgers as always. Our Grandson that lives n Michigan is here & he thought they were great & the fries.

Review №27

The food is delicious and the price it right, but dont order delivery unless you have hours to spare. They told me on the phone it would be 30-45 mins, but took over 2 hours. Driver was dismissive of my wait and unapologetic. Ill keep eating there, but never delivery.

Review №28

The place is small, but the food is not. Everything is made fresh to order and is worth every penny and more. Love this place.

Review №29

Oh my God one of the best hamburgers you will ever have comes from this little itty bitty tiny Hidden Gem on Main Street they also deliver now this has got to be the best burger I put in my face ever it is just amazing I suggest everybody try this it is not the healthiest option on the menu however but it is that good stop and give him a try see for yourself

Review №30

Food is always good, but staff acted put out this time

Review №31

They have great burgers and get it to you fast!

Review №32

Love, love, love Downtown Burgers! Simple, juicy burgers with fresh fries. It's close to impossible to improve on their food and service.

Review №33

Amazing burgers. Staff is the best. Fast delivery. Love the seasoning on the fries!

Review №34

Drove by and saw the place and figured I had to try it and was very much happy to have stopped. One of the best burgers that I've had in a long time.

Review №35

We took Route 66 and stopped here for a bite to eat. The staff was amazing!!! Fun, friendly, and genuinely loved their job!! The food was generous and very good. Definitely recommend this place, it's worth the stop. You should be sad if you pass it up.

Review №36

The greatest homemade hamburger place in Joplin. The prices are very reasonable. The food is generous portions.

Review №37

Was nearly 4 pm. We were only customers. The burger was good but the size was not $3.90 worth. I am a small eater. It was delicious , I wolfed a double down in double time.Then went to Casey's for ice cream cone. So that alone tells me we need more meat for the money!!!

Review №38

Great food and nice women

Review №39

It's a good place to eat

Review №40

Great food for a reasonable price. I always end up full when I order their daily special. I would recommend ordering ahead if possible though, the lobby is very small and can be uncomfortable if other people are waiting too.

Review №41

Burger was good! Was my first time and probably could use some extra fixins, but that's my own fault. Be aware that there is a small wait because burgers are made to order so calling ahead would probably be best. Will need to try again sometime.

Review №42

Burger and fries are awesome. Delivery time and the service i received from the driver was absolute trash. Ive been ordering food from this place for over a year and 50 percent of the time their delivery has taken over 45 minutes. Seems like something they should have figured out by now, but i have no complaints about the food what so ever.

Review №43

They have amazing food and outstanding servics. Employees there are super kind and friendly. Loved this place so much that its become my new usual spot during the 3rd Thursday events.

Review №44

Its everything you could want in a greasy spoon. The food is consistently delicious. I would recommend calling ahead, because they can take a while sometimes. I would also recommend asking for the fries (which are ) well-done. Still 5 out of 5 for me.

Review №45

It reminded me of Gene and Judes from back home in Chicago. REALLY good fries. the burger was a burger. it was good but wasn't super WOWING. disappointed that there was a single slice of bacon.when you get a bacon cheese you expect to get BACON. not just one slice. im definitely going to get from here again though! maybe ill get a double.

Review №46

The food is awesome and the people are friendly.

Review №47

The burgers are amazing. The staff is very sarcastic almost to the point of unprofessional.

Review №48

The best burgers in Joplin hands down

Review №49

I absolutely love Downtown Burgers! First, I love to support local businesses as this is one, but their food is always very consistent. It's cheese burgers and fries, right? So who cares, right? is iconic cheeseburgers and fries made the right way every time and the staff is TOP NOTCH! I love the pig and bull (bacon cheeseburger) with a generous helping of fries. And for dessert I eat the cheese of the paper. Yum!

Review №50

Hand made burgers and great fries.

Review №51

Great burgers...

Review №52

Burgers are allways good!

Review №53

Great burger joint! The burgers are the real deal and not the "generic meat" you get at big fast food chain! Very generous with portions and you can even add an egg or ham on your burger!

Review №54

Good the best of the best I know what I like is the best women and burgers how together

Review №55

The staff is SO nice—they have remembered my name since my first visit in over a year ago. The food is excellent, but when you match that with great, friendly customer service—you win! Love you guys!

Review №56

Great service.

Review №57

This is an amazing place for good burgers and the prices are amazing. My daughters loves it. Will always stop here!

Review №58

Great food, great costumer service and friendly service

Review №59

Perfect every time. 4 farm doubles 2 double chesse burgers 2 fries. 40 bucks.

Review №60

Very good hamburgers and fries to die for.

Review №61

Seen this place and i have tried the fries here are joplins best ill drop a picture next time because im going back the fries are the best and for a reasonable price gonna try one of there cheeseburgers as well top notch food ..

Review №62

This is the coolest little place. The food is delicious, staff is friendly, and the value is very good. The tiny building is just the right size for the cool factor. Call ahead and order will serve you well.

Review №63

Love the burgers! Convenient location, speedy service, and reasonable prices.

Review №64

**They deliver**, (edit: Google rejected the addition of delivery. Go to where it describes the place and shows amenities > bottom "suggest changes" > bottom for offerings ungrey and blue check "delivery". 3 reports makes it happen!) Amazing food! Amazing prices! Authentic af for so cheap, fast food just got wrecked.

Review №65

Always a great little stop to make! They are always so friendly and fast and tasty

Review №66

Always great service and good prices . Quick too .

Review №67

Super great burgers and fries - wonderful, friendly staff!

Review №68

This review is SOLELY based on how I was treated. I called in a delivery order and was told to call back when their driver got there. I decided to use a third party delivery service as I was on a time crunch but had heard this place had the best burgers. They refused to accept the order from the third party for about 20 minutes. I reached out on Facebook and got ridiculed for using a third party and not letting them deliver to me directly (even though I attempted that first)...then, my order was wrong. I ordered one plain and one with just onions and they both came fully loaded which seems intentional at this point. Due to severe tomato allergies we were unable to eat them because of the ketchup. When I reached out i was told that I was not their customer, I was the third party's customer and that I should use them directly next time to avoid issues. The handwritten ticket from them had “plain” and “only onion” written on it and my receipt says that as well..not sure how that has anything to do with the third party delivery service. I threw $25 away, basically...and they were not concerned in the slightest. Even if they have the best burgers in the world I will never give my business to this place again. I feel like they stole my money to prove a point. Customer service goes a long, long way. Super disappointing because multiple have recommended them to me but I have neverbeen treated this way by a business.

Review №69

Always great for a lunch date Best burgers in town!

Review №70

Delicious burgers and delicious friesGreat customer serviceFelt very casual and inviting

Review №71

Good burgers. How good? The good where we take a 1/2 day off so we can get to Joplin (from Dallas) in time for a bag of burgers good

Review №72

Love this place they r quick and have really good food... I have to agree with the sign they have cuz they really do have the best burgers in town....

Review №73

This place rules

Review №74

This place is absolutely AMAZING! My husband and I each got a delicious, large, freshly grilled double cheeseburger- I had the double farm burger (ham, bacon, egg, pepperjack cheese and two hamburger patties- you have to try it!) and two massive portions of deliciously seasoned fries. He got a fountain drink and I got a Mexican soda, all for less than $16. Very filling and not gross like some fast food. Friendly staff. I highly recommend it.Also, they deliver anywhere in Joplin for jist $1.The only downside is seating- only poorly lit outdoor seating is available.

Review №75

Great place stays busy good burgers

Review №76

Excellent food excellent service

Review №77

Good greasy burger

Review №78

Fast, friendly and the best fries in town!

Review №79

This is a great burger stand. They have great service and delicious food. I guess your a regular if you don't have to order when you go in.

Review №80

Went there for the first time today. Very good burger and fries! I'll be going back.

Review №81

Excellent burgers

Review №82

Fast and delicious

Review №83

Great little place for some awesome burgers.

Review №84

Always amazing, the ladies are always kind and smiling. I've never had a bad experience ever, not even when the city had tore up the street right in front of them. Yes, they get busy but what do you expect with awesome food and great friendly service!! I have shared this little slice of heaven with my daughtersd who are living on their own and they even say that Downtown Burgers is the best!!

Review №85

Great food and staff and management are very friendly as well as prompt on orders outside seating only but location stays shaded and cool most times of day I got here once a week at least they have a great kids menu which is 4 and 5 year old approved 100 stars different grading system but still valid lol keep up the great job y'all #1!boygus

Review №86

Stop for lunch ordering the sow & cow (bacon cheeseburger) double patty. Food was excellent. Also got a fries and a drink. The burger was small but the fries were large. And again I was still hungry after eating there. My advice if you're hungry get to Burgers.

Review №87

It was my first time there. the young ladies were very nice. business appeared very clean. Food was reasonable in price. Quality was excellent. everything we want with a burger. we will return.

Review №88

Great burgers & fries!Call order ahead if you can. Small space, picnic tables outside to eat.

Review №89

Always fast and so so yummy!!! Really well priced and so so so worth it

Review №90

Great food good price

Review №91

Get their double pig and bull with cheese and some fries you won't be sorry you did. They are fast and the best burger joint in town!

Review №92

The burgers and fries here are always great, the staff are friendly and always cheerful. The place is always clean and tidy. Outdoor dinning on the side of the building.

Review №93

Best burgers in Joplin hands down! Believe me I have tried them all.

Review №94

These guys know how to make a burger. Offering delivery was a great business decision. This will be a staple in Downton Joplin for years to come. Dont visit downtown Joplin without trying a "Farm w/Cheese" itll change your life. As well as being a great Keto option offering egg buns.

Review №95

Fantastic burgers, delicious fries, good service, crowded place from when we visited. The only problem was the lack of tomatoes and lettuce from the moment we ordered our food. Other than that, it's a fantastic place to eat a burger.

Review №96

Our work place orders food from here at least once a week. Fresh food, quick friendly service. We absolutely love Downtown Burger!! The Burgers are always just the thing to help us get through the day, and their FRIES! OMG their fries are so so so good! Keep being awesome.

Review №97

Good meal. Limited options but they know what they're good at and stick to that.

Review №98

Amazing burgers. I bought one and ate it and then about 10 minutes later had to go back and buy another one because I really couldn't stand not to eat two.It's basically in a closet so there is no place to sit barely a place to stand to wait for your order and the pace seems pretty brisk with lots of customers packed in but well worth it as it does not take long and the people are very nice.Honestly not sure what makes these so good it's just all the components are Done Right simple ingredients served hot and fresh Burgers don't get much better.

Review №99

They have the best fries in the WORLD.

Review №100

Good fast Friendly Service. My Roommates Loved their fresh Burger's. Good first impression for them!

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  • Address:212 S Main St, Joplin, MO 64801, United States
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  • Phone:+1 417-726-5260
  • Fast food restaurant
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  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Takeout Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
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  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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