818 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64801, United States
Review №1

Carol is the most amazing at customer at service!! with me being in management for 10 years it just come by habit to make a sure the individual is making the customer happy, and carol and her staff will make you feel right at home just using her drive-thru. Thanks for all you do you and your staffers amazing!

Review №2

Very dirty. Good parking lot Friendly Staff. Cleaner than normal. Had a Big Hot Ham 'N' Cheese with Beer - Battered Onion Rings very Delicious. Best lunch l've had this week. Breakfast this morning was delicious. Had a Frisco Breakfast Sandwich with Coffee.

Review №3

The attendance at the window was cordial and the fast service amazing. We travel from AZ to Illinois every year and we make sure to stop there and always great service. Thank you so much.

Review №4

My family of 4 ordered 2 kids meals and 2 $5 All-star meals. The cashier who took our order seemed nice but is new I think. She had to correct our order a few times and ask who appeared to be the shift manager for help and he was very rude to her! I felt so bad for her. When we got our order each of the kids meals had 1 and a half chicken tenders in them each. Not sure what they are supposed to come with since they don't even have them on the menu. However, I'm assuming that can't be right. Also, I asked for no onion or mustard on my burger and it came wrong. The manager fixed it but was rude about the whole thing. He didn't apologize or seem like he even cared. He was not very nice to his employees about it either. I was overall fairly dissatisfied with my experience at this Hardee's Location. I will probably call in the morning when an upper manager is available because I feel bad for the employees who have to work under him.

Review №5

Food tastes like it's been sitting a long time! Wait time is ridiculous! And customer service is awful.

Review №6

The drive through was the only thing open (understandable during the pandemic) but the speaker box was broken. So we had to pull to the window to order. They didn't have a menu there, so we ordered what we thought would be a decent burger. Instead it was thin, parts of it were falling off and it was more like a decent snack than a good burger. Overall disappointed.

Review №7

The only reason they got two states is because the food was good but their service sucks

Review №8

Friendly staff and good food. Could be a little cleaner.

Review №9

Wish I had known it was drive through only. biscuits and gravy is not something you want to eat in the car. otherwise, good hardee's food.

Review №10

The sweetest most cheerful lady served me a delicious warm burger. Delightful

Review №11

This place is horrible I sat in line for 15 minutes before she would take my order then it took another 25 minutes to sitting in the drive-through line with only one car ahead of me to receive some cold meat and stale fries. There was no superstar service here.Plus the girl at the drive-through is handling cash with the same gloves on as she is handling food cross-contamination

Review №12

My rating fell from 5 stars to one star after an incident this morning. My friend needed to use the restroom this morning. He went inside and a foot and a half to the right he went into the restroom. A few minutes later he comes out. I decided to go through the drive thru and order us a steak biscuit and a soda. As the lady was handing me our order she starts hollering at my buddy for not wearing a face mask just to use the restroom.Little did she know, my friend is deaf and has other health issues that prevent him from being able to wear a face mask.Since this is how the employees treat their customers, they lost my business.Maybe before you just holler at someone, maybe you should get to know their situation first. I'm glad my buddy couldn't hear her. It didn't offend him but it DAMN sure offended me.This happened Thursday July 16th around 5:45 am at the Hardee's on Range Line in Joplin Missouri.

Review №13

Food was made fresh for us service was friendly and fast all around excellent

Review №14

Love that I can eat 24 7

Review №15

Loved the people, so sweet! As sweet as my sweet tea!

Review №16

When you are on your way to work and have to wait around 15min for ya breakfast , come on Hardee's Gotta do better on drive thru tines

Review №17

So I'm in Joplin Missouri under stressful circumstances it's late I'm hungry I see a Hardee's I pull up to the drive-thru and I'm glad I did the service was just a touch slow but the lady who serve me was just as nice as could be and the burger... Wow I haven't had a Hardee's in about 10 years best burger I ever had... On a side note I found out the reason it was a little slow was I caught a right in the middle of cleaning the deep fryers so five stars to you Hardee's at 818 South Rangeline Road Joplin Missouri

Review №18

Great food poor location in good serice

Review №19

Love the loaded biscuit yum yum

Review №20

Good service fresh food!

Review №21

Great food speedy service

Review №22

Was a very long wait,with no explanation, plus very rude!!!!!!!!The guy at the window was rude and was so slow he got our drinks wrong he didn't know how to count change had to a calculator out of pocket to figure it. Then had pull forward to wait on our food so we did, and watched seven cars behind us get there food and we set there for about twenty mins waiting, So I went and asked for our money back the guy that was there was a different one and he was very rude slapped the counter with his hand loke he was mad. I will never visit that Hardys again.

Review №23

Food was decent and edible. Service was slow.

Review №24

This place is disgusting. None of the employees wash their hands, I recently just got food poisoning from here. DO NOT EAT AT THIS FAILING BUSINESS!!

Review №25

Always good. We eat here often. Fast and fresh!

Review №26

The food is always delicious and reasonably Priced. You can usually find some kind of deal such as a 2 for $4

Review №27

Drove from wc because i needed a loaded omelet biscuit. Sandwich had literally a tablespoon of filler on the biscuit. Won't be going back

Review №28

Decent fast food, friendly staff. Good variety on the menu. They even brought our order to the table. Unusual for a fast food place.

Review №29

So....the closest Jack in the box is in Tulsa and when I get a sourdough fix, I go to Hardee's and get The Frisco Thickburger. It is very similar to the Sourdough Jack from Jack in the box and comes with two slices of Swiss cheese, two strips of crispy bacon, and sliced fresh tomato, all on buttered and grilled sourdough bread spread with onion-flavored mayo. I also ordered small fries and a water as i am trying to cut back on sugar. The fries were hot, fresh, crispy, and salted to perfectioin! The 8th street Hardee's location is clean and they crank out orders fast. The staff seemed to be very friendly and during idle times, everyone was staying busy. If you ever have a sourdough jack fix, get the Frisco Thickburger from Hardees!!!Sidenote, anyone else like to eat their fries first???

Review №30

Was disappointed when an expensive order wasn't correct had to go back through the drive thru however they did correct it

Review №31

Long waits and my order was missing a sandwich, didn't notice till I was home 35 mins later.

Review №32

Was a good burger

Review №33

Slow but people nice

Review №34

So I got the new garlic thickburger, along with the garlic fries which is just a dollar extra. They brush the Texas toast with a buttery rich garlic sauce that is mind boggling good. The fries same garlic sauce with cheese for a dollar well worth it found myself licking the sauce out of the box! Highly recommend picking them both up you won't regret it.

Review №35

Fast and good food

Review №36

If 0 stars were possible that's what I'd give this place. This morning I couldn't here the guy taking my drive thru order. When I told him he said it wasn't his problem. I didn't expect you to be able to do it but pass it on to management. Then when I asked for a handful of Ketchup an salt they put 3 Ketchup an pepper in my sack. NO WONDER THEY'RE NEVER BUSY THERE

Review №37

Close to home and always a decent place to grab grub after a long day. Note there have been times that orders have been messed up but as with anything in life be vigilant about it and you will be happy with the food. When in need of a quick bite the all star menu gives a great variety of cheaper options.

Review №38

I almost remove the star from my last visit I sat in there for a good 5 or 10 minutes without anybody coming up to me it was before they close about 45 minutes before closing time they already at the restaurant cleaned up and I don't know what the people were doing but no one greeted me for a good ten minutes I just stood there like baffled

Review №39

Went to drive thru. What 15 minutes and still didn't get asked for order so I left. Will not go back!!!

Review №40

They always have coupons in the newspapers so ppl can get IMPOSSIBLY good burgers for HALF OFF!

Review №41

Tried their plant based burger. It was pretty good.

Review №42

Love the mushroom swiss

Review №43

I love Hardee's but this place is the exception to that. The employees have no customer service skills and mess up my order literally every time I come through (no special orders). Their biscuits are never in one piece and usually missing half of the top. I never call to complain but this last time I did and went back to "fix" my order. They told me I would have to come inside to fulfill the incorrect order. Meanwhile it's pouring raining kids in the back seat and I explained that to them and all I get is "sorry". I will not be going back and you shouldn't either. Off your wanting Hardee's go to the other one on Main Street!

Review №44

Biscuits and gravy is always good

Review №45

Food was okay, got the wrong item though...

Review №46

Long wait but food is good

Review №47

Best food for fast food.

Review №48

I went through the drive-thru and got a Mushroom Swiss burger combo it was delicious and the service was fairly quick

Review №49

Food was good, just a really really long wait time and they were skimpy on the fries. I understand sometimes understaffing occurs, but being acknowledged at the payment window goes a long way. I sat at the window for about 10-11 minutes before being acknowledged then was told to please pull forward and they'd bring my food out to me. The lady who brought the food was very nice and apologized for the wait time which was nice.

Review №50

Very clean on the inside. Order was made very quick and service was courteous.

Review №51

Its ok

Review №52

Really poor service. I don't understand why they find the need to smash my hot ham and cheese. Almost Everytime.

Review №53

Great food.

Review №54

They are always out of stuff every time were there.

Review №55

Personally i still call it Carl's Jr. But no matter the name or location they always have great food and deals

Review №56

Very slow service this morning

Review №57

I've been to this location a couple times and it was terrible the first time but the second time more then made up for with outstanding customer service and great quality food! If I went again it would be around lunch time hours!

Review №58

Stopped for a drink

Review №59

Fantastic, love the mushroom/swiss Burger

Review №60

Another Keto diet friendly place . Try any hamburger as a burger bowl . Great ! And they have Coke Zero .

Review №61

Drive thru was a little slow I placed an order for some chickens strip and told I had to wait on it .

Review №62

Love the chicken tenders and the ones that I've been to have pretty decent service

Review №63

Good cheap breakfast. Great service.

Review №64

My favorite breakfast. I save it for special occasions or I would be there every day. Today's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit was one of the best ever!

Review №65

Good food, great prices and amazing staff!

Review №66

Best chicken tenders

Review №67

Made me fresh onion rings. Great double thick burger too.

Review №68

Quick service....wish food was fresh

Review №69

We had biscuits and gravy and it used to be it was hard to cut the biscuits but today is biscuits were awesome highly recommended biscuits and gravy

Review №70

Great food. Competitively priced. Restaurant was clean and well stocked. Overall great experience.

Review №71

Fast friendly service .. Always willing to make sure your order is correct...

Review №72

Determined staff and great burger

Review №73


Review №74

Wasn't bad, wasn't great. Price to high on big ham and cheese.

Review №75

Always great service. Always.

Review №76

Great food and friendly staff

Review №77

Best roast beef and swiss cheese sandwich

Review №78

Food and service were good

Review №79

Biggest hamburgers in town.

Review №80

Good food . Fast service.

Review №81

My son and I go here a lot for their $5 boxes. There chocolate chip cookies are the best

Review №82

Always good. Love their breakfast it is the best out of all of the fast food places.

Review №83

It's ok for fast food. But it sucks when you don't get everything you paid for. You need to check your food before you leave

Review №84

My Dad would say" If you can't say nothing good, don't say nothing at all!

Review №85

Love love love the biscuit and gravy breakfast! Coffee always hot and wonderful

Review №86

They mess up orders worst than McDonald's good chicken sandwich

Review №87

Person in drivethrou was nices.

Review №88

Love it

Review №89

Drive thru was a bit slow due to lack of help...but staff were very kind and apologetic. Our order was correct and hot and fresh so we didnt mind the wait.

Review №90

Awesome food compared to the others

Review №91

Very good food, and awesome curly fries

Review №92

Going inside has always been a much better experience than the drive thru. People are always very nice and not afraid to talk to you like some places.

Review №93

Really rude over the phone.. They were nice in person that's a plus

Review №94

Door was still locked after 5:00 am and so I knocked. The woman came to the door acting foolish. I let it go and went in to only be ignored and never waited on. I turned around and walked out.

Review №95

Employees need more customer service training.

Review №96

Went thru drive thru, love the food! Almost worth the higher price. *Wink

Review №97

Great place get a milk shake

Review №98

It was very hot. They were rude when we said it was hot the general manager said it was cold and air was on but there was no air moving and food was terrible

Review №99

Avg. At best

Review №100

Great customer service really good people loved it

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:818 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 417-782-1253
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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