Dragon Hibachi & Sushi Buffet L10
1858 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, United States
Dragon Hibachi & Sushi Buffet L10

Review №1

Very nice decorated buffet. I loved it. Some of the food I took was cold.Self service is awesome. They charge for the soda in the price.No hibachi was there, I think it's because of the covid but all other buffet has the hibachi open.Customer service is great.But for the food I am putting 3*.

Review №2

Good selection of food. Very sanitary in how they are handling indoor dining.I like that you pay first so you can just leave after.

Review №3

Good food, friendly people and good prices. Mask up and have a good time.

Review №4

First time at the place and I was so excited because everything looked so fresh and beautiful. The food was bland and cold. Definitely not fresh. Left disappointed. I didn't ask for refund. But I thought about it. Drove from reading to this place because the reviews are mostly positive. Not worth it.

Review №5

This buffet is very nice. I came here years ago for a family dinner to celebrate my cousin's birthday, and today I was in the area so I decided to try it out again! First I went to Barnes and Noble to get a new book, and then I relaxed and read my new book while dining. They took proper precautions during the pandemic, so face masks were required at all times except when eating, tables were seated to adhere to social distancing, and they gave you gloves to use when getting your food. All the dishes and utensils were disposable and plates were cleared away promptly after setting them aside. And the food was all delicious! Seriously, usually there's an item or two (or many) at buffets like this that seem ...questionable... But all their products were clean and edible! A great experience all around :)

Review №6

Highly recommend this place. Very nice. Food is great. Very clean place

Review №7

It's the same restraint as before... good enough to eat... average in taste and quality... lots of grocery store level sushi, hot and cold selections and soups... and you get to eat as much as you want...At this time, you must wear a mask (they sell them at the register) and they give you a pair of cheap plastic gloves that you must wear when getting food.

Review №8

Nice buffet especially for the price! Sushi is fresh , nice hibachi station and they're normally busy but not to the point where you wait for a table for too long. You also normally don't have to wait long for any of the many selections of food they have. They seem to put new/ fresh food out all the time. Highly recommend.

Review №9

Food and variety was great! Social distancing was good. You do need to wear masks and gloves when making your plate but take them off when back at the table. I have a big family and everyone was able to find something they liked.. even the picky ones.

Review №10

Very large dining area. Social distancing was easy. Food very tasty. Could have been hotter. Will go back again. Nice place for large group.

Review №11

Went there for Sunday lunch. Required to wear gloves (supplied by the cashier) and a mask while getting food. Some tables were marked as "do not use" to help social distance. Hibachi bar was not open. Buffet bars were well stocked and very clean.

Review №12

Delicious as always and the staff is nice. Tables are consistently kept clean for space.Minor complaint about some foods being overcooked, but you get to know what foods are best. Never a problem with undercooked or cleanliness, though.

Review №13

Normally a very nice experience except this past time that my wife and I went. I was still eating my food when a waitress took my plate, fork in hand, stunned.The next plate my wife and I finished sat there untouched for about 10 mins. Maybe she was new and needed to find her 'happy-medium'

Review №14

Great all you can eat Chinese variety. I could live off the spicy tuna roll. For 2 adults and 2 kids it was $38.

Review №15

I was very dispointed in the quality of the foods. I used to enjoy eating there . At this time the fish I had was very funny taste on it and the food was very cold and ice cream was melted in the box...

Review №16

Quality and taste is not the same before March, everything tastes the same bland sauce.All items are chicken items and very few choices. Used to be regular but will not come back.

Review №17

Excellent food and service you can't go wrong if you choose to eat there.

Review №18

Awesome food. Just delicious. They have taken better preventative measures in stopping the spread of covid than most restaurants I have been to

Review №19

Everything i got on my plate looked fresh but didn't taste like it. Me and my husband left within 10 minutes and walked out. Did not even ask for refund

Review №20

Love Dragon! It is my favorite place to eat. Sushi, crawlfish, squid, clams, soups...just love it all!! Great food that's almost always full in each station. Always hot. I will keep going back as often as possible.

Review №21

Love the food and the service! Everyone is always so nice when I come in and there's always a great selection of food to choose from.

Review №22

Very clean restaurant with very good food. We got the lunch buffet special and it was really cheap. I think we paid like $24 for me and my fiancee. Go check it out!

Review №23

Great food ,clean and friendly. The bathroom was also very clean.

Review №24

Been here many times and am in love. Food is soooo good, great variety and favorites ♡ Favorite buffet in Lanc ♡

Review №25

It was my fist time there tonight. Everything was delicious, and great variety!

Review №26

Since the covid they take care of people , they make sure you wearing mask and they give gloves to take the food.

Review №27

The baked scallops were a 9/10 great!! The bean dumblings could use more work.

Review №28

Food is delicious and there is a wide variety of food

Review №29

They have great food. Anything from Chinese to American. There's a WIDE variety of food to choose from. The place is extremely spacious, and I believe they allow you to host parties...? There's a mini dance floor. It is always clean in there, although there are many employees constantly scurrying through the place to keep it clean. The price is great, the same price for a certain age group. You definitely get your money's worth. The waitresses are always attentive and friendly.

Review №30

So it turns out it is possible to do a Chinese Buffet where everything, and I mean everything tastes fresh and delicious. Thank you to All who make this buffet possible.

Review №31

Great food with variety, definately try out their selection of sushi.

Review №32

Good variety of food itemsWell laid outLooked neat, clean, and hygienic

Review №33

Food is better than most Buffet Restaurants, but their Covid-19 precautions are a joke. If you want gloves for each other rip through the buffet line, you have to beg your waitress until she begrudgingly gives them up.

Review №34

Great food. And prices and service. Been going there for 4 years.

Review №35

The food is ridiculously fresh and delicious! There was a line out the door and the price is more than reasonable.

Review №36

Great selections of Chinese, Sushi and stir fried choices. Drinks are included in the price and tips as well. The place is relatively new and clean. Staffs were pleasant and quick in taking away dirty dishes and refilling trays of food. Overall, very good value with reasonable quality of food in a semi relaxing seating will sure bring us back when we are in the area again.

Review №37

The food was good and not over season..

Review №38

Good chinese food and buffet is amazing and they have dine in which is amazing and friendly and kids will love it too

Review №39

The food was good, and what a great price!Check out the strawberry mousse dessert! yum!

Review №40

Good food. Big variety. Nice employees.

Review №41

It's a nice Chinese buffet to go. Good food.

Review №42

It was very good it was excellent food prepared well

Review №43

I agree with other reviews! Def cleanest food place I have been to since covid hit!

Review №44

Great buffet. Sushi is really good for all you can eat, not mouth drooling but if you want some variety or to try it out it's good. Plenty of hot food selections. Do a quick internet search for a coupon if you want to save a couple bucks, it gets pricey for a family.The place is clean and the team is friendly. It's about the only Chinese place I can get the rest of my family to eat at even though there are much better non-buffet places close by.

Review №45

Great place to be wowed, while being served your meal. Made right in front of you

Review №46

The food here is absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. I've been to Lancaster quite a few times, and never really gotten quality ethnic food of any kind.Not only was the food here top-notch, but clearing of the plates was quick, everyone was extraordinarily friendly, and it was spacious enough that it was easy to get around in a buffet. And don't even get me started on the amount of dishes they had, whether you want sushi or fried goods or just come for the desserts there is a huge selection. Even local ice creams were available if you weren't feeling something very exotic. We'll definitely come again and get the chance.

Review №47

Good food, nice place, good price. This place is a nice pleasant place to eat. It is clean and well kept. The traffic lines are open and not tight (important for a buffet).The food is standard buffet fare. Typical Chinese items. Decent quality, but nothing shockingly good. There is an ample selection.They have a good selection of sushi and my daughter (who enjoys sushi) says that it was good.The price (for lunch) was reasonable. $9.99 as of Jan 2020. We found a 10% off coupon, so it was even a bit less.One nice thing - they had scoop ice cream rather than just soft serve. Nice touch as the other desserts were a bit lacking.

Review №48

Great food. Lots to chose from.

Review №49

The people here did well with the social distancingThere was plexiglass at the cash register. They were at least 50% capacityThe food is great as always and they used paper plates and plasticware and gave you a set of gloves so you're not touching the utensils after somebody else

Review №50

Options slightly limited due to Covid, but still delicious. Masks when moving about and all utensils, cups, etc are disposable.

Review №51

It was my first visit and I don't really have anything good to say... There was no greeter or waiter. Those that were around, did not even look at us. When you go in, you pay at the front desk for the number of people with you and it's left up to you to find a place to sit and eat (which we were not even told to do). We just awkwardly stood around and then had to ask the person who rung us up if we could go sit down.Everything looked fairly clean and the food didn't taste bad, but it was mediocre. There wasn't much variety, the sushi bar was sloppy, and no one came to take away our finished plates. As the night went on, I spotted a roach crawling along the buffet counter. Yikes! My friend and I left immediately after that encounter. 24 hours later, we both ended up sick (stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea). We will never be going back to this place and I highly recommend going elsewhere.If you want better food, good service, and a larger selection to choose from I'd recommend the Manor Buffet on Lincoln Hwy. It cost the same and you'll have a much better experience.

Review №52

Always our favorite spot for Chinese food. If you're in Lancaster this place is a must

Review №53

It is yummy! some stuff is not very fresh tasting but other stuff is super tasty! choice is good and free drinks is awesome. seating is easy and bathrooms are pretty clean

Review №54

Super clean especially with everything going on. This is the only Chinese buffet I will ever eat at again.

Review №55

Great food friendly atmosphere and great customer service

Review №56

Fantastic Chinese buffet ! So so many options, from sea food to chicken, delicious food. Plenty of variety in appetizers, entree and deserts. It's Huge ! Aisles and aisles of food. there are different Asian cuisines and not just Chinese. Unbeatable price ! This is my go to place ! Highly recommend it !!

Review №57

This was actually incredible value for what you get. The quality of the food for buffet style eating is high enough that you feel you made out better then they did. I will give them that...

Review №58

Always enjoy eating here. unfortunately the covid has closed buffets in the state.

Review №59

Always good food. The hibachi grill is the place to start. Jume whips up anything you wish into a tasty dish with your choice of sauce from mild to hot. From there there are literally dozens of prepared dishes to chose from and the combinations are close to endless. They also have a large sushi bar with mounds of fresh shrimp (if your into that) and about 20" of deserts and salads... not counting the selfserve ice cream cart.P.S. check the local weekend mailers, there is usually a 10% off coupon there or on line at localflavor website.

Review №60

Nice variety. Clean. One soda machine always seems to be out of ice or soda. Never seems to be won ton soup when I go. Other than that, nice selection. Great price for value.

Review №61

A calm and serene atmosphere. Great for a family outing. The food is always delicious and kept at a good temperature. The staff is always polite and are quick at keeping your empty plates off your table. They never rush you out.

Review №62

Good service quality food

Review №63

Food is so fresh and tasty

Review №64

Nice family restaurant. Food is okay, not the best or fresh tasting. I did enjoy the sushi more. Front staff which was an young man was not nice at all. He did not greet us nicely or responded to our greet. Waitresses were nice and attentive. They cleaned off our table of dirty plates in a decent time.

Review №65

They have a lot of great food to eat.

Review №66

A solid Chinese buffet with something to suit everyone's desires for lunch or dinner. You often see fresh food coming out of the kitchen and their sushi is quite tasty.They often have coupons that come out too! Definitely worth visiting when in Lancaster.

Review №67

I am a truck driver and drive all over the north east of the US. This is by far the best in my opinion of all the Chinese buffets that I have been to.I can say I have been to alot and this one always has me coming back when I'm in town!

Review №68

My favorite Chinese buffet. The variety of foods is great if you love seafood, including lots of both fish and shellfish. All the items you'd expect of a regular buffet are there too like fried rice, General Tso's Chicken and sumptuous dumplings. Where they distinguish themselves from other buffets in the area is the food you won't typically find elsewhere.The hibachi is fantastic and typically the healthier option if you pick the correct ingredients. There is also a full salad and dessert bar as well as hard-serve ice cream. The sushi bar has a wide selection and I have only ever come across one or two pieces that weren't fresh. Actually, freshness might be the biggest selling point here as any time any item seems the least bit undesirable the tray is swapped out with fresh food.Service is hard to judge here as everything is self-serve and the hostesses only clear the plates but everyone I've run into has been professional and helpful.Final tip: on Saturday (and possibly Friday) there is bacon on the Hibachi so you can have bacon stir-fry.

Review №69

Delicious variety of food and very clean and neat

Review №70

Lots of capacity even every other table. Great food.

Review №71

It was great, not sure why the service was horrible today

Review №72

One of the only buffets I feel comfortable eating at. As a self proclaimed germaphobe, buffets are not something I frequent. I am always worried about getting sick from either improper food handling or just general uncleanliness of buffets. This place is far from that though. I constantly see workers cleaning and changing food and nothing ever stays dirty while it is always busy. The food is good quality and the price is reasonable for the quality and cleanliness of the buffet (i think its about $16 a person). If i had a "negative" to say about this place it is that it is CRAZY packed. The picture attached is from mother's day dinner that my mom had sent me. Even though being busy is also a good thing because it means they are delicious!

Review №73

We went for a Friday night dinner and everything was very good. A wide selection of foods to please adults a kids alike. Self-serve drinks was something different for a buffet but a nice option. All of the food was good. My husband got a plate from the hibachi bar. He said the meat selection was top notch and a good selection of other foods. Next to hibachi was my favorite section, steamed items. The taro buns were heavenly. I could go on and on about the selection but better yet just stop in and see if for yourself.

Review №74

For what it is, it's really good. Buffets are sometimes not that great, but this one is. It's always clean, the food is always refilled, and even if there is a line to get in, you get in pretty fast. The food is really tasty as well with a big selection!

Review №75

Good food, fresh seafood lunch reasonably priced

Review №76

It's sad the hibachi bar is closed, but the manor buffets bar is still open.

Review №77

Food is always fresh and replenished, very big and open. This place has a very large assortment of food and of all kinds. Both the buffet and the Hibachi grill are always clean. Staff aren't very talkative though it may be the language barrier. The price is reasonable but could be a little cheaper or they could run specials or coupons. I don't have any bad things to say about this place...

Review №78

Great food good prices and huge selections

Review №79

My partner and I have been going here for years now and love it every single time. Definitely worth it compared to other buffets in the local area! There is so much variety amongst the buffet options. The dining area is huge and has a very contemporary look.

Review №80

This place is good! They have plenty of different things to eat, tasty hibachi, and it's spacious and decently clean. Staff is semi friendly but keeps the tables cleared very well.

Review №81

Great food great prices. Check it out.

Review №82

The food is good and the place is very clean

Review №83

The food is good. Busiest times are best as the food is fresher. The staff is NOT friendly. I have trouble walking, but was made to sit in the section with steps.

Review №84

One of my favorite places to eat! The food is always fresh, tastes amazing. Service is good, they don't let plates sit on your table... Overall I love it!

Review №85

Probably my favorite Chinese buffet! The hibachi bar is always delicious and has a great selection (the teriyaki sauce is the best). There are a lot of options for sushi, all of them are good (not amazing, but better than most buffet sushi). Pretty much everything else is really good, too. Definitely get the chocolate/espresso cake!

Review №86

Everything is perfect. Serve safe is perfectly followed. Bathroom is good and clean. Staff are professionals. Prices reflect quality but still affordable. Follow me on YouTube CDLPICKER

Review №87

Best and largest Chinese buffet in Lancaster County, IMHO. Buffet includes a huge variety of food. The raw and cold seafood buffet is large enough to have it's own area. The desserts and salads are in a large buffet. The salads include marinaded asparagus that is very good. I highly recommend you arrive earlier than you plan to eat as there is always a wait. In fact, I've often seen the line of people extend out the door and onto the sidewalk. But believe me, the food is worth the wait. This restaurant is popular for families, small and large groups. The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable.

Review №88

Even though there was a long line at the door, it did not take long until we got in and had a table. There is a great selection of food as well. I enjoyed the time there.

Review №89

They really did this place nice, decor classy plenty of room for partys. Food was good but the sushi was amazing...

Review №90

Above average Asian buffet. Huge variety. Definitely get your money's worth. 4 of us with drinks $63. Just wish they'd season the shrimp but I've yet to find any that do. Crawfish was a nice touch.

Review №91

Wide range of well prepared Asian food...some more healthy than others but all very tasty! The large seating area helps you not even notice how many people are around.

Review №92

One of the best Chinese cuisine places ever!!! They have the best sushi (and a huge selection to choose from!!!) I have ever tasted!!!!

Review №93

I love their bean buns, fresh seafood and sushi. The wait line can be long on a busy day but the food is worth it. My kids love trying new foods and there are plenty of traditional Asian cuisine options if you already have a favorite. I highly recommend this place for a quality dine in experience!

Review №94

Very good food at very good prices. We had lunch the two of us for under 30 on a Saturday. Best buffet I have been to in a long time.

Review №95

Had a great experience here - multiple times. We have been to this place several times with large groups over the last few years. They are priced reasonably and were very accommodating. Even when we ran a bit late they had our place saved for us. Food was tasty, had lots of choices, available in plenty and buffet was replenished quickly. Highly recommend this place!

Review №96

This place can't be beat. Asian cuisine comparable to the best restaurants in the area, but all you can eat. The price is right yet the lunch buffet is very affordable. Why choose fast food when you can have such healthy food for less.

Review №97

This place has gone downhill quick! Used to love this place and love the hibachi! Now it is dirty and they are always out of food or soup or bowls. The hibachi takes forever my and steak was completely black on one side because it forgot to flip it. My husband's food was also completely burnt and they didn't offer to make it again. All of the workers are rushing and seem to be in bad moods. Very disappointed with this place and really would rather not go back.

Review №98

Great food and reasonable prices.

Review №99

I want to preface by saying that the food itself seemed like it would have been very good, if not for the big glaring problem: it was all cold. My guess is that they are trying to save money by not heating the steam tables all the way. The food that came out of the kitchen was nice and hot and tasted good, but the majority of it was cold from sitting out. Thats just not acceptable when paying almost 16 dollars for a dinner buffet. Also both soda fountains were out of ice and the young man at the front register was very rude and dismissive. Will not be back.

Review №100

The rudest restaurant customer service I've seen in my life even food wasn't good at all. So when I went to grab some crab then the server stopped me from eating it to make sure if I was paid for dinner or lunch however nobody even told me about that.Not professional at!I feel so bad for coming here today.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:1858 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, United States
  • Phone:+1 717-617-2488
  • Buffet restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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