Buffalo Wild Wings
718 Delta Commerce Dr, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
Review №1

Cant beat wings.. lemon pepper sauce was ok. I think the dry rub would be better

Review №2

Justin was such an amazing and very professional! We definitely appreciate your caring, dependable and efficient PLUS attentiveness with us today made a huge difference on our visit today at this location from all the way from Los Angeles, CAAlso, he knew exactly how to provide top customer service! 5 STAR SERVICE!Thank you so much Justin!

Review №3

Food is usually good but this has got to be one of the worse places for to go services.. Twice in the last week the food was wrong. I even told the manager this and all I got was a "oh we are sorry, have a nice day", I work in the service industry and I have never seen managers that seem to care less about the customer. I would def suggest to go to the one in East Lansing if you have a choice. (also management seems to not to care to much about wearing masks, many times I've seen servers walking around without masks). Only giving two stars instead of one cause the food is tasty.(when it is right).

Review №4

Some of the worst service I have had, the "waiter" took so long to bring our drinks from the bar that we went and got them ourselves, the hostess brought our food and we got our own refills from the bar. So all he did was take our order. Food was okay, definitely not worth the hassle.

Review №5

My wings were only half covered in sauce. I wish I could order Asian zing wings and they would actually be Asian zing wings, not half Asian zing and half plain.

Review №6

I walk in for an order i put in to be curbside. I was never asked my car make or color so I called upon arrival. I was told to come in even though I ordered curbside. There was a group at the counter discussing what they where going to order. So after 10 minutes of the people infront of me finally decided. My food had sat there the whole time on the counter. Instead of just ringing me up and letting me enjoy a hot meal. I had to sit and listen to people discuss the 4 orders they places. Needless to say my 30 dollars in wings where not hot and a big disappointment! I think I'll take the drive to East Lansing for now on. P.S. I Can't help but notice the owner has a copy and paste response to every complaint. It didn't make me feel like an appreciated customer. I'm not going to any links . I simply was sharing my experience with this establishment. Not looking for a free anything. More importantly I was hoping others wouldn't be treated the same way I was .

Review №7

We ate here on a Tuesday night at 7pm. The service was poor and the food arrived about an hour after we ordered. 3 out of the 4 orders were cold. Only one person wanted to send it back, and they didn't get their food until everyone else was done eating. There was no Manager to be seen; certainly none ever wandered by our table. Overall, a poor experience and I won't be going back. I recommend you consider other alternatives in the area.

Review №8

Fries cold. Wings hot (temp.), taste was good, but texture was very bad it felt like I was eating alligator chicken. Cheesecake very good. Ignored at the front desk by Taylor.

Review №9

Horrible wings. I couldn't finish them and I was still hungry. I can't believe that they have the word wings in their name and they sell such terrible wings for high dollar. #notagain.

Review №10

Sadly I with there was an option for no stars. Our order was 30 minutes over ticket time. Then it was delivered stone cold, with a good amount of the order missing. No dipping sauces or sides for our wings, my salad was missing as well as my extra sauce. horrible.

Review №11

The diversity of the staff is wonderful. Pretty much everyone is a member of the LGBTQ community. So diverse. So brave.

Review №12

The food was great customer service was fantastic I really didn't stay to eat there cuz I wanted to watch the game at home

Review №13

Great hot wings! Expensive beer. Worth a visit for some of their hot wings.

Review №14

Possibly the worst meal we've had in years. Took nearly 2 hours to get 2 plates of kids food that was cold, a "nacho" that she said sat too long and had to be remade which consisted of a pan full of crumbs with maybe 20% covered in cheese 5 jalapeños and one spoon worth of "pico" directly in the middle. Then when we finally got our wings, I think we got three out of the six flavors that we ordered, the other flavors were just random,, and the waitress had no idea which was which since they were all just thrown on one plate together. Possibly the worst part of this is that nobody there cared even slightly about the fact that no part of the meal was even close to satisfactory. Absolutely awful, I used to love BDUBS but this experience will likely be our last.

Review №15

Service was great and most of the food was good. Burger was overly greasy and sloppy. I had to use a fork to eat it.

Review №16

Good specials, decent prices, and always pretty good wings/sauces, particularly the Jammin' Jalapeno.

Review №17

It was alright, the chilli on our nachos was cold. They got rid of the Hot BBQ sauce which really bummed me out. There wasn't very much sauce on my wings either but they were ok. The quality has gone down.

Review №18

I was so looking forward to a meal, not a small greasy snack with a few fries.

Review №19

So I ordered some wings today, and not only did they short my order, but when I called to ask for a credit or a replacement they put me on hold for the manager who left me on hold for over ten minutes before I gave up. The food I got was good, but the inability to fix their mistake has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Review №20

Biggest violators of the 6 foot social distancing than ANY OTHER restaurant I service. Always people standing in the entry way and management is not doing anything about it. This has much improved

Review №21

Waitresses was great food very good. I will return very soon.

Review №22

We waited over 30 minutes for soggy brisket nachos, 20 boneless wings, and potato wedges. My nachos came out 10+ minutes before the wedges (still over 30 minutes after we ordered), then 10+ minutes later my husband's wings. There were a group of kids in the corner who were super loud, swearing, playing musical chairs, and I was ready to leave before our food came out. Our waitress was sweet. We paid full price, didn't complain, and tipped well. But not a good experience because of these factors. Not sure what was going on in the kitchen or who's job it is to tell kids they're being disrespectful in public.

Review №23

I ordered 3 combo wing boxes. Each was supposed to be two flavors. None of them were correct and when I called no one answered three times. Never going here again. Also, when I picked up my food their workers had bad attitudes. It seemed like the manager was serving, cooking, and bussing which is great but Lord someone go get a job there and help them out!

Review №24

Very disappointed. We usually enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings, but today after taking home a to-go order we discovered our fries were uncooked and soggy and our wings were barely tossed in a sauce that was incredibly watery. To make it worse, the bottom box was smashed into the bag, so the water sauce was everywhere. The taste was very mediocre and not worth the price.

Review №25

No menus. You have to have a smart device to look at menus. My kids don't have smart phones so we had to pass the phone around. I guess staff is too lazy to be able to wipe down menus so it is easier just to get rid of them. Service was horrible...the bartender was also our waitress and felt like we were an inconvenience to her the whole time. Tone of voice and the looks we were constantly given and the slow service makes me think twice before revisiting. I am sorry if it took us awhile to figure out what we wanted because we had to pass a phone around that only shows one item at a time and then you have to go to another screen to see the description of the item. Pandemic is not an excuse for poor service and bad customer experience. Food was just ok.

Review №26

Literally every single time I order doordash from here they mess up my order. I've called them multiple times about the exact same issue and it still happens every single time.

Review №27

Me and my boyfriend enjoyed our second date here! We went crazy but we loved our server Alexa! She was the bomb she made sure that we had our food hot and ready she didn't hesitate to ask if we needed anything else more so yes I would recommend going to Buffalo Wild Wings for a date night and I appreciate the cook that came out to service our meal I've seen them come from the kitchen I was ecstatic you bless me and my boyfriend with the best night of our lives please keep up the great work you guys are amazing don't dull that spark and you guys will stay on top thanks again

Review №28

Service was great, food was excellent. Food took a long time getting to us (about 30 minutes) for 3 of us.

Review №29

The food was great. But for anyone who is not tech savvy they have eliminated paper menus. You have to scan something on the table to download the menu onto your phone. It was kind of frustrating.

Review №30

Great food amazing service all arpund great people there

Review №31

I was disappointed to find that the two times I have ordered pick-up from Buffalo Wild Wings that the wings have been dry and cold. The quality of the wings have gone down ever since I have ordered with pick-up. I recommend that you check the wings that are provided before taking them home to enjoy.

Review №32

The staff is wonderful and patient, the worst experience I've had is with the middle aged crowd that visits weekend nights and openly insults the staff when they don't get the royal treatment because the place is incredibly busy. The girls at the front desk deserve credit, they put up with the worst attitudes from people and they're still always smiling. Service is always 10/10

Review №33

Service was terrible. Order wings took 40+ minutes to get them out out waitress blamed the kitchen was back up but people that sat done minutes after us had there food within 20 mins of ordering with a different waiter. TERRIBLE.

Review №34

The wait staff at this location was very attentive, food was great!

Review №35

Service was good. Distancing and cleaning was observed. Food was warm and timely.

Review №36

I went here for lunch and it was fast and a great deal. I was actually surprised at how good it was also! I got the street tacos, which was three tacos in a flour shell. They had an amazing tasting sauce that just had a hint of heat to it. It was like a queso. Then it had fresh veggies on it. I got potato wedges as my side and those were really good too. I also found out from my server that the roughly $7 meal included a drink!Overall I was really pleasantly surprised. I hadn't been to a Buffalo Wild Wings in some time. I went there to meet some friends that work on the West side of town and it was a great place to just walk into with a group of six without any trouble.Others in our group were pleased with their entrees too, all in all a good experience and will be back for lunch there again in the future!

Review №37

I'm a independent driver that does deliveries for this business frequently. the guy at the front desk with glasses is the absolute worst. Every single time hes working my deliveries are 20-30 minutes behind schedule due to him rather being on his phone than do his job.

Review №38

Cold beer courteous efficent service. Great Atmosphere

Review №39

Awesome place to eat, foods great! The service is even better!

Review №40

Great beer, great service, friendly staff, clean restaurant and bathrooms, nice environment for hanging out!

Review №41

Floor was very dirty hopefully they sanatize the tables better, food took forever and waitress never got us any napkins even after asking would not recommend

Review №42

Several times we go here and things always seem to be missing or wrong. Wings are never really spun covered in the sauce and the boneless are often over cooked. Today, Husband picked up the fathers day meal we ordered and my 6 boneless wings were missing. The food is so sub par, the only reason I think it exists still is because of the "company" name. There's got to be better places for wings in the area that cares to get stuff right.

Review №43

Good wings, lots of TVs, staff friendly and good location.

Review №44

Hit and miss on timing of orders and being ready. Great wings otherwise

Review №45

I asked for extra sauce on my wings. I got bone dry wings with barely anything on them. This is not the first time it happened. When I got more sauce it was only a tiny cup which will barely give me the regular amount of sauce I should have gotten already. I've learned my lesson and given this place enough chances. It shouldn't be this hard to get decent wings and sauce from a wing place.

Review №46

Good food poor service this time which is not usually the case.

Review №47

I had a good time at buffalo wild wings, I had a waitress named Bethany and she really made my experience a good one!

Review №48

Buffalo take out is the worst.. Fries ice cold, onion ring's ice cold. Brisket sandwiche didn't have the sauce on it and was the sloppiest. The lady at the counter was extremely rude, didn't seem like she care to take our order. I'll probably never go back which is extremely disappointing because we love this location but not anymore. This is the second time recently that the food has been extremely horrible.

Review №49

Unfortunately, my husband and I were both huge supporters and patrons of this location until COVID-19. We had two bad takeout experiences in a row, be it bad food (wings with very little sauce on them, smashed ranch cups, and stale tasting tater tots) and waiting almost double the stated time for the food our first try, or the second try when parts of our order were completely missing. But we were charged for those items, and they were on the receipt on the outside of the bag. The food was more what we have come to expect from this BDubs, but we have been waiting on our refund for over a week now to our credit card for what we paid for but did not get.Once COVID-19 has subsided, we will try again to have a sit down experience. Because prior to these two takeout orders we have always had a great experience. But as of right now, I would not recommend their takeout. If you feel like it is safe to venture in for sit down, I bet you will be happier with your experience. Seeing as I am high risk, I will be waiting awhile to give one of our favorite places another chance before deciding not to go there anymore.

Review №50

Hostess had poor attitude. Said there were no booth seats. Could clearly see there was. Sat us at a table that was still really wet from wiping the table down. Almost like they never rung the rag out. Other then that it was great!! Great waitress and great food!

Review №51

I had two major issues with the resturaunt tonight, one of public health and one of poor customer service. The first is a major public health issue. At least 2 wait staff and a cook were not wearing masks on their face while serving guests and making food. The bartender was not either, while being very close to patrons, and was touching his face while making drinks. Not only was this disgusting and makes me not want to eat there, it is also against local and state executive orders.Secondly, I received abysmal customer service. I ordered my meal with a 10 PM pickup time, arrived at ten, and did not receive my food until 1030. The order was incorrect, with my 10 piece with half sweet bbq half honey bbq, fries, and carrots containing no carrots and the wings that were supposed to be honey bbq had no sauce. I called the store and the manager offered to have it remade with a pickup time of 11 pm. I arrived around 11 and told the staff I was there, and it was not until 11:20 that I was told by the manager that he forgot to give the kitchen my order. In addition, he asked if I wanted carrots or celery with implied as for the wait, even though a lack of carrots was part of the original remake as that was part of the mistake in the 1st place. I didn't end up recieving my order until 11:30. It still wasn't 100% right as I received carrots with celery instead of carrots.So in recap, I am very dissapointed with the store. Not only was there the public health issue of staff not wearing masks to serve guests and make food/drink, I also spent a combined hour waiting for my food after the scheduled pickup time with the orders not being completely right either time. Very poor customer service.

Review №52

Our waitress was awesome. Place was clean. The new bathroom door opener with your foot is amazing.

Review №53

I don't know why I keep coming here expecting something different. Horrible customer service & I somehow always end up waiting for my carryout food that comes out cold. All of their employees seem frustrated and let you know about it. On top of that, lots of anti-mask bros walking around in there.

Review №54

Great food however i heard the cooks Are not wearing mask of hairnets cooking the food! Which is a major health violation

Review №55

The drink was awesome but didnt like the bbq sause

Review №56

Service was great, beer was cold and food was good!!

Review №57

Great service. Friendly waiter and awesome atmosphere! Came for a birthday dinner with my girlfriend and her child on Saturday and got right in.

Review №58

Wings wings wings woo, I love Buffalo Wild Wings, Boneless and Traditional Wings, and their variety of wing sauces. Yum yum yum

Review №59

We went to celebrate my son's 31 birthday we had a blast!! But only because we're a great family and can have fun anywhere we are celebrating as long as we are together. Our waiter gave us attitude right off as if he'd never served a 7 top table before, the food was in my opinion.. mediocre at best, at least what received, the birthday boy didn't even get his entree if you can believe it and the SOCO was watered down so instead of spending the $300 we planned on and $100 tip we went to another bar for drinks and left the waiter who couldn't remember my son's dinner a lousy $14 tip on a $126. Bill.

Review №60

Love the hot wings. This was the only place I did carry out during the pandemic.

Review №61

Usually a very clean location great staff and i have never had poor quality food

Review №62

What you expect, but service was slow. Our waitress was nice, but too busy to check in often. I wouldn't say the visit was terrible, just a busy time so the service was so so. Husband had wings which were great, daughter had mac and cheese which wasn't Kraft and was pretty good. I had a crispy chicken roll up that was not good. The chicken was cold and dry. The salad that came with it was so cold I could hardly eat it. Doubt it was made fresh. Do like all the TVs that allow you to watch multiple different games

Review №63

BWW..Too expensive now...excitement gone..Wings cheaper at Applebee's....Ignored Tiger game for LA Dodgers game..

Review №64

Good service and great food. Friendly staff.

Review №65

Required to go in and pay there. Bunch of people waiting in the lobby . Register person taking payment with mask around their neck. Seriously!! Thought would start supporting but not here again...

Review №66

Can't beat B-dubs for boneless wings. They charge extra for the celary and ranch, which is a bummer, -1 star. Otherwise, great food. Lots of TVs, so if that's not your thing then stay away. Clean bathrooms, polite staff. Generally quiet around lunchtime.

Review №67

Great experience, friendly bar tender and great service

Review №68

My first time eating there and even though it was packed and very loud, it was great! The long wait for our food was honestly worth the wait. I didn't catch our waitresses name but she was awesome! Will definitely go again!

Review №69

Nice place clean fast service

Review №70

Made an online order and never received my sides of ranch or the carrots and celery.

Review №71

Stopped in for snack size boneless wings. These are not wings at all; small pieces of chicken white meat. Got 8 pieces for abt $9. Got small coleslaw with a thicker creamy vinaigrette dressing. Restroom was clean. Table service was quick and attentive. Good selection of draft and bottled beer. Many large TV screens. Sound off, no captions showing. Plenty of free parking. Open late until 2am. Large dining area.

Review №72

Order is correct when I pick it up. What more could I want.

Review №73

I work here so of course I suggest to eat here BUT I don't suggest working here

Review №74

Buffalo Wild Wings was amazing! It wasn't my first time at one but this one made my experience so much better. The food was prepared and served better, the service was amazing. And it didn't take long to come out and be served. It was also pretty clean. I went with some friends and we all had a great time. Watching sports and being able to talk to one another. It is very good spot to take family or friends because it makes it much better. The food was also amazing! I had order traditional wings and the sauce I chose was Asian Zing. And the flavor was amazing and so was the kick or “zing” that I got while eating it. For my side I had Buffalo Chips which were basically a fry but was in a circle like a chip. Which were also very good. Not to soggy or soft either. And for my appetizer I had Beer Battered Onion Rings. They probably were the best onion rings I've ever had. I highly recommend that you come here.

Review №75

Food is always great. We love the boneless wings. When we diner last... service was great until our server left.... The gal that took over was not so much attentive to us. She would come check on her table next to us. And I would have to flag her down for another drink.. which our table of 6 would've continued to order more drinks but got tires of waiting. So we asked for our bill. Finally brought to us. Then waited and waited for her to come back to cash us out. Again she returned to her table that was already hers and again had to flag her down. Was pretty frustrating on our end. And unfortunately for BWW's our bill was not as high as it would have been had we continued to get service.So instead we cashed out and went somewhere else and spent money there. Sorry BWW..

Review №76

Great service and great food all around. Definitely gotta try the beer battered onion rings and parmesan garlic traditional wings.

Review №77

Waitress was AWESOME. The food was OK. My husband's burger was really good, I had to send my chicken wrap back, it was stone cold. The manager made it right for us. Will be going back. It was hard to carry on a conversation due to the loudness.

Review №78

Make sure you get your entire order, they'll short you multiple times if you let them

Review №79

Waited over an hour for food. No refill on drinks. Food never came. Left when the waitress said we didn't have to pay and offered us dessert while we waited. Apparently the computer had a problem... There was a group of 20-30 angry looking people in the entryway waiting for takeout. Would not recommend this location.

Review №80

Today me and my husband decided to try Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant for the first time. And it was so good. Very impressed. The waitress was great, suggested multiple things & they all tasted incredible. Even the drinks we ordered tasted perfect. We will definitely be back and recommending this to family and friends

Review №81

great wings great sauce great food great serviceGreat job BWs!

Review №82

DO NOT GO HERE!! I would give this place a zero rating. The worst buffalo wild wings experience me and my family have ever had. We went in for lunch with friends and ordered 50 wings to go when half our table received their lunch order..... it took over an hour to get our wings. Only 10 tables had customers and the largest table had 6 people, needless to say, they were not busy. Other people came into the restaurant, ordered food and drinks, finished their meals, paid their bills, and left while we were waiting. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Review №83

I have never tried this place for Sunday football, I know what was I thinking. I went there and now I'm hooked every Sunday that I have off. I can watch football anywhere but the service from Emily the bartender is by far the best in Lansing!! Always a warm smile and the second time I was there she knew what I was drinking (sprite). Will not miss a Sunday off watching football again!!

Review №84

When I first started going here, it was fun and the food was great. But I don't think I will be visiting this establishment any more. And for two reasons. The first is they did not renew their NTN contract (which would keep me there for hours). And the second is the wings seem to be not as good as they once were.

Review №85


Review №86

Excellent Customer Service And The Food Was Fire

Review №87

Bad service and what's worse- their draft beer lines are not cleaned/maintained resulting in rotten sour pours even from the high end craft beers. Shameful...

Review №88

We got there and waited for an hour. We went in to get the food and there were a lot of orders sitting out. Our food was cold and the chicken was fried instead of grilled. Literally all we got was an order of fries and a wrap. This is not the first time this has happened.

Review №89

Clean environment... Beverages tasty... Good choice in grand ledge, Michigan.

Review №90

The most inconsistent restaurant ever, dry, tasteless, overpriced wings.

Review №91

My waitress was awesome. Great service. Front door girl behind counter did not say hi or bye though.

Review №92

The wings where awesome i haven't had a bad experience with them ever

Review №93

Servers was amazing nice and clean location. The wings were good need more sauce it's seemed like it was lighty brushed on. The rest of the meal was so-so.

Review №94

Great food and service! Great selection of beers on tap as well! Wall to wall television's for extra entertainment!

Review №95

Entire order arrived at the same time-appetizer, salad, entree. 1 entree was wrong, wings room temp and salad had a lot of brownish lettuce. Corrected entree arrived and still was not correct and by the time it arrived, my husband was finished with his dinner. Server only checked on us 1 time. No manager came over.

Review №96

Gave us cold food. This is completely unacceptable. Someone needs to learn that food is meant to be hot when picked up not cold. Won't be coming back for awhile.

Review №97

It's a typical Bdubs! I have been here twice, with a little bit of mixed experiences. the first time was very quick service, and the food was cooked very well! The second time, the food was great, but it took about 20 minutes for the food, which isn't under their promised 15.. Besides that, I applaud you bdubs, so delish!

Review №98

Great waitress good food

Review №99

I always loved there food

Review №100

Service is hit or miss as far as friendliness. But its buffalo wild wings so beer and wings can't complain too much. Plenty of TV's, spacious. And those parmesan fries are my favorite

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:718 Delta Commerce Dr, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 517-886-9464
  • American restaurant
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Sports bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–1AM
  • Friday:11AM–1AM
  • Saturday:11AM–1AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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