Cheddars Scratch Kitchen
5719 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
Review №1

We went to Outback Steak house the week before, and it couldn't hold a candle to Cheddar's steak, or even their sides. The staff was friendly, the food was perfect and only 1/2 the price of Outback. The ambiance of the restaurant was even better. Cheddars is really one of Lansing's hidden gems. Please support it during these difficult times. They will provide you better did for less $.

Review №2

This place is absolutely amazing. The ribs fell off the bone. My steak was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The cheddar fries were amazing. Can't forget the croissants with the honey butter. Everything we have was delicious. Our server Amira was absolutely amazing. Will definitely take the hour drive from Clarkston to eat here again

Review №3

Omg, the food is so good. They have these honey butter crescents hot and soft love them. Unfortunately, they only give you one complimentary one per person you have to order more. I recommend the broccoli cheddar that's really good. The salmon is just simple but still really good. Also the buffalo tenders are really really good got those to go. O and I forgot the best part my drink tasted so good, Loved It! (can't remember what it was called though) kinda makes me think of the Berry Mango Daiquiri at Red Lobster if you've ever had one but better. Hope you have a good experience. K, Bye!

Review №4

Delicious homemade cooking! The pot pie is one of the best ever! Yummy salads. Great kids selection too.

Review №5

The waitress sucked horribly service. The food was good drove here from Detroit not good enough for me to return. But James came at the end of the day and saved it for us. He's there on Sunday's ask for James.

Review №6

Loving the family bundles they have for takeout. The Ranch dressing is so good and they always give plenty extra when requested. Honestly it's been a long time since I have been 100% satisfied with a restaurant takeout and they have killed it everytime throughout this covid lockdown.

Review №7

LOVE the ambiance. Super friendly & attentive wait staff! Our waitress was amazing with customer service

Review №8

This is some of the best restaurant food I have ever had, period. The venue itself is nice and has a great atmosphere, but the food is the clear highlight. Prices are great, serving sizes are enormous, and the taste is possibly second to none. You'll have to pair for extra croissants which may be a turn off, but honestly that charge may have saved me from myself.

Review №9

Nachos on a previous trip was excellent. Ranch is superb. Ribs are average but everything else I've tried has been worth it. Great breading on the chicken too. Server even offered us to go cups for our pop.

Review №10

The prices was great the dinner was on point. The ribs was so tender I had to get another slab to go. My 1st time there, I can't wait to return again. Amazing service a cozy spot to take your Lady.

Review №11

This place can seat a decent group of people, and while busy you can get your food at a decent time. Their broccoli cheese casserole is amazing. I recommend this place.

Review №12

Allison who help us today was a home run and she is awesome! From all of us at JamPictures love this place and staff and the food is out of this world! And the PRICE is great for what you get. Allison - thank you thank you for helping us today, huge thank you!!! God Bless and we will back soon!

Review №13

Amazing food, great prices and friendly staff? That's a triple threat right there. Ps their steaks slap

Review №14

This place has the most amazing Bacon cheddar fries! My favorite appetizer! And well they dont have there Spazania anymore they still have great food there burgers are very well seasoned yum!

Review №15

I ordered the lemon pepper chicken with rice, green beans, and a side salad. The salad was the only item that was tasty. The lemon pepper chicken is usually delicious, it was not seasoned like it usuallu is, I could have made a better chicken breast at home. The green beans were half done. They were not cooked all the way. The rice is usually good also, the rice was almost like the five minute rice that you make at home. Not to mention: all of the food was leuk warm. Everything was rushed. The food was not cooked with love. Not a good experience for me.

Review №16

Not sure of their situation but slow service by our waitress. The waitress next to us helped us out just as much as ours. Our waitress looked like she was hustling but rarely at our table. Food was pretty good

Review №17

Awesome food. Server was nice and helpful. Cheesecake wasn't all that great.

Review №18

Baked potato soup was delicious and My CFS was good also. David was spectacular and made my daughter's birthday dinner with family memorable.

Review №19

My son had surprised me with lunch .The steaks were AMAZING cooked to perfection in a nice garlic butter and the sheet corn was tender and juicy.Definition a belly filler and a great priceSocial distance is practiced so make sure you put your mask on if walking around.

Review №20

Even with the pandemic Cheddar's is making sure that the place is clean all of the waiters are wearing masks they still have excellent prices and great food the salmon was to die for

Review №21

Great food and service. We will definitely be back.

Review №22

Absolutely fantastic place! The spinach dip is amazing! Will definitely return.

Review №23

Besides our food taking a very long time to show up, my steak being medium well instead of medium, the waitress returning to our table without the condiments that she originally left to get on two separate occasions and the incorrect bill being brought to our table afterwards, everything was awesome. At least they were practicing social distancing.

Review №24

Drink's are good food kinda sucks broccoli casserole was powdered and not fully cooked

Review №25

Always good food and friendly service. Great experience everytime.

Review №26

Currently unavailable due to covid but the Wisconsin cheddar bites are arguably the best cheese appetizer anywhere. Everything I have ever ordered here has been delicious and generous portions.

Review №27

I had the ribs an tenders combo with fries and southwest green beans. Everything was very good and hot when it arrived. Service was beyond excellent and would definitely recommend. The monster cookie made for a great bday treat as well!

Review №28

Food was excellent, wait staff not so much. When I got up to bag my leftovers. I stepped into what look like strawberry sauce,and my foot did a little slide. Only then was it cleaned up, and I was there between half hour to 45mins

Review №29

Very courteous and clean establishment.. Food was amazing and quick after ordered..

Review №30

Great place !..I love there drinks. Good prices and the food is amazing!

Review №31

Unexpected find. Good food. Good service. Good social distancing

Review №32

Ok good lots of breading if you get anything fried.

Review №33

Food Was Great High Quality and Portions were A good size

Review №34

Easy check in. Place was clean. Social distance guidelines were followed. Chicken pot pie was absolutely delicious!

Review №35

I was plesently surprised with the low prices since the food was so good.

Review №36

Food was good as was the service I didn't say great because towards the middle to end of the meal waitress disappeared. Left us waiting to find her so we could all for the check and boxes. Food was delicious love the croissants their way of challenging Texas road House I guess. Although, you only get 2 but they are divine! I had the chicken Alfredo it's was so good; the other dish was some kind of Louisiana pasta. I tasted it, it was also tasty! Always recommend this restaurant along with the drinks I had the Texas strawberry margarita over ice instead of Frozen.

Review №37

Fantastic wait staff! Always pleased with the food. And the interior is very welcoming! One of my favorite places to eat out even though the nearest one is an hour from where I live

Review №38

Food was delicious and service was quick. We went on a Thursday night. The chicken fried steak was a bit bland but everything was enjoyable overall.

Review №39

The honey butter croissants were a tad messy but they were absolutely exquisite!! Would recommend

Review №40

Absolutely love the chicken tender platter, very generous size portions. I personally couldn't eat it all. Nice variety of drinks, I loved the Strawberry Texas Frozen Swirl, it was fruity and delicious. The staff is great as well. My family and I love Cheddar's. Yum!

Review №41

This place has fell off over the years. There was a time when everything that came to the table was exceptionally good. I ordered the country fried steak which was pretty good. Mac n cheese was just ok. Sweet potato casserole & string beans was lousy. Muffins & cornbread were near cold. There were a few others in our party that wasn't very pleased with their food (meatloaf & dumplings.) Our servers were awesome!

Review №42

Service waa not the best, Im usually super happy with Cheddars, not so much this day

Review №43

We had a short wait for a table due to Covid-19 restricting allowed capacity. Otherwise, we had good service and great scratch kitchen food. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №44

The food was excellent! But the waitress needs to put some things as priority like salt and pepper when your meals there or coffee you need creamer not. 10 minutes after you asked for it where you got half of your meal ate or half of your coffee gone.

Review №45

Awesome food. Really cool and unique menu. Lots of gluten free options. Bar drinks are really good. Their rolls are really yummy. I got the dijon chicken and mushrooms. Everything was fresh, not canned. Tortilla chips are hot and the prices aren't too high. Cheaper than Applebees.

Review №46

Good food. Good service. Good variety.

Review №47

Enjoyed dinner here with my family. Very clean, social distancing and friendly staff.

Review №48

Lemmon pepper chicken on that bed of rice broccoli casserole im not even going to speak on the croissants. All I have to say is very delicious.

Review №49

Food and service was great. They are doing a good job with all that's going on

Review №50

Amazing food and drink. A nice laid back atmosphere. And great servers even during a pandemic.

Review №51

Best place to get great buttery croissants. They come warm and soft to the table! And the chicken dinner is absolutely perfect! Favorite place to get a warm meal for comfort lol!

Review №52

Food was good. Our waitress was great!

Review №53

Customer service was awesome and the food was great. Social distancing was wonderful and the waitress including our family were masked up.

Review №54

Servers are overworked, food was passable, noise level was excessive but great location.

Review №55

Family bundle was a great price! The chicken tenders was ok but had less flavor then I remember from dining in. Mashed potatoes were good and just like homemade. The rice tasted great but for being a family side I didn't get much. Not even as much as the side of potatoes. The croissants were ok but a few were over cooked. Their honey mustard dip is AWESOME! Not sure if we will order from then again! A little disappointed.

Review №56

Limited menu. Meal had little flavor. Bbq sauce watered down. Wasn't offered refill on drink. Asked for four piece chicken and received 6 piece at higher price. Waitress was courteous.

Review №57

Our server James was the best! Shout-out to James for being the real MVP. The hosts were nice, and we enjoyed our comfortable booth with a free appetizer for being first-time guests. Would recommend the salmon and mashed potatoes in particular ️

Review №58

I just order and waited 45 minutes for my order. When I got home a salad was missing and no dressing for my other salad. The food was suppose to be brought out to my car but never was. When I went in to pick it up it was cold.Also missing my side order.

Review №59

Because Cheddar's have some good food. Nice atmosphere friendly environment all around nice place to go and eat.

Review №60

Yummy. Burger was good but kinda tasted mushy. Cheese curds were really good. Loved the prices tho the menu online is incorrect.

Review №61

Food was great and the prices were good. Our server was AWESOME and on top of everything.

Review №62

2 separate orders... they mixed them together and labeled them incorrectly. Dropped off one order and drove 20 minutes before getting called about the error. Had to go back. Good isn't as good cold.

Review №63

Worst place ever they do not know their own menu and allow people to order things that have been taken off the menu without telling them so I just sat outside waiting for a take out order for 45 minutes for a menu item that does not exist due to an employee not informing me that that item is no longer sold. Her name was Caylee and she was not helpful at all and during my wait I called to tell them I was outside for pickup and they still let me sit outside waiting for 30 additional minutes. Finally a carryout employee came to ask my name and informed me they dont sell this item here anymore so my order never was put into the kitchen. Highly disappointed and will never come to this location even after a free meal offer from the manager who was extremely understanding and disappointed as well.

Review №64

Food was very good service not bad

Review №65

It was pretty good for the most part. A few small issues here and there but the food was decent and the waiter was friendly. -1 star because it was almost $60 for a family of 4 to eat. One meal was a kids meal and 2 adults only had water to drink. But overall it was pretty good.

Review №66

Very nice host that set us to our table and very attentive waiter i have a picky little one that they made super happy. Kyilah was the host and mikah was the waiter. Highly recommend more then fair prices.

Review №67

We've eaten a few times here and love the decor that is uniquely Cheddars. It's classy, diverse and dare I even say hip. It's always busy here, but getting a table is no problem. Service is friendly and attentive. The only minor issues are the garnishments. These are rather small and a cheese and broccoli casserole I had included too much rice. Steaks here are cooked to order and may be a bit peppery, but that is way they've been cooking them. Unlike a lot of restaurants, it makes sense here to order dessert. The portions are just right and they are delicious. The pain killer cake in particular is very yummy. This is my new go to restaurant.

Review №68

We ordered a family sized to go meal. Everybody loved the food and the price was reasonable. The server who brought the meal to the car was extremely friendly.

Review №69

I love the upscale vibes, in an inexpensive place that serves GOOD food. They make the ranch in house, and have beautiful decor. It's one of my favorite places to eat!

Review №70

The food is always amazing and super fresh.

Review №71

Take out was HOT. Plentiful and tasty.

Review №72

Great service & great food! Everything we had was delicious

Review №73

When we where seated at our table there was a sign on the table that stated the table had been cleaned and sanitized but the table top was extremely sticky to the touch and we sat there waiting for our appetizer for 45 + minutes.. Once the food did come it was average at best. Don't know if we will be back.

Review №74

The staff was so INCREDIBLY AMAZING, nice, funny, and just all around made my experience that more enjoyable for my friend and her boyfriends daughter

Review №75

Loved this place. It was our first time visiting and it was amazing. Great prices, tasty food, great portion sizes and friendly wait staff. Love the scenery and the wait wasnt to bad. Will be back again for sure.

Review №76

Good food at reasonable prices served quickly. Nice environment and crew. My choice for Lansing trips.

Review №77

Great food, really nice atmosphere, and wonderful service! I pass by this location multiple times for work and never actually was able to go in and dine. But it was worth the wait!

Review №78

Good choice... always crowd with people. Excellent taste. Kids menu available.

Review №79

Good food great Cresent rolls

Review №80

Had a large group of 12. There is only one spot in the entire restaurant to fit a larger group. We were told if would be about a 40 minute wait which turned into an hour and a half. Can't blame the restaurant though as the large group we were waiting for just wouldn't leave. The food was great and they have a few items for just about anyone in the family.

Review №81

Food is top notch. Service staff are friendly. Very busy place, and when you try the food, you'll understand why.

Review №82

Great place to get good food at a reasonable price! I got the chicken pecan salad for the first time on a recommendation from our server and it was very good!! The honey mustard dressing had a slight kick which added an interest to the dish. My husband got the chicken tenders with honey BBQ and said they were great as well!! The croissants are soooooo good they melt in your mouth and the first round is free!!

Review №83

Placed an order on a Friday at 3 pm for a 6:30 pm pick up.Ordered the bundle family chicken tender meal with 2 sides and croissants. What a deal $20 plus tip!No complaints for food or service, only that being in the Epidemic we are in ... there's a line to pick your food up around the building so the wait was maybe 10 min, but the server was hustling and bustling trying to get orders out to peoples cars so it was appreciated.

Review №84

The food here is really good and it is reasonably priced. We did not have to wait very long to get a seat which is nice when your hungry. Our server was very friendly and came by several times to check on us. Our food came out quickly and was exactly what we ordered. They are also a lot of options on the menu but not to many that it is overwhelming.

Review №85

Food was great, hot and quick. our server Kendrah was AMAZING.!! The 5 stars are for her and her alone.. She was personable, helpful, super knowledgeable, friendly..such a refreshing change from our last visit. She's Just an all star... Other servers/staff should take lessons. We will definitely return as long as we get her section

Review №86

Food was delicious service was ok I'll definitely be back

Review №87

My favorite drink and snacks. Michelle is the best server I have ever dealt with.

Review №88

It's amazing! The service was stellar.

Review №89

The atmosphere has changed with the menu. All new generation of clientele. The selections are varied and all seem well prepared. Good portions and the prices are reasonable.

Review №90

The pork ribs and grilled shrimp were really good. I didn't enjoy their steak. There was virtually no waiting time even though we didn't make a reservation. Our waitress also did an excellent job.

Review №91

Great decorationClean settingCheapGood taste:Lemon Chicken Pepper: 4/5Hot Fudge Cake Sundae: 3/5

Review №92

Great good and service!Desiree was an amazing server!

Review №93

This was my first visit to Cheddars and I was not disappointed. I had the chicken tenders and they were fantastic. Our server was amazing and made the whole experience fantastic. I will most certainly be back!

Review №94

There is something for everyone here! Good food and fair prices. My alfredo was a bit dry I asked for a little more sauce, to my surprise I was charged extra for something that should have been done in the kitchen! Generous portions and great appetizers and drinks.

Review №95

I had my very first experience with Cheddar's thanks to my midwife. I had the lucky opportunity to be part of a welcome baby bundle giveaway and received one of them before they were all picked up. First of all, the fact that they would do something this kind is so wonderful to me. Thank you guys so much! After you have a baby we all know the adjustment can be stressful at times, and gestures like this really warm my soul. All the food is phenomenal and I can't wait to actually visit your restaurant! Thanks again.

Review №96

I went to get a sandwich but they were out so I got union rings and they were awesome. I also got soda it tasted fizzy good. I definitely recommend.

Review №97

This is the first time I've ever been to a Cheddar's. I've heard a lot about them and they exceeded my expectations for sure. The waitress was super friendly and very attentive. Drink refills were always right on time. Food came out in a timely manner and was very delicious. The drive for me is a bit long but it was worth it and I will most definitely be going there again.

Review №98

Always delicious. Fast and friendly service.

Review №99

Great food. Good prices! Drinks were amazing! Nice atmosphere!

Review №100

Love it( YELLING )Recommend Going

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  • Address:5719 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 517-323-4963
  • Traditional American restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Southern restaurant (US)
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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