7330 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
Review №1

It was ok. A little overboard with the virus restrictions. Had to ask for everything. Salt and pepper came in little paper packages in a cup. Silverware in a little bag. The thing I hated was giving them my info to get served.

Review №2

Always good food & service. We had to wait a bit to get our food, but it was well worth it!

Review №3

I like Denny's breakfast most of the time. I don't usually get hash browns. I did but I will not again until they change the way they prepare them. They use shredded potatoes then deep fry them so they end up resembling and tasting like a greasy bird's nest!! Yuck!!!Do better Denny's

Review №4

The service was Great She made we got everything we wanted or needed. The food was great . So much brought some of it home. My husband had A fake burger. He loved it and ate it at home. Atmosphere was very calm and calm.

Review №5

Love Deny's! Great menu, great prices! Whenever I get into Lansing I stop at the west Saginaw location. Great people here! Much better than the other locations!

Review №6

I've never had a waitress throw a fit saying out load she can't believe this after all I asked was for my food to be well done, she replied bacon well done I said no everything thing she replied everything as my hash browns were under cooked to my liking she brought me my food with very underdone bacon and nothing else well done I told her I wanted it well done and handed it back she threw a fit I went up front and asked for her not to return to my table as the entire dinner saw heard her only to WATCH the girl up front tell her in back right behind my table that I requested her not return to my table and she replied hell no and continued to bring us our items, food is always good here other waitstaff are great, restaurant cleanliness is top but this is unbelievable manager in back lol this is fine but for a wait staff 2 embarrass a customer inexcusable

Review №7

Very friendly staff. Clean and pleasant. Our waitress was very kind, thoughtful and fun. Will definitely be coming back again.

Review №8

I order cheesy eggs with red skin potatoes and onions, along with bacon and sausage. So good! Our waitress was Very attentive. Great service.

Review №9

Visit was excellent and our waitress Caroll was the best. If you go here ask for her and you wont be disappointed with the service

Review №10

Short older woman im guessing manager from her attitude. Was VERY rude and only seating 5 tables ? ? Ordered online and got message said it was ready.. so i showed up 5 mins later and still waited another 10 mins and had to deal with her...scrambled eggs were mushy..sausage was hard and French toast was hard and more like cinnamon bread..VERY DISAPPOINTEDbut hey the orange juice is pretty good

Review №11

Friendly service the waitress was very efficient. Always a great price for a family brunch.

Review №12

Even during these crazy tubes of Covid-19, this Denny's had amazing service and delicious food.

Review №13

My meals are always made perfect and delicious. And the prices are great bargains.

Review №14

Nachos became a appetizer and there not that great anymore staff was friendly at least and place was clean there also doing there best to follow covid guidelines still 3 stars for that

Review №15

Had a good Burger. Yeah they have them..

Review №16

Last two times the food was Just Off. Even my hot tea tasted like chemicals. And two different cooks couldn't make eggs over easy Sign of the times I suppose

Review №17

Service was terrible. We stopped in for breakfast and dinner over the week. I'm sure a lot has to do with reopening after the COVID shutdown. However I've been to other places who adapted to the new restrictions better, and with a friendlier attitude. I gave them an extra star because the evening staff served us even though they were supposed to close shortly after we arrived.

Review №18

Great service , great food. Nice to go into a favorite restaurant and sit down and eat!

Review №19

Think a baby could have done a better job serving.

Review №20

It was cozy and the waitresses were funny compassionate and fast.. Also clean and great food!!!

Review №21

The food tastes like grease.. hash browns, hamburgers.. done with Dennys...

Review №22

The food was okay, maybe they're just busy during this time of day but it was a bit cold like it was sitting waiting for our server to grab. I'm only writing this review because I'm a server myself at another restaurant. We had used ketchup packets handed to us, and during covid that is a HUGE Nono. Plus our server gave us our bill the moment we got our food. A helpful tip I was given was to always clear the empty plates on the table and THEN give the bill. Didn't wanna ruin this servers day so hopefully you guys see this!

Review №23

Food and the service was great and I would definitely recommend to other people to come there.

Review №24

Horrible!! I ordered mozzarella sticks & all the cheese was out of them!! I also ordered chicken tenders & they were not crispy. I ended up not eating & while my husband ate his breakfast that they brought out long after mine

Review №25

Courtney was AWEsome! And we like the food better than the stuff you get "down on the farm." Thanks!

Review №26

Ordered breakfast Sunday afternoon 8/23/20 shortly after finishing grand slam sandwich became violently ill. Ended up at the hospital with food poisoning I do not recommend this place if you care anything about your health. I have now missed two days of work and the pain is excruciating

Review №27

I liked the wrap but my husband didn't. He thought the chicken was rubbery. I enjoyed it.

Review №28

Service could of been better, but they were busy.

Review №29

Friendly staff and great food served in a timely manner.

Review №30

Not so good breakfast. Over priced and over cooked. The Sausage links tasted funny. I was very disappointed in my meal.

Review №31

Ok.... just ok. Food was great, waitress great. But the Hostess/Frontline folks could get a little more organized. I think the older woman who seems like a manager of sorts or acts like it could be more helpful than just standing in the kitchen. People have ALWAYS been milled together in that front entrance and now with Covid we're supposed to be 6ft apart but apparently not at the Denny's entrance.

Review №32

We actually just stopped in for a couple of shakes; but they were good (and they give you nice big shake straws) and the staff was friendly, helpful - and masked!

Review №33

Good breakfast. Someone paid our bill. Blessed!

Review №34

I enjoyed my birthday breakfast I was treated great food was delicious service was great and it was clean and sanitary absolutely wonderful thank you well done

Review №35

Great veggie omelet on the 55 and over menu, let me substitute fresh fruit for potatoes.

Review №36

Service was fast and the waitress was very kind. Got a lot of food for the price, had a huge dinner and leftovers for breakfast for less than $8. Food was very good as well. Would definitely recommend.

Review №37

The waitress kept forgetting things. The food was delicious, ended up not being very timely.

Review №38

I come here after work, usually between 1 and 3 am. It's usually hit or miss on food and service. Tonight, Sara was my server and Jessie was the cook. Sara was awesome. She seated me quickly, made suggestions of drinks, offered to place an order for an appetizer, and gave me a few minutes to look at the menu. (Which is how it SHOULD go) so she got my drink, and came back and I placed my order. I love CRISPY hashbrowns that have been cooked on BOTH sides, and all to often they are just cooked on one side and flipped onto a plate. So I explained to Sara what I wanted after making sure it was the same cook (Jessie) that had made them for me on a previous occasion. And Jessie also knows how to make an over medium egg!! She made mine perfectly. The only complaint I would have is that there was too much grease in the potatoes, but they were still good! Sara checked on me several times and asked if I needed anything. Great service tonight!!! So all in all this was a great experience, and based on that I would recommend and I will be back!

Review №39

Could be better. Service was pretty good.

Review №40

Food was okay, waitress was nice and quick with getting our food and drinks to us.

Review №41

Went for family dinner, Nice Clean, played fun music.

Review №42

The best meal we've had in a long time! This must be why I don't cook anymore!

Review №43

It was a nice end to a great weekend. Food was great as well as service. Was extremely busy and therefore, took longer than normal to receive our food. However, my grandson's onion rings were over cooked, but our waitress (Courtney) put new ones down right away and they was perfect

Review №44

Food was cold waitress was unfriendly the only reason it's not a 1 star was we got a discount for our experience

Review №45

Had a great brunch with supurb quality food and service. Enjoyed the calm pleasant environment while the staff worked with efficiency. My quantity of food compelled me to take home a box to enjoy yet again!

Review №46

3rd time at this location and could be the last. Not busy at all, yet our food took 32 min to get to our table. Not only did 3 other tables get their food before us when they ordered after us, but our food also came out wrong. Very simple order as well. Waiter wasn't bad, just needs to pay more attention to refills and ticket instructions.

Review №47

I like that the atmosphere is very cozy. I think maybe because the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Food is made just right. Believe me I have been at other Denny's and this location by far is the best one. I like it better than Cracker Barrel (but I wish Denny's serves fried okra too LOL).

Review №48

This area Denny's are not that great. Each time we have attempted to go to this location service is pretty slow compared to other similar type of established. This time the timing was decent. The food was terrible. The chicken tender breading is very salty tasting. The soup was so cold the cheese didn't melt. The waitress was great for the substitution and waiting on us. With this last attempt it solidified we just won't return for quite some time.

Review №49

Food was hot. Coffee was slow to refill. Service was slow

Review №50

The normal eggs and bacon was fine but the pancake puppies were vastly different to the way it was advertised. Overall Good Service but the puppies is the only complaint.

Review №51

Always liked the down home atmosphere. Food has always been good. And as busy as it gets, the wait staff never seems to be in a hurry with you.

Review №52

It was so fun we had a great waitress. Excellent service and she was on top of everything will be back. I ate some heehee it looked too good!

Review №53

My daughter's "Moon over my hammy" made her feel sick, she couldn't finish it. She said it tasted like the cook used "Cheese whiz" to make it. My "Ultimate Omelette", the filling tasted burnt. I could only eat a few bites. My wife's T-bone and eggs, she asked for medium well, NO BLOOD, when it came back the first time, you could have squeezed the blood out with your hands, when it came back it was over done. We all had hash browns, they were burnt on one side and cold on the other. We spent almost $50. My first instinct was to just leave after the first few bites. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THIS DENNY'S. Our server was very nice, it was no her fault the food was so bad. If you have a money back program, I'll send y'all the food. It's sitting in my fridge now. I can't post this with 0 stars or I would.

Review №54

Good food Great service

Review №55

So typically it's good at this specific Denny's, yet this visit was NOT very good at all. Server (Sara) was absent most of the visit up too and including as soon as we walked in the door, BTW waiting over 4mins to be greeted is a little absurd. A little more attention to the Paying Customer or just the presence of someone who could have assisted us a little better this night 1-30-20.

Review №56

Got food here a few weeks ago it was so disgusting looking and in-edible that we kept the food and showed the restaurant the next morning. i was told i could not have money refunded even though i took it all back, i WAS told i could get more food for free; however if all the people working that evening were willing to give me food that was so bad in the first place i didn't want more food from them. And by the way, the complicated food order was nachos. I was told to leave my name and number and that i would be contacted by corporate and given a refund; however several weeks have gone by and no one has contacted me and i have not recieved a penny back so unless you are looking to purchase food your dog wouldnt eat and just be stuck with it, don't go to west saginaw dennys.

Review №57

First of all the food was terrible, service was even worse. To top it all off standing in front of the register it took 15 mins just to pay. Never will eat at any Dennys again! So unorganized! I feel sorry for the staff.

Review №58

Seriously the best salad ever! I was so satisfied. Thank you.

Review №59

Super courteous staff.

Review №60

Great service, excellent food. I personally enjoy the Slamburger. Our waiter was very pleasant. I recommend it.

Review №61

Terrible food terrible service. What do you expect it's a Denny's. They exist for the sole purpose to cater the drunk crowd that rolls in between 2 and 4 in the morning. I mean come on now they use cheese product singles on their omelettes. Not even real cheese. You can tell cause the cheese product "cheese" doesn't melt like normal cheese or at all really. Honestly though there is a speedway gas station next door with better food.

Review №62

Good food and they use real butter.

Review №63

Only because Im Grubhub driver and they took long and made me miss some money

Review №64

Courtney was awesome! Kept my coffee full. Food was good. Good experience

Review №65

It wasn't very busy when we got there, so you would think the service would be good. Our server acted as though we were annoying him to be there. He came to our table maybe twice, and once was with the bill even though we asked for dessert. Our apps and salad came out with our lunch. The only reason I'm scoring this a 4 star is because the food was great!

Review №66

I almost gave 4 starts but one dollar more i got all you can eat pancakes!!!!!! Sweet for 6 bucks and you get it all

Review №67

Long wait for my food and not that good

Review №68

Usually have a good experience here. Lately, service and cleanliness have gone extremely downhill. Booths are dirty, as well as walls, floors, bathroom doors, etc. I have 4 children, and I don't want them to touch anything when we go now. All the wait staff is new and doesn't seem to have a clue. Our food waited in the window for about 10 minutes or more before we got served, and the waitress didn't come to the table once. I am very dissatisfied with this location now. We used to love going here. I don't know as I will ever go again. If I could give 0 stars, I absolutely would.

Review №69

Good food and good service

Review №70

This is one of my most favorite places for breakfast. You are well taken care of by staff.

Review №71

The coffee was not that great, and bacon was very small strips. Pancakes were goof

Review №72

Always good food, service may very due to under staffing. On my last visit the poor waitress was the only one running the show.

Review №73

Staff was very unprofessional. They only cater to the group of normal customers ( the old white guys). Didn't even check to see if i needed a refill. Oh well...they missed a good tip that time.

Review №74

Been coming here for years and have never had a bad meal. Maybe a couple of shoddy waitresses but all around they are amazing.

Review №75

Today was the worse ever. I have never had that many problems. Our food took over an hour to get to us and when it did half of it was cold. Had the manager come out to talk about it and she put her hands all over it. Yes we did say it was cold but we dont know were your hands have been. She was really really rude about it all too. Yes she made it right after all said and done but didnt like how we were treated

Review №76

Service was great. Food was excellent.

Review №77

Average food. 3 stars for food quality. But if you're looking for a meal past 10pm in a city that rolls up the carpet that early, than this is a reasonable option. 4 stars is for very good service, being open, and value. I had new cinnamon bun pancakes. They were very good. I got the salted caramel sauce which was perfect for me as I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

Review №78

Delicious and my server who's name I can't remember, male, was great 03.03.20

Review №79

"You don't judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree." This is a Denny's. If youre looking at this review and already contemplating a Denny's, then you probably know what to expect. It's clean. The food came out fast. I'm not sick. Eat the Denny's. You know you want that sweet, sweet grand slam.

Review №80

I'm sitting here as I type.. husband and I have been here 1 hour so far .. the hostess was some scary looking dude with lip piercings, and greasy blue hair.He did looked VERY CONFUSED when he seated us.. coffee is good , waitress is great so far .... stay tuned !

Review №81

I just increase my rating from 3 to 4 star, because today we got the fastest service. And the veggie omelette dish was just perfect!

Review №82

Convenient late night diner. Friendly staff. Good food. Restroom tends to be messy though.

Review №83

Great service. Great food. Great staff!!!!

Review №84

It's a Denny's, but the service was slow and less than inviting. The only time I enjoy being there is when I bump into the local HAMs that meet on the weekend. If they hire more attentive staff that can actually be polite, it would make it a "meets expectations" Denny's.

Review №85

Food was alot less than used to be Grand Slam was like a kids meal

Review №86

Kind of quick service good food wait staff was kind of boring

Review №87

Bourbon chicken was pathetic and rest of the food was not very delicious too

Review №88

Very mediocre in most ways. Slow service, overcooked food, greasy hash browns, decent coffee, creamer provided but not enough, jelly was almost empty, water never refilled.

Review №89

Great carry-out

Review №90

The food and service was very good. Denny's is my favorite breakfast restaurant. I had strawberry crepes and only ordered one, which was a mistake. The crepes are so good you will want two! The only thing I didn't like was that the bacon was thin not like real bacon, but a lot of restaurants are doing this to cut costs.

Review №91

They told before we were seated what the wait time might be.... kept the hot coffee coming ...shorter wait, great food... eggs "done to a turn".

Review №92

My wife and I had a great breakfast there. The food and service was great! Love it!

Review №93

Texas toast is Not sub bread w hunks of butter

Review №94

It was good

Review №95

Good food good service affordable prices

Review №96

Very good

Review №97

The older lady who is a manager there whenever I go is wonderful every time goes above and beyond to help

Review №98

What is not to like about Denny's?? Food is great, just like eating at home. Never had bad food or service at Denny's!

Review №99

Super great breakfast ALWAYS .Pancakes always staff super friendly and accomidating

Review №100

Food was great but it took over one hour to get it. Waitress was wonderful

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:7330 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 517-323-2110
  • American restaurant
  • Diner
  • Breakfast restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–12AM
  • Saturday:7AM–12AM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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