Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
730 Elmwood Rd, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
Review №1

It's not knowing we're having good but if you try it you love everything that have their the desserts to the main courses it's super good food everything I've tried there which is just about everything is absolutely cooked to perfection

Review №2

Awesome experience ,Update, just returned from another great visit from the Golden Coral, my family of 5 were quite happy with the server who did his best (Jason) to keep up with all of people and tables, my compliments to him, the buffet itself always full regardless of all the people there, the place was packed with people outside the door and they all seemed happy to be there, my compliments to the staff,servers and all employees, and all of this was happening while a birthday party was going on, JOB. WELL DONE, Thanks GOLDEN CORAL, I will be back again!! I returned April 26th for ANOTHER GREAT MEAL, thanks again JOB WELL DONE Golden Coral

Review №3

I've always loved Golden Corral, and my experience has not been downgraded with recent changes. The cafeteria style service is very good, and it's more orderly now. I'm also just as pleased with the food as ever.

Review №4

Had a very nice time there. They have a new system in place that works very nice. The staff are absolutely amazing and friendly

Review №5

After COVID-19, they now require you to wear a mask to the buffet line where they serve you cafeteria style. Seating was about every other table open for social distancing. Food was delicious. Make sure you have cash for a tip.

Review №6

My daughter loves the food. She is a veggie eater and had a little bit of everything. She even loved the shrimp and shrimp tacos! Food was good, service was great. We will definitely be back!

Review №7

My first time ever at Golden Corral i was welcomed with warm loving open arms the host Yolanda Aubrey is the best i felt at home here when i walked in... I love this place thank you Yolanda

Review №8

Glad to have a classic favorite open again. Instead of you going around making your plate you tell the servers what you want and they put it on your plate for you. It's different but worth it. Had a great time

Review №9

I would like to thank the host Yolanda Aubrey for the warm loving welcome she gave me and my family coming in the door..

Review №10

I drove an hour here just to read a sign on the door saying they are closing this location. Should probably put that online. You let a 8 month pregnant woman down big time.

Review №11

We've been to a number of Golden Corrals and this one is sad. A busy buffet usually means the food is fresh. We were there as it changed from lunch to dinner. Some of the food looked past its prime. Rolls were empty for a long stretch. There was no pizza. Fried fish tasted like chicken. Salad toppings were sparse, ranch dressing was empty and it took quite awhile for someone to fill it. Stacked salad bowls and dinner plates had dried food still stuck to them. We won't be back to this one.

Review №12

I've eaten here half a dozen times; the food has always been good, fresh, and being a buffet, plentiful.It's just a bit more expensive than some of the other buffets in town, but I don't mind paying a little more to get a meal that's better than average. In many respects, it's like eating a home cooked meal, with a lot of choices. Desert buffet is really good too.

Review №13

Got the email stating that the restaurant was back open, and of course we were thrilled. We went there at least 3 times a month before all this COVID stuff. We showed up before 4 pm but was charged dinner price. And the food was sitting from lunch. So for 2 adults, we were charged $32 and some change for dried out food, that was way over salted, and the workers who had to make your plate for you acted like you were a problem you were there. We don't plan on going back anytime soon.

Review №14

Service was great. Our server kept returning to see if we needed anything. Food was good and it was hot, not overdone. It was busy but the line to get in moved quickly and once inside and seated we were able to go to the various food stations with little or no wait time. Trays were kept full and the areas around the trays were clean.

Review №15

I love this place.. food is always fresh, and the sirloin steak is grilled to perfection.. my wife and I travel almost 45 minutes to eat here, and we do it every other week... Her favorite is the cotton candy... Will be back several more times!

Review №16

A busy place, probably because the buffet runs the gamut, beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetarian dishes. Even the steaks that are made to order are great, only one thing... The overhead uptake fan needed to be cleaned, the smoke from the grill wasn't being properly vented, and was making the place a little Smokey. I would definitely give it another try.

Review №17

We stopped in at a busy time, so it took a while to be seated. But the seating withstanding, the food was great and the waiter was top notch in handling our large group as well as the other tables he was in charge of. The food was great & plenty of options!

Review №18

Friendly clean environment. Polite waitress. Service with a smile! Food is great. Excellent desert bar! Priced reasonably. Lots of parking space. We make it a tradition to go every Thanksgiving!

Review №19

OK food. Certain items are very good, most is so so. Staff is helpful.

Review №20

For the relatively high dining rate, I didn't feel that it was worth it. Food selection is rather modest compare to other buffets. A few items I selected were barely warm. I liked the stake from the grill section. And the best were dessert options.

Review №21

Pleasantly surprised! The buffet layout has changed. No more cross food contamination or employees behind you waiting to swap out hot pans.The service was also great. I mentioned we were expecting a group of 13 people and they went out of the way to make room for us.Before the layout changes my wife, with food allergies, didn't trust taking a chance eating here. We have a particular family member who's favorite place is here. So on their birthday we'd go here. However, I believe we will now eat here more than once a year.

Review №22

Staff was great an so was the food.Steaks was freshly made to order.Smoked mac n cheese.Greens.All the food looked good except the taco meat was oily as hell.

Review №23

I was impressed by how the food was fresh and warm. There were never any empty food bins! The waiter we had was AMAZING! We'll be back for sure

Review №24

Not inprerssed didnt get much food servrrs didnt givr it

Review №25

We visited for a birthday, the food was delicious. The staff clearing tables seemed few and far between.The other patrons of the restaurant were rude, and impatient. Seriously have some common courtesy. A child was standing in front of the toppings for ice cream, eating. No parent in sight.The buffets themselves were dirty and needed cleaned.Not going to be a top place to revisit.

Review №26

My husband really liked it. I was disappoint the salad bar was out of a lot of things. The young man carving the meat acted as we where interrupting him. When he finally stopped what he was doing he cut us a very small piece of ham. You could see through it. It was mostly fat. I couldn't eat it. I ask my husband what he liked about it, he said they make good Jell-O.

Review №27

The food was cold 9 empty trays of food. Our server was kind enough to go ask for some warm food. The soup was even cold. I went up to the salad bar that was at least clean. The cheese sandwiches were cold. We asked to speak to a manager and the manager said what do you want me to do about it. Two things that I would give a four on is the clean bathroom and the serving staff who tried to help with the situation. I will never go there again.

Review №28

Place is needing a major overhaul!! Almost all the dishes were dirty almost everyone that went up to get a plate put it on top of the cabinet one even having stuck food on it! Food quality was not good, cheeseburger, meatloaf, chicken was not fully cooked (probably other things as well) waitress was rude and was only at our table once! (Wasn't busy either) Stated something to the manager and his response was “we have all the correct chemicals, soap to clean them with not sure why there not clean” Pictures will be sent to the health department! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!

Review №29

There was a fair amount of menu variety on offer. The atmosphere was welcoming.The staff were helpful and courteous. For a reasonable restuarant for a large party of hungry people this venue was it.

Review №30

The place was a disaster today. Huge mess all over the floor everywhere and many tables dirty, they only had maybe 3 or 4 people working the whole place. Most of the food line was empty because they only had one person making and restocking food. I've never gone somewhere that left me feeling like throwing up the place was disgusting. I'd never pay regular price here the only time I go is with buy one get one free coupons. I give 2 stars because the food is decent when they have it. My recommendation, hire more staff and have backup staff when needed.

Review №31

Good choice of food and price it right for all you can eat.

Review №32

The food was so good..I ate so much unfortunately I had to purge my stomach standing under a tree outside. I give this place 5 stars and would go back again!!

Review №33

Worst one I have ever went to. Cheese was curdled the potatoes were soupy. Didn't keep the food flowing. I made the mistake talking to my family and said the boy said we could go to the back where the tables are larger. Cashier interrupted my conversation by saying I'm a girl sorry if you look like a boy people will refer to you as a boy. He was a boy, but I feel I'm to old to be yelled at to make that correction to a paying customer. It made everyone turn around in the restaurant. I had to ask for the tables to be cleaned they were all dirty. I had to ask for a drink several times after showing my receipt. Won't be returning and no they weren't busy.

Review №34

I did not like them serving the food, due to covid 19 i feel like i coulnt get all the food i wanted, and a little intimidated to the point that i did not ask for more , food is good and tasty

Review №35

Was out of almost everything. Poor lady in bakery couldn't keep up with guest. Long wait to be seated during dinner rush. Did have friendly service thou.

Review №36

Very clean restaurant with friendly staff.Great variety of food fresh and hot!Paul the manager does a really great job with the crew and customers!

Review №37

My first cashier job. Wonderful work environment!!!!

Review №38

Half of the food was not up to temperature, did not taste good and my girlfriend and myself BOTH got sick right after we left! The only thing our server asked was what we wanted to drink and wouldn't talk to us at all after that! Terrible everything!

Review №39

Went on steak night after driving over 35+ miles ordered well done it was char/well on the outside and pink in the middle the chicken bbq same pink in the middle. Still overall roast was best on regular menu

Review №40

Been here a couple times now and to multiple other locations across the country, this ones has disappointed everytime. Poor service with the same excuses no matter the time of day and the food selection is not close to par with their other locations. Would not recommend this location, but would recommend to visit any other location

Review №41

First time there wasn't overly impressed but the food was good. Great customer service too

Review №42

Very rare non-asian buffet style eatery in Lansing. Food quality is pretty hospital food comparable. Interior is in good condition. Pricing is fair for buffet. Would probably be better off just eliminating drinks from waitress delivery and just provide cups for customers to fill. Overall nothing to spectacular about the place.

Review №43

Completely over priced considering they had hardly anything out to eat. Tables and floors a mess everywhere. Only reason it's not a one star is because what little I did get to eat was decent. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Review №44

Friendly staff. Most of the food was hot, but they were a little slow refilling their buffet. They DO serve their hand dipped ice cream, and if one of the gentlemen does not want to, just remind him that it is part of his job. That was basically the only bad part of our visit was him. We will come back and try it again. Nice selections.

Review №45

Always clean employees are polite . Price is okay.

Review №46

If you had to judge the cleanliness of the kitchen by the sanitation of the bathroom you probably wouldn't eat there again. Since their grand opening customer service is declining. Overpriced. District managers are not doing their job the employees clothing is filthy and looks like they never wash their uniforms I took away a star

Review №47

Great food terrible service. We had a waitress with tattoos and dermals. Avoid her section at all cost. She made us feel like an inconvenience from the time we sat down. Plates were frequently left at the table and drinks were not filled. I even wiped my own table down just to have a clean place to sit. This place is okay. She is not.

Review №48

Employees were nice, some food was good, some wasn't, great dessert! Worst part is all the rude, inconsiderate people that go there. Not everyone is like that, but enough are that we always have doubts about returning...

Review №49

This used to be Fire Mountain; it was horrible then. Now, as Golden Corral, the food tastes great and the staff have been friendly when I have been there. One of the cooks even went out of her way to refill the chocolate chip cookies because my five year old was disappointed that they were gone.

Review №50

An insane deal for a great a variety of great tasting food in a buffet. The service was extra friendly.

Review №51

I went to the lunch buffet on Monday, March 2nd 11:30 am. It seem like or it was leftovers from Sunday evening. That was the freshness on the hot. The fried chicken looked ok. I stuck to salad bar. Overall, I'm not going back. Maybe, they should just close it if they can't provide fresh food.

Review №52

We love Golden Corral. We drive into Lansing every Sunday after Sunday school and church. The food is always excellent! The staff is outstanding!

Review №53

Good us ok. Plentiful. Love the deserts. Service is usually so so.

Review №54

I had a perfect steak! I like it well done. It was tender and juicy perfect! And the young lady who waited on me was awesome! A wonderful day!

Review №55

Not bad. Pretty good, Even my three year old son ate his food and told he was full.

Review №56

Great place to eat

Review №57

Excellent! The BBQ was awesome! Great, fall off the bone ribs. Fresh food, fully stocked. We love going to Golden corral, we've been over ten times since it opened. The manager seems on top of things and is very friendly!

Review №58

The food is good when it's hot and its being replenished. The staff on the first visit was amazing. Tonight they seemed overworked and unapproachable. My entire family was done with their first plates before any drinks were brought out, and that's only because we complained about it. The steaks are very fatty but ya know, you can always get another one! Loved the chocolate fountain, the fudge is PERFECT and the sweet potatoes were on point both visits. I would recommend this place for the prices. It's very worth it.

Review №59

Liked the multiple selection of different foods. Also appreciated the waitress clearing the plates from our table and refilling our drinks. Very nice and polite. West Lansing facility.

Review №60

It is absolutely disgusting in there. Food isn't hot, mashed potatoes are cold and runny, food all over the floor, it doesn't look like the place has been cleaned in months.I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. I DO RECOMMEND THAT THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT SHUT IT DOWN.!!!!!

Review №61

The place is very clean our server was excellent we will go back there

Review №62

There was one women cashing people out, and then bussing and cleaning the tables, and then seating people. It was 5:30 on a Sunday night. Once we finally got seated, it was another wait for our drinks. There was virtually no food on the buffet, everything was gone. The labels were all still from breakfast so you had to guess what you were getting as you picked through what was even left. It was a horrible experience, save your money and go somewhere else.

Review №63

BIRTHDAY DINNERTonight I came out to have my Birthday Dinner here at Golden Corral.WORST SERVICE EVER.TERRIBLE SERVICE.Very rude waitress with her smart comments.I talked with the Manager, he didn't seem to care but he did try to make things better.I come here on a regular basis & tonight was the very 1st time I had a problem.

Review №64

First time being there. Everything there was delicious. Place to go again for a buffet

Review №65

So clean and friendly. Saw someone get fired, and the manager was super nice about it, and the one fired was even polite when he left!

Review №66

Even as busy as it was today(fathers day) the food was great. Our server was amazing and polite. Even making sure she got out drink orders correct before getting it. Grill staff was precise with requests and very polite as well.

Review №67

First experience at a Golden Corral and it was disappointing. Very dirty floors, old foods that were stale, and slow waitress service. The food options were basic and boring. 4 of 4 plates I picked up had stains and food markings that were on the surface (scrapable with your nail). Just terrible, don't go there, see my floor pic.

Review №68

Food handling needs covered by meat cutters running grill and slapping cooked steak on top of raw meat to be cut... Was abandoned by the manager in back room to figure out our own seating for a party of 8. Dirty plates, stinky fish... Will never return.

Review №69

Everyone that works here are super nice and friendly

Review №70

Went early with a bus full of seniors, we all enjoyed our food and the staff. The price was below $10 drink included. Wonderful atmosphere!

Review №71

They don't try hard enough to keep fresh food out, especially the desserts. My son likes pizza and it just goes too fast, and it takes like 20 to 30 min for them to cook more and get it out there. The food is just not fresh as when they first opened up. They kept the food fresh the way it's supposed to be. Some of the silverware and plates are questionable as well. I saw dried food on them.

Review №72

Our order wasn't complete and then didn't have what we ordered with no offer of any fiscount or anything. And the staff is rude! Never again will my family eat here

Review №73

There was a very short wait to pay, longer to get seated...took my family on Saturday, March 11 about 7:30 pm. The cashier did not instruct us where to proceed after paying so there was a cluster of customers and many were being seated on a whim. The older man (balding) that sat my family was very short and rude. Did not want to get a highchair for the baby and when he did he dropped it and walked away. A waitress (Maggie) did rush over and welcome us into her section and arrange the highchair in the proper place per their guidelines.Heading up to the food bars there was no direction, signs or communication as to where to start so many customers were cutting in line (poor layout - should have kept the Fire Mountain layout) and their was angst from other customers over that and no employee assisted.Many of the food dishes were emptied/crusty, LOTS OF EMPLOYEES (a waitress explained that they were the trainers that were there to make sure that they (Lansing employees) could run the restaurant correctly), staff behind the hot food bar were frustrated - as expressed by their eye rolls and refusal to fill anything but their assigned dishes (comments overheard as I waited) communication regarding what kind of steak I wanted (the chef just slapped a huge piece on) so much was wasted.The dessert bar was less than desirable. No cotton candy or chocolate fountain. There was a pan of melted chocolate and only marshmallows on sticks. The pies were dry looking and the cakes very crumbly.Overall, the food (we were able to try) was tasty and the steak was good. The side dishes were luke warm to cold. Many thanks to our waitress, Maggie, for keeping our drinks full and bringing fresh rolls.Will give it another try, since it is new, but HOPE they make some changes with the layout and have employees directing customers.

Review №74

First visit was about a year ago and I was less than impressed. Decided to give it another try a couple weeks ago and the difference between this time and last was definitely noticed. The service was good. The staff was very friendly and the food was top notch. I'm glad I came back and will definitely return

Review №75

Just ate there about a month ago and staff was very friendly. And courteous and helpful. For a buffet the place was average. One thing they need to change is where they place their plates that people eat on. They container they have them in is to close to ground. Easily accessable to people walking by to spread dirt and dander all over them.

Review №76

Mmm jello #goldencorral

Review №77

Love the burgers and a lot of good veggies. Zucchini, cauliflower, salads, all good. :)

Review №78

My grandfather and I went here today for dinner around 4 and we absolutely loved it. The prices were not extremely high they are very reasonable. The food was great in all categories. Everything is made fresh in the building either baked, cooked, fried, or grilled! The steak is very good and you can get it exactly how you like it by asking the worker to do it a certain way. The staff is very nice and helpful so overall I'd give this place 5/5 stars! Thank you for the great meal and I highly suggest this place to eat at!

Review №79

Buffet styled restaurant with lots of choices. You have to season food to taste.

Review №80

The good: without a doubt the workers that were working non stop and smiling while doing so. From the cooks to the busses to the desserts worker, they never slowed down and kept working and trying to smile.The bad: the level of understaffed this establishment was was very disappointing. When we came in, at 2:30 on a Sat, we had to wait for a table to be washed to sit, there were several empty, just not enough staff to keep up with cleaning them. In the 45 minutes we were there, we witnessed 4 other parties have to ask someone to clean a table for them to sit. Our waitress/busser was maning almost half the seating area on her own. She was just unable to keep up with refills and bussing and washing tables. And she wasn't the only one, the food bins were consistently empty. The dessert area was out of several items and between attempts to fill them and scoop ice cream, the lady in that area was simply unable to catch up. These were hard workers, but management needed to have more people scheduled because these people were beyond overwhelmed. Not only that, due to being understaffed and busy, the place was a mess, food on the floor in front of the buffet, messes from the food all over the buffet area, melted bowls of ice cream sitting on the ledge if the ice cream machine. Several of our favorites were never filled during our visit and we weren't able to enjoy them.We do not live near this restaurant and stop here every time we are in the area, but were very disappointed by this visit and I doubt we will be back. I'm only giving two stars for the workers that I watched never slow down or stop working.

Review №81

Food was good and plenty was available. Kinda hard not to overeat.

Review №82

Lots of food, great variety, fresh and delicious! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

Review №83

I love the people that work there and the food is always great!

Review №84

We usually come here once a week with our son. Theres very little he will eat, but GC has those things. The past 3 times we've been there, we havent been impressed. We went yesterday. No pizza, no fried chicken. Fried chicken finally came out when we left (we were there for almost an hour).Asked for a cheese pizza, we were told 18 min. No prob, its the only kind of pizza my son will eat. 18 minutes later, a pizza covered in pepperoni came out. We didnt ask for another one, we didnt have 20 more minutes to wait. There were several items on the salad bar I went to add to my salad and stopped myself bc they were old. Yellowed onions, shriveled brown lemons. The dessert bar was covered in crumbs and frosting. They were almost out of everything. While we have enjoyed coming here, the past few times have made us decide to save our money. GC is too expensive for sub par food like this.

Review №85

It not that I dislike this place. This day we went they were very short of worker's is what we were told. Besides that they had run out of food and was in no hurry to replace it. Just a bad day for every one.

Review №86

Best buffet for different diets & picky eaters all in one party. Lots of salad choices, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Probably not low calorie unless you're careful.

Review №87

It was great food except for the hair in my steak and steak not cooked right.

Review №88

This location is smaller than any I've been to before, but they have most of the common things I look for. The food at this location was good, but not quite as good as other locations. Being smaller and not quite as good, I was surprised it was also more expensive than other locations I've been to.

Review №89

This was a special event. The food was good but, ad a "good cook", I wasn't impressed with the dry rub ribs. They were way too tough. It was as if they forgot to marinate them prior to cooking them. Very little flavor, but they looked good. The BBQ smothered ribs were great. Tender, juicy, almost melt in your mouth good.

Review №90

Overall this place has good food. I'm giving 3 stars for a few extremely important things you missed at this location. Firstly, the guy running the grill tonight acted to be extremely high on pills. He took forever to pay any attention to the people waiting for steaks, 4 people! He spent no less than 5 minutes cutting cornbread. Towards 9 there wasn't a single non burned to jerky piece of meat left up there, and nobody could be bothered. Upon asking another person behind the buffet for assistance, they stated they "weren't even on grill though." Like I care?! Maybe not hiring drugged out cooks will garner a better review in the future.

Review №91

Always have wonderful food And Nice people working there

Review №92

Some food was fresh and taste but most wasn't either or they ran out.

Review №93

Not ask it's cracked up to be but better than all the locations in Indianapolis, IN. Had to wait super long for rolls once they ran out as well as the steak cooked to order. It was messes all over the floor. And there seemed to be staff who didn't know how to keep up. Most things were dried out or luke warm. It was me my 9 yr old son 3yr old daughter and their dad. Had to ask numerous times for table to be cleared and when it was not everything was taken that was empty. Bad experience. Would not recommend. It was about 7pm

Review №94

The food was old and dried out the only thing I can say good about it is the young lady that was our server was very professional and attentive to our needs. Thank Cheryl you get 5 for service.

Review №95

It was better before covid19

Review №96

We loved that's place. We went their for my nieces Husband Birthday. They came out and sing happy Birthday to him.hes 42.but we all said that's was so so good.would go their again. But we were out of town for sure.

Review №97

This is one of my favorite locations. I started going here when it was Ryan's and continued going through the different changes. I went today and the service just wasn't good. I waited 20 minutes for my drink and the lady taking our payment was more interested in some male that was there. Hoping better experiences in the future.

Review №98

It was a lovely afternoon brunch with my boyfriend and myself together to be able to relax together and really open up to conversation in our daily routines we never really have the time to relax but we were able to get a lot off our plates literally LOL and the rest of our afternoon ended up and laughs and sharing time and smiles with each other. And keep up the good work to all the workers

Review №99

75 percent of trays were empty. It's sad what this place is doing to a good name restaurant.

Review №100

Pretty good variety of food and appetizers. Good place for the family.

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:730 Elmwood Rd, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 517-321-8400
  • American restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Banquet hall
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Down home cooking restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Steak house
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Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Takeout:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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