505 E Oakland Ave, Lansing, MI 48906, United States
Review №1

It's been a very long time since I've eaten at Rally's, but I wanted to give it another shot and my wife and I had the 2 for $10 Big Buford combos. We enjoyed our burgers, they were like Big Mac's but better, seasoned fries, and the cokes were nice and not watered down. Server was friendly and service was fast. Overall great place for fast food at very reasonable prices. Keep up the good work!

Review №2

When they say “open until 2am” they definitely mean 1am and only the drive thru but not walk-up. 2 stars because the benches were a nice resting place and they offered water

Review №3

If you want to be treated like a person and not an inconvenience, go to the one on West Saginaw. Fire your hiring manager, they are clearly only hiring their friends who care more about trashing their own coworkers in front of customers than saying things like "you're welcome" or "have a nice day." It's always like this but today she didn't even look at me when she handed me my card back, then my drink, then my fries. 3 times.Two stars because at least the food is good.

Review №4

I love the food but the service at this location seems to be not that great every time I eat from here. Between only accepting cash, they can't produce items on there menu over a great amount of time and not letting services they use for delivery that they're not available for delivery, allowing drivers to show up for an order that says its available to pick up, not just once but twice in a row before its cancel and the money is refunded. I might of not been out of money but them drivers were. So they deliver very poor service. If it is possible I would strongly suggest going to another location for their food.

Review №5

Always good food and fast friendly service. I wish they would get their ice crea machine fixed though

Review №6

Clumpy weird bacon. Staff is not usually friendly. They give you a vibe lije you're doing them a favor. I'm glad they're going out of business if that's true.

Review №7

We drive half hour to get some chili last week, nope none made they say, drive half hour today at 5pm wait in line 10 mins they say were down. thats all just were down. rejected every car in line. what a waste. refused to serve us let us wait in line. unreal they just dont care here. 2 hours round trip of driving for no food now, we are done.

Review №8

Im giving a poor review as the gentleman who took my order had his mask below his chin and one glove on and not the one collecting money and the fryes were drenched with greese. Usually a good place to eat but not that day.

Review №9

Very disappointed in Rallys. Very rude customer service. I went through the drive through and they tell me I can't order because there credit card machine was down. But they couldn't except cash. That's not what frustrated me, I get things happen, but, the two cars in front of me got to order. Thats not okay.

Review №10

Greasiest hamburgers ever. After one bite I wasn't sure if it came from a restaurant or a quick lube shop.

Review №11

Be aware before you make your trip, apparently this location is only a pickup spot for online orders. Also, they tend to close at odd times. I placed an online order to be picked up at 10 PM, only to arrive to find the location closed. Would normally give 5 stars for the food, but the hurdles to get it really aren't worth it to me.

Review №12

Rallys on Oakland online site in Lansing Michigan took 30.00 of my friends card but the site told her she was denied 3 times for a 10.00 order. We will never go there again or suggest it to anyone. I wouldn't even suggest the scraps to animals...

Review №13

Didn't give us any dipping sauce for nuggets and they were quite rude. Glared at my daughter when she asked for a second straw for the second drink. Maybe we were suppose to share, I don't know. Never said a word as they were handing us out food.

Review №14

I used to be a huge fan of this location but I went to this location for dinner tonight and was told I was unable to order because they were only serving to door dash and other delivery services however there was a car ahead of me that was not a part of a delivery service that was getting food at the window. When I asked why they served the car ahead of me I immediately receive no responses and the people inside would no longer talk to me. This is by far the worst service I've ever received at any fast food restaurant. I for one will never go back here ever again. P.s. I just read through a lot of your recent reviews for this location and I can see that this has been a problem for at least a month if not longer and that's disgusting something absolutely needs to be done about this location service and employees. I'm absolutely beside myself after reading what's been going on here for sometime. If you're not going to do something about fixing this locations problem just close it down we don't need that in our city

Review №15

Went through when Dominique was working the window and taking orders, she interrupted me through the entire order. And I told her 3 times and corrected her when she was wrong after the third time and still got my burger with onion on it. I got up to the window and she wasn't pleasant, and didn't even look at me when handing the food out the window because she was chatting it up with someone else and didn't realize I couldn't reach the food, then when I realized I had no straw and asked politely I was given attitude and a dirty look. Not to mention she sat there and drank out of her cup.... isn't that not okay if she's not wearing gloves and handing out food with COVID especially in front of me??....I tried to call the store and the “mailbox was full” and I would take it back but not after what I just went through to order and the attitude when given my food. This store is usually pleasant.

Review №16

Was double charged for a $9.68 order and am receiving run around trying to correct it....

Review №17

I would give a big zero if I could I placed a pick up order on their online platform to discover the store wasn't even open. I have tried for 3 days to speak to a manager for a refund on a 30$ order and have got no place. This restaurant stole 30$ from me and the 1-800 number told me it's nothing they can do. Don't order online here never know if they are open place is ran by crooks.

Review №18

My fiancé was door dashing, and he had to pick up two orders from this location, that claims they close AT 2 (and it's only 11:30) and the girl working literally got in her car the second he got there to pick up his orders, and just left.The previous time he was here for door dash he literally waited in line for 30 minutes. How is this place even still operating? Terrible food and customer service lol

Review №19

Drive-thru is oftentimes so slow that I will just pull away. Other people do, too. What is going wrong inside this store?Sometimes the credit card machine is down. The ice cream machine has been down since March. Whomever owns this store needs to show up and do their job!

Review №20

I bought a fry a drink and a cheese it was a good deal but the Buns was hard

Review №21

Customer service is terrible. Food tends to take a while. Food is always hot which is good.

Review №22

Seriously the best fast food chain there is

Review №23

They got my order wrong and food was really salty. There are much better choices for fast food burgers.

Review №24

Not hot but sorta warm. But those fries tho...they are worth the 4 stars.

Review №25

I love their fries!

Review №26

They want you to wear a mask however they're filthy Windows show exactly how clean they are

Review №27

I'm surprised they make any money at all at this location and that they're even open anymore, as much as their "computers are down and can't take any orders".....the owner might want to invest in a better computer network as well as some better employees. I've been coming here for years and it's always the same hassle. Can't take orders, shake machine broken, don't have this or that item. They just suck. The one on West Saginaw is much nicer. Never coming to this location again!

Review №28

They need to have a sign that says the left drive through is closed before they make you back at the way out of that maze. Also waited 20 minutes in line just to have the cashier girl practically throw us our food. After we got our food we say at the window in the drive through another five minutes just to get ketchup. Will not go back to this location again.

Review №29

Very very efficient with their online orders and made it comfortable for us

Review №30

Just went there today on my lunch. Me and my coworker both got a meal. He got the big Buford combo and I got the baconzilla combo.However when we got make to work to eat, the baconzilla sandwich was not in our bag. Just got to eat a fry for lunch for 9 bucks. I tried to call 3 times to try and at least get a credit. But no answer. Couldn't even leave a message cause the voicemail was full.

Review №31

Every time we go here for lunch there is something wrong with our order. Like today, we order 2 meals and only got one sandwich. When we tried to call to tell them no one answered and there was no room to leave a message. This will probably be my last time visiting this location, which is a shame because I love the food at rallys.

Review №32

Love the chicken bits and FF hot and good price

Review №33

Fast and friendly service. Awesome food. My special order burger, as well as the rest of the order, was made correctly. It was all delicious, quality food.

Review №34

Nope! Re-dippong product before its served so it 'seems' nice, fresh and hot is a turn off.. grease always tastes old.

Review №35

The worst staff in Lansing, they regularly refuse me service and then take an order right in front of me. My friend insisted that they would serve us, so he took me back and they turned us away, stating that they weren't taking orders. I don't know why I tried.

Review №36

Great food at a good price!

Review №37

Why is this location still open. If you can't take orders for more than a week... why are you paying someone to sit there and say sorry our computers are down please comeBack later. Seriously... maybe you should think of removing your open sign.

Review №38

Mushroom swiss burger is my jam not sure why you cant walk up to a window during covid pandemic....those without cars are really limited

Review №39

Will not go to them they dont wear mask not gloves nor gave a plastic shield since this covid-19 has been going on

Review №40

They told me at 5:30pm and I went to the drive through and they told me they will be open in an hour

Review №41

They need to learn to talk to people n clean a lot more like fryers n etc

Review №42

Its Rally's....dosnt matter witch one I go to the food is always good...

Review №43

Rally's is a favorite,I love the all American cheesebuger no grease,great flavor,awesome burger for the money....however they did screw my order up

Review №44

Ask for a double and pay for a double and they give you a single on both sandwiches wont be back to this one or recommend it!

Review №45

If the cashier would have read my order back I would have caught the issue, but when you so no mustard and they give you no mayo instead on an olive burger it sure is a disappointment

Review №46

Ordered food and it was super cold. Thought it should of been warm. It's ok food. Its decent.

Review №47

Sloppy sliders! Lot's of probably shouldn't drive while eating... Slow service though.

Review №48

The best fries in town... And the burgers are good too.

Review №49

First timer here and loved it.

Review №50

Very busy and under staffed. Wait was excessive and food was average

Review №51

The staff was kinda rude, definitely not anywhere near the best. They rushed me on my order, and had zero people skills, the lady taking my order totally acted like she hated her job and had no interest in serving anybody!! But to my surprise, the food was awesome!!! The burgers were on point, the fries were fresh, and they even threw me an extra sauce packet without giving me the look.

Review №52

Love the food and the milkshakes.

Review №53

Poor service. I decided to leave based on the service.

Review №54

The cashier was not friendly and kept my debit card.

Review №55

Love Rallys wish there was one in my town.

Review №56

Horrible customer service. Burgers were gross. The fully loaded fries were good thou

Review №57

Love these fries and everything else is yummy too

Review №58

Food and service is always a pleasure at your Lansing MI store on Cedar & Saginaw

Review №59

Good food, okay service. Swamped a lot.

Review №60

Order was messed up and tried to call back to get fixed couldn't get a answer and voice mail was full... so not very good service .. food was ok but check food before you leave window...

Review №61

Delicious fries...

Review №62

Good food, sometimes gets a little backed up. That's all that keeps it from being 5 stars.

Review №63

My order was completely wrong

Review №64

Nonsense. I ordered XL Fry Lovers fries and got like a small fry. Whatever.

Review №65

Fast I had a long order....great"

Review №66

Good fast food

Review №67

It's right behind my house pretty convenient

Review №68

Food was fresh & hot!! My chicken bites stayed hot thru my entire meal. Service was fast & pleasant

Review №69

Food is good for a good price and staff is friendly!

Review №70

Love checkers/ralleys one of my favorite places to go. Had a cherry ice cream that was delicious.

Review №71

Very good food

Review №72

Awesome prices, tasty time the left window was down during lunch. There was not a sign or a road block up. After driving too the window making an order,they said that window wasn't in service, and told we had too drive around and get in the back of the line. It was during lunch time, a busy time to go too other line. We ended up waiting in a line twice.

Review №73

Good food for a cheap price. Worth better than most other fast food areas. Service is quick and kind workers. This place does not have area to sit in and eat. Only a drive through and walk up to window. Usually and most of the time not very busy place.

Review №74

Pretty subpar service but the food still tastes good.

Review №75

Hey you know for their price they're really pretty good fast food service

Review №76

Man I love it when the food from the hood is accessible to me out here in the sticks.Get them fully loadrd fries and enjoy the nap after.

Review №77

Good Service, and fresh food, if you request it.

Review №78

I don't know about all of the time, but they made my order fresh and it was even right....more than I can say for McDonald'[email protected]

Review №79

Rally's used to be one of my favorite fast food restaurants in the 90's but the last several times I've eaten their I've been left with feelings of regret.Sometimes I question if it's actually a burger I'm eating or just wads of greasy saturated napkins pressed into a burger patty form. The fries taste like they haven't changed the fryer grease in a few weeks and the iced tea I ordered tasted like it was spiked with Dawn dish soap.

Review №80

Good burgers. grate fries.

Review №81

They forgot my. 6 pc. mozzerella stixs but replaced it with a 12 pc. when we went back

Review №82

They're good for a quick bite to eat

Review №83

Don't care much for the food. Shakes are good tho.

Review №84

Quick service, always fresh hot food

Review №85

They haven't failed me yet. Always good sometimes sloppy but good

Review №86

Blech. Sometimes better than Micky Ds, sometimes not. I only come here for the chicken because somehow the burgers taste like nothing. The bread is 99% air. I get their boneless wings which are pretty good. But aside from that I try to avoid it.

Review №87

Late service talking rude

Review №88

Love their "fully" loaded fries!!

Review №89

It was a bad day for the crew. Let's just leave it at that. I've had better here.

Review №90

Conditions were the best but food was quick and tasted fabulous

Review №91

Quick burgers with great price

Review №92

I am giving this place a 1 based on customer service I called ahead and noone answered, I figured they were busy. So I drove over because we live less than 5 minutes away. They had none in the parking lot. 3 employees standing around. I placed my order then went to pay, was not greated at the window. The girl simply opened the window, didnt greet us look at us or tell us our cost and wait time, she took our money closed the window and we waited for 15 minutes for our food. The fries were overcooked and tasted like they were fried in extremely dirty oil. Same with the mozzarella sticks. Overall just a disappointment. I will not be going here again.

Review №93

When we went through the drive thru on the speaker the woman was very rude. Screamed "WUT?" while we were ordering. Had an attitude the whole time. They were dancing and playing around the whole time. They gave us a very small bag for two large fries that were only halfway filled. Gave me my drink and said have a good one and shut the window and walked away while we were trying to tell her that she didn't give us our sandwiches. Once we got her attention we told her and she continued to have an attitude. They don't care about customer service at all, and the food is disgusting. Go to the Rallys on MLK. Much much better people and food.

Review №94

Typical fast food. As long as your ok with mediocre food and indifferent staff, you'll be fine. Their new French dip burger was good, albeit messy.

Review №95

Services is going down! Was not very pleased

Review №96

Love the fries, always good service

Review №97

Northside Rally's is the best one in town!

Review №98

I just dont get it! Buger was raw had a long as line fries was old..

Review №99

Quick stop fast food . No dining room just drive thru. Food is usually hot and fresh because business is always coming.

Review №100

Normally this is a pretty good place. On our last visit our order was not as ordered. Got chicken instead of a burger. Fries were cold and gross. One sandwich was right good but the rest of the meal was our loss.

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