Red Lobster
3130 E Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
Review №1

Called at 5 after 8. Apparently the restaurant closes at 830 I was left on hold for 25 minutes and then told that they could not take my order. I asked to speak to a manager at that point I was put on hold once again and know one ever came to the phone. I flew in from out of town but I frequent Lansing nag and this red lobster often. However I will not be returning poor management and poor customer service. Very disappointed!

Review №2

It was a little different experience due to Covid. But every one was super nice. Our server Melissa was amazing.

Review №3

First of waiter was great, Brennan. Wife had shrimp, over half were not cleaned properly. My Fish in chips tasted fine, but my piece if fish was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. For $14.00 fish should have been bigger or two pieces.

Review №4

Always friendly staff, I haven't ate at this location in 2 years, two years ago I felt it was pretty good but tonight my experience wasn't good. My pick up order that I picked up promptly at the time advised to pick up was unfortunately cold. My green beans tasted like wax and my biscuits had a old not fresh baked appeal to them, coconut shrimp was cold as well as fries.. Only thing warm was the lobster bisque. Like I said I haven't been here in a while. So It was quite disappointing.

Review №5

The service was awesome. Food was good. Appropriate prices for the portion. I had the lunch special lobster and shrimp rolls, everything was cooked; not raw. It was $15 for 2 rolls with fries. I would recommend.

Review №6

Well first of all everyone knows their lobster biscuits are amazing, and they never disappoint, secondly I ordered their raspberry Boston iced tea...and I must say it was the best tea ive ever had! For or appetizer we ordered this crab lobster and artichoke dip...amazing!! Next we ordered the admirals feast for my husband and I ordered the crab linguini...the kids ordered off the kids menu and we both shared each others food...we were left stuffed, satisfied and with plenty if left overs for tomorrow...what a great meal!

Review №7

This was put first visit since covid. Food was below average. No fish on the menu. No salad except Cesar salad. My combo had alfredo which tasted like it was poured from a jar. Server never came to check on our meals. Worst $100.00 dinner

Review №8

The food was warm not hot and you have less side choices to choose from, some of the choices like mashed potatoes will be considered an upgrade and cost you 3$more

Review №9

Excellent menu choices, food, and service by server Breanna. Famous cheese-herb biscuits were dry and consider switching baking soda to brand that does not have "aluminum."

Review №10

Why did a restaurant like this decide that customers would only like a Cesar salad? What about people that don't like that type of salad? And the inflated prices... then they state the pandemic for the lack of side choices......

Review №11

My friend and i were there yesterday and it was behind bad. My friend ordered a steak and lobster tail. He got his cole slaw and his salad. Then his steak came. He ordered it medium, it was RAW. we sent it back. 45 minutes later they brought the same steak and it was burnt. Then another 30 minutes the manager finally came over took things off our bill then handed him a gift card... REALLY. He wanted his steak. He never got it. And we walked out... Will never go back.

Review №12

We were in a hurry and they were very accomodating.

Review №13

It was only a short 10 minute wait to be seated and with the reduced seating the service was quick and very attentive. I kind like this not overstuffed restaurant thing.

Review №14

How was Red lobster you ask? F'in aHmazing!!

Review №15

The restaurant was empty, i was surprised by that considering it was sunday. The facility was clean and well kept the staff was very polite and our waitress was really nice and knowledgeable. Now comes the reason we went the food. Red lobster starts u out with biscuits and they were really good, next comes the salad it was pleasant, my wife and both ate it all. Our main course however, not so good. We both order shrimp, it was ok but really small in size and a small portions. I also order, clams and they were terrible, idk i just couldn't eat them, i expected somthing entirely different. It wasn't all bad i guess, except the bill was over $60 and we didn't order any appitizers or alcoholic drinks. We walk out and burger king smelled great i got a whopper. Dont judge because of me, i prolly had a bad course.

Review №16

I'm never going back..I order lobster tail and crab legs..the tail was maybe 4 inches long, and under cooked..the crab legs were super small and when I cracked them? Super dry....wayyy to expensive for very little food. Good luck Red Lobster

Review №17

The food is delicious, the service is excellent, they practice social distancing

Review №18

Awesome food. Hats off to the chief's

Review №19

Food was awesome , waitress was attentive and hostess very friendly

Review №20

Great service even during Friday dinner rush.

Review №21

It was great,. Thank you, our waitress was super !

Review №22

Stay away if you want kindness and people with a head on their shoulders.

Review №23

Food was half cooked, no forks and knives, drinks were JUICE. WHACK EXPERIENCE!! Inattentive waitress

Review №24

Cheesy garlic biscuits are melt in your mouth great. We enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms a lot. Food served hot and speedy. Salad was fresh. Wait staff was very friendly and efficient. It's a bit pricey but we'll worth it. I had the shrimp trio, came with shrimp linguini Alfredo, scampi, fried shrimp, asparagus (great), and a salad. We will be back.

Review №25

It was the people I was with. I'm not a major fast food fan. But it is believed by many that restaurants make better meals than can be done at home. So they take their guest out.Spend what is not in their budget, just to impress others. Impress me by cooking at home.The staff was clean, courteous, professional.

Review №26

Long wait for our food to arrive. Quality of food, well, I can get the same out of a box in the freezer section! Quantity is smaller, won't be back.

Review №27

Great food, great service, reasonable prices!

Review №28

Tremendous food, waitstaff is incredible. 10/10 please tip well :D

Review №29

Food quality and temperature has gone down since COVID19. Food was skimpy and not hot. Salad came from a cellophane pre-packahed bag, and you only got lettuce and cheese. No tomatoes or other veggies. Shrimp was just that..shrimpy..tiny and barely in existence. Food was cold and overpriced.

Review №30

Had an amazing time. Oir waitress was very attentive and helpful!

Review №31

Great service from Israel, and food was tasty.

Review №32

It has amazing food and very well preps for quarantine. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to get great food at decent prices with 6 feet apart. Go here!

Review №33

Food doesn't disappoint. Steak came out to temp and tender. Service a bit slower than usual, but it is Sunday evening.

Review №34

Had a great time with family for Valeria and my late birthday celebration

Review №35

Placed order online. It was ready at the time I scheduled it for. The order was correct and the food was very good. The person who answered the phone when I got there, and brought out the order ("JenicaP"?), was very nice and courteous.

Review №36

We enjoyed it. Service was very nice. Food was very good.

Review №37

Salad was not fresh, food was too salty, service was lacking.

Review №38

Service was great. Food was on time and delicious. Had a great dining experience.

Review №39

On a business trip in Lansing MI. This restaurant was super busy on a Saturday. DORIS was great !! My meal was just delicious. Will be back. Thank you !

Review №40

Great food and service. Things are different because of Covid-19 but it is still a favorite of mine.

Review №41

Great food. Friendly service. Nice atmosphere. Not to bad as far as price goes. I never have left hungry. Portions are generous.

Review №42

Didn't have the only thing on menu I wanted. Went with another choice it was what I ordered just turned my stomach when it came. Waitress was very friendly and clearly tried to keep us happy. Not her fault red lobster is what it is.

Review №43

Excellent service, Abby! Food good too...

Review №44

I just waited 2 1/2 hours and was told it would be another 45 mins to get my food. It started raining while i was waiting outside and they told everybody about 50 people to come inside because they were not bringing food outside anymore. We were shoulder to shoulder in there definitely not following social distance guidelines. I finally got to cancel after waiting in line. They were extremely unorganized and unprofessional. Also i only got a refund they didn't give me a gift card or anything. We spent $120 i will not be returning.

Review №45

I dont think the food is worth the price, but the meal was ok.

Review №46

Very good dinner, endless shrimp were so Delicious

Review №47

Excellent food and great service.

Review №48

The food was terrible you couldn't cut the green beans with a axle. Long John was a bigger verity for fish.That was 50.00 wasted

Review №49

Food was excellent, service was excellent, but $110. for 3 meals an appetizer and 1 glass of wine, seems a little pricey.

Review №50

The food was very good, but it was our server, Andie, who really impressed us. She was prompt, gave great attention to detail, and was very personable! She needed a little assistance from other servers and expressed much appreciation to them for their help. Make sure you hang onto that one! Christmas blessings to your entire staff!

Review №51

Manager was very kind after we made an expensive mistake . Could not be more pleased with the quality of the food and customer service. Thanks to Dee for the amazing service as well!

Review №52

I haven't been to this Red Lobster in awhile. The last time we went to this location the service wasn't awesome, but that was probably 5 years ago.The service this time was awesome. Our server was very pleasant and helpful. Our order was correct. The manager even came by to see if we needed anything.The only thing I wish was different was menu related. Which isn't the locations fault. The menu is weirdly laid out and doesn't flow well. Also, some of the menu options don't really make a ton of sense. I felt like I ordered something else because what I really wanted wasn't available as a single entree, but instead you have to order it with a pair or a trio of entrees. Weird. I didn't need that much food, nor did I want to pay that much money just to get that particular menu item.The meal I did eventually go with was quite delicious and I was pleased with it.

Review №53

Awesome great customer service and the food certainly was on point.

Review №54

Today was such a disappointment.i ordered food for 2 adults n 2 kids n only 1 adult n 1 kid could eat the food worth $60....v r normal appetite ppl,v dont hav huge appetite....its such a deceptive menu.the pictures r no comparison to the real food u recieve.its 1/4 of the food in real.m not going back to red lobster again n I will never recommend this place to anyone...its a complete rip off.moreover the fried shrimp and shrimp scampi was soggy n tastlessscampi

Review №55

Called placed and paid for order- Got there they have no record of it- Had me call again ended up talking with the manager that told me to call- An hour later perhaps paying twice-

Review №56

I'm a frequent visitor. Since I'm pescatarian. I just wish the city had more options for seafood restaurants. But its hit and miss depending on the workers

Review №57

Dinner and service was amazing

Review №58

I placed an order for my Mom for Mother's Day as I am all the way down in Texas and can't be there to cook for her. It was expected to arrive at 4:15pm and she never received it and the restaurant has closed. Her and myself tried calling to find out what was going on and to try and cancel the order and no one ever answered the phone. I'm just so sad and disappointed to know she didn't get a special dinner for her special day.

Review №59

Food was good, the person handing out orders had a mask, but no gloves.

Review №60

I have been going here since I was in high school. I am now 54, never fails to impress me. Service was the best, food is always great. Luv it.

Review №61

Came in for a birthday party. Hosts could find our reservations, so we were told to wait until a manger helped us immediately. The two servers who were taking care of us were great help and the food was great.

Review №62

Friendly staff plus great food equals a win!!

Review №63

Still a good place for Seafood!

Review №64

Portions seemed somewhat small, food was good but only warm.

Review №65

Great good. Clean, social distancing.. masks.

Review №66

Very nice-- waitress was excellent as was the food. A good experience.

Review №67

First time ever going to a red lobster. Israel was a great server and had great character. Got our food super quick and everything was to our liking.

Review №68

I enjoyed eating at Red Lobster , I was graciously greeted the moment l arrive , my waitress named Andi Thomas was very friendly and helpful and she came back several times, to see if I needed anything , which I appreciated, I had the SAILORS platter and it arrived promptly, and it was hot and very delicious , I love the management and team members , they are concern about customer satisfaction. Looking forward to returning soon.

Review №69

This is were my wife and I go when we want a real sit down and enjoy ourselves sea food meal! - It has great staff, very clean store and the food is AWESOME!!!!!

Review №70

Love love love crab legs, also love the new app and ability to earn points. We go multiple times a year and enjoy lobster fest.

Review №71

Amazing staff very kind. I celebrated my birthday here with my family. Definitely coming back again.

Review №72

Great food and family time. Even when we celebrate our grand son's birthday

Review №73

Food was cold old and missing a leg off my crab not worth the 50 bucks I just paid cuz I definitely aint eating anything but the fresh mashed potatoes. This is by far the worst red lobster I've ever had. You guys had one job one️

Review №74

Expensive, very slow service, cold food, and disgusting rabbit food field greens in place of lettuce. Waited forever for 1 basket of biscuits even though we asked multiple times. $30 per meal and it was worth maybe $15. Very disappointed and not sure if I'll bother coming back.

Review №75

Take out tonight was really speedy and curbside was fantastic.

Review №76

So much shrimp & so good.

Review №77

Very mediocre service. Been here twice now and both times they've messed up our food. Sadly disappointed in the quality compared to other red lobsters.

Review №78

Loved the biscuits and loved the potato soup. I don't eat seafood or fish. So not much for me to pick from menu or for children

Review №79

Always good food and good service at this particular location.

Review №80

Good was great service was too notch

Review №81

Limited menu but all the favorites. Service and food were excellent.

Review №82

I had lunch with my sister here.. It was really good.. the waiter(gentleman) was friendly and helpful.. the food was tasteful but shrimp could be cooked even more.. Alfredo pasta was excellent..

Review №83

Date night with the lovely

Review №84

I travled to Detroit to see about a sick parent and my family and I were in Lansing, Mi and I just had to have a drink. After Googling a bar near me, Red Lobster was the closest place and I went. I sat at the bar and John was the bartender, who greeted me cordially and I placed my order. He then asked for my ID which I readily had available on the bar. After discovering I had a Georgia identification, he pleasantly ask the purpose of my trip to Michigan which I told him. After receiving my Stella Artois draft and Absolut vodka rocks I paid my tab. Unfortunately I'm allergic to many seafood items so I didn't come to eat. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone to join this location near Frandor shopping plaza in Lansing, Mi.

Review №85

Went to the one in Frandor in Lansing yesterday evening with my family of 9 to celebrate my sister in laws birthday. The only reason this review gets two stars is because the poor server Andie tried so hard. First half of our food got delivered to the wrong table, then half our plates were wrong though the server did have it correct on her tickets. My 7 year old, my sister in-law, and my son had to wait a good 10 minutes after everyone else got their food to get theirs which was probably a good 30 minutes after us ordering. By the time she got her food she was tired and wanted to just go home. My baked potato that I got to take home was burnt, my shrimp was super salty, only half got cocktail sauce with our meals of endless shrimp where we had ordered the breaded shrimp. The kitchen must have had a super bad night because the food was just not good all the way around and not even that we ordered. The server was obviously flustered and a bit overwhelmed because we weren't the only table having problems. I sure hope she gets a pat on the back for keeping her head the best she could

Review №86

Didn't didn't like the fact that the waitress was hitting on my husband ask them personal questions I was not her job it was her job to serve us

Review №87

Took a while for our server to get to us. I had to ask for a server. He was busy. But after he greeted us he was polite, friendly, and efficient. Food is always good....

Review №88

First time visitor! The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and warm, as soon as I sat down I was greated by Alyssa a bubbly short haired blonde. She was super friendly and well experienced, she knew the menu and recommended the stuffed mushrooms as a started and they were amazing. I then ordered the ultimate feast which was cooked perfectly and came with your choice of a garden salad or Caesar salad. The feast came with shrimp, fried shrimp, lobster tail, and crab legs, rice and your choice of a side. I chose the harvest vegetables. (Sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts) Dinner was filling! I am very pleased and would recommend Red Lobster to anyone craving food seafood!

Review №89

Great service and food.

Review №90

Great food and good service.

Review №91

We love coming to the Lansing location for Brianna. She is always so positive and encouraging of others. She works hard and I always see her stopping to help others out. Every time we come out to eat we make it a point to have her section. I appreciate her work ethic and love for the company she works for. Our food is always great and if there is anything wrong, she is happy to fix it with a smile. We are thankful for people like her making our dining experience enjoyable every time.

Review №92

Food, services and quality were fantastic. A very good meal and accommodations were perfect. I am in a wheelchair. The only con was a dirty restroom.

Review №93

Great service and great food! They have a really good variety and I don't get the same thing when I visit. I haven't been disappointed, but I am bummed they took the lobster chops off the menu.

Review №94

The food was excellent! The service was outstanding!! Come by, see Andrea & eat some seafood!! Had the 4 choice option- Shrimp linguini Alfredo x3 (2 are to go) w/the whitefish & a side of bay scallops. Baked potato w/extra sc & BISCUITS & butter!!

Review №95

Potato soup was very tasty. But Wood Fired Shrimp was bland. The service was good

Review №96

Great service! Perfect area! And the shrimp stuffed crab rangoon are amazing!!!

Review №97

We went in for endless shrimp and it was pretty disappointing. The service was outstanding, and the scampi was really good, but the fried shrimp changed and it's NOT good. Even the manager said he's had tons of complaints. So, Red Lobster, if you're reading this, please go back to the good fried shrimp!

Review №98

Delicious as always. Love the endless shrimp promotion currently running. Crystal was an excellent server and very attentive. Will be back again and again.

Review №99

Is this location offering cornbread to or just biscuits

Review №100

Good food, good service.

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  • Phone:+1 517-351-0610
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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