Panera Bread
6310 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
Review №1

I got to 2 pick two's my daughter's order was great but my order my sandwich was good but creamy tomato soup that I ordered had paper in it was very disgusting! on both of the pick two's I ordered chips I got French baguettes they totally screwed my order..And also it took forever for them to come to the window when I pulled up. Not very good service..I also work at Panera Bread and I expect the top service too so I'm just being truthful

Review №2

This new location is beautifully laid out and we stopped in with my girls! We were nicely greeted and our orders came out fast and warm and tasted great. Samantha was the one that took our order and she was kind and pleasant. She mentioned many nice things that would taste great and it was. Nice atmosphere, nice people, good friends and a very clean place. We will be back!

Review №3

Employees mask below nose and constantly touching masks. They replied thats why they have gloves on? Dont eat here!!

Review №4

I have always been a regular at this location and Panera in general. Im not sure what it is but lately it is one issue after another. I'm not one to make reviews but I had my last straw today and I will not be attending this Panera anymore. I ordered curbside pickup for convenience and 10 minutes after my pickup time I was still left waiting. I decided to go in and check on my food to see if it was ready or not and the gentleman at the counter was on his phone and did not look up for a solid 5 minutes I had to say hello to get his attention. I told him I've been waiting for my food for 10 minutes past the pickup time and he said oh if your food has not been brought out then it's up on that shelf over there I ordered a frozen strawberry lemonade and it was completely melted in my food was cold.

Review №5

My mac n cheese was cold, and looked like it was half eaten, and I got no croutons with my tomato soup. This, combined with the whipped topping on my caramel latte tells me I should probably not trust that I got ALMOND milk, but instead that the careless employees here just gave me regular milk and said screw you to my insides (I am lactose intolerant, so thanks). Might be okay if you order in? But I won't be back to try it.

Review №6

Super fast and delicious! I had a great experience using Rapid Pick up. It was fast efficient and right on time. I didn't order a drink with my order so when I got inside I ordered a drink to go and they gave me one on the house! I felt very spoiled and really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant. From families to couples everyone looked relaxing and happy. Now I can't wait to get home and eat my sandwich and soup! Thank you Panera staff for rocking out my night!

Review №7

Out of the last 10 times going here, the order was wrong 3 of them. 2 times the eggs were scrambled when I clearly asked for over easy. 1 time the cafe latte had caramel but we didn't ask for it. It's one of the few places that has fast healthy food, so we'll probably still end up taking the risk, but it's unfortunate hope we can't just get what we pay for.

Review №8

UPDATED: There's one staff member who's made unnecessary comments to me twice. The first time he told me I was 2 hours late to pick up my curbside order. I pulled out my receipt to show him that I definitely wasn't. The second time (also curbside) he told me that the restaurant was open (which I could clearly see) and I could come inside to pick up my order, which defeats the purpose of me ordering curbside. In both of these experiences he initiated conversation. For whatever reason the app didn't let me write my last experience which is why I'm writing it in a review.Most of my other experiences have been fine and pleasant.After continuously having more problems at this location I will no longer go here. During my last visit I went through the drive-thru I waited at least 10 minute, possibly 15, for a flatbread. I live 5 minutes away and by the time I got home my pizza was COLD to the touch. I tried calling them but received no response.

Review №9

I use to like Panera Bread. But every time I go now it's always a problem. They are very slow and not professional. I have a free coffee subscription that I pay for. I get iced coffee with liquid sugar all the time. Now all of a sudden I'm getting charged for each pump. I never been charged. The manager Christian was very rude. They told me they would give it to me this time but when I got my coffee they still didn't put the liquid sugar in it. The location is on Cedar in Lansing, Michigan.

Review №10

Maybe they have good food, but my delivery experience was terrible and they wouldn't answer the phone or let me leave a feedback on the website.I've been a delivery driver and I understand when things get busy, you sometimes have to take 3+ orders on one run. I also get that you tend to earn more money when you put the people that already left you a good pre-tip on a credit card to the back of your route, giving those who are undetermined a chance to actually give you money when you arrive in a timely manner with their order.In “no-contact delivery” circumstances, every other place/service I have ordered delivery from or worked for still requires the driver to acknowledge receipt before leaving. This lady rang my doorbell and walked off without making sure I was satisfiedI was the fourth stop on this drivers route. I ordered Mac and cheese and a frozen beverage, and included a $5 pre tip. By the time she showed up with my order, my drink had melted and there was no straw. Tried calling the store only to be disconnected. The food was still warm but the route the driver took made zero sense. They went way east of the store before turning around and passing the store to go west of it. This should have been delegated differently to give the East delivery to another driver.

Review №11

Always good food. Love Autumn Squash soup. They appear to be doing a good job at keeping things clean.

Review №12

If you like Panera you know what to expect. This franchise does as good a job or better than most. I do like the new unlimited cup of coffee for $9 a month offer and I take advantage of it almost daily...

Review №13

Fast friendly service . Many menu items available all times of day and has a drive-thru now

Review №14

Me and my family all have the Unlimited coffee plan. I went through the drive-through like I normally do every day. The drive through customer service rep Sierra was Extremely rude today which she normally is anyways. I do not like to complain about the customer service rep but today she was exceptionally Rude. I will not be returning to this location. I will stick to the locations in either Frandor or on West Saginaw in Lansing Michigan.They have excellent customer service. My issues stems from my visit today.

Review №15

Fresh food. Fast service at the Friendly employees.

Review №16

My review is about the safety precautions for Covid 19. A friend and I went to this location yesterday. Big signs on front door about not entering without a face mask. We had our face masks on and went in. All the people working there had a face mask on......but this is what we observed.....only one girl wore here properly. The masks are to cover mouth AND nose. All the other girls had the mask only covering their mouths. Noses were exposed. As we moved down to get our food we encountered who we believe was the manager. He had a mask on but wore it down on his chin! Mouth and nose were fully exposed. Not a good role model for his workers. My friends husband h

Review №17

Slow service, and the electronic ordering was very finicky and wouldn't let you customize anything. The food was good. I love panera. I just should have gone through the drive thru.

Review №18

Just coffee and a cocoa cream cookie. Got the light brew coffee, seemed more like medium roast but was good (not burnt) and the cookie was very good, about 2" diameter with creme filling.

Review №19

I thought that I was ordering a bagel to go however, I interupped a personal conversation between two employees. This will be my last visit to panera. waiting for ten minutes for a bagel is not a happy moment.

Review №20

Horrible food , high prices , iced coffee tasted like straight milk. Unreasonably long wait with no other vehicles ahead of me

Review №21

With myself and only one other car ahead of me I was in the drive thru for 20 mins.I took my food and left. My order was wrong. I call back they gave the correct order and I kept the other order as well. The food was alright.Everyone was nice.

Review №22

Online app was easy to order from. Curbside pickup was great. We ordered the Sandwich and Soup family feast and it was exactly the amount of food we needed.

Review №23

Excellent food. Great service.

Review №24

Good food but employees are kinda just thrown in wherever and not really trained. Very disappointed in the career opportunitie but still cant turn down the mac n cheese

Review №25

Great food great service attention to cleanliness is very up-to-date and just an all-around good vibe I highly recommend coming to this Panera after all I work there

Review №26

The Food Was Really Really Delicious And Great Customer Service

Review №27

Quick place to grab a bite and always good coffee.

Review №28

I want to thank the manager at this location for solving the problem that I had at the window

Review №29

I have had nothing but issues with this location. Every time I've ordered (not complicated orders) there have been items missing. When I have called, their excuse is always that they are a new location. At this point, that isnt an excuse to leave full meals out of the order. There have been ingredients missing from orders as well. It has gotten ridiculous. To be fair, the manager has always tried to fix it by delivering our missing items or throwing in a cookie, but I'd much rather get the stuff I paid for the first time without it needing to be fixed. Today was the fourth time we've had this issue and I'm out of patience; I'll be going to a different location from now on.

Review №30

The Cuban is fantastic, the croissant is superb. The customer service is unbelievable, and they remembered me after only a couple visits. I honestly recommend this place for everyone.

Review №31

Came through tonight and order, they made a sandwich completely wrong or maybe they made my girlfriends sandwich twice. (Which is only meat, sauce and cheese) where i usually have the whole shabang! (Is that a word?)Anyway the manager on duty fixed it without any issues and her staff was awesome. Mistakes happen, yes i was upset, but i knew they would fix it.

Review №32

Love the location and the service is very good and fast!!!

Review №33

Love Paneras! Never a bad meal.great salads, soups and paninis!

Review №34

Decent food,decent drink,just a bit too pricey

Review №35

Clean and friendly environment with nice staff and good service

Review №36

Great service & for coffee seemed bitter

Review №37

Really good mac n cheese

Review №38

Best Mac and cheese I have ever gotten from a panera. They were nice and also pretty fast.

Review №39

Good food and not too over priced

Review №40

I have tried to be patient and take mistakes in stride but tonight was the last chance I am giving this location. 2 orders were missing from the bag and 2 sandwiches were missing their regular ingredients! Every time we have ordered pick up or delivery someone's meal is always missing. I'm tired of paying for food I don't receive. Sending a coupon does nothing for feeding my family tonight. When I called to tell them of the mistake they were very rude and said it was impossible for me to order 2 of the soups because they have been out all day. I gave her my order number and her reply was that someone should have called me to tell me they were out...ok, but then why did you charge me for what you knew you didn't have!!! Beyond frustrated and refuse to visit them again.

Review №41

Addicted to the Madagascar Vanilla iced latte

Review №42

This is a new Panera, everything is clean and shiny. Nice warm fireplace, only 2 small tables next to it though. Service was fine, food was as good as it's been at any Panera I've eaten at. Hot soup on a cold day, can't beat that

Review №43

I love going to Panera to get work done while sitting by the fire or enjoying a meal. I come here almost every Sunday. Every time I have had to wipe down my own table. I've sat for hours and watched dirty tables go uncleaned and dishes pile up.I haven't thought much of it but it's a little off putting. Today, however, I watched an employee in the kitchen eat while standing behind the line (where food comes up) with gloves on, then go back to making food without changing gloves or washing her hands. The professionalism and cleanliness of this location is concerning.

Review №44

They got just about everything wrong. My wifes ice coffee was not iced, they were out of the sandwich bun she ordered so they just used a different one without letting us know and still made the sandwich wrong.My sandwich was also made wrong, I asked for one thing off it and got all the things off of it, now its just a pile of chicken on bread.Some retraining of the staff seems to be in order.

Review №45

Awesome staff! Great Customer Service!!

Review №46

Breakfast menu is too small and too far from the speaker. Awaited forever at the window for food. Not my best Panera experience.

Review №47

I live close to this location and have been here a few times. I usually like too enjoy a hot tea with my soup and sandwich. Unfortunately, I always have to use a disposable, wasteful, paper cup because the ceramic mugs are always visibly dirty on the inside. If they can't clean their on-display mugs, what else are they failing to clean properly?

Review №48

I should've taken a picture. Ordered a brioche breakfast sandwich and I wanted the fried egg (App has pics, so I can see what I'm ordering). Sandwich had scrambled egg and bacon was chopped, not sliced. Bacon was also nearly raw. I won't be back. My friend also said they were out of baguettes when she went. Beware!

Review №49

Paid for the broccoli bread bowl and got home when I realized they forgot it. Now they're closed because it's past ten.

Review №50

I love their grain bowls and green teas

Review №51

A little bit in the pricey side. But so worth it. If you haven't been to a Panera bread you must have just woken up from a 10 year coma. To that I say welcome to the new world. A delicious carb filled new world.

Review №52

My go to for coffee and baked goods

Review №53

Good food. We used curbside pickup.

Review №54

Great food and nice service!

Review №55

This place is really expensive for most people so I dont recommend for a cheap bite to eat, but this place is very calm, and they cook your food very quickly. it's also very clean, aesthetically warm so a nice place to get to know someone or have a calming day with your friend. though food can be expensive, it's made very fresh.

Review №56

Put the cups in a bag already tape so that staff people are not even touching it. They are using gloves even the staff that makes your food. Awesome job Panera's great

Review №57

The food and stuff is good I just don't know about the service yet though this time to drive the kind of very nice but I had to go up and check on my order because it wasn't announced when I was done. Also the drive to always gets my order wrong and then takes like 11 minutes which is too long for any drive-thru.

Review №58

Yeah definitely horrible customer service from Sierra just because I have the coffee plan you don't have to be rude to me.

Review №59

“Now Open” I'm glad they just opened and it's nice to have Panera Bread on this side of town. Best lunches and you can get healthy food. I love the soup and sandwich combos.Please hit “Like” if this was helpful. Thanks.

Review №60

They are sweet and friendly and helpful, the downfall is their drive thru menu. It's too small of a print to read, you have to pull up to read the menu and then back up to the speaker to place the order. Changing the font of the menu board would be a nice change as seeing as many of us are busy on phones or computers for our careers, after a long day I'd skip this place due to the menu font.

Review №61

When i received items i didn't order and one missing side item, i called the location and was invited to come back to pick-up my replacement order! they were very fast and apologetic and remade my entire order for me! they even sent home a delicious bakery item too! i'm very pleased to have Panera Bread In Our Neighborhood! i'm sure you will find this a wonderful and delicious destination.

Review №62

Great food, great service! An older male employee took extra care to bring us napkins and butter and he also cleared our plates. I wish I had caught his name!

Review №63

It was my first time there and I wasn't sure what to expect or how there food was going to taste. But I don't think there food agreed with me, but that was my first time. I just have to tell them certain things I don't want on my sandwich next time.

Review №64

First time at this Panera. Cody made our experience so great. Everyone was very friendly. After having a spastic day glad they could make dinner a breeze and keep the kiddos happy too!

Review №65

I've been here a couple times since they opened. Staff are all great and friendly. They are often out of certain items and when it's busy can be slower, but overall I think they're doing really well for a new business.

Review №66

Fresh salad, hot, well prepared soup. Perfect for a cool, rainy day!

Review №67

I specifically asked for an extra bowl of soup I got an extra cup of soup. I ordered a large container of macaroni and cheese I got no macaroni and cheese. If they can't put the order together in the bag and put out the window right they shouldn't be working there.

Review №68

I love the soups and salads. The greek salad is the best!

Review №69

I had high hopes for this new location, as it is closer to my home than the Frandor location. Unfortunately I have had three bad experiences in a row here. It would be nice to be greeted when walking up to the counter, instead you get a rude stare and silence, no matter how cheerful and friendly you are in return. My breakfast sandwich today was inedible, sausage so over-cooked I could barely cut through it with a knife. I guess it is back to Frandor for consistent quality of both food and service.

Review №70

Nice place for coffee and a late lunch. Fan of the new Mediterranean veggie sandwich

Review №71

Panera bread is usually always good but for some reason this one always messes up never had a problem with other Panera Bread

Review №72

Soup bowl delicious as usual. Tried the Ruben. It wasn't edible

Review №73

This my home away from home. They still have the best potatoes soup in town hand down.

Review №74

This restaurant has my favorite soup and salad for lunchbox dinner. And the baguette is the best around. Check it out!

Review №75

Good food. Good service. Fair pricimg

Review №76

Bad service, long wait even though we were the only line. High prices. Servers throwing food at each other. Disgust ing place. Will not go back !

Review №77

Don't ask for one thing on peanut butter you will need about 3 of these containers to fill a bagel.

Review №78

Awesome food served fresh - like the phone app.

Review №79

I love being able to to drive thru, kiosk, counter, or delivery. Makes it an easy choice for lunch!

Review №80

Food is VERY GOOD very healthy..will go back many times!

Review №81

Super fast service. Also Goodwill is practically next door. Twofer for my thrift store ppl!

Review №82

They discontinued the only 2 soups I liked. No more potato or New England clam chowder

Review №83

I dont understand how taking an order in the drive thru is so complicated. And when I point out you charged me for extra items I didn't ask for, I assumed the 5 min you spent trying to fix it would result in me being charged less, not more. Thanks for not giving me the receipt I asked for, twice.

Review №84

Rude and lazy staff! Do not go to this location!

Review №85

Fabulous facility & as always, incredibly delicious pptions.

Review №86

It's good but I'm not a fan

Review №87

Always fresh

Review №88

Took 40+ minutes for my to-go order to be ready. Sandwich was terribly made and had wrong topping (supposed to be grilled cheese with CHICKEN) Forgot my cinnamon roll as well. What a disaster.

Review №89

Too loud at the front counter to be ordering, im surprised they could hear each other. We had to repeat our order about 4 times and then we had things missing when we got the plate at the pick up area, not to mention they were a little rude. The place it nice, but tables are never clean when we sit down. They realy need to train their employees better, and the food had the wrong proportions of ingredients and some things tasted bad. I expected better.

Review №90

Super slow. New in business so, probably still learning. But, real slow.I am editing this as I got home and finally saw my food. My Mac and cheese was cold and dumped out of a bag that was microwaved, my grilled cheese was microwaved. Really taking pride in your “farm fresh” delivery there, Panera.

Review №91

They were nice, but took forever and got our order wrong. Didn't realize until we were on the road.

Review №92

Their breadbowls are the best sour dough bowl I've had. Cannot duplicate myself!

Review №93

Good food made while you wait.

Review №94

Great new location. Our cashier was fantastic.

Review №95

The food is really good and the service is always prompt.

Review №96

Like it. Their decorations are better than starbucks

Review №97

Good food, but some weird service issues. Seemed like they were understaffed, didnt have signs that pay at kiosk was not working, slow to respond to new customers waiting to order, I think the garbage didnt have a bag for a while, but the restaurant itself was nice and new.

Review №98

Some of the best customer service in South Lansing

Review №99

This location is TERRIBLE!... Always out of food items, long waits times, staff are flustered and don't seem trained well.

Review №100

I like Panera just didn't care for this particular location which appears new.

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