QDOBA Mexican Eats
301 N Clippert St, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
Review №1

I absolutely love Qdoba, but this location is HORRIBLE. Because of the proximity to where I work, I have been a few times and have never had a positive experience. I ordered 3 cheese nachos and when they forgot the chips on the side, I politely asked if they could give me chips and the lady rolled her eyes and put about 10 chips in the bag. Then on another occasion, I asked for ground beef for my nachos and the lady gave me less than half a scoop. I politely asked for a little bit more and she gave me an annoyed look and proceeded to tell me in a rude tone that it would be an extra $3 and it's another full scoop. I have never given a bad review, but I feel obligated to let others know the experience I had. The Qdoba on Grand River is fantastic though!!!

Review №2

Purchased food with my fiance last night, ordered a burrito and 3 tacos. Portions on everything were sad, especially the tacos. I asked an employee to add more meat because of the lack of it, they proceeded to tell me that extra meat is $2.50 which I could not believe because of the paltry amount already on there. So I have to pay extra to receive what would be considered a regular portion of taco meat from an actual taqueria? Decided not to pursue the issue because we were hungry and I will not pay extra money to receive average service. Photo included of a taco, when folded it was more a taquito and less a taco. Working in restaurants, I can tell when employees stop caring, these employees did not care at all. Its quite easy to see when something is lacking and fix it for the customer because its an easy fix. From other current reviews, it seems this QDOBA is seriously lacking professionalism and will not change anytime soon. Will not be returning. Will order from El Oasis, Acapulco, hell even taco bell before I return to this Qdoba

Review №3

Excellent service. Walked in 4 minutes to close and staff helped us quickly and with happy faces!

Review №4

Just dont like how know one here speak spanish smh just food is great

Review №5

Amazing tacos, queso and guacamole! Everything we had was delicious.

Review №6

By far my favorite place!! I love the 3 cheese Nachos that's always my go to.

Review №7

The girl who ran my food out to me was very kind and courteous. She made my heart smile and day that much better and also the food was good. Gotta love free guac

Review №8

I love their chicken quesadillas and that they are so willing to grill them twice so the tortilla gets nice and crispy.

Review №9

Awesome customer service and fairly priced

Review №10

This place is fabulous! A little pricey but definitely worth it!

Review №11

Everything about getting dinner from here was nerve wrecking!!!! Website wouldn't take my card called in order couldn't get a combo over the phone only online!!! Makes no since! On top of thAt my order had onions and tomatoes that I didn't order so I had to go back to get it remade I then asked for a pop for the inconvenience and they told me no it's too expensive.... now I spoke to Manager who brushed me off so you want a pop and I said yes and she told me well next time order online! The thing is that when I called Back they read my order back correctly it had nothing To do with the way I ordered only that they made a mistake by putting toppings on I didn't ask for .... manager is rude for handling things this way .

Review №12

One of the worst Qdoba's I've even been to. The portions are barely anything , the staff is rude and always has an attitude. Very disappointed.

Review №13

Only second time going to a Qdoba. First time at this location and it was worlds better than the other one.

Review №14

My go to for lunch several times a week. Excellent customer service all through this Pandemic.

Review №15

Either their curbside pickup system is fundamentaly broken or the employees were extremely negligent.I arrived to find nearly a dozen cars and many mask-free people milling about near the entrance. Also, the phone number listed to check in was continuously busy (or left off the hook intentionally) for at least 40 minutes.One employee asked my name after about 30 minutes,, but never returned with my food.This business totally failed to safe, responsible social distancing precautions and left my food sitting for nearly an hour. I won't return to this location and I suggest you don't either.

Review №16

Not only was there food good I had really great service

Review №17

It used to be a 5. Had a great operation until Covid came. Now it's a problem almost every week.

Review №18

Taco salad made the way each of wanted and very fast I might add! Delicious!

Review №19

I bought a burrito from there Sunday. The chicken burrito was good burrito but not for 17.50. They charge my card twice. I called them and I'm still waiting on them to call me back. I will be calling for mines again. So watch for being over charge..

Review №20

Kind of felt like I didn't get my money's worth. Ordered a brisket burrito and I know they only give so much but I get the same thing I always get on my burrito and this time it was way smaller in size. Plus it was such a drag to order online. Tried calling and the line just rang busy forever... Just over all disappointed in the whole experience.

Review №21

Food tasted great!! Although I had asked for a full order of chips and was given a bag with another little white baggy inside with a few chips in it... along with a salad that had no lettuce in it..

Review №22

Service was fast and the food was good.

Review №23

When I spend $18.91 for 2 BASIC burritoes I truly expect the meat to at least partially cover the tortilla.There was a small portion of meat with a very sad added dab of sour cream and I actually counted 3 little squares of tomatoe.I was Definetly dissatisfied.I can pay 1.00 for the same make of burrito a few doors down at taco bell. I am disappointed customer,One of many.

Review №24

Biggest burrito I e ever seen, tasted amazing!

Review №25

Hrs say 1030 online. We pull up at 1002 and girl says they are closed. Whats up qdoba?

Review №26

Tried Everything & All of it Great! Of course, I have my favorites like the Bohemian Veg Tacos and the Loaded Tortilla Soup. But, I have tried all of the menu items and found the flavors, quality ingredients and lots of options available for toppings to make this one of my favorite places to eat. My husband is diabetic and QDOBA is the only place I can grab dinner to go and stay within his very strict dietary requirements without sacrificing taste and quantity. At 6'1, he needs a substantial amount of protein, but a hunk of meat isn't very appealing every day of the week. QDOBA lets me order double meat, add lots of grilled vegetables, a variety of cheeses, beans and salsa to create a much more interesting dinner than I could. I would have to spend an entire day in the kitchen to prepare all of these items, but it only takes me a few minutes to place an order and choose what he likes and dinner is served. That's a five option in my book! This is a cafeteria line style restaurant so that you can create a different taste everytime you visit or you can create your favorite combination every time you go. It's a Win-Win for me no matter how you roll. If you like Mexican food you will love QDOBA.

Review №27

Rude unhelpful Condedsinning staff. When my wife went to pick up the order Staff did not aperenrly get all of the correct card numbers when the order was placed. Upon trying to pick up the order that was not at hand the said that I had to call with the card number. Tried for no joke 20 times with no answer. My wife then asked her what she should do and she said keep calling were busy and walked away with absolutely no resolution.

Review №28

There food always good

Review №29

Very fast. Always have my order ready when I pick it up.

Review №30

6 out of 10 today. Meat tasted overcooked

Review №31

Large portion for the money, you build your own meal. Always fresh and good!

Review №32

Great food. Seems over priced. Yet I am getting few nice items all inside. Steak. Rice. Toppings. Nice stuff as long as the staff stay welcoming. I keep going there.

Review №33

Simply good eats

Review №34

We used to live in a town with the best Mexican restaurant in the world (Athens, GA) so a chain Tex-Mex place lo ike Qdiba wasn't patronized. In our new home city (Lansing, MI), we have found no delightful place for tacos and burritos. We started going to the Q and have found it delicious. Yummy.

Review №35

Great place! Friendly staff, like a Mexican themed Subway! Awesome food!

Review №36

Great food can't wait to go back

Review №37

This is a well run location. Very fast prep line. Don't worry if the line is out the door, it moves very fast. Go to lunch stop if in a hurry.

Review №38

Second time eating here ..is mexican but be pull pork taste like cuban pork yummy

Review №39

QDOBA is normally flavorful and to die for. But not this time. I got 2 orders of chips and queso (regular and diablo) and neither of them had flavor. The chips tasted stale and were saltless (the salt is the best part!!!). Maybe it will be a different experience at another location.

Review №40

Best place to get a burrito!! They made it absolutely perfect and it was so big that they had to double wrap it!!!

Review №41

This Qdoba has the best staff ever!

Review №42

Fast service

Review №43

Probably my favorite restaurant. Everything is fresh and healthy. Definitely tastes better than Chipotle in my opinion.

Review №44

Very sloppy curbside pick up. Orders backed up, and the phone line is busy.

Review №45

Good place and good food, but their burrito rolling technique could be better. I Even ordered half scoop of stuff to make sure it wasn't overloaded like some people make it, still fell apart immediately before the first bite. Bring a fork, cuz it's still delicious.

Review №46

I have anxiety about ordering food but the staff there are so understanding and patient. The place is always clean and it's quick for good food

Review №47

Great food freshly made, promptly served at a reasonable price. My mother calls all of their dishes "tacos", but she loves them.

Review №48

Authentic, fresh ingredients ,nothing better '

Review №49

Consistently bad experience at this Qdoba location over a period of about a year. Staff are rather rude and flippant when you try to order or grab pick-up. Always seem like they can't be bothered/couldn't care less about you as a patron. Online orders frequently incorrect or missing items. I've also found when compared to the other Qdoba locations in Lansing (Grand River and W Saginaw) that the food at this one appears "older" or of lower quality. Which is strange, since it appears to be a high volume store. Very worth going out of your way to go to the nearby Grand River location if you don't feel like dealing with rude or incompetent staff.

Review №50

Great place to meet for lunch with friends, as well as the staff are Great,,,

Review №51

Great food great service. Been eating here 2-5 times a week for the last 6 months, haven't had any issues yet. Food is always hot and good.

Review №52

Never disappointed. I could eat there a few times a week. Great variety for what they serve. If you leave hungry it's your fault. The staff is always friendly and fast.

Review №53

Good food, great selection, quick and nice staff.

Review №54

Food tasted great! We ordered in and took it on the road with us, and we had no issues. The queso and guacamole were top notch. I didn't really like the salsa verde, but that may have been personal preference. I wish they would have had limes out like other QDOBA locations, but it still was a good experience. Would return!

Review №55

Great place to eat chill and watch sports

Review №56

Good food but a little pricey for fast food

Review №57

Very good service, minus a workers attitude towards my boyfriend when he asked about a white rice and they were out and she huffed and puffed when she came back 5 min later after when he didnt even know where she went

Review №58

One of favorite restaurants on the west side of Lansing. Nice to see what actually goes into my burrito.

Review №59

Always quick and one of my favorites

Review №60

100% better then taco bell. Fresh food served with a great price. Staff is really helpful

Review №61

My favorite upscale fast food, better than Panera Bread in my opinion

Review №62

I've never been disappointed by the Qdoba at Frandor. Always quick to serve with a friendly smile. Thanks, Qdoba!

Review №63

Choice quickness in and out no mistakes because you choose your toppings

Review №64

I got a burrito bowl. Omg so much food and the taste was so yummy! Had enough leftovers for another me also.

Review №65

Tonight was the first time I was disappointed. This young girl asked me what I wanted on my burrito bowl and I knew they were waiting on steak so I tell her what i would like and she says "i cant pull steak out of the sky. Yes i understand that i was answering your question as I knew what we were waiting for. Then steak is ready she slops everything in bowl angrily slides the bowl then throws my taco. I get home lid off my bowl and all over the bag. So for a customer that comes in a couple times a week at least I am so disappointed in the service and not being able to eat my dinner. I won't be back to this location. Left a real lasting impression.

Review №66

Great food and wonderful service from the seasoned employees!

Review №67

Qdoba was fantastic. Don't get there very often, but they seem to have added several menu items (tacos, etc). Great service and fresh food, fair price especially on Wednesday.

Review №68

Great service great food

Review №69

Ok good service price too high

Review №70

I usually go to the one in East Lansing. Staff friendly, food is great! Not very crowded and if it is, the line moves fast.

Review №71

Consistently good food and service!

Review №72

Location is relatively convenient, and because it is located in a plaza, there is sufficient parking.The inside is quite pretty. Tables look new and there are a variety of seating options: high tables, booths, and free tables. There are 4 murals with cool contemporary designs. Service was quick (they have enough man power), and staff was nice when I asked if certain ingredients charged more.

Review №73

This place is the best place to eat lunch when your on a diet. It's a great alternative the the fast food places.

Review №74

The Food & Service is always Wonderful my steak burrito was excellent!

Review №75

This place is great for a nice big burrito, or nachos. I would recommend it if you're looking for a quick Mexican meal. My only two complaints here is that the staff barely knows what their doing (probably because it's a newer establishment) and that they almost will inevitably rip your burrito while wrapping it up. Everything aside, I'll be back. You can't beat that steak burrito.

Review №76

Fast and delicious. Busy around noon.

Review №77

Used to enjoy coming here but recently some employees have been very rude, had one employee slide my food across the counter so hard my food almost fell on the ground had I not caught it.

Review №78

I have no complaints at all with this establishment. Of the times I've visited I was always greeted and thanked. The food is decent but a bit on the median of pricing but then again, all burrito places are as such.Check it out, it's a quiet atmosphere where you can bring your friends and nice and clean on the inside.

Review №79

The worst Mexican food I ever eaten they use a lot of filler like rice and beans and salsa and as little meat as possible they don't even have plan diced tomatoes so if you don't like cilantro it's in the salsa so if you hate cilantro you can't even get tomatoes on anything ,Over priced and do not suggest eating there . No stars

Review №80

Great food and service

Review №81

My favorite place to eat. Food is always fresh and service is great.

Review №82

Terrific food. Just can't find anyone to deliver it. I work 12 hour shifts and can't get out. I need a delivery of Qdoba.

Review №83

Great affordable food

Review №84

I usually love qdoba but the staff here is straight up RUDE. My girlfriend doesn't get meat in her burrito and every time they look at her like they've never seen a vegetarian before. I avoid this place at all costs.

Review №85

Food is good but the past 4 times I came here my burrito unrolled after my first bite... I don't even get that many items so I'm not sure why this is happening train your employees to wrap burritos better!

Review №86

Liking Qdoba lately with the Impossible Burger added as a protein choice! The Impossible Bowl or making anything else on the menu where this is substituted makes a hearty meal.

Review №87

They now have the Impossible Burger meat substitute. It was a bit too salty, but otherwise good! Friendly and courteous staff and clean restuarant with a good atmosphere.

Review №88

Great food, good prices.

Review №89

This Qdoba does an excellent job. The food almost always is prepared well. I only have had one experience that was not satisfactory at this location, however I came in 30 minutes before they closed so it might have been a long day. I go to this location fairly regularly so I would not expect that if you visit this location. I would recommend going on Wednesday when you can get a burrito and drink for 6.99.

Review №90

Clean and quick

Review №91

Good food and good service.

Review №92

Qdoba is always a great place to go. However, you really shouldn't be looking at Google reviews for chains. It's Qdoba. Subway style burritos and similar. About 10 bucks for a meal.

Review №93

Good food, love the grilled veggies

Review №94

Very disappointed. I usually like it , not so much this time!

Review №95

Great, fresh food. Good atmosphere. Love Qdoba!

Review №96

Always delicious

Review №97

Kids naked burrito is my personal favorite. This time around the steak had little to no flavor which is not the norm. Hopefully, for my next visit the steak flavor will be back on point. The chips are pretty good.

Review №98

It is busy at lunch time but the staff moved the line along quickly. Food quality was what I expected from Qdoba. Building design was a little dated.

Review №99

I highly recommend the steak burrito bowl

Review №100

This is my favorite restaurant ever?

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  • Address:301 N Clippert St, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
  • Site:https://locations.qdoba.com/us/mi/lansing/301-n-clippert-st.html
  • Phone:+1 517-664-2994
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Box lunch supplier
  • Brunch restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Delivery service
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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