Taco Bell
5634 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
Review №1

They now put a sticker sealing your bag up when you order through the drive thru, maybe a covid thing maybe not. However due to this it forces you to trust they had your order correct or hold up the entire line while you open each bag and look. My order wasn't correct, and they gave no sauce. But the food I did get was very good. ALWAYS CHECK THE BAG.

Review №2

Fantastic service! Everyone was very polite and my order was fast , accurate and very generous! Definitely stopping thru again! Thank you Dana T. for the great service! You and your team rock!!

Review №3

Tacos with broken shells and barely any toppings. Cinnabon Delights with hardly any cream cheese filling...and no sauce after I specially asked for it. All for $25. May need to run away from the border!

Review №4

We were the 9th car in line and it took 17 minutes to get our food. If I were a secret shopper your tacos would have failed the scale weight, very light. It was the first time to try your toasted cheddar taco, delicious! The fountain drinks were calibrated properly, yay! Thanks for the extra napkins because I always use a lot. The guy at the window was friendly and nice. You lost 3 customers because of the long line, 1 in front of us and 2 behind us.

Review №5

They flooded their google review page with fake stock photos to cover up all the mess ups that occur here regularly, they have also disabled posting to their Facebook page for the same reason. Here's my “quesadilla” from this evening.

Review №6

I'll share my experience. Me and my nephew went there on Halloween night. At just before 2. We ordered a $10.97 meal and they charged me 1997. And then when I explained to him how they made their mistake. They made no apologies they just checked it out and gave me $8.02 change. PS I will never ever go to Taco hell again!

Review №7

Yesterday was horrible, they messed up my order then gave me another order food wasnt hot or fresh. I wont come back I will stick to Saginaw location. Sorry but yall have to step it up.

Review №8

They didn't mess anything up except I asked for fire and mild sauce only got fire.

Review №9

The GM of this store is the up most rudest person ever. They never answer the phone and when the GM finally answers the phone she is very rude and unprofessional I almost wonder how she keeps employees.

Review №10

Food same as always. Person taking order tonight was phenomenal and very polite. And the drive up window person was just as polite!!! Very nice to have a transaction with polite and courteous people. Great job tonight around 8:30pm.

Review №11

I waited in line for more than ten mins 2 of ur employees were very. Rude to me i had to speek to another lady abt wat happened & at the end taco bell made us eat are food outside

Review №12

It was good but I didnt get any taco sauce.

Review №13

Thoroughly enjoyed the chicken quesadillas that I ordered. It was worth the stop.

Review №14

I love the shredded chicken burrito extra avocado ranch sauce and nacho bell Granderson gordita crunch and a few other things lol

Review №15

Friendly and fast services workers great food nicely put together

Review №16

Sat 20 minutes in the drive through to be told their system was down at 6:00pm at night and they weren't taking orders.

Review №17

They did not get our order correct, nor was there any sauce in the bag as requested. The employees were not correctly wearing masks while at work. We didn't even get a "thank you" as the employee who "helped" us was shouting orders to other people. They also did not include a receipt so I could not easily complain through proper channels. I will not be returning to this location.

Review №18

I bought 2 shredded chicken burritos and 2 of the soft taco supreme's. there was barely any meat in all of them. it's disappointing to have spent $24 for mostly tortillas

Review №19

The food is usually good, pretty good variety and price. I heard, tho, that their potato offerings are going away. I hope this is not true.

Review №20

Slow in drive the through , the food is okay but it depends on who's on shift . Best time to get your tacos from taco Bell is at noon .

Review №21

Good cheap food usually a wait.

Review №22

This location always forgets sauce when asked for it nicely at the window and they always never have the complete order.

Review №23

They're always polite, food is always right.

Review №24

I love Taco Bell but today the Cedar street location was not good.

Review №25

The staff is always efficient and polite and my food is always done just right.

Review №26

This really isn't my favorite Taco Bell at all I think staff here is unprofessional at least 3 times I have been there and also one time some homeless guy or something came up to my car window cause I had the passenger one open and asked for money giving me some bs story. Well since I can go somewhere else I will the Taco Bell in Holt is really friendly I would rather drive a little farther and go there.It really doesn't look like the employees at all care about what they are doing (or their business for that matter who is hanging around on their property) here you can tell.

Review №27

Love their hard shell tacos

Review №28

If the time on your website says you're open until 5 then maybe you should stay open until 5 was just there on July 19th there was 7 cars in a Drive-Thru and some guy walks out and says your close that is horrible customer service and I hope nobody ever comes back to this taco bell becauseI won't because that's ridiculous

Review №29

Loved the place. But when i go they always busy busy

Review №30

Food was accurate, yet service and speed need help. 40 minutes through a 14 car line.

Review №31

The drive through little lady was so nice and polite.

Review №32

The last 3 visits here I have asked for no tomatoes on my food and they put tomatoes on everytime. I guess its my fault for not checking my food before I leave the window.

Review №33

No cinnabons after 11- like since when?? Apparently I dont ever get those anymore. Pink lemonade (one of my favorites) TOTALLY watered down and just tastes like water, we ordered 2 chips and cheese only got one and there were barely 5 chips in it, 4 cheesy gordita crunches and none of them had the ranch sauce and werent even cooked! And out of mild sauce? That has to be the most popular so how could they not be stocked... I get they were busy but I mean come on

Review №34

If you love tacos

Review №35

Always has a long line at the drive through but is well worth the wait. By far my favorite tacobell in the lansing area. I have been here countless times and have never had my food cold or wrong. Do yourself a fa favor and drive a little further to this tacobell.

Review №36

The only employee that is professional and polite every time I come in there is Leroy (Pretty sure I have the name right). He has a genuine smile and is very quick with our service

Review №37

No problem. Everything was right and it was tasty

Review №38

Don't ever have anything in stock not even boxes for the food

Review №39

They gave me the wrong order in drive thru after I picked thru it to see it was the wrong order I asked where the rest of my stuff was and they looked so confused but I had 2 5$ boxes and a crunch wrap. So I thought the crunch wrap was in the bag they handed me as asked for my boxes. Well the girl from back came to the window and first stated due to covid she couldnt take the order back ....okay fine but I still want mine 2 seconds later she said yep I'll take that bag back because it's a completly different order which I knew. She then proceeded to give the girl behind me the bag she took back from me. What is the sense in taking precautions with covid if your going to do that? I'm NEVER coming there again period.

Review №40

Taste like most beans I didn't like it at

Review №41

I have enjoyed nearly everything I've tried from their breakfast menu, but strongly suggest people avoid the hash browns on their breakfast menu. They taste like they are soaked in grease.

Review №42

THE BEST TACO BELL I'VE EVER HAD!!! The service was great & the food was awesome!! Hot, made how we asked, and pretty! Most locations get horrible reviews from me, but this is the one to go to!! Perfection!

Review №43

Very friendly, order was accurate.

Review №44

Typically cant go wrong with taco bell. However the last couple times I got nachos from their, the chips where stale and rubbery. If you go through the drive thru at lunch time, expect to be in line for about 10 minutes. For those of us who have 30 minute lunches, it prevents us from coming back to get our food orders fixed. I do enjoy their mango ice tea though and would definitely recommend it.

Review №45

Wheres the meat? Got a nacho Belgrade for extra meat and theres barely any meat at all! Moved the sauce around basically only beans! Not happy!

Review №46

Steak burrito had hardly any steak in it mostly rice and was tiny. They didn't give me the avocado ranch I paid extra for. Fast and friendly.

Review №47

The Food was cold, not even the beef was hot. I ask for two Burrito Supreme without beans and they put beans on it. I ask for double beef in both and they didnt put double. I say pico de gallo in one and none had it. I didnt like the service

Review №48

I have always like Taco Bell's food for the most part this taco bell depending on what time you stop in to eat there usually has pretty fast service just like any other fast food restaurant your weight times depend on how busy they are when you stop in to eat but for the most part the employees are nice and respect full to the customers in a try to get your order to you as fast as possible

Review №49

One of the best fast food places

Review №50


Review №51

Drive thru can be SLO don't Git that W. They can wait 4 it!!

Review №52

They only asked what sauce you want so they can forget to give you that type

Review №53

The food was tasty as expected!!!

Review №54

Only two employees working. One went outside to smoke while there was a line wrapped around the store. Shorted me $10 worth of food and took me half an hour to go through it a second time due to the guy sitting in his car watching the line grow for ten minutes

Review №55

Great food & good customer service

Review №56

Not the best taco Bell in town I would rather go to the one in holt. My food is always messy and they can't cut a quesadilla.

Review №57

The website said this location was still open and allowed me to order for pickup, however when I got there, they were closed. Very disappointed.

Review №58

They had no toilet paper in the bathroom, No napkins in the dispenser in the dining area, and only one person running both the counter and the drive thru as well as preparing food. The employee running the counter and the drive thru did the best she could, but I heard 2 other voices in the back chatting but never saw anyone. The food was as expected from taco bell, but the restaurant was not prepared for patrons.

Review №59

Very disappointed there was 11 cars in the drive thru which was not a problem I know it's going to be busy they moved pretty fast but messed up our order I didn't get three different things no sauce definitely wasn't going to go through the line again so of course paid for stuff that I didn't get very disappointed this time.

Review №60

Made our order perfectly and well worth the money.

Review №61

Awesome so nice and quick and polite

Review №62

Good food and great prices

Review №63

Very helpful lady named Mary

Review №64

Great service, had the box lunch. Everything great, EXCEPT the taco was soggy. But, I had takeout, and it was a few minutes (10) before I had a chance to eat it. Otherwise very good.

Review №65

I like the food,I usually eat chicken nachos. However when I eat regular taco's..I get the bg's

Review №66

Was greeted by James immediately.He was smiling and we were very happy with his. Positive Vibe. He was fast and efficent. Making our visit enjoyable

Review №67

Not worth my money.

Review №68

It was a slow time we arrived. Couple at tables eating, but no waiting at cashier's. Food was good. Place was clean and quiet.

Review №69

The order was wrong yet again

Review №70

These doods giving out crazy amounts of sauce

Review №71

I go there for the taco salad still the best in town.my opinion.

Review №72

Crazy slow. 10 minutes waiting to order, then another 10 minutes waiting to get from the kiosk to the window. When I finally got my food, it was smashed to the top of the box. Will never eat here again

Review №73

I had a nice visit

Review №74

Love cedar st taco bell. There always great People working

Review №75

Long line and always out of mild sauce

Review №76

Wrong order again.

Review №77

I was there at 4:50 & their sign was already off, nobody was there. Last night around 2:30am though the line moved pretty quick & it was perfect :) Except the Watermelon freeze. I love watermelon, but those were not very delicious.

Review №78

They getting that speed up. It's not Mexican food it's definitely mexicant but they killing it up there.

Review №79

This Taco Bell has a real problem being completely out of ground beef and completely out of crunchy taco shells every single time I have gone there. I am thinking the workers have got to be giving me BS and just don't want to cook anything late at night

Review №80

My food was sloppy.. But tasty..

Review №81

Service was horrible! We were waiting for a very long time (as a fast food worker I understand if it was busy but there was only one other car in line with us and it was after the lobby closed) and one of the female crew members was very snotty to us. Will not be returning

Review №82

The cashier Jada N was quick and accurate with a very sweet demeanor my food was hot and came out very fast

Review №83

So glad this Taco Bell was open so late... had a craving for it(: Drive-thru employee was polite and super nice. Can't wait to dig in, yum!

Review №84

First time at this location.. service and the food was great.. I'll go back.

Review №85

Soft shell taco supreme lunch. Perfect.

Review №86

Amazing and swift service, the food was hot and delicious and they had plenty of napkins and sauces stocked for us in the dining room.

Review №87

Good food! They made a mistake on my order but corrected it quickly and got me on my way. Great customer service.

Review №88

I always order from the app. I spend my short wait getting a table

Review №89

What you expect from Taco Bell... They do tend to spread things out better at this location. Some other locations you end up with the two outer 1/4s of a quesadilla being just tortilla.

Review №90

Had to wait a long time

Review №91

Awesome food. Monica is excellent in her job and hospitality is a plus for customer service. Its been a looonnnggg time for me to have this kind of service anywhere. Thank you

Review №92

I go because they have the nacho fries. There the best. Now only if they could get my orders correct once they pass it to me at the window. Missing cheese, wrong items in my bag or just plain forgot some items.

Review №93

Fast service

Review №94

Good service friendly smiles and the coffee isn't half bad either. I LOVED IT!

Review №95

The food was excellent, I ordered online and got my pickup order in a timely manner.

Review №96

Had some of the best tacos I've ever had from this taco Bell location!!!

Review №97

Been going to this location for years, over the past few months I've had the best customer service from the Cashier, he is very kind and accurate with my order and rememberd our family when we returned. Way to go Leroy!

Review №98

I love the food, let me start there. The problem I've had is how many times my order is made wrong at this location. I know that's most fast food, but it's an exceptionally high number of times at this location, including making things wrong or just not getting things at all. Last time I ordered I was in a rush and didn't check before I left and realized after getting home that I was missing 2 different items. Point being it happens a lot and I think it wouldn't if people were just a little more careful checking orders before they go out.

Review №99

Fast service. Everything was nice and neat. You know you go to some taco bells and everything a mess. Chz everywhere and lettuce. But nope nice and neat. Thank you, you guys.

Review №100

Covid measures

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