Chipotle Mexican Grill
5805 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States

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I am a new fan of Chipotle having only tried it for the first time less than 6 months ago. I now get it once a week! 95% of the time it is exceptional. I've tried all the meats and vegetarian option and by a landslide, prefer the barbacoa. It is like fork-tender pot roast with a mild Mexican seasoning. The reduction of one star is for packaging; I have had the cardboard-type container leak through before; for occasionally forgetting a topping; and for a recent reduction in quantity, apparently mandated by the CEO without a compensatory reduction in cost. Despite this, it is still a good to very good value for the price.

Review №2

I wasn't able to get any because I didn't know the drive through window is for online orders only. I waited 20 minutes in line for nothing. Well almost nothing.

Review №3

Because they are only taking online orders through the drive through the line is crazy long at peek hours. The staff is friendly, courteous, and clearly working super hard. Go get your food during down time.

Review №4

I love Chipotle but this location takes forever :( always end up waiting for 30+ minutes. It said the earliest we could pick up our food was 6:15 and it was almost 7 before we even got up to the window.Edited to change this to 1 star because when I got home and checked my order it was completely wrong. After waiting over 45 minutes for it.

Review №5

Such BAD customer service. My boyfriend did an online order and he arrived at the pick up lane at the time he was told. When he gave the lady the information she sighed and sounded annoyed and told him to hold on. They on the spot made the food and sent him on his way. I ordered a sofritas bowl and when I got home noticed that the only thing in the bowl was rice and sour cream. On the return to fix my order they said they are all out of sofritas and decided not to tell us and that's why we got a bowl of rice and sour cream. This is so unprofessional! I'm done with Chipotle! This place has gone down hill, so disappointed.

Review №6

Fantastic restaurant, when going through the drive through there's a large sign that says pick up only so I knew I had to place my order online first. The store was understaffed but they did there absolute best to get everything out to us. 10/10

Review №7

Today I placed an online order for 5 burritos, a kids meal, and a burrito bowl. The order was placed at 124pm. The app said the earliest I could pick it up was 130pm, however, we showed up at 150pm to give them time to prepare since it was a big order. At the window they told us our order wasn't ready because they needed to make a fresh batch of fajita veggies and would take another 5 to 10 minutes. We parked, gave them an additional 7 minutes and pulled back through the chipotlane. We had to wait an additional 5 minutes. When they handed us the bags we noticed all the burritos were made as bowls, even though the sticker clearly said burrito. When we mentioned this error, the employee told us that they were out of tortillas since this morning so they made everything into a bowl. But they "just got tortillas in" so they could either remake our order or give us the tortillas to wrap our own. There was no real apology and no one even offered a discount or coupon for the error. The thing is, they didn't have our order ready at 150pm and I'm pretty sure they didn't get tortillas delivered seconds after making the bowls. They also forgot to ask us about our drink, we had to remind them. And when the employee handed us our bag of tortillas she was quite rude about it. Once we got back home (5 minute drive) our food was cold, and our kids quesadilla was about the size of a deck of cards. Will not be going back to this location.

Review №8

I loved them when they were in the Lansing Mall & pleased they are a Free Standing Building with the same quality food & service.

Review №9

I want to give these guys 5 starts but their service has been lack luster at best. Tonight we waited in line after making our order online for an 8:00pm pickup. 45 minutes in line at 8:30pm we were told that we'd have to wait another 30 minutes to receive our order. We request a refund and was told they would get to it when they could. Maybe we get the refund maybe we don't, I guess I'm supposed to trust them at this point I don't.

Review №10

After placing an order around 4:50 (sitting in their parking lot) for pick up at 5pm and then getting in line, the line took so long I never got our food until 5:35. Then the order was messed up. On the kids meal, which comes with up to 3 choices, (slip even showed 3 items were chosen) but when it was opened there was only chicken and rice. Fixed it by taking some stuff off my bowl to put on my child's meal. There was no way I was waiting in line again for that. Just frustrating. They need faster and more accurate service.

Review №11

Placed an order online. Said order would be ready for pick-up at 1:30 pm. Got in-line at 1:10 pm. After waiting in the drive thru line until 1:40 pm, finally got to pick-up window. The window employee said they were making our food right then. I asked the employee working the window for two extra salad dressings. She replied, they don't have any salad dressing. I said, why would you not put that on your website. We want the salad dressing for our salads. I asked if we could cancel our order and get our money back. She said only online. I said forget it, I'll take our food. Apparently she got another employee because another lady came to the window and said we don't have salad dressing because our blender is broke. No apology. I said, we waited in line for 40 minutes and now this. I said it has been a horrible experience. She rudely replied well working here is horrible too. I asked for her name. She said she didn't have to give it to me. I asked for the manager and she said, he was not there. She gave me contact info for his cell phone. I called, he didn't answer, and I could not leave a message as no mailbox had been set up. Both of these employees were extremely rude. The food was awful too. I will never go back!!!

Review №12

This is our second time at this location and will not be be back. We placed an online order for pick-up inside, because a previous time, we waited 30 minutes past our pick up time in the drive thruto receive our food. Got to the restaurant today only to find a sign saying pick up is only at the drive thru. We are again nearly 30 minutes past our pick up time and we are still sitting here. Love love love Chipotle, but this location is very poorly run

Review №13

Employees all wore masks, however one wasn't covering her nose so I have to assume cleaning protocols could be better, but are adequate. Food is generally on point.

Review №14

Inside is literally never open. Online/drive through only. So if you have no car, no food lol

Review №15

Dining room is closed you can't even go inside.The line for pickup went around the building and apparently people were already upset enough at waiting that nobody was willing to let me even back out of my parking space.We ended up going to Qdoba just down the road.

Review №16

What's the point of a drive thru if it's used as a “pick up only” location. Absolutely no warning or signs saying such. This place is garbage. Waited in the drive through line for 35 minutes, and couldn't even place a dang order at the drive through.

Review №17

I also had the same experience as someone posted here earlier. Placed an order that said it'd be ready for pickup at a certain time. Waited half an hour in the drive thru lane and then another ten minutes at the drive thru window itself. Then I got my food and it was just chicken and rice in a bowl. I called and asked about exchanging for what I actually ordered and they told me I had to wait in the drive thru like again.Nope. Never again. I've given this location far too many chances already. Management has to change as this is drastically the worst location I've ever been to. Maybe even the worst consistent overall experience I've ever had with any restaurant or business.

Review №18

Today I placed an online order for one burrito bowl, chips and salsa and a tea and when it was delivered I only got the chips and salsa and tea. Not the bowl which is the main reason I ordered chipotle. When I called just to get my food because I did not want or need the money back Deb said she could not help me because I did not order through the Chipotle app. Thanks for that.

Review №19

Clean, polite, prompt service. Food was fresh & warm even at 7:30pm on a Saturday. Walked in for service. Seemed newly built.

Review №20

Had the steak burrito. Wasn't alot of meat in it for the price I paid. What was in it had alot of fat & grizzle. Ate less than half before I tossed it. Not impressed at all and can't see myself ever going back.

Review №21

It SUCKS! One store that CANNOT get their freakin act together.

Review №22

We were told (by the manager) after standing in the rain and cold winds outside the store that we had to order online so we did to then be told we had to pay with a credit card (which I did not have) I asked if we could walk through the drive thru since it was open and was told no you can come back tomorrow..I probably wont go back

Review №23

Great food. But do NOT order online. I've been waiting almost 45 minutes for my food to be ready. Those who are walk-ins are placed ahead of you in line, and people that are friends with the staff automatically cut in front. Again great food, but the service has gone down hill for this place....even before the pandemic hit

Review №24

Employee server had mask not covering his nose. I didn't want him to breathe his germs on food for me to eat. I will not return to this Chipotle because I don't want to get sick from COVID-19.

Review №25

Incorrect fulfillment of orders, kids meal did not receive drink or side, salad did not have double protein as paid for, bowl items wrong. At least they figured out the chips.And not open at the posted time.

Review №26

Poor, poor your not open inside, and you have on your website that inside is open thanks fo r wasting my time.

Review №27

I ordered a burrito and the person making it placed my rice and a portion of chicken on it, and she took over five minutes to add more chicken. Meanwhile my burrito just sat and sat and sat.Once I got home to eat it,was cold as hell!Could not eat it and was a waste of money for something that is not cheap. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Review №28

The food is great, but service is very inefficient and very long wait with pick up and drive thru line in the evenings. Had a prepaid pick up order but wasnt ready when arrived, waited 45 min, and after I asked they said it required another 30 min wait. Very inconvenient, a couple employees were short with customers about it.

Review №29

Decided to get food here since we are out of town. Waited in drivethru line then waited in parking lot for almost 1 hour. Food still not ready. Why is it taking so long? I want my money back!

Review №30

Great food and professional staff. The "chipotlane" (love that term) mobile pickup took around 10 minutes in line because they were busy, which isn't too bad.

Review №31

Super good food, clean inside, friendly service

Review №32

The drive thru is INCREDIBLY slow (despite all ordering and payment being done in advance). Be prepared to sit in line for 45 minutes or more.

Review №33

This place sucks. The drive through line is horrible. Tried doing a door dash pick up and they made me sit in a 30 minute line instead of just running in and grabbing it. Terrible

Review №34

Good food, nice staff, poor drive thru system. Don't be in a hurry coming here, you'll be in line at least 30+ minutes, even if you ordered online. There's potential, but they need to work out the bugs.UPDATE:At the time of my initial review, you could place an order at the window. Now (10/18/2020) you can only oder online and then you have to pick it up at the window. What a joke, you don't see subway doing this. Not everyone has a vehicle, and not everyone is tech savvy. Unfortunately they have this brand new building and are losing out on customers. Maybe they should put up a huge sign that states that their drive thru is for online order pick up only.

Review №35

Just horrible service worst chipotle I've been to

Review №36

Im doing door dash durring all this corona, called before coming in, someone answered the phone and left the phone as if they just wanted it to stop ringing, i heard a lot of chatter in the background but no one was on the line. I came in instead, waited about 5 minutes before i was acknowledged, another 5 before someone came to me and i was informed that door dash could only be taken thru the drive thru, line so long that i waited another 10 minutes to even back out of my parking spot. While waiting i noticed many wearing masks under their face instead of on their face while prepping food. Ive been management at several fast food spots in the past, and am disappointed. Sense of urgency and leadership could improve. Hoping for a better experience next time. 3stars bc i know it was dinner rush and its, in a sense, fast food, so i thought i should cut them some slack.

Review №37

Ordered my food online at 2:30PM to be picked up at 5:00PM. Sat in the drive thru for 45 minutes when I arrived at 5PM, just to see that the workers didn't even have my food ready yet. Absolutely unbelievable. What's the point of an internet order only drive-thru if you have to wait an hour in the drive-thru just to watch them put your order together at the window??Edit: First time coming back since this horrible experience. There was no line and I got my food fast... Or what I thought was my food since the employee asked for my name and handed me a bag. Thank God I had to drive all the way back home to find out it was not my food and then got to wait in line for 15 minutes for my actual food.YOU GUYS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB, NEVER CHANGE.

Review №38

Waited an hour for my food and they had ran out of chicken and rice. Horrible service.

Review №39

Always great, fresh food.

Review №40

This location is the shizzle!

Review №41

Zero urgency to help customers waiting in line, 8 workers behind the one cares about the people waiting. Stay away from this location.

Review №42

Really! Can only order online!

Review №43

Manager Deb is TRASH and unprofessional.

Review №44

Never go through the pickup lane. We were sent through the line 2x because our food wasn't ready and got it 45 minutes after our pickup time.

Review №45

Drove thru on a Thursday and they waont take orders past 9pm??? Store hours say they're open until 10pm? Nothing posted to say different?

Review №46

Yum. My fav.

Review №47

Too salty

Review №48

Food was good, order was correct. The line is terribly long. Order was for 5:45 arrived at 5:55 waited in line until 6:35. Perhaps a carside pickup is a better option? Won't go back for a while until at least the get this figured out. Not interested in being stuck in a line for 40 minutes. This was the line when I left

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  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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