El Oasis
2501 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
Review №1

If you haven't stopped by, drop what you're doing and GO! Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic, but the ability to have some truly great Mexican food is awesome. Thanks to the owners and crew of El Oasis for taking care of us all during this crisis! In the winter I bundle up, make my order then bring it home to the fam. Everyone is a fan

Review №2

One of our favorite places to go to get Mexican food! Truly amazing. The staff is always so friendly. You can call ahead so you can avoid waiting, I would recommend that. Their tacos are great. My wife loves their tostadas and soca. I've tried about everything on the menu and it's all amazing. Reasonably priced. I would highly recommend and will be back for sure.

Review №3

Beans and rice was above averageThe burrito was a different story, I'm all about supporting the smaller businesses but when chipotle has more seasoning on their meat than an authentic taco stand there's problems.Will give it another try some time, was my first time. Was just expecting some heat and spice, I realize it's probably toned down for us Michigan people.

Review №4

This is the best Mexican restaurant in Lansing. I can't think of a time I was really disappointed in this place and I always finish my meal. The workers are friendly and everything is made fresh which is appreciated. I love eating at the table during the summer, it's beautiful. If you feeling real Mexican, just come here. my favorite is the small quesadillas.

Review №5

Great food,great service,great prices! Couldn't find a good taco joint(we had already tried)which was open Sunday so we decided to try something new and El Oasis definitely exceeded our expectations:) There were 10 of us,all placing separate orders and they pretty much nailed it..not to mention food for all 10 of us was under 80$ bucksThe steak tacos and tamales were absolutely delicious! We will certainly be going back. Hopefully they will have some horchata made up.

Review №6

OMG! The very best Mexican in a town full of Mexican! Shredded beef is awesome! Marinated pork is to die for! Servings are on the small side, but that's no reason to skip this gem!

Review №7

Very good! Salsa was very fresh. Like it was just picked from the garden and then made. The food was good value for what you pay. The lady in the truck was friendly.

Review №8

The closest thing to California and Oregon pastor we have had very authentic absolutely delicious far as I'm concerned the best Mexican food truck in Michigan

Review №9

El Oasis es una veritable tacoria en Lansing. Love that place but it's just a trailer and you can't eat en premise anymore. Grab your tacos, and go to a local park and be happy!

Review №10

I have enjoyed great food from this food truck ! Sadly I just paid 50 bucks for the worst mexican food I have ever had . We got old hard rice , stale chips, barely any flavorless meat and my limes had already been squeezed completely. YUCK!!!

Review №11

First time here, but it was for breakfast. First off they have this lime type of sauce with cilantro in it, I love it, I need to learn how to make it. I got the chorizo and eggs burrito. It was reasonably priced and a pretty nice size burrito. And it was delicious . I plan on going back for lunch or dinner soon. But people believe the hype this place is worth it.

Review №12

It was pretty good for being a taco truck. Not the best taco truck I've had though. But I'd definitely go back to it.

Review №13

Consistently great food. Been eating here for years and never been disappointed.

Review №14

It was better a few years ago now its what it looks like!

Review №15

These tacos are so AMAZING I had to leave a review this is most definitely my FAVORITE food place. Like you guys really out did yourselves. Amazing customer service as well. I'm in love ! Idk how to upload the video but I wish I could. So amazing.

Review №16

I had forgotten how good this place is. Super flavorful. Very crowded, which is a good sign for a place like that.

Review №17

Fast and delicious! You can call and place orders for pickup if you are in a rush. Offer a variety of home cooked mexican food, all at a reasonable price. They are open year-round!

Review №18

Every time I'm in town I go here to eat.i love there tacos.

Review №19

So dank, great customer service.

Review №20

Don't think twice about stopping by here! Tasty, satisfying food and a great value. I pick up food from here multiple times a week and it's always delicious! The only inconsistency is the intensity of the hot sauce - but what's life without a little adventure?

Review №21

It was decent. However overall it was not memorable... I will admit the chicken was amazing all on its own.

Review №22

Wonderful service & food. Fair prices, hard-working staff. MADE WITH L️VE!!!

Review №23

#1 tacos anywhere around East Lansing and Lansing! Great prices with fabulous Real mexican food!!

Review №24

Great food. Had chicken and beef tacos. Asked for double rice still got beans I just ate around them..

Review №25

Don't go here. I don't want to wait in line behind you when I want food! This place is already busy enough. The chicken and steak tacos are both good. Beans & rice, too. I saw a sign saying they have Horchata. Going to try that next time!

Review №26

Their chorizo breakfast burritos are delicious.

Review №27

I just love lunch at oasis

Review №28

Finally tried this place for some tasty breakfast burritos!

Review №29

The service is fast and staff is very professional and polite. Food was good and very reasonably priced. Sorry i was too hungry to take pictures but I'll definitely be going back

Review №30

Tacos. Are. Bomb. Had chorizo tacos with guac and chips and it was all amazing. Super fresh. Can't eat at location (downtown Michigan Ave) right now bc COVID, but it was nice enough to be able to comfortably car picnic. We're planning to go back often while we're here this week -- breakfast and veggie oasis burritos are haunting my dreams ...

Review №31

Asked the cashier if I could take somethings off my meal a minute after I ordered.He looked at me and said no it's already made.I looked thru the window and nothing was made. I didn't get my order for another 10 minutes after.

Review №32

If I could give this place 6 stars I would. Best authentic mexican in town, by far, for such a good price. Open during Covid too

Review №33

I had the best chorizo breakfast burrito and chicken tamale of my life. Topped off with a Mexican coke, it was absolutely perfect. I will definitely be going back soon.

Review №34

It's good.

Review №35

Best authentic Mexican food in town.

Review №36

They have very delicious food. I love eating at the oasis. it's a good place

Review №37

Best Tacos in Lansing that i have had so far

Review №38

Have been going here for years! Best Mexican in lansing! Food comes out fast. Love that they have built up there spot with tables and plants. Great outdoor eating or to take home. They serve awesome breakfast burritos as well!

Review №39

Best friend rice, carrots and lime beans mixed in. Mexican Taco Asada was out of this world. Reasonable pricing.

Review №40

Best Mexican in town. They have horchata and home-made tamales. Pictured is a breakfast burrito. Their tacos are the best (can get American style with cheese or Mexican style with cilantro) and so affordable. Outdoor seating and packed when the weather is nice and on weekends. In my experience the wait has never been unreasonable and it's always worth it. Best Mexican food you can ask for in the Midwest!

Review №41

The Sope was awesome as was the shredded beef tostada. Worth the wait. My husband had the Special,- 3 beef soft shell tacos, with rice & beans for $7.50 he said not enough rice and the tacos weren't very appealing to the eye (I agree) tacos looked wimpy to me. But he said they tasted good. Will I be back? Yes, for the Sope and tostada and he will try something New. Food was nice and Hot! Forgot to take pictures. Next time.

Review №42

Tacos were delicious. Very good. Got there around closing time. So we got our food to go. Service was courteous and friendly. Only waited a few minutes. Everything was very clean. Didn't eat there, but outdoor seating was really cute. Loved the flowers in the center of the picnic tables. Will definitely go again and recommend!

Review №43

Worth the wait. Good price for the quantity.

Review №44

Foods decent. But had to wait over 30 min to get food. Prob not worth the wait.

Review №45

Super disappointed. I used to love coming to el oasis. It was my favorite taco joint- the most authentic I've had since I lived in Cali. The past 5 times I've went they are absolutely horrible. They are only half filled with meat. The meat has no flavor. I've had to just douse the tacos with the salsa since that's the only thing that has flavor. My friends and family have been coming here the past 2 years and no more. I prefer Taqieria el chaparrito now. Not sure what happened it was a drastic change. I even tried going to the one in on Grand River and Okemos and it fees the same. Next time I'll have to take a picture of how much meat they put in there I couldn't believe it. And they expensive but used to be worth the price.

Review №46

My Grandpa has been taking my family to El Oasis since before I can remember.Out of my 27 years I haven't once been disappointed by their food.The pallet is perfect, the food is authentic,After your first try you'll be hooked.The people are nice too, say hello! :)I've seen them post fliers with resources for the community, and I've seen them give food to those in need.Come taste the love at El Oasis, the best place to get a taco or burrito in Lansing.Recommend the barbacoa, chorizo, and sopes,The salsa is the bomb diggity too.

Review №47

4 Shred beef tacos. Chips hues and salsa. Yum.

Review №48

No point in calling ahead. They don't answer the phone, or will answer and leave you on the line for 20+ minutes. Worst phone customer service ever.

Review №49

It was ok not worth $15

Review №50

Amazing food and great prices

Review №51

Tacos are small and very cheap so order a few. 20 minute wait for most items but good quality

Review №52

Truly authentic Mexican food!From the tomatoes, onions, cilantro in the salsa, to the seasoned pork and corn husks of the tamales. Our burritos, rice, beans, and tacos were cooked to perfection.Thank you for the food.If you have not eaten here or if you are driving through Lansing, please stop in for a wonderful meal.

Review №53

Wow I used to walk down here when they 1st opened, its been maybe 2 years since id been there. They've changed the whole plaza into a beautiful oasis and the food is still as good as ever. This place is worth a visit (get the burrito!)

Review №54

After 25 yrs in San Antonio I studied the trends of Tejano Music. I also sing too.

Review №55

This is the hidden gem you are looking for. Best tacos in the area. Eat there instead of taking it home if you can, and make sure to get the red sauce if you like some spice. Best value is the dinner special with 3 tacos, beans and rice.

Review №56

They serve the best tacos and I'm sure there are plenty who'd AGREE! Service was fast and I would say who can cook 3 dinners in 8 to 10 minutes!Burritos, TAMALES, and other tasteful meals! The dinner special is priced just right too! Hope you make time to try their food, and smile at them as you leave a tip! (Don't have to, but just saying).

Review №57

We ordered delivery on Cinco de Mayo at 7pm. We were told delivery would be at 9:14pm. Okay, we can is Cinco de Mayo and during Covid19. So, we waited and at 9:20, I looked at my email...turns out that, at 8:10pm I had received another email saying that El Oasis had decided to close their doors early and we weren't getting any dinner. Oh, it happens to be my son's birthday. How can they decide to close their doors with an order already placed...absolutely unconscionable! El Oasis must be doing very well indeed! Simply cannot believe we were pimped like that. I honestly hope this food truck fails miserably. I guess we will try to order pizza. Happy Birthday to my son and Happy Cinco de Mayo.Absolutely horrific treatment!

Review №58

A few years ago i lived down the block and ate here a couple of times a week, 10/10. Working from home (c19) ill make the trip across town at lunch for a burrito.

Review №59

Soooooo good

Review №60

Great food and a nice little area to sit in while you eat.

Review №61

Tostadas are amazing!

Review №62

Great, fresh food and lovingly authentic.

Review №63

Authentic mexican food for very good prices. A must try for any fan of mexican food if you are in East LansingP.S. Their tacos are lit

Review №64

Best food ever , must try it. We go so often. The staff is always pleasant and I have never had to wait more then 10mins for food.

Review №65

So delicious!! Chicken tacos are great!!

Review №66

Authentic. Fresh cooked meals. Friendly, courteous and professional. Prompt, clean and consistent. Visiting on michigan Avenue since they opened and recomend them highly.

Review №67

I ordered food for delivery and all of it was wrong and I am missing things that i ordered. I called and they did not answer once out of the 5 times I called.

Review №68

Big and delicious burrito!

Review №69

My family LOVES this place! We have ate at all the food truck locations as well as the location inside Tony's Party store and this food is just consistently SO good. I told my husband today that this is now my standard for Mexican food!!

Review №70

If you are looking for some awesome Mexican food, look no further. The chorizo breakfast burrito is my go to (because it is an amazing creation), but everything else on the menu is also out of this world. Three cheers and 5 stars for El Oasis! Thanks for the great food!

Review №71

Im a door dash driver. They have costed me money

Review №72

Funky little taqueria with excellent fresh, authentic food.

Review №73

Yum. Moist and flavorful chicken tacos.

Review №74

I've yet to go to Mexico but the food here is exactly what I expect of authentic Mexican cuisine. Just excellent wholesome food with lots of flavor from simple ingredients made with love. The steady flow of customers should tell you all you need to know.Update: my last visit will be my last here. I ordered lunch and was given a 20 minute wait. 35 minutes later I still had no food but was told that it was right there as if prepared but undeliverable. I asked why a half dozen other customers who ordered after me already had been served and was continually told it would be just another 5 minutes while she pointed to her list, as if that would help me.Here is a suggestion to the vendor: don't call orders by the selection (there will be duplicates and risk of crossing customers). Give them a unique number and make the progress readily apparent to all.

Review №75

It's a food truck but is the best Mexican food in the Lansing area. Tables to sit and eat outside around nicely planted flower boxes. If the weather isn't nice you have to get your food to go. Definitely a place to check out.

Review №76

Yes!!!! Best tacos in Michigan! I'm sure everything else is amazing too. Lengua and Asada!

Review №77

By far the best Mexican food in the Lansing and surrounding area, Be mindful there is generally a wait but that shows for the quality of food that they produce. If it wasn't this good there wouldn't be a wait, This is on par and better than some places in Detroit where there they make the Lansing area Mexican food scene look like a joke with the exception of El Oasis. If you go anywhere else in Lansing or neighboring towns I'm sorry you wasted your money.

Review №78

Love this place. Everything good, wait is usually minimal.

Review №79

Me and my wife LOVE this place... don't get their HOT sauce unless you REALLY like hot.

Review №80

My favorite spot for over 10yrs

Review №81

Favorite Mexican in the area. Their big burrito is the go to! Great prices and they have breakfast burritos. Call ahead if you can!

Review №82

Love their food from the food truck!Everything very tasty! Love the shredded chicken tostada. Tamales very good. Love the hot green sauce. Can't wait to go to restaurant by the Capital.

Review №83

It's amazing! Just go and eat and be happy.

Review №84

Best breakfast burritos in town!

Review №85

This place has kept me driving an hour to visit them for the last 6 years. There is nothing on the menu that I would not recommend. The spicy salsa IS spicy!

Review №86

Nice food

Review №87

SO good!!!!! I could eat here everyday!

Review №88

Great food!

Review №89

Best authentic Mexican food in town. Don't let the appearance of the establishment fool you the service is excellent, polite and again the food is excellent.

Review №90

Best baby tacos ever!

Review №91

Love it here. The food reminds me of Mexico and in the summer the eating area is beautiful with flowers everywhere. Call ahead or you might have a long wait in busy times - worth it!

Review №92

Always good food.

Review №93

Tacos are easy 5 stars. But the wait times are insane. Stopped going strictly for the amount of times iv walked away without food because it's taken so long. Busier food truck establishments take half as long.

Review №94

Yummy sopes

Review №95

Love the chorizo!

Review №96

Authentic Mexican breakfast. Friendly service and great food!

Review №97

The best of the best Mexican food

Review №98

The food heres amazing. If you have a special order make sure whomever is taking ur order understands you. We've had a few orders in correct. I live quite far away so it's a disappointment when I cant eat it. When passing through the city I always try to stop here!

Review №99

100% authentic. Great food

Review №100

The key word here is tostadas. El Oasis is so good. Friendly service and amazing food. Some of the best food in Lansing. The tostadas are nuts!

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