Famous Taco
1909 W Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48915, United States

Review №1

Love the famous taco..get it every time we go their. Wife can't make up her mind. Loves everything she has had.

Review №2

Great carne asada tacos generous sides of sour cream. Friendly staff!

Review №3

The ground beef tacos are my fave! Shells nice and crispy, cheese melt-y and spicy salsa all conspire for a perfect late night snack. I eat here every time I'm in town.

Review №4

Prompt service. Pleasant staff. He liked the beef burrito better. I liked the chicken burrito better though the chicken meat itself was shredded and didn't seem as seasoned as the beef. The beef was seasoned but the real flavor was the sauce they put on top. Next time I will ask for some inside. And on the side. Guac was very fresh. Just be aware there is pieces of onion. I liked it that way. The mild salsa was seasoned crushed tomatoes. For my personal palate it was missing something. His hot was...very easy for me. I little zesty bite of heat but barely medium hot. Definitely better of thhungry.I am looking forward to trying more of the menu.Sorry no pics. I was too hangry.

Review №5

This is a hidden gem....if you don't rate them with five stars you don't know what good food is.

Review №6

This place is not fancy on the inside and I find that I usually prefer to get food to go. Honestly I love thier tacos. Especially the chicken tacos.

Review №7

Have been going there for over 20 years but the last 5 or so years have been horrible. The customer service there leaves a lot to be desired. The last straw was when THEY got my order WRONG but wanted me to drive all the way back there to get a new order. I couldn't so supposedly the "manager" was going to give me a larger order of the same thing the next time I came in. This was after a lot of back and forth and asking could they have one of their drivers drop off the correct order and them refusing to do that. I go there today and guess record of my number AND they asked me to go out of my way again and come in the next day because the manager I had spoke to would be in. Yeah ok. I'll never be back. Shouldn't have to go through all that as a weekly customer. If you mess up my order the correct thing to do is not make the customer go through hoops for yall to do the right thing. They get two stars because I do like the food. It's sad because I can see them shutting down and they've been a staple around here too long for these newbies to mess it all up.

Review №8

This place is trash horrible customer service I'll never spend another penny with these people. The last three times I've ordered from here two times the order was wrong and the third time they didn't even bother to deliver the food. Was charged $29.37 for food at 8:50 on Friday November 20 2020 and they close at 11pm my food never came the delivery driver never called or anything. Contacted them on Saturday November 21 2020 and was given the runaround all day. Decided to take a trip to the building to talk with someone in person and was assured the situation would be taken care of first thing monday morning. Called Monday evening and was told they didn't know anything about it and they will look into it and call me tomorrow. At this point I'll probably have to contact my bank and have them reverse the charge. These people are a joke don't waste your time or money here.

Review №9

Love the food. Drove 25 minutes to get it. 25 home to be able to eat it. When we left the house I grabbed my debit card but left my purse at home, as this was the only stop we were making. Well... My drivers license was in my purse. They wouldn't accept my debit card without it. I'm all for keep down fraud and helping protect me. I had other had other things in my car with my name on it, including the registration to my car. Still wouldn't help me out. Would've given them 5 stars had it not been for this.

Review №10

Been ordering from famous taco , since 1990 . Today is the last. 3 hours waiting for food. The old school would be sad on how you run costumer service. And the manager was fine with it.

Review №11

We were going by Famous Taco and went through the drive through as they dont have the lobby open. We hadn't been to them in a while since the one by us had closed up some time ago. We got the nacho deluxe, 3 cheese enchiladas and the 3 burritos with rice and beans and drinks. We took our dinner to a park and enjoyed it there. They also gave us enough salsa, sour cream and guacamole for each of our meals. We would go there again.

Review №12

They'd probably make more money if they answered their phone and had someone actually come to the drive thru window to take orders. I've been trying to order tacos for three days now. I give up

Review №13

This place has HORRIBLE customer service. I have called multiple times in the past week and a guy answers and leaves you on hold. I was on hold each time for 15 mins. How are they even still in business! Taking my business else where. Do not go to famous taco on Saginaw!!

Review №14

Great food. Only con I have is they don't check the orders to make sure that everything is in the bag. Southern Nachos come with Sour Cream, it has been forgotten in a couple of my orders. And only once did I get someone else's order. These experiences were all drive thru pick up orders.

Review №15

HORRIFYINGOrdered my food over the phone, paid for it at the drive through and waited patiently for our food. Came mask handed the food to the driver, we checked it was wrong. It was wrong from a distance, I knew it was wrong before we opened it up, but here we go.....We pull up closer to the door, wait for the runner to come out and flag him down, let him know the order was wrong and he was walking back in the restaurant and asking us what we ordered (so we knew it was going to be incorrect again), he came out within 15 seconds from a back kitchen door with another bag and a ticket to my door (Passenger) and this is where it all goes wrong:He doesn't have a mask on, he is leaning IN THE VEHICLE he is so close to me I am leaning back. Takes the 2nd incorrect order, blames the cooks for the error and goes back in comes out 3-4 minutes later with more food to my window that is rolled up, driver rolls it down while signaling and verbalizing to the guy to come to her side of the car and he sticks his upper body in the vehicle to talk to her....PANDEMIC or not this guy's violating my personal space. I kindly say please back up, he LEANS IN CLOSER TO ME, we are both taken aback by this I say it again sternly TWO MORE TIMES TO "BACK UP"...his arms are still hanging over my car window over my lap. I had to physically put my arm out the window to create space and signal to him to get back. In 2019 this situation would have ended the exact same way, there's no reason he was in our car like that.He then calls me a "weirdo" and goes to the driver side to lean in her window and ask her to look at what felt like the 10th incorrect order. We've had enough so we just accept it and start to leave and that is when the guy starts shouting that I was rude and I should be more nice because....get ready for it.... :"I MADE YOUR FOOD!!! (he's been in and out touching the doors and putting his hands in other folks cars) and "WE DON'T WEAR MASKS HERE AND IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT DON'T COME BACK ()." Even more reason for him to be giving ME space. MIND-BLOWING.Again, we were taken aback by his actions and then his words. We got out of there I will NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK you shouldn't either. We were horrified. I definitely did not eat the food. No way.

Review №16

Call for a delivery or come to the drive thru for some great tacos

Review №17

Called when I got out of work after 4, was on hold for 12 minutes before I hung up and called back. Guy picks up and says please hold and puts me back on hold. This app says not busy during this time. Going somewhere else, good luck

Review №18

Decent food, but the service has been getting worse and worse lately, and I just had a terrible experience...I called in an order for pickup and was put on hold for 5 minutes. I put in my order as usual and got there 15 minutes later as they told me. When I got there, the place was empty, so I don't think there was any need to put me on hold, given that it looked like there were 4 people working the counter. When I got to the counter, no one asked how they could help, rather they just looked at me with a "what do you need" face. After telling them my name and that I was picking up an order, they couldn't find it. They asked if it could be under another name, which it wasn't (I normally remember my own name...). I was asked what it was for, to which I told them two three taco dinners. "Oh, two number 29s?" Well, if I knew the number I would have said it. Then I was informed that it was under the name "Angel", in a tone that made it sound like it was my fault (oh so sorry, I'll keep that in mind for next time!). I left without a thank you or a "sorry about the mix-up" or anything.Boo. Time to find a new taco place.

Review №19

Excellent food will definitely be going back again

Review №20

Higher prices, totally understand. High delivery fee, long waits, fee if you use debit or credit,.robbery. no dine in, understand. Want to order pick up can't come in, even with mask, told can use pick up window, disabled where I can't drive, oh you gotta have car. So No Famous Taco if you have no car, unless you pay for high delivery costs and fee for debit

Review №21

Honestly, it's not the best looking place, but the tacos are delicious, the prices are reasonable and the service is prompt.

Review №22

Good food, they are always busy it seems like, so sometimes the service is lacking.

Review №23

They delivered the wrong food I drove it back up there for a refund as they requested and still didn't get one they refused to refund me very disrespectful and unprofessional

Review №24

They had real good food and the guy that was at the window was real nice

Review №25

Good food, decent prices, and acceptable service. Will need to reevaluate the last one when the pandemic ends.

Review №26

Wholy Guacamole. THE best roast beef tacos. Hot fresh chips and salsa. My dinner was complete. Do the drive thru. And don't forget to tip.

Review №27

Whenever I can get food it's always delicious, but the last two times I have called I've been asked to hold and then waited for 10 minutes with no response. With the other options in the area, I would take my chances with someone who doesn't dismiss my order twice.

Review №28

Great service and great food never let's you down Thanks famous taco

Review №29

The tacos are delicious and fresh, the portions are large, the prices are good and the service is prompt.

Review №30

Food was great but they messed up the order

Review №31

Tried getting some breakfast for take out! Called around 10:30, got put on hold, okay whatever. 5 minutes go by, no one picks up. We eventually call back and are quickly put on hold again. This went on for over 20 minutes until they finalized answered at 11 just to tell me they wouldn't serve me breakfast! I've never experienced such inexcusable and poor service in my life!

Review №32

Awesome food but a little pricey

Review №33

Can't get through on the phone to save my life

Review №34

You gotta be mighty lazy,and desperate to order from Famous Taco.They always put you on hold when you first call.Then even when you place a delivery order they take aslong as 4 hours to get it out to you.It used to be you had to order a 15 dollar limit of food for them to bring it out to you.Now it's 25.That was the last straw.Im never ordering from them again

Review №35

It's fast and pretty alright. Last night I found what looked like a small rock in my refried beans. I was able to bounce it off the table but luckily I didn't chip my tooth. After that, probably won't be back.

Review №36

Lunch is cheaper and food was better at lunch than dinner

Review №37

Get a taco mush... Thank me later.

Review №38

Great place they clearly need more help. Ladies in the front where doing their best to keep up with everyone.Great service food was great. Will be back

Review №39

Eat here consistently it's delicious

Review №40

A friend referred me due to my love of tacos. Honestly best tacos I've ever had in my life!! Which says a LOT because I usually order tacos whenever I go out! lol! Love this place!

Review №41

I called to order and some female answered the phone and put me on hold. I was on hold for 5 minutes before they hung up on me. I then tried calling back and kept getting the busy buzz. When I finally got someone to answer he said they were closed and hung up quick. I've very upset, I've never experienced any service like this.

Review №42

Worst service in the city waited 20 minutes for my food

Review №43

It's tastes pretty good. But its ridiculously overpriced for what you get

Review №44

First time at a famous taco. My man grew up eating here, so it's more than just food for him. He'd give a 5 for sure!I have to give a 4 because, although the food tastes great, I was given the wrong dinner. Didn't realize it until we had left. Hubbs didn't get his extra taco (which he did pay for ). The prices aren't cheap, so missing food is definitely a bummer.If you want an authentic experience, it's a great spot. Tasty food, large enough portions, and no frills. I love that. Also, the beans are cooked to perfection

Review №45

Food is always delicious but today I ordered 4 breakfast burritos with potatoes eggs cheese and onion and didn't get the cheese on them.I called to let them know I didn't get the cheese that I ordered on my burritos and Roberto The owners son told me I didn't order cheese on my burritos and that they owed me nothing. I called back to speak with Oscar the kitchen manager and he informed me that I did pay for cheese and that he has my back next time I come. Roberto blatantly lied to my face. Bad business. Be sure to get a itemized receipt. Had I not worked there before and known Oscar as a manager I would've paid for something I didn't receive. Thank you for your honesty Oscar. Roberto could learn a thing or two from you.

Review №46

THE BEST deluxe nachos in the world. I started eating them while at college in the early 80's. And they are still great and no other restaurant makes them the same way as this place. I drive 60 miles for them.

Review №47

I'm from out of town,and I heard alot of good things about this place,but sadly I was very disappointed in my order,my tacos were HORRIBLE, and I order queso, and got chips and salsa instead, the rice was very dry like sandpaper and very flavorless. I ended up throwing away my dinner after 3 bites.I will definitely not be ordering from here again!

Review №48

It depends on the time of day morning crew is better

Review №49

Awesome food! Love it!

Review №50

Place was dirty. No clean tables. Horrible service. Waited and hour for 2 dinners and finally got up and left. Only a few customers inside. Got our order taken last, mind you, my girlfriend is 39 weeks pregnant. The chubby face girl at the counter was giving the customers the same time every call for orders to go and people were calling the whole hour I ate my chips and ice asking where their food is. When I asked after an hour they said they just put it on the grill! Again, place was pretty much empty! Never making this mistake again.

Review №51

There was very little meat in the wet burrito I got a lot of lettuce very little tomato or meat and there was not quite enough gravy or cheese if they were to double the meat have the lettuce add 1/3 tomato and more gravy and more cheese it would be killer

Review №52

Love this place eat here every time we come to town wish they would open one up down south where I live

Review №53

Must use cash or they charge a fee..while waiting to place our order the waitress sat at another table on her phone completely ignoring us...portions were small and for the ingredients in the dishes the prices were unrealistically HIGH. Restaurant was dirty!!! Would not recommend and will NOT be returning.

Review №54

They have the best Taco's I have ever tasted.

Review №55

This is some of the best food ever!

Review №56

Waste of time just sharing

Review №57

Took 2 hours for this messed up food and didn't even get my hot salsa and it's not good at all. I'm not ordering from this place ever again.

Review №58

Best non-authentic style tacos in Lansing.

Review №59

Their food is good, especially like the hot salsa. It isn't super fast though, so don't expect it be. On the other hand, they make it fresh. The place itself is pretty small and not a super inviting place to eat in, but take-out is a popular option.

Review №60

The food is very good but don't ask for delivery - you'll never get it. Put pants on and go pick it up.

Review №61

Always do a great job. Food is amazing love this place will definitely be returning.

Review №62

I have been eating here for almost 40 years best Mexican food ever

Review №63

Always love their food.

Review №64

Friendly and fast. The food quality isn't what I remember. I'd likely go back to try something other than what I tried this time. The wait staff and cooks are super nice.

Review №65

Ordered a chimichanga for lunch. Soggy tortilla and very dry meat inside. I did not see any of the ranchero sauce inside the tortilla, so I contacted them and was told they put one scoop in and mix it in with the rice and beans and that I should have requested more if I wanted more. It was my first experience ordering from here, and I will not return.

Review №66

Love the tacos, especially the Famous Taco! If ordering to go, be prepared to wait longer than the time they give you. But the food is worth the wait!

Review №67

The only good Famous Taco!

Review №68

I've been trying to call and order tacos for 30 minutes now..... if you're not going to answer the phone you could at least make an order online option to your website....

Review №69

Food was Fantastic. Glad I stopped.

Review №70

Very tasty salsa! I usually get the lunch combo! Not allot of seating inside. But food is always great!

Review №71

Good amount of food, but a very bland taste oh & the chips were hard as heck

Review №72

I live famous taco great staff awesome food

Review №73

I like their food but always get it to go. Inside is nothing to write home about. Tables always have dirty dishes that sit from previius customers. Last time i was there a customer and employee got in a very heated argument and if we didnt already order our food i would have went elsewhere. It was a scary situation and they should have just called the cops.

Review №74

Excellent Food & Customer Service.

Review №75

The best most of the time. Only had one visit that was horrble

Review №76

Very pleased with the chimychanga deluxe.

Review №77

I used to go here so much the food is great I highly recommend coming here especially if you have kids there cheese dip and spicy salsa is so good the bathrooms are clean they really take care of that place for us

Review №78

The food was OK but I didn't like waving off gnats and flies while we ate.

Review №79

Much cleaner and friendlier than East Lansing location. Will go there now for good Mexican food

Review №80

Small but great food nice helpful worker love here

Review №81

The food good be better 4 the price u pay..

Review №82

I was on hold for 25 minutes pulled up and the girl that came out was rude when instead of placing me on hold could of said you have to pull up and wait 30 to 45 more minutes

Review №83

Don't order from famous unless it's 2am and you are starving. Every time I order form here it's slop. Over prices low quality food.

Review №84

It's ok, El Oasis is bet and cheaper.

Review №85

Wish they had one in Mt. Pleasant

Review №86

Famous Taco is a pretty good place to get some authentic Mexican cuisine I enjoy just about everything on the menu one of my favorites being the taco mesh, the menu was quite vast an affordable most of employees a courteous hard-working and from what I can tell pretty clean, one of my favorite attributes about this particular restaurant is its hours and they do deliver

Review №87

Just how it looks.. delicious

Review №88

Best tacos in Lansing. Chicken ones are the best.

Review №89

Great food and service. Great menu.

Review №90

Great food at any time of the day! The place was small so seating is limited. I get want to eat and get on your way. When you 1st sit down they bring you chips and salsa for days.....YUMMY! I ordered 3 tacos with beans and rice. The portion size was great and too much for me. Overall great food and experience...I have to go again when I get back in town.

Review №91

The only reason i gives it a one star is because i know i should give them something.I never been inside but i normally place my order over the phone for delivery.Well almost everytime i would order they would take too long to bring me my order. This is like the 5th time i ordered,they take too long,bring it to me.I should of went and picked it up myself but after reading these comments on the review.I wish now that i would of never gave them any business at all.....

Review №92

Literally ordered $23 worth of tacos and they were all messed up , I call to talk to someone and the women on the phone immediately shuts me down and says well your going to have to talk to the night manager. That's so unprofessional and probably gonna report to the better business bureau.

Review №93

Terrible. Service is terrible. Staff terrible. Literally go to Taco Bell and save yourself some anger. They constantly mess up orders. Won't refund you. The inside has bugs.

Review №94

Great food but there service is disgusting has been declining for years management needs to get on it or i will stop going and ordering

Review №95

It was hair in the salsa and on the chips service was just horrible. Only go there late night when you drunk people!!

Review №96

Best tacos in town!

Review №97

Cooks need to pay attention to the orders and make what the customer is asking for. This seems to happen all the time not getting what you ask for, it's not even a special order it's what is on their menu. So sad that this is happening when back in the day this family took pride of the name Famous Taco!!!

Review №98

The last 4 times I have picked up food there, there was no guacamole on my tostadas. (I ordered the guacamole tostada dinner) The rest of my family's food is wonderful, but not mine. Each time when I order I tell them there was no guacamole last time, PLEASE make sure they put it on. As much as I love their food, I don't think I'll be back.

Review №99

Tacos at a great price! Way better than Taco Bell

Review №100

Solid quality food not amazing but good not enough to justify the high price tag. Store is a complete mess and needs a good cleaning. Customer service is sub par at best of times and completely terrible at others.

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  • Address:1909 W Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48915, United States
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  • Phone:+1 517-321-8226
  • Mexican restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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