La Mesa Mexican Restaurant
710 N Main St, Lansing, KS 66043, United States

Review №1

My mother and law and I was craving Mexican food and I was looking at reviews and different places then I end up choosing this restaurant. However, the meat needed a little bit more flavor(other seasoning) for the amount of meat they give they do not put a lot of rice and beans overall it was ok, and my mother in law shrimp taco was “OK” according to her.P.S - I do want to try their alcoholic drinks

Review №2

We were greeted with chips and salsa immediately. The chips were still warm and fresh, and the salsa tasted so yummy and home made. The menu has plenty of options and combinations. The burrito, enchilada, and tamale were amazing. Our waiter checked on us and refilled our drinks multiple times, but it was never too over bearing, the timing was just right. The meal wasn't too pricey plus we used a coupon! The servers and cooks really care about what they do. The environment was lovely and the food tasted very authentic. It was worth the one hour drive!

Review №3

Their food is super good, consistently. From the chips and salsa to the beans and rice... it doesn't matter what you order here, it will be good. Before I ate here, I didn't even like cheese enchiladas but now its like one of my favorite things...A good way to tell if the food will be good is by judging how well they do the simple things. Here, they're on point!I generally do pick up or delivery, so i can't speak to table service, but every time I order things here, they're right and on time and it's not super expensive either.I definitely recommend it!

Review №4

The food was not traditional, actually. They seemed to use a basic seasoned hamburger for every item. I got a combo including a burrito, an enchilada and a taco. But for the difference in the shells, they all tasted exactly the same and no cheese on anything except the taco. Not my favorite mexican food, but they were busy, so maybe it's just me. :)

Review №5

We pulled in here after driving all day across Kansas. It was a nice break, the staff was very welcoming and service was good and fast the food was good. All around, a good solid stop for dinner.

Review №6

Finest place to grab something when in a hurry. The service is prompt, prices are reasonable, awesome atmosphere. Will visit here again

Review №7

Felt very safe eating here. Wait staff were in masks, and we were seated in an area well away from others. The fajita taco salad I had was warm and very good with plenty of filling.

Review №8

The salsa is the icing on the cake! The staff was so friendly and attentive. The fajitas are some of the best I've had, you can't go wrong with any choice. So many good choices here! A must try.

Review №9

Our experience was horrible. We order three orders over lunch for three people and they gave one bag of chips, how do you share 1 bag for 3 people.

Review №10

Best food evvvvvvveeerr. Every time. Staff is amazing too

Review №11

Food was amazing and my daughter had a blast for her bday dinner . Great prices

Review №12

Food is middle of the road. Server brought food to the table. That's about all the good I can say about her.

Review №13

Good food, reasonably priced, and really great service.

Review №14

Was very happy that they were open. Most of the other customers I saw, had numbers already-because they pre-ordered. This was a last minute decision, that sounded great. Went in, with mask, ordered, and meal came out with 15min. Good amount t of food for the price. Will definitely go back.

Review №15

Quiet & colorful. My grandson and I had lunch here. The staff was very friendly & prompt with service. Their tea was perfect & the food was delicious. I had the Enchiladas Suizas, they where spectacular chicken enchiladas. Definitely one of my top five Mexican restaurants.

Review №16

La Mesa finds the right balance between authentic and Mexican-American cuisine. Great friendly staff, good prices, loaded margaritas and queso, we eat here all the time.

Review №17

I bet it is hard to find any authentic Mexican restaurant in Kansas with this quality food and amazing prices.It was a great successful experience for myself and my family. The service is very fast with bottomless complimentary chip and salsa. The portions as very good for both appetizers and entrees.

Review №18

Excellent service, fast and friendly. Food is always served hot, everything was perfect. Dad loved his margarita, too!!

Review №19

I do not recommend this place at all. The chips tasted old, the rice was still crunchy, the beans tasted like tuna (yes, that is right, TUNA) and the meat tasted old. The only thing decent about the meal was the salsa.

Review №20

My husband frequent goes there for functions with the army and brings me home something from there first time i liked it second time was a disappointment third time was a disaster! I love seafood and it seams they never have stuff that on the menu dont apertize things in a menu and say it isn't available...

Review №21

I prefer this place very much. theres a great spirit. The food is tasty. the service is powerful and the waiters are trained. The pay is honest. deeply recommend.

Review №22

This place has awesome food and drinks. If you are ever in this area, this is a must try....great service too.

Review №23

Freeking awsome

Review №24

One of my family's favorite places to dine out. The staff are warm and considerate. The tasty dishes have maintained consistent quality over many years. The perfect choice for a fun gathering of any size. I highly recommend!

Review №25

Food and salsa is great. Service is very good.

Review №26

This was my first time in a long time eating at this restaurant. I quit going here because when they first opened their food was terrible. I had the special dinner and it was excellent. So much food I couldn't eat it all. There was 21 of us in our party and the server did an excellent job of taking care of us. For good Tex-Mex I would highly recommend this place.

Review №27

Always love it when I go there service is super

Review №28

From the first moment you enter that restaurant they give you a nice feeling. Very comfortable hosts, it is a happy restaurant to to go out with friends or with your date. delicious cuisine, professional chief cook and stuff, reasonable price and professional service. Warmly recommended.

Review №29

My favorite Mexican restaurant. We live in KC North and it is worth the drive to Leavenworth to eat here! They have the best food and staff is always friendly

Review №30

Staff was very quick to get order takin care of.. Food was good...

Review №31

My husband and I tried to call in to cancel an order we wouldn't be able to pick up due to unforeseen circumstances. They had no problem taking our order over the phone, but when we called to cancel (over an hour before pick-up, I might add), they suddenly couldn't hear us, and eventually hung up. This is very disappointing, as we had heard incredible things about this restaurant.

Review №32

This place never disappoints. They have excellent food for convenient rates, there are no long waits even when the place is busy.

Review №33

Great food, great margaritas and friendly staff!!

Review №34

Waiter was very rude, when we would say thank you she would roll her eyes and walk awayBeef cheese dip was full of oil and bad stinky beefTaquitos was super hard and burnWon't be going back here again

Review №35

Wasn't impressed! The fajita meat was the only thing that was good. Rice was under cooked and seemed like it must have been sitting out to long.. chips and salsa were great and guacamole was delicious! Not a restuarant I'd crave.

Review №36

Good food but on the pricey side for what you get.

Review №37

Very nice very quick And very good food

Review №38

My family waited over a half hour for our food to arrive, and my wife and youngest son received their food ten minutes before me and my other son. Our drinks were never refilled and we ate our meal with empty beverages. I ordered a chimichanga for $10 and it looked like a frozen burrito from Walmart. The cashier asked how everything was and when I explained she simply said I'm sorry and never offered to get the manager. This has not been the normal experience but the service is never consistent.

Review №39

Always great service, amazing food and an it won't break the bank. Worth the stop if you are close by.

Review №40

Margarita's are the best in the area. Food, never disappoints. Best Mexican food in the area, hands down.

Review №41

Very good food and very good service.

Review №42

Dynamite! This is the place I've been looking for. I had the fajita nachos and unlike so many places they're done right here. The simple process for fajita nachos (according to me) is a bed of chips, fajita meats and veggies and then house cheese dip. Out of all the Mexican joints I've been too across the metro this is the only one that makes them this way. It's too bad they're a 45 minute drive from the house otherwise I'd be here a lot more often.

Review №43

Good salsa, good ceviche, good drinks. Fast service despite the New Year's Eve crowd. Only thing they're missing is a good mole sauce, but they're not alone in that. They've been one of our go-to restaurants in the Leavenworth & Lansing area for years.

Review №44

Nachos..... garbage...runny cheese...big clumps of meat....will not return

Review №45

Best mexican food i have ever had at a restaurant

Review №46

Said it was $6 extra for onion and cilantro, what a joke.

Review №47

Reasonably priced, lots of food on plate. Flavors great. But the government stepped in and ruined the service. The servers used to be all men and they did great. All dressed alike and looked awesome. Now not so much.

Review №48

Always delicious food, quick service and excellent wait staff. Highly recommend.

Review №49

Good Mexican food.Fair prices.Attentive service.

Review №50

Margaritas anyone? The fajitas for two was perfect for a party of 4! Just amazing wait staff, super friendly they really cater to their staff!

Review №51

Last night was the first time we visited this fine restaurant. But It is definitely not the last. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the courteous service, with the high quality food and fine drinks and with the decent price. We will no doubt go back there soon.

Review №52

Great food and great service. Love it!

Review №53

Excellent and flavorful food, I love the ambience the place has, and the cashiers were super nice. Will definitely come back.

Review №54

Amazing taco Tuesday deal! The chicken soft tacos were amazing. Will be making this a normal spot on tuesday

Review №55

Quality food. We really like this restaurant. Try the fajitas.

Review №56

The enchiladas were nasty it made me sick it's nasty the only good thing about it was the drink

Review №57

Did a pickup order, said it would be 10min,Got to the Restaurant in 10min and waited another 20min, not my first time here and the service isnt good!

Review №58

Always great. Good place.

Review №59

Food was great, place is clean ,good music awesome service

Review №60

Being from Texas I know Tex-Mex. It's just hard to get right if you're not from the south. I I have had Tex-Mex all along the east and west coast. And it's never done right. Needless to say I did not think this place would be any different. However much to my delight I think this place is a pretty good job of getting it right. So much so, that from my short 10-day stay in Kansas I went here twice. Definitely worth coming back a second time.

Review №61

What's not to like. Great food, great service, great margherita. Have been going there for years and will gladly return.

Review №62

Always good food. Reason for 3 starts We took our family in, multiple tickets and they charged gratuity. They would have made more if they would have let is decide what to tip. T

Review №63

None of the employees had their mask covering their nose.Mostly just covering mouth or neck!!

Review №64

La Mesa Mexican Restaurant is one of the best Mexican food choices in town. Their set up is amazing, the chairs, tables, music, decorations, everything was great. The menu has so many choices and different combinations. I went with a work group, and everyone was super satisfied, they checked on us regularly, any ticks we wanted to make to the menu they worked with us, we didn't have to wait long, everything was all around great.!

Review №65

Taco Tuesday. Great service . Hard and soft tacos .99 cents. Service was good, place was busy had to wait for table but not long.

Review №66

Horrible! Just walked in! Waited for about 5 min too 10 min at the entrance the cashier just sat there and starred at us! No greeting No host No nothing! The floor was trashed all the way down the aisle!!! It stunk like straight farts by the entrance waiting!!! We just walked out! Also had our one year old with us!!! Complete mess! The waiter were running around looking STRESSED! Do not go HERE! Was really wanting taco Tuesday too!

Review №67

Good food, good service.

Review №68

The Mazatlan is amazing, among other dishes. Never had bad service here

Review №69

Our favorite place to go for mexcian food.

Review №70

Extremely friendly employees. Great food.

Review №71

Food and service always best

Review №72

Despite the restaurant being busy, they sat us quickly. The food was delicious and the wait staff friendly, prices were reasonable

Review №73

The fajita nachos and margaritas are THE BEST. This is my favorite restaurant!

Review №74

First of all the smell when you walked in should have been an indicator to leave, but we gave it a shot. Secondly, they don't have a changing table for babies so don't bother going here with the littles. Thirdly, the food was not good. The chips were stale and I would assume old, the salsa was bland, and the entrees were just crumbles of ground meat with gobs of sauce and flavorless. Last, but not least the place did not appear to be clean. To be fair, they did have friendly service and the flavorless food came out fast, but regardless I will never be back.

Review №75

By far the worst and nastiest restaurant I have ever ate at. My kids and I waited what seemed to be close to 30 minutes to just order our drinks... 30 more minutes later they brought incorrect drinks and then 40 minutes later we finally ordered. Never mind you they weren't even busy. Our food order came out incorrect and I showed our waiter who put his hands in my kids tacos. Then asked what I wanted him to do about it. The owner was even worse. I tried to explain what was going on and he then asked what I wanted him to do about it. It smelled like sewage and it was super dirty. I will never go back.

Review №76

Food was great and the margaritas were even better

Review №77

Excellent service from the moment you walk in the door, and DELICIOUS main courses. Good atmosphere, and reasonable prices for the enourmous portions. A great variety on the menu, with every option being fantastic. For casual dining in Lansing you can't go wrong here.

Review №78

Love the chicken fajitas nachos.

Review №79

Excellent food. Great lunch plates. Price is right.

Review №80

Food is great. The menu has a lot of choices and well made drinks

Review №81

Great resturant, great service

Review №82

Chips and salsa both kind of bland. Food was good, wasn't spiced at all. Basic ground beef for meat, but I did get a basic combo plate. My wife got fajitas, she said no color (no tomatoes, fresh pepper/onions). Left overs were fine, I will try different stuff next time besides the basic combos.Salsa tastes like it comes out of can.

Review №83

The prices are affordable. The service is excellent. The flavor is spot on. Everytime I go I have a great experience and it does not matter how busy they are or how slow it might be that day. I have not been disappointed, yet.

Review №84

Just visiting town, and I can say this is better Mexican than what we have back home. The tortillas tasted fresh.

Review №85

Pretty good food, taco Tuesday is a great deal! One thing they must fix that's been going on a while is the overwhelming raw sewage smell at the front door. I really dont no how they haven't fixed this yet not a great first impression luckily the food is good..

Review №86

It's in Kansas and close to the military base so it's convenient. Food was so so and only luke warm.

Review №87

Wouldn't even give one star if I could. We ordered an order of chicken fajitas for 2. We asked my sister to swing by and grab our order. They insisted it was our order, had her pay for it, and she brought it home. It wasn't our order and when we called to let them know, whoever was in charge acted like we needed to bring the order back in order to give it to the rightful owner. Whoever was in charge also accused us of lying.

Review №88

Our meal was very good and the waiter was helpful without being intrusive.

Review №89

Very busy place, but there was still plenty of seating so we got a booth right away. Great friendly service. The food was very good. We weren't expecting a place in Kansas to have such delicious Mexican dishes. I got a big ol' pint of Pacifico to wash down my filling, reasonably-priced meal.

Review №90

great service! Great food. Lunch special fajitas are the way to go!

Review №91

The food was good, nothing special but good.

Review №92

Second time here. Eat a lot of Mexican cuisine from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico. This menu ranks with the best. Only criticism, salsa could be thicker with crushed tomatoes and adding a hint of habanero and lime. The best in KC area.

Review №93

The service was amazing. I had the steak fajita nachos and they were great.

Review №94

Superb authentic food a smoking good margaritas!

Review №95

Good food and good service

Review №96

Great food

Review №97

V yummy

Review №98

Chips and salsa were good, but I found a hair in my food, won't be going back !

Review №99

Not good.

Review №100

Wonderful food!!

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