Pancheros Mexican Grill
2725 Preyde Blvd, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
Review №1

If you're into crunchy uncooked beans and bad service via stoned/angry employees, this place is just for you! I've been here several times over the years and it is no exaggeration when I say the service has been horrible EVERY SINGLE VISIT. I don't know who the hiring manager is, but they must be sadistic. I don't know how they stay open at this point. The frozen burritos across the way at the Marathon gas station are better and at least the staff their are moderately kind and interested in doing their jobs. Avoid this place if you like Mexican food.

Review №2

Quick and tasty Mexican. They mix their burritos! Remodeled recently

Review №3

Chicken needs to be cooked longer. Got chewy chicken twice. Steak is low cut super tough like leather. The skinny lady with black hair is rude everytime and she does not cook the tortilla long enough tastes like dough.

Review №4

Huge burritos. Steak was tender and flavorful. Hot sauce is not insanely hot (have not tried green or mild). They have no corn tortillas; flour only.

Review №5

Great tasting meal!

Review №6

Tried twice just in case the 1st visit was a fluke. Staff are either really overworked or just rude by nature. Restaurant temp was shockingly cold. Stood in front of the counter for almost 2 minutes before a staff member acknowledged we were even there, let alone asked what we would like. I LOVE their queso...but the chips are WAY too salty to enjoy anything. 3 meals on the order... Asked for napkins and was given 1. Asked for more was given another single napkin.Hopefully its just the location. :(

Review №7

Delicious food! Very quick service and good prices. The guy at the counter this afternoon was so so nice!

Review №8

Great service, the manager named Dave is the funniest guy you will ever meet, ask for him when you go in.

Review №9

A fresh new take on mexican fast food. I really enjoyed the food and the service was great. Oh, I had the tacos.

Review №10

With my restricted diet, I was able to get a bowl of just a couple scoops of meat and cheese. Thanks Pancheros!

Review №11

Not overly impressed with cleanliness. Sauces dripped in other sauces, cheese dropped in other condiments. Workers could be a little neater. Food is good

Review №12

This place is disgusting. The glass guard on the counter was filthy, looked like hadn't been wiped in days. The grill was CAKED with burnt on junk. So, obviously the chicken was charred and tasted horrible. The employees could literally care less. They are so slow. And one employee did not have her nose covered while wearing her mask. It's useless to wear one, if you don't wear it properly. The pop machine has mold all over it. Looking at previous reviews, it seems as though management and/or corporate doesn't care. Avoid this place, or pray you don't get sick.

Review №13

My boyfriend and I had just moved here and decided to try their burritos. The food was great and the general manager( not sure of his name) was helpful and exceptionally nice.

Review №14

When you are craving a good. Burrito or Bowl. Come here!!!

Review №15

Long line and the employees didn't care. I'veNever seen somebody in the food industry move so slowly. And had to tell 3 different people my order. Two of them twice. The order was a chicken burrito and chicken tacos. So it wasn't even complicated. Oh and my chicken had a bone in it.

Review №16

Fast friendly service and the food was good

Review №17

Literally the best burrito ever, the tortillas are from heaven.... but the staff here just doesn't provide good service. They're often slow and mumble a lot, and just lack in good customer service skills in my opinion. I LOVE Pancheros though.

Review №18

So dirty. Food was splattered and dropped everywhere. The grill was thick with black crust which they had chicken sitting on while cooking. The vat of queso was caked after it obviously spilled out onto the outside of the pot. I won't go in there again.

Review №19

This location is absolutely disgusting. It looks like it hasn't been cleaned. The staff is rude and have very questionable hygiene at best and the food is cold. We used to love this place but after today won't be going back.

Review №20

Love the fresh made tortillas and the fact that they toss all the ingredients before wrapping up the burritos.

Review №21

Have eaten here almost every time I have been in Lansing for the last year or so. Usually enjoyed it and that's why I continued to return. Based on my last visit I will never go back. If it was just a simple issue would not have been a big deal but it was terrible. I went in around 3pm and the place was a mess. The grill was disgusting and placed the burrito shell on it. When I got the shell it was covered in black spots from where the grill was not cleaned. The entire food area was an absolute mess and it looks like nobody had cleaned it all day and the grills for several. The rice was not just undercooked but borderline crunchy. I was not able to eat even a third of the meal. I wrote the contact us part of the website twice given them a chance to make it right but they never responded. The standard of this place has gone down drastically. Save yourself the disappointment and spend your money elsewhere.

Review №22

This place is absolutely disgusting and not professional at all.. dirty and unsanitary. Literally took one bite and threw it away..

Review №23

After 3 attempts to press a burrito, I switched to a bowl. They were out of black beans. Chips were good.

Review №24

Im gluten free. These folks were awesome! New gloves and fresh cheese. I had a rice bowl with chicken and queso. So yummy! Thank you people of Pancheros.

Review №25

Don't go here. We just waited in line for 15 minutes for chips and queso behind 2 families. The staff moves at a glacial pace and once at the register the cashier spent 3-4 minutes opening a roll of dimes even though we were paying with a card. I spent 20 of 30 minute break from work watching a staff of 5 people so nothing. I will never return to Pancheros again, and the queso was disappointing.

Review №26

The staff here is very fast and very friendly

Review №27

Pancheros > Chipotle & Qdoba. Something about the tortillas and the combo of their quad and queso is just irresistible and I find myself craving it all the time. It's too bad they're not on Grand River anymore because I have tons of friends who agree with me !!

Review №28

Not clean. The glass between the customers and the food was filthy and so was all the space between the hot food bins. It had to have been more than one days worth of stuff. Food was slopped around and mixing with different bins. Some mess at a restaurant is understandable, but this was just not caring.

Review №29

Food is ok. Shouldn't let mask-less people in standing by the serving counter.

Review №30

FILTHY!! I arrived in the area as a tourist and was in desperate need of food but I was shocked by hygiene.. zero standards. I just pray I don't get food poisoning. AVOID

Review №31

This food is so good especially the queso

Review №32

They hand make the best mexican meals ever. They also accommodate my vegan diet. They serve food that DOES NOT swim in grease and cheese. It as absolutely delightful food no matter what you pick to eat. It is at the top of my list for fun food in our area.

Review №33

Super fast even on a short staffed Friday night. Joe was awesome. Joe was friendly,fast and accurate. I have no problem recommending this establishment to anyone at any time. I will eat here again when I'm on this side of town.

Review №34

Horrible. Im 99.9% sure the guy helping us was high as a kite. The guy behind the counter burnt two of our tortillas because he seemed distracted. He added something I didnt want on my burrito at the very end and looked at me like it was my fault that I didn't want it. Our food was cold, we cant quite tell if its the queso or the chips that are burnt but something doesnt taste quite right. Been a Pancheros fan for the last 15 or so years but after tonight it looks like we are a Qdoba family.

Review №35

Avoid this location! My sons and I used to eat at Pancheros all the time and the service was great. The last time we went to the Eastwood location the employees completely ignored us for five minutes while they chatted with each other and tried to make sense of the messy, understocked counter in front of them. When I finally said, "Excuse me. Are you open?" the person behind the counter said sarcastically "Don't it look like we open?" 15 minutes later we got a soggy burrito and two sad looking quesadillas. Whoever owns this location - please provide some common sense training to your employees. If nothing else, please greet the customers instead of leaving them to stand there like idiots.

Review №36

Visited this location many times. Customer service is always horrible. The employees make it clear they don't like working here. Food is good though.EDIT: After seeing a corporate Pancheros employee working at the restaurant, the service has been MUCH better. Thank you for making an effort to improve your business!

Review №37

I'll never forget how rude and racist an employee was to my wife and I sometime around 2015. He heckled us like he was a drunk or maybe just racist or both.When reporting a horrible experience the manager stood up for his buddy. Dispicable.

Review №38

We walked in and everything seemed fine... we were wrong! The guy cooking was running his mouth off to the other employees, which they then disappeared! He took our order and proceeded to roll his eyes and slam stuff around when he got online orders! Got the saddest quesadillas in the world! Boyfriend got a burrito and when the other employee finally returned he started adding the requested stuff on the burrito and went to mix it and lost a 1/4 of the burrito on the floor looked up and shook his head and then just wrapped the burrito up like nothing just happened (he then kicked the droppings under the counter)! Cashier finally returned and spent 5 mins ringing up 2 quesadillas and a burrito! Gave me a free pop when she forgot to add it to the bill! (Best part!) lol probably won't ever go back!

Review №39

Good food!

Review №40

Service varies depending on staff handing food. Food is pricey compared to Qdoba . North of East Lansing has few quick eating food places, so this is a convenient location. Ample parking space and also offers outdoor dining when the weather is good.

Review №41

I went in here today 03/29/2020 and both of the workers were extremely rude. The girl working had AirPods in and kept asking what as I was trying to order, she rolled her eyes as I was trying to pay. She was throwing the food into the bowl and making a mess. I will not be coming back to this location due to the customer service, and I am not one to complain about customer service because I could careless but that was absolutely ridiculous!

Review №42

Slow and bad customer service... and don't bring your kids, they won't accommodate a thing you'd ask of them

Review №43

For the most part a reliable you get what you pay for spot- good for vegans bc of the tofu option. They don't stay open until the posted times tho so if you go within half an hour of close bet they won't be open.

Review №44

Filthy the location was a mess no plates no condiments sticky counters food prep was incorrect and the employees don't even know there own menu. Get people who can roll a burrito and wanna work the atmosphere was dismal and unwelcoming. This location has gone way down hill so much that I wouldn't recommend Pancheros to anyone right now.Also if you want good Mexican food I suggest Los tres amigos or El oasis better prices better service and best you'll get this side of the border.

Review №45

Staff was so unfriendly. They acted like it was such a big deal to make my food. Worst experience. Won't be back to this location. Unfortunate. Need to hire a new staff.

Review №46

Enjoyed dining here very much! Healthy and yummy! Wonderful service too! :-)

Review №47

Food was ok. The restaurant was filthy. Tables and floors covered in food . Trash over flowing.

Review №48

Yummy the queso is the best in town. I enjoyed my burrito bowl

Review №49

They are pretty rude there and the place was kind of dirty. As I was getting my food they messed up my order.

Review №50

I usually come here and recently it's super dirty, staff are slow, and ingredients are very low. Waste of my money

Review №51

Got the steak burrito with queso cheese sour and guac it was fantastic as always! Great spot if you want something fast .

Review №52

Even better than Qdoba and Chipotle and they fresh-press their tortillas!!

Review №53

I prefer it over Qdoba any day. I love how they press the tortillas right there. You get a decent amount of food for about $9.

Review №54

Did not think I was going to like this place...boy, was I wrong! Sooo yum! Plus, the staff was all super nice. It's tex-mex in Michigan! Couldn't believe it! We'll be returning here whenever we're in Michigan again

Review №55

The food was okay. I was less than impressed with the staff. Their mind was not on their job. Ones mind was very much on a female customer that just walked in and he had no problem with me being aware of that. They all worked very fast but didn't give their full attention to the person they were helping at that time.

Review №56

Liked the place and the food but what makes it is the friendly staff.

Review №57

The people are nice...seemed like they were having fun at work. Maybe a lil too much as they dropped my quesadilla on the floor but they said sorry and quickly made another! 5 sec rule?

Review №58

I have been eating Pancheros for years. They are fast and delicious. The food is made fresh to order. Also they use really good quality items in the food prepared. If you want great food. This is a place You should try. They are even open late. Dine in or carry out.

Review №59

The food did not taste bad. The set up was similar to chipotle. When the crs was preparing it she was letting the food and juice from the food she was getting fall into the other foods as she was putting it in our bowls. The shirt she had on was filthy it look like she has been wearing that shirt everyday for a month without washing it.

Review №60

I love Pancheros but this location is the worst. The last two orders i have placed were incorrect and the customer service was terrible. I honestly cannot believe the level of customer service you receive here. You will be treated like you are an inconvience as opposed to a paying customer. Honestly, Taco Bell has better customer service. Unfortunately, I won't be back and I won't be recommending it to anyone. Go to Chipotle or Taco Bell, you'll leave happier and with a heavier wallet.

Review №61

Food is great. But since I went in there alone and the staff thought it would be funny to creep on me, I won't be coming back

Review №62

It's good for what it is -- fast food Mexican. Queso dip was tasty.Service was prompt. No complaints.

Review №63

Very appreciative kind workers and very good food

Review №64

Normally the service here is great, but today they ran out of rice and beans and didnt seem to be making any even though they dont close for another 4 hours

Review №65

It's like Qdoba, only different

Review №66

The tortillas got to be cooked more and not half rough and more friendly. Specifically the white female.

Review №67

Chipotle is garbage when compared to Pancheros. Personal opinion. This particular location is always a good place to stop. The service is great, and food is always very well prepared.

Review №68

I don't know whats going on with the Eastwood Town Center location but the last couple of times we visited were not pleasant. Over the last two months the location had been closed via a handwritten note on the door, closed early via a handwritten note and just last Friday 9/27/19 was the worse. Last Friday the place was a mess, the customer service was bad, there was a handwritten note saying they will be closing early and there was no ice for the couple of drinks available. We tend to go on a Friday night before the movies but if this keeps up we will be forced to go elsewhere.

Review №69

This time the food I ordered was good wasn't hot but nonetheless was much better than the last time I went to this restaurant...I ordered the tacos instead of the burritos maybe I need to start ordering the tacos instead of the Panchereos you are moving on up...

Review №70

Although their flavor seems more authentically Mexican, I didn't enjoy it as much as Qdoba or Chipotle. And they charge for everything so it was more expensive.

Review №71

Good and fast. The quesadillas are the best in Lansing.

Review №72

Good food. Similar to a Chipotle or Qdoba.

Review №73

Made the mistake of ordering a quesadilla with 5 total pieces of small chicken cubes, the two outer slices had no chicken. 1st and last time at that joke of an establishment. I would award 0 stars if I could.

Review №74

I had the pork tacos, very good.

Review №75

The queso is amazing.

Review №76

Terrible service and the employees lack any sense of cleanliness in themselves or their work. I walked out before I got anything. This is the second time I've done this in the past few months. Should've never given them a second chance.

Review №77

Nasty, flavorless slop inside a tortilla. Not cool.

Review №78

Good food southwestern style. Gotta ask more then twice to get extras

Review №79

Dirty, no clean tables, no tops for drinks, workers sag their pants.

Review №80

Great staff and great food

Review №81

Michigans version of Chipotle's, like, down to the Pinto bean. If you like them, you''ll like Pancheros

Review №82

The last couple of times I've went to Pancheros has been extremely disappointing. I got a quesadilla this time with maybe 8 tiny pieces of chicken in the entire thing. That's rediculous for how much you pay. The last time I got chicken tacos and it was the same thing, barely any meat. They also changed their hot sauce, which I used to love. It now tastes really Smokey and disgusting. I used to go to Pancheros quite a bit on lunch dates with my husband but won't be going back again.

Review №83

Great food pricey though

Review №84

Wrong place

Review №85

This is a great Mexican place to eat.

Review №86

Whenever I have gone to this location (Eastwood) it always smells like a sewer. I thought it was a one time occurrence but went back two more times now and it has smelled the same way every time. Why? They need to have whoever leases the building fix the smell or they need to relocate because it takes my appetite away and I will never go to that location again. Also, many of the tables were very messy. Hard to find a clean place to sit.

Review №87

Never disappoints and they have the best rice.

Review №88

For having such a small selectionthey were out of a few of the better items

Review №89

This is one of my favorite places to eat try the hidden menu items

Review №90

Great food, quick service

Review №91

Fast and friendly service with good portions and a decent price. It's like the Panda Express of Mexican food.

Review №92

Pancheros makes an awesome burrito. The ingredients are very fresh and tasty. You also have many options to choose from. The staff is very friendly and they move you through the line quickly.

Review №93

Best 7 bucks you can spend!

Review №94

Best burrito bowl in town in my oppion.

Review №95

I like this place

Review №96

Good food, but they charge for every little thing. Cheese is extra so it guac and sour cream. And the burrito is already $7.

Review №97

The food is excellent. Service was good and fast.

Review №98

Good food and good prices! However the last time I was in it would have been nice to know via Google or even your website that you had been having issues with the hoods all day. I was rather upset that I wasn't able to get what I was craving but i do love your food!

Review №99

Always quick and fresh

Review №100

My favorite place to eat burritos

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  • Mask required:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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