Tacos & Burritos Rancho Grande
2394 172nd St, Lansing, IL 60438, United States
Tacos & Burritos Rancho Grande

Review №1

The food was horrible. I should have known for $22 to feed three people. The toca meat taste like cat food. And the burritos were horrible. I will say however their beans and rice was decent.

Review №2

Well I've been to this place five times now and I have never been to let down, always the highest quality food the meats are seasoned well and very good portion sizes for the price. I highly recommend this place

Review №3

This place is my favorite. I go to many restaurants but to this one I keep coming back again and again. The team is very cordial and the food they offer is so flavorful. I would always prefer to have a good meal here. I highly recommend this place.

Review №4

Two days ago was the first time we went to this restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the high quality meal and booze and with the honest payment. We will surely come back soon.

Review №5

The food is constantly fresh and yummy, workers provides good customer service. I love how neat it is and vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №6

I had tried before but this time not so good. Custom service wasn't thevbest either..I done in. No tissues in washroom. I did say something but the young was standing in back talk and maybe eating.

Review №7

Would definitely recommend trying this place. Great vibes, fresh food, good service. Keep up the good work.

Review №8

Great tasting food but their portions don't reflect their prices. I can go elsewhere and get more portions for my hard earned money.

Review №9

I just stopped off there while my family was getting Wendys. The staff was very friendly and helpful! I've never eaten here before and he helped me figure out what I wanted to try. The food was absolutely delicious! If I'm ever passing through this area again, I would definitely come back.

Review №10

Definitely a place worth stopping over, the food is good and fresh, the pricing is affordable and it is regularly neat here. Keep it up.

Review №11

The food here is very good and the staff is very attentive. Would I recommend? Absolutely!!!

Review №12

Service was really good. Love it will go back when am back in town.

Review №13

Very good food kind of pricy if you go in a group.

Review №14

I love chiles reyenos but here they tasted like they were on fridge and reheated nasty i tasted beans different olaces and here were nasty am sorry but not the best place to eat

Review №15

Great place to experience authentic Mexican food. Just walk in, place your order, wait about 10 to 20 minutes, and voila... food is ready. You also can see them cook your food fresh. That's a big plus for me. You should check it out. Very inexpensive...

Review №16

You ask for Carne asada and you get fake meat, price was high and portion was small I ordered a burrito anywhere else I only could eat half and here I ate the whole burrito, the lady in front was kinda snobby well I will continue to search for a better me ican food in the area adios Rancho

Review №17

I come here all the time, and I feel as if the food is over priced. I just ordered a torta & the torta was plain & small. Paid over 7 dollars for just bread. I was not happy at all.

Review №18

I don't see how people can say they're gross! . I'm basically addicted to the nacho Rancho grande. Add onion, cilantro and nacho cheese. You won't be disappointed!

Review №19

This is really good food! Highly recommend. If I lived here it would be my regular stop for their delicious tacos!

Review №20

Its good food very clean place it may seem a little pricey buts its very good! Great Green sauce also homemade tamales!

Review №21

Shorted me 1 dollar on my change....was pretty slick about it. Food was good.

Review №22

I want that will male friend of mine's to food when some pretty good

Review №23

Food is very good but they cutting back on the sizes of the tacos and tostada's and the price continues to rise

Review №24

This place is fake.. Olny reason they hv any business is because the Area.. They woman who works the front is fake and evil.. Maybe she is El Salvadoran

Review №25

(So sad they closed for good, it wasn't the best location for attraction. I tried to tip whenever I could hoping it would help).They've been here for decades and I didn't find out until a few years ago. They have really fresh food all the time, and the lady at the register is really nice, I try to remember tip every now and then. I've never gotten an incorrect order nor waited over 15mins.

Review №26

This place is awesome!!!! The food is delicious and the staff is friendly. The restaurant is clean and well organized.... I eat here often...

Review №27

They always have the food cooked just right there fast about the costumer service is great great people great food and the mex candy is always so fresh an,good love this place and the workers in it amazingly nice good people

Review №28

They don't keep you waiting long for food. The steak is hit or miss - sometimes it's more fat rind than steak.

Review №29

I love them the food is always fresh and tasty.

Review №30

Best mexican food ive ever had, not to fancy but very clean.

Review №31

Way overpriced for the amount of food you get. Won't be back

Review №32

Amazing food. Best authentic tacos I've had in the Chicago area. Service is great and the restaurant is clean. I don't know what more you could actually want. But I think it's one of the best places to eat authentic Mexican food.

Review №33

The food is amazing, I love the tacos at this place and the staff is so kind and helpful.

Review №34

I had the steak taco and enchiladas it was delicious. Authentic

Review №35

$2.00 Taco Tuesdays... Gotta Love that. And as a bonus, the tacos are delicious.

Review №36

Good place...good food ..great prices...The people there will treat you right...I will definitely come back again ..and again..

Review №37

Authentic food, fresh, very quick service. I just wish the portions were bigger other than that, well worth it! 9/10!

Review №38

The best gorditas.Been going there for 15yrs.

Review №39

This is my second time coming to this resturant, and its why I'm gonna keep coming back. They have delicious authentic mexican food. and they have nachos and nachos fries. The service is fast, and people are always coming in .

Review №40

The food was tasty. The steak meat tasted like ground beef or dog food. Yuck!!

Review №41

Really good tacos and burrito bowls! I'm sure there is something on the menu to get your mouth watering!

Review №42

Poor customer service. Been to this restaurant a few times and sad to say that I won't be going back. I just can't bare the vibes/attitude that majority of the workers give off any longer. They treat certain customers better than others and it's really not hard to tell. You literally have to do nothing to feel this way. It's unfortunate because the food is actually decent. I just can't continue to support a business where workers cridnge when I walk in the door and act like they don't even want me there.

Review №43

Fast and consistent

Review №44

Not as good as the ridge rd location. Ordered here by mistake and I don't know how you can mess up a quesadilla but it was folded like a taco and really poorly made. The nachos were as good as you can get at a ballpark and the tacos were just okay.

Review №45

One of my favorite taco spots. Normally get the Steak Gordita. Taste is very consistent and yummy

Review №46

By far the worst experience ever , its one thing if your are slammed 3 customers in the building 6 employees and yet 35 mins later my 3 tacos and 3 quesadillas were ready

Review №47

There shrimp tacos they have for Lent is really delicious.

Review №48

Food is good but prices too high except for the burritos.

Review №49

This is a hidden gem. Carne Asada anything is my favorite here. Great food!

Review №50

Great food, and great service. I wish they provided the roast chicken at this location, however.

Review №51

Worst beef tacos. Literally taste like dog food. So unless you like howling at the moon, don't order from here.

Review №52

The best shrimp place in Chicago!!!!

Review №53

It was soo bad. There was absolutely no taste in anything

Review №54

This place has great tacos. I always get the family meal. Great value.

Review №55

I had a number 8 burrito plate with carnitas pork. The pork tasted pretty good but 80% of the burrito was actually lettuce. Also, the beans and rice tasted pretty good but the portions were extremely small I mean like to two bites of each Maybe. Overall, not really worth the ten bucks I paid..

Review №56

The food is freshly made

Review №57

The food taste good, but they do not use gloves when making the tacos.

Review №58

Their prices are reasonable, the service is good, but there's nothing authentic here. The food has no flavor, salsa sucks, it is definitely not fresh it looks like jello as if it has been sitting there for days, and their tacos have hardly any meat on them- which by the way the meat they use seems very low quality. The burritos are super small too, very simple flavored food overall. Not impressed and will not go here again.

Review №59

Awesome fast food grill, sooo close to authentic food and taste, that's why I give 4 stars, but everything else is 5 Stars!

Review №60

Great Mexican food!

Review №61

Pretty good fast food mexican. Everything cooked when ordered. Not gourmet but way better than the hamburger chains.

Review №62

The food is really delicious! We loved everything: taco, tamales, enchiladas, beans and rice! But the bathrooms weren't clean...

Review №63

Food Came out very fast I don't even think they cook the burrito the shell felt like they just wrapped everything and it without cooking and the steak meat taste like hamburger meat the service was totally unfriendly I will not be back again

Review №64

Always good food.

Review №65

I love the food! The tacos were amazing!

Review №66

I have been eating here for a long time everything I have had was great the meat that they cook is seasoned good and yes it may be a little pricey but 100% worth it

Review №67

Always serves a decent meal

Review №68

Their food is horrible. At locations on Ridge road and on Torrence. Their beef doesn't taste anything like beef. Very cheap quality food but wayyy overpriced. They say a meal is 8$ and some change bu comes out to 11 & some change. If you're ever in Lansing and want REAL GOOD MEXICAN FOOD GO TO BURRITO EXPRESS DOWN THE STREET OFF BERNICE RD. Way way way better and they don't tax so much

Review №69

Very good service with a smile. Great bistec a la mexicana

Review №70

Good food good service, can't go wrong

Review №71

They have really good el pastor tacos. Pretty fast service.

Review №72

I recently came into this establishment with my friends to order nachos and first off the lady messed up our order and gave us a random 2 orders of tacos . The whole plan coming in was to get 2 orders of nachos supremes extra beef and chicken . She only gave us 1 nachos supreme and there was only beef on it . Then once we tried to explain to her that our order was messed up we received TERRIBLE customer service . She was rude and unapologetic . Then she tried to tell us we ordered the tacos when we knew nachos were the only reason we went in there to eat. We stormed out to keep from doing anything crazy because she was that rude to us .

Review №73

Good food occassionally have my tamales in stock nice people

Review №74

Love their taco dinners. Always hits the spot.

Review №75

Awesome service and delicious food ... every time!

Review №76

The food is good, the tamales too:)

Review №77

Pretty good id go back ! Once im back in town ...

Review №78

The crispy tacos were great but they don't use a normal sized taco shell, it's a bit bigger than a mini shell, I don't even know where one would buy these, they must make them themselves, I guess they think they're pulling a fast one but I won't be back, they're saving a few pennies but lost me as a customer and other people from what I've read.

Review №79

The food is very good

Review №80

Good food

Review №81


Review №82

I'm from Los Angeles where Mexican food is hands down - THE BEST! Well, this place is pretty good and I've been eating here for 15 years. Tacos, tamales, and tostadas are decent! Steak is good, so is the pork whether seasoned or not, and the chorizo, though greasy is good as well. Portion sizes are not the best, but otherwise, very good eating!!!

Review №83

This place is outstanding and the service is even better!! Thanks Lansing location for your awesome food!

Review №84

Terrible tacos and greasy mild sauce chunkier than all days

Review №85

Always good food

Review №86

The food was good. The service was good.

Review №87

Still hands down the best street tacos I have ever had

Review №88

Very good food and not over priced

Review №89

Not enough meat on the Torta and cashier was nonchalant.

Review №90

Good place food good!!!

Review №91

They are hard working and get orders out as fast and in good quality as they can.

Review №92

Foods decent, not great. They are open super late, big plus.

Review №93

A little pricey, but the food is good!

Review №94

A good place for lunch.

Review №95

Right around the corner from my ladies house, TACO TUESDAY

Review №96

First they forgot to give me some of my food and then they put tomotes in my elotes, there also was hair inside it. In Lansing on ridge

Review №97

Good food and fast service

Review №98

Really good real Mexican food

Review №99

Food was very good

Review №100

Good food!

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