Tacos E Mas
3500 S Cedar St #101, Lansing, MI 48910, United States
Review №1

The food is always fresh, and it is amazing! I don't know why you are reading reviews, just order the taco dinner and enjoy, or the enchiladas...... Really anything here will leaving you stiffed and coming back for more. Sorry no photos, I really only think of stuffing food items into my mouth when I eat here.

Review №2

Great food pretty good prices very friendly service very prompt and attentive recommend for sure will be returning

Review №3

The delivery driver Al was the best. Luv their food. Will go bck got sure

Review №4

Fast friendly delivery and authentic mexican cuisine, best place in town...the enchilada dinner is always my favorite and a roast beef taco yum yum!

Review №5

Their food has so much heart! You can taste the love. I always have enchiladas or a wet burrito. Their smothered in this Mexican gravy sauce that is just incredible. This is not authentic Mexican food it is waaay better! It's their own thing. Mexican inspired.

Review №6

People are kind of different in terms of behavior, but food is awesome

Review №7

Just called to ask about their breakfast burritos and proceeded to be scolded saying we don't do breakfast on the weekends while swearing at me then hung up. This place has gone down hill and continues to get worse. At this rate I would much rather eat at Taco Bell. How about hiring some staff that actual people skills.

Review №8

Every time I order something is song wrong or is missing from my order. There was more lettuce and cheese than meat in my fiancé's taco dinner. My burrito was over loaded in cheese. So much I could barely eat it. They made a taco dinner with beef and not chicken. It was cold. Forgot chips and salsa as well. This is not the first time and I will never order from there again. Beans are beyond nasty and the rice tastes off too. Sucks of this place always screwing up.

Review №9

Really good food, fast delivery, and friendly staff! The dishes taste like something your mom would make. Home cooked, filling, original, and made with love. Customers are treated like family. You have to try this place!

Review №10

I called on Sunday, yesterday right after church. It was about 1155 did not get an answer so hung up and waited till 12 o'clock. I was immediately placed on hold which is fine, then a man came on the phone I said I would like to order Tostadas if you have them, he said you need to go online figure out what you want and call back I have 20 cars out in front waiting for me. What he didn't realize was that in less than five minutes I was going to be driving by the restaurant itself. There were three cars in front of the restaurant. Needless to say I didn't call back. And I'm not sure if I will again, I do crave their salsa and chips. But I can get tacos that are better at other places.

Review №11

I just got salsa and a side of rice. It's okay, like it's edible but it's...weird. It tastes like they put oregano in the salsa? It legit tastes like I'm eating a mozzarella stick with a bunch of marinara but it's salsa and it's a very strange experience. The same with the rice. The rice definitely takes more like Mexican food than the salsa but they still put oregano in it and it's just weirding me out. I don't think I'll order from here again. They seem very confused on what flavor they're going for and I know I can make a better salsa myself or just buy some salsa at the store so it like...actually tastes like salsa.

Review №12

I normally have really great experiences here at Taco Mas but tonight was not the same I ordered three burritos and three tacos and I got all tacos when I went back to ask for silverware I got an eye roll and attitude and they didn't even give me my change I really hope next time the food and service will be good again

Review №13

Best food in Lansing! My absolute favorite, my girl and I can never get enough. Also fastest delivery in Lansing. A must try. E Mas is jukeing

Review №14

Greatest Mexican cuisine in Lansing. No contest. It is really addicting. Love having E Mas enchiladas for dinner!

Review №15

Placed my order . Had it delivered. Foods cold & messed up my order . It all tastes funny like its bad. Looked through my taco had a tspoon or less of meat ( i odered chicken got beef) 2 handfuls of lettuce a handfull of cheese . We will never order fro. There again . It was nasty. Very disappointed in this place. 3rd time in a row they messed my order up. Time for them to close

Review №16

Good God where has this restaurant been all my life!!! Savory food, with originality. Love this place so much

Review №17

No restaurant in Lansing is better than Tacos E Mas. They are the absolute best. Such a treat to get delivery for me and the fam

Review №18

I was just in there today and I called my order in just outside the door. Menu said taco ( ground beef is what I got) and chips /salsa for 6.49 .. when this woman ( who was not very friendly) came to chair that's just outside door she told me total was almost $8 .. when I said shouldn't it be closer to $7 ( with tax ) she was very rude and said no $7.94 with tax .. basically $8.. when I called back she answered the phone or didn't know I heard but said OMG because she must have recognized my #.. so I was overcharged and a dollar isn't much, but if she's doing that to everyone and with that attitude , I don't think it's tight and don't be back.. last time I was in a while back the tacos were soggy and just like they were thrown together and a mess .. but price was correct ha.. I remember when you were in a different location with just a drive thru. Service was so much better and got three tacos over just two , and just quality or presentation so much nicer, people nicer too .. I would not recommend Tacos e mas anymore .

Review №19

Good God their food is amazing !!! Fast Delivery. Also they do quite a bit for the community. Much love!

Review №20

Never disappointed with the food and service. Great owners

Review №21

I would have given 5 stars but they forgot my salsa . Other than that great food.

Review №22

This food is banging! Never tasted anything like it before. So unique and really really good!

Review №23

Fast serviceGood food. Seems a little pricey yet it is good!

Review №24

My favorite Taco Tuesday place. I miss seeing Aimees smile

Review №25

Love their refried beans and the authentic style, somewhat chewy, corn tortilla tacos.

Review №26

Small expensive portions. For 8 bucks I expected to get full. Didnt even add more than 8 or so nacho chips. Wanted real authentic food but taco bell was better and cheaper too.

Review №27

Was the worst food ever had not worth the money we spent would not recommend this place

Review №28

Messed up my whole order and I asked for order to be remade or my money back after she act like they wasn't going to make my food over I asked for money back she literally threw my money at me then no one in that store who mostly all know me spoke up for me the customer so I've called better business bureau and I eat here every weekend smdh.

Review №29

I got 2 chicken tacos and they were AMAZING. The only thing is they didn't give me any napkins in my to-go order.

Review №30

This place is amazing if you like tacos. The tacos are simply mouth watering and you just can't have enough!

Review №31

Food is amazing. Best Mexican restaurant in town. I come here every chance I get.

Review №32

Tacos E Mas never disappoints always fresh hot and fantastic food. Love tacos! Their queso is to die for, all awesome!

Review №33

Food is to die for! Love the wet burritos. Only place in Lansing with Mexican food this good.

Review №34

Best restaurant in town. Food is very original, nothing else like it. Friendly staff. Would highly recommend.

Review №35

The food is ok. I got burritos and chilaquiles. The burritos were generic but fine especially with salsa. The chilaquiles were unrecognizable, it was more like a stew.

Review №36

Very delicious, never had anything like it before. So thankful they have direct delivery. Nothing like a warm wet burrito to make your day! Love Tacos E Mas.

Review №37

If you want american made Mexican food , go here. I've never in my life had a real Mexican make me a burrito smothered in cheese. After placing my order over the phone, I was told "not to call them" when I got there , just wait.Personally food was nasty, wont be returning.

Review №38

Food is amazing but every single time I order they get something wrong. They either don't give me meat at all, when it clearly states on the order that I asked for it, or they disregard any additional instructions like added or subtracting items. I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt but most likely won't be ordering takeout from here again.

Review №39

I just tried to place an order and when i tell you the guy taking my order was so dismissive and rude, i mean it! I just cancelled the order and ended the call. There's no way I'm spending my money at a restaurant that treats ppl this way. You've officiallly losr our family as customers.

Review №40

This place is the is a dump.. the food is flavorless and basic at best . Taco Bell is better . Being a chef in some of the best restaurant's in Lansing.. I never worked at this dump they tried to poach me from fine dining..

Review №41

I have went to Tacos e mas plenty of times and it has been overall a good experience, but tonight was ridiculous. I placed my order over the phone. I was told 20-25 minutes so I arrived 30 minutes later. Was told not ready so I waited an additional 30 minutes before finally being asked my name. I overheard them saying it was ready a long time ago.(Lack of communication)I was given my order and had to remind them I also ordered a drink. Get home, food has definitely been sitting(cool), forgot 2 items I ordered as well. I will take my business elsewhere after this experience.

Review №42

This restaurant should be ashamed to call themselves a Hispanic restaurant. First, the food is sub par at best. Second, the price to quantity ratio is an embarrassment. I mean 3 lettuce filled tacos with beans and rice for $11 plus tax? Does Matilda's father own this place? Overall, if you're thinking about eating here, you're better off going to Taco Bell. At least you'd get your money's worth and it taste better.

Review №43

Highly recommend the 10 taco platter...5 now, and 5 for later.

Review №44

Love the food but not checking your order right now would be a mistake. I received ground beef tacos instead of chicken and ground beef enchiladas versus cheese. Disappointed but all the food is good.

Review №45

The best Mexican food in town. You will not be disappointed. The food and staff were amazing

Review №46

Really good food and super fast delivery! Just discovered this place, my whole family is hooked. Always love it, when the food is still hot.

Review №47

Always great food and service

Review №48

Definitely need to pay attention to what they are cooking and stop putting food on the plate if it's not cooked to temp. Disgusted and will never come back here.

Review №49

Expensive not worth the quality of taco. Very greasy.

Review №50

The prices are spot on for the quality and service that they provide

Review №51

Not a fan of the quality and quantity of food for the high price

Review №52

Ordered some party trays for my clients, had a great response from their employees. The delivery driver showed up on-time and set it all up on the table. Definitely will be ordering again!

Review №53

If you haven't tried tacos e mas you have not lived, nor have you been born. For they bring news of the promised land, and hope for the future. A better future! And as Lord Jesus Christ Is my those are some good tacos.

Review №54

Got deluxe nachos for takeout. We were told the order would be ready in 30 minutes and they were right on time! The nachos were amazing and staff was friendly despite being very busy.

Review №55

Use to order the taco salad but stopped because i would pay for extra meat and cheese and would never get the extra meat and cheese throughout the salad only a top layer and then a bunch of chips at the bottom so now i only order the taco from them.

Review №56

So delicious! Been coming here everyday for the last week, my kids are in love with it. They have great prices so it's always affordable for families.

Review №57

Just not my kinda Mexican food. Plus cold when served. Oh well I tried it. Everyone's taste is different.

Review №58

Absolutely amazing food and awesome employees. Girlfriend got me addicted. Highly highly recommend......

Review №59

The food was pretty good it would have been five stars but the tacos were a little greasier than the normal , I ordered a ground beef taco dinner and also a enchilada platter . The service was fast and the waitress was very nice and attentive . I would definitely recommend this restaurant to a fellow Mexican food lover .

Review №60

Best mexican food I have ever had. It has such an original taste. I have used Tacos E Mas for many family gatherings and occasions. Generous portions of chewy mexican goodness!

Review №61

They serve actual Mexican dishes and make their own salsa and guacamole fresh every day

Review №62

Over priced for the sizes you get. Food was good

Review №63

Very good taco bowl. Pretty fast service. Excellent chips and salsa. Reasonable prices.

Review №64

Wonderful food and service

Review №65

Decent tacos, but very overpriced for the end product. I shouldn't spent $12+ for three tacos. Regardless if it's authentic Mexican or not... 3 tacos doesn't = $12.

Review №66

I love the place

Review №67

I was not pleased with the food at all it was to me it was really really bad they need to send their Cooks to Los Tres Amigos and let them see how it's done the woman that waited on us or is very pleasant very sweet she was very attentive but the food it was just it was not good not good at all but they should go to Los Tres Amigos and check out what they're doing they need to bring their quality up

Review №68

Over priced and rude took over an hour to get what was cold food at that point because of there bs

Review №69

TRASH...lunch specials no good.... COLD!! Thrown together, chips and salsa with you meal???? 4 chips WOW! (5) orders and not one was warm! I wouldn't recommend this place at all for any big orders. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Company should be ashamed of the way they handled the situation.

Review №70

Good food! Friendly server!Edit:Went in again on Wed 7-24, had an outstanding server! Several tables arrived at once (us being one of them) she was quick, friendly, and very attentive! We came in around 5 pm.

Review №71

Good change from all of the restaurant chains.

Review №72

Service was great very personable!! It's refreshing with the way the world is now!!

Review №73

The chips and salsa were excellent

Review №74

Love the tacos! Best service I have had in awhile!

Review №75

I'm never disappointed. Awesome food. Very good homemade desserts that are on the counter. I will back.

Review №76

Fast delivery, great prices, and amazing food! Love Tacos E Mas, best mexican food in Lansing, nobody hooks up the burritos like they do!

Review №77

They food had no flavor the employees were very rude on the phone .the manager was very disrespectful never again will spend money at this place

Review №78

Server Samantha at the desk gave outstanding service!!!!

Review №79

Great and fast service with some of the best tasting food in town, I highly recommend a stop into Taco E Mas for an evening lunch or an early dinner.

Review №80

My order was incorrect and when I called back one of the workers “Roy” was very rude about how to remedy their error. He was short and thought their error was mine to deal with. Mistakes are allowed to happen but the workers are rude and don't care about customer service.

Review №81

Mucho gusto .I like very good everything was delicious.

Review №82

Best tacos on planet earth! Would also recommend their creamy wet burritos. Love the way they melt in my mouth. Thanks for the insanely fast delivery.

Review №83

The worst food I've ever had. They don't have Mexican food! It's roast! With watered down beans, extremely dry rice. They got every single order wrong and we had 13 people.

Review №84

Very low quality, cheese is from a can , salsa is from a can . No authentic taste, no flavor , very bland , not Mexican at all

Review №85

This will be the last time I'll be ordering here, I was told my order would be here in an hour and it's been1 hr and 50 min and still have yet to get my food, and it's got to be cold right now and them knowing I'm a trucker I have no way to heat my food up either, when I shouldn't have to for one and food don't taste the same reheated, and the meal is already paid for, and I've called twice and both times I was told, it has already left and should be there any min, which minute is that, cuz I still haven't gotten my food yet

Review №86

Real authentic Mexican food, with an addictive taste all its own. Love this restaurant so much. Its the BEST in Lansing, hands down! It is a must try, for any local.

Review №87

The kings of the Lansing Mexican food scene. Which is really saying something, cause there are many great Mexican restaurants in Lansing. But Tacos E Mas's sizzling authentic mexican cuisine topples them all! My favorite restaurant in Lansing.

Review №88

Great food! Similar to famous taco but much friendlier staff!

Review №89

My husband and I order often! Very fast delivery, really good food. My kids love you guys, there always asking "can we get Tacos E Mas tonight please", every night! Its a real treat! Great family prices!

Review №90

Friendly service at lunch, entrees were hot and tasty

Review №91

1st review: Excellent food. Manager stinks. Extremely poor. Will not go back.2nd, comment after manager's reply: I would love to come get your food again, however, you have not shown me a sincere apology. Words are easy. I want something that backs that up, like a free meal since you ruined the last one I had there (which you admit was due to your own negligence).Show me true sincerity and I will more likely be back. I should not even have to ask. This is an automatically given at any other business that really wants my business back. At this point you have only provided "lip service". I want something that backs that up and "shows" your sincerity.

Review №92

I had food here before and it was pretty good. This time, the food was terrible, I couldn't even finish my dish. The chips tasted as if it was fried in old oil, the meat was bland and the tacos had no flavor. Taco bell tastes better than this! However, the service was good.

Review №93

Love this place for Mexican food!

Review №94

Nasy food, I presed 1 star just to WARN people no seasoning and very small portions and fake condiments (cheese etc. ) poor service

Review №95

Great food!! Yummy

Review №96

The food is delicious and the prices are afforadable! Everyone is very nice no matter who you are. The only thing I didn't like was their taco salad. Everything else was top notch! Burriotos, tacos, chips you name it! You can't go wrong here! If your looking for a nice hole in the wall you have to stop at this little place!

Review №97

If heaven was a Mexican restaurant, Tacos E Mas would be the result. So tasty! I often call delivery cause they are so fast. Super nice driver. Love you guys!

Review №98


Review №99

I made a delivery order and it was wrong. They politely sent a new order and made me give the old one back as expected. Then that order was still wrong. The food was cold. It was good. But the service was very poor. If your dining in I'm sure it will make a great experience. Just don't make “complicated” orders via delivery;) I will never make a delivery order from here again.

Review №100

Good food ,, good prices !

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