Taqueria El Chaparrito
4832 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, United States

Review №1

I stopped in to check this new restaurant out for lunch and ordered the 3 enchiladas w/ beans and rice.Tell you what! Flat out Amazing flavors.I order one chicken,one beef & one shredded beef.Wait staff very polite,Great home made chips & salsa.I would recommend !Thank you!

Review №2

First timer today and OMG soooooo good! I don't work far so I will be a regular customer along with my co-workers!!!

Review №3

Just tried this place last week. The food is astonishing! Love to try new places, you never know what you might find. This place is a treasure, the food slaps hella hard!! Can't wait to go back!!

Review №4

We decided to try this place. It was the WORST service I've ever had in any restaurant. Waited 10 minutes to be seated and we were the only ones waiting to be seated. Waited 15 minutes after being seated to even set our drink order put in. They were NOT busy at all Food was DISGUSTING!!!! Will never eat there again or recommend this place.

Review №5

Great customer service and friendly staff. Ordered 3 different meals and everybody loved them! The Birra tacos are amazing!

Review №6

We will be back here soon. Food and service was fantastic! I had the burrito al Pastor. Decent sized portion with an unexpected flavor combination that worked really well.

Review №7

Ok food. To much $ i got nachos there was no cheese on a taco i got just meat. 2 people's food mixed up. Everything in one box.

Review №8

Amazing food!!! Best Carne Asada tacos I've ever had,...guacamole,fresh!...excellent!...their new location in W. Saginaw is lovely,..and open for dining new favorite place.

Review №9

We decided to check this place out on a whim. Best decision ever! Burritos, tacos and chips and salsa were amazing!!! The giant burrito was indeed giant and packed with deliciousness! We will definitely make the 30 min drive to come back.

Review №10

Great authentic style Mexican. I liked the tacos the best.

Review №11

Very good food! Customer service was great and the restaurant was clean. I will be back again!

Review №12

First timer today and OMG soooooo good! I don't work far so I will be a regular customer along with my co-workers!!!

Review №13

This restaurant is incredible! I love their carnita tacos! Meat is flavorful and tacos are packed full with beef! There is also nopal and potato tacos for people who don't eat meat.The guacamole is full of flavor! Would definitely recommend trying! I love their tamarind agua fresca! All agua frescas are fresh!! The owner gave me a free one because it was my first time! The salsa bar is a great idea.!! Would definitely recommend trying!

Review №14

Ordered tamales, they charged us for and gave us tacos. Realized when we got home and called them, they wouldn't fix our order. They also forgot our chips and salsa and we had to drive back to get them at our expense. We tipped and everything. Worst customer service ever, wont be back.

Review №15

I have been looking for some tacos de birria and I found them and they were very delicious, full of favor. My daughter got the sope and The way they looked I need to try them soon.. The lady at the counter was very friendly. The dining area was very clean. I definitely will be going back

Review №16

Shrimp tacos are amazing definitely recommend. My wife had Al pastor taco and loved it. Tamales are delicious and very authentic. Service was good, super friendly and we got our food fairly quick.Chips with the meal would be nice. Great selection of salsa. Good prices, right on par for what they should be.

Review №17

Super good! Was out looking for some tacos, ended up in Old Town and found El Chaparrito. Fast, friendly service, and delicious food. Great prices too! Pic is the Guac and chips to go, after I ate half of it, so good.

Review №18

Closest to authentic Mexican food I've had in Lansing. Really flavorful

Review №19

Absolutely fantastic antojitos. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Their prices are also reasonable. This place has the BEST pork posole soup in town - so much fresh cabbage, onion and radish slices with three healthy pieces of pork ribs in a nice, savory, and flavorful red stock. Their tortas are nice and huge, full of meat and fresh ingredients. Definitely will be returning here.

Review №20

Food here is the best I had for along time everything was authentic when I left I was full and happy

Review №21

Taquería El Chaparrito and Supermercado La Estrellita are the two best places in town to get authentic Mexican food.

Review №22

Great food that'll fill you up! With great customer service. I recommend!

Review №23

A nice little Mexican restaurant. Offers a great variety of vegetarian options for meat substitutes such as cactus, soy chorizo, beans, and potatoes. The only bad thing I can say was that I think they forgot our order for a bit. We end up waiting a full hour for our food. That said, when it arrived it was delicious. Service cost them a star though.

Review №24

Very delicious and authentic Mexican fare served by very nice people.

Review №25

I love the tacos here!!! As a vegetarian (they have vegan options too) this was so satisfying. The nopal is delicious (sautéed cactus that I know as prickly pear). They have soy chorizo or vegetables or just potatoes. The hot sauce is fantastic although not “very hot” but ha ha, but this is Michigan. I wanted to save room for food, so I didn't order the homemade horchata and now I regret it - I could take it to go next time. Ha.I'll be back!!

Review №26

Friendly staff, yummy food, several vegetarian options

Review №27

This place has the best al pastor tacos.

Review №28

Awesome mom and pop shop. Super traditional with a huge variety of meats. Super friendly and great prices. By far one of my favorite Mexican places in town.

Review №29

I have been searching for really good authentic Mexican food since moving to Michigan in December from Arizona, and so far this is by far the best I have had. I can't rave enough about how good the Al Pastor and Asada tacos were!

Review №30

Perfect for takeout and dining in. Well made meats wide variety of salsas ceviche has a ton of good quality seafood

Review №31

Hands down one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lansing.

Review №32

Three different friends recommended this place, but I was skeptical until one of them recently came over with a generous serving of the house made tortilla chips + guacamole. The chips were crisp + held up under the weight of the super yummy guac, which was sprinkled with what appeared to be cotija!I had been lamenting the mediocre Mexican food around town because it's the same 5 ingredients made 50 ways + I know it is not representative of the vibrant and diverse food culture of Mexico.So I was hopeful after sampling the chips + guac. Thankfully, the full meal didn't disappoint! I ordered the 3 taco platter (2 with Steak, which is finely chopped not chunked, 1 with Carnitas) with rice + beans. Everything was well-cooked + well-seasoned.As a lover of all things spicy, my favorite thing is the restaurant's "salsa bar," which offers an array of freshly-blended pepper sauces, chunky salsas, ranging from mild to spicy. I could put the pickled onions with habaneros + the creamy jalapeno sauce on everything!We ordered takeout, but the staff is very sweet!

Review №33

The food here is incredible. It more than makes up for the few drawbacks in atmosphere and cleanliness. It could use some minor upgrades in those areas to really make it amazing. This is still one of the best taquerias in Lansing. Prices are fair and portions are good. I will continue to visit this establishment and recommend it to friends and family.

Review №34

Fast fresh authentic Mexican cuisine. Delicious!

Review №35

This place is fire! We had the chicken and steak tacos, both amazing, small like they should be, O.G. style. We ordered chips and guacamole - chips were small and crunchy cooked perfectly. Sides of salsa were also good. Overall we think this was an amazing new place for being open for 2 weeks. Highly recommend. Ran into Crash there from the Unicorn.

Review №36

We loved the tacos. They are smaller tacos but delicious. The salsa bar is awesome.

Review №37

So good! We couldn't get any photos because it smelled so good we just ate without hesitation. We have been on the hunt for authentic tacos in Lansing - now, we found our spot!

Review №38

It is authentic. When I eat there, it feels like I am eating in Mexico. Great place to have some tasty food.

Review №39

Authentic Mexican food! The barbacoa is delicious!

Review №40

This has great tasting food for reasonable prices. Its not the cleanest nor the most comfortable place as they don't have AC but the food is worth it to be a little hot. The steak tacos are amazing yet they are so simple. Cant wait to go back. Bonus they are right across the street from Artic Corner so nothing like a lemon ice cream cone to cool off after a great meal.

Review №41

Delicious, really liked the el pastor!

Review №42

Good looking and tasting food!

Review №43

This place has the best tamales I have ever had in my life! I mean I never understood why people even liked tamales before I came here. They are so good! Oh and the tacos? Those are amazing!! The burritos are huge and delicious and the self-serve salsa bar is a pure work of genius!

Review №44

Guacamole and chips alone are worth the trip. Great tacos, very friendly.

Review №45

Attentive Cashier.Amazing Variety Of Meat Choices!I Enjoy The Fact I Can Tip Anytime I Want To!I Enjoy The Barbacoa,Fish,Shrimp And Steak!The Quesadillas Seem To Be My Most Favorite!Followed By The Torta And The Burrito!

Review №46

Burrito was very good and the people that work there were very friendly

Review №47

Favorite Mexican, easily, in all of Lansing that I've tried, thus far. And I've come to this conclusion on just two visits. Great food and everyone works there has been very kind and accommodating. If you're in Old Town, and are in the mood for Mexican but typically go to Pablo's (no disrespect intended to them), I'd recommend giving this place a shot instead at least once, it's just a block over.

Review №48

Love love this spot. Food is always super delicious and the people are very pleasant

Review №49

Great food!

Review №50

Authentic tacos, no yellow cheese and lettuce here. Damn good

Review №51

This place is amazing!!!!! Great food and service. Hidden gem.

Review №52

I absolutely love this very authentic Mexican restaurant. Had a great lunch there last week. I highly recommend the Pastor Tacos. The owner even made me some special salsa that was not as hot, just for me. The owners are very nice people. This is a very new restaurant and when I saw a 1 star review by someone from California that only does reviews in that area and probably has never eaten here, I had to jump on google and write my own review. You will not be disappointed. They are constantly updating their menu with great items. Can't wait to go back again soon.

Review №53

Very good food!!! 10 stars♡

Review №54

Great food but they need a bigger place!

Review №55

The soy chorizo and cactus is so good!!!

Review №56

Our food came out fast and everything was delicious. The people working here are so friendly. The salsa bar is great!!

Review №57

Most authentic in Lansing reminds me of Tacos from Brownsville. Packed with meat and great salsa bar too!

Review №58

Easily the best authentic tacos in town. The price is perfect and the salsas are delicious. When I want tacos, I want a no frills experience and this is what this place gives you. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for something beyond the Americanized taco.

Review №59

Best Mexican food in town by far! Fresh ingredients and meats. No canned meats like many other Mexican restaurants use. Staff is very friendly, and the food is authentic! Their breakfast burritos are worth leaving home a few minutes early to get!Go by and give them a try, you won't be sorry!The lady that works the counter is always warm and friendly. She even brought us a free sample of their tamales while we waited for our food.Deelish!!!

Review №60

Nicely remodeled interior with murals and pinatas. The food it straight forward VERY authentic traditional style Mexican cuisine. Family owned and operated. Very pleasant place to stop in Old Town for lunch or dinner.

Review №61

Great burrito and extremely friendly service.

Review №62

Good food good prices

Review №63

Amazing food. Just delicious.

Review №64

I thought I was going to weep it was so good! Made me think of my mother in law who would make the best feast! Authentic to the core and Lourdes Casillas every savoring Mexican cuisine was good to the end of every mouthful! Highly recommend over many more in the area. Old town, Lansing Michigan!

Review №65

Absolutely the most authentic tacos in town!Don't expect the usual. The barbacoa and lengua (tongue) tacos were amazing. The salsa bar is an extra special treat that is too often overlooked.Best ever!

Review №66

Absolutely love this place. Hands down best Mexican food in town

Review №67

Fantastic food. Real traditional tasting Mexican food. Wonderful condiment bar. Will be returning next time I am in Lansing!

Review №68

Barbacoa was amazing, also enjoyed the salsa bar. Can't wait to come back!

Review №69

If you are looking for authentic food in a low-key cozy place, this is your place. Really good food, looking forward to going there a lot more!

Review №70

The most authentic, welcoming, vibrant Mexican atmosphere in the city - packed with some meek servers, and killer food.My friend Joseph and I had a good time here, and enjoyed our food. I've only tried two of their tacos - barbacoa and asada. I personally preferred one of them over the other, but forgot which one's which! But my heart is won enough - that I would come back and try everything else on their menu!

Review №71

Really good Taco's. Authentic Mexican food. Just plain good. Has vegetarian options.

Review №72

Best Mexican food in Lansing! Everything we've had has been delicious, fresh, and authentic. Love the variety of salsas to try. Owner is friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere like a mini vacation to Mexico.!

Review №73

I am totally shocked that I've never been here. This place is amazing. I had 3 carne asada tacos.. salsas are served buffet style..The avocado based salsa was my fav. I highly recommend this place ! Authentic!!

Review №74

Wonderful place with great food. My favorite was the marinated pork tacos. The rice and beans are great as well. Already been back and will be again!

Review №75

This place is absolutely delicious. I got 3 carne asada tacos and they were the best I've had in this city!!! Please dont be fooled by the look of this place. Though it's small, the food is booming!!! Tje salsas and sauces are served buffet style. The avocado sauce is my favorite...highly recommended

Review №76

Y'all this place has awesome horchata, a fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and great tacos and quesadillas. Even the vegetarian options are great.

Review №77

I am constantly looking for menu's that caters toward a plant based diet. This place is wonderful. They offer Nopal (cactus) and it is delicious! They blend the flavors together wonderfully! I love eating here!

Review №78

The food was beautiful! When she brought it to our table it was like framed art. It also tasted absolutely delicious ! Will be back again soon!

Review №79

I am very happy with this resturaunt. I love the authenticity. I love that its family owned. The mom in the back was jamming to her heritage music. The daughter was the cashier and waitress and did wonderful. The tacos were delicious. I had barbacoa and my husband had asada. They were flavorful and the corn tortillas were cooked well. They didnt fall apart or anything. The fifth star was not given because there were no straws and salsa and pico were empty. And I feel eat -in orders should provide chips and salsa but We ordered chips and the salsa and there was an array of homemade salsas. All good. I think music around the restaurant and not just in back of house would be very beneficial. I will be back and I appreciate the wonderful food.

Review №80

Delicious food, friendly staff, and bright atmosphere. We'll definitely come again! It's a little piece of Mexico!

Review №81

The real deal, no-nonsense comida Mexicana. You will not find Americanized “lettuce and tomato” tacos here. The authenticity of this place is in the flavor, the decor, and the people. The salsa bar is an added bonus but the food is clearly the winning product.

Review №82

Very good authentic Mexican food. Been to many Mexican restaurants while visiting Lansing , from Houston, and this is the best place, with quick and friendly folks operating this establishment.

Review №83

Really sweet family owned, my kids are extremely picky and they both love it here

Review №84

Awesome food. The burrito was magical.. very friendly staff too. I can't wait to go back

Review №85

This is good authentic Mexican food. But nothing more special. Food is good.

Review №86

Real authentic Mexican food which is hard to find in Lansing. Definitely will be coming here frequently!

Review №87

Great food, they catered a new year's party I attended. As an aside, I went separately one other time, and when you order something with chicken, it's ONLY dark meat- no white.

Review №88

Best nopales and asada tacos in town. Their guacamole and salsa bar are also delicious. Love this place.

Review №89

The meats are perfection and it's great to see a place doing the salsa bar the right way. Eat here now!

Review №90

This is better than El Oasis... And I absolutely love El Oasis. Try both and decide for yourself!

Review №91

So good. Authentic, friendly staff, and the salsa bar is just fantastic.

Review №92

Best Mexican food I've had in Lansing.. maybe anywhere to be honest!!! Super authentic and tasty with a salsa BAR!!! 10/10

Review №93

My husband and I visited this restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. And waited 40 mins for terrible food. We both ordered taco plates with shredded beef. The tacos were fatty, greasy and tasteless, topped with only cilantro and onion, which was fine, since that's the authentic style. The rice and beans included with it were nasty, too. The rice was heavy, mushy and strongly onion flavored. The beans tasted strange like no refried beans I'd ever had. The young woman taking orders when we arrived was funny acting and unfriendly. It took 40 minutes for them to get our food to us, telling us there were a lot of orders ahead of ours so there would be a wait. We sat there and saw other people order way after us and walk out with food. All that being said, I'll stick with Pablo's and would recommend them instead.

Review №94

Authentic and delicious. The guac is wonderful. Try this place out!

Review №95

One of the best tacos I've had in Lansing and boasts of authentic tacos. DO NOT GO HERE if you are craving taco bell or if you want fancy. This is akin to the taco stands I found in Tijuana. Go here and get al pastor, it is flavor heaven.I do wish that they had more combination plates that offered beans and rice with everything but it doesnt surprise me that they dont, since they are sticking with the taco stand theme.

Review №96

The food is good but it's a little expensive for what you get.

Review №97

Excellent, authentic, and fresh. Some of the best burritos and tamales I've had in Lansing!

Review №98

Perfectly authentic. Best Latino restaurant in town!

Review №99

Amazing burritos, delicious sauces

Review №100

Great Ambiance - Amazing Salsa Bar - Lovely Family Business - ₩0RLDS BEST CHILAQUILES - €V€R!!!!

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