Authentic Famous Filipino Restaurant
6721 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33771, United States

Review №1

I celebrated my nomination this evening in this gorgeous place. Well we had a terrific evening and the restaurant was definitely the reason for this happy gathering. The stuff cooperated in a splendid manner, the cooking was yummy and my buddies were very delighted. We shall definitely return for more joyful events. thanks very much.

Review №2

Great service and food. I'm never disappointed when I visit. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit everyday. The servings are generous and the food is well flavored. The food is very affordable. I can't think of anything that can be improved.

Review №3

The restaurant is great and broad, the meals was delightful and the prices were very reasonable. rapidly, productive service and very welcoming staff members. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Review №4

I dine in this place quite often! This is my favorite restaurant to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot at least once a month. The food is excellent, the staff is welcoming and the price is affordable. I enjoy meeting in this restaurant for a nice meal.

Review №5

"Great Place" to eat the most delicious Authentic Filipino food everything I ate from the okra w/yams veggies, noodles, garlic rice, fish, sour soup, pork belly (Lechon) to stews & deserts were just plain excellently outstanding... The owners & servers were the most friendly & explained all foods so no worries meal... Desert was off the scale good... Highly recommend eating here & will be back every time I'm in the area....

Review №6

This spot provides wonderful service and delicious menu. The best spot around here. The food and drinks came out quick and the rates are affordable. Recommended.

Review №7

My husband and I tried this restaurant today. When we first pulled up we were nervous because the parking lot was so small, and there were so many people, but we were pleasantly surprised. The staff were really helpful in assisting us select our meal, and they were very friendly. They made it feel like everyone was family there. Although the restaurant was very busy, they did their best to keep things moving and tried to keep all of the customers happy. I'd also like to say that the food was excellent! It was a great first experience for us, and we plan on eating there again.

Review №8

Pork Adobo w/ rice & Crispy fried Pork Belly.

Review №9

Never had Filipino food until I ate here. Very tasty, great prices. When will you guys reopen??

Review №10

Food was delicious.service was fantastic. Everyone was so nice and friendly. We had a great time. We'll be back soon

Review №11

It's definitely authentic, and delicious!!The pork sinagang reminded me of my grandma's, and was out of this world.

Review №12

I like this venue a lot. there is a very special mood. The kitcen is very tasty. the service is efficient and the personel is polite. The cost is modest. I warmly recommend.

Review №13

We stopped by this restaurant because I haven't had delicious Filipino food in a long time sorry if the name says it all! If you love Filipino food, particularly wanting the real deal, this is it! Standings of the Fantasticks food is the hospitality. They treat you as if you were family on your first visit. I love this place! I would stop by here again if I'm anywhere within 50 miles. It's so good! Looking for something different that's delicious, this is it! You can thank me later.

Review №14

Please open back up !!! I drive from Tampa. The food and service is always excellent .

Review №15

Went for the first time staff was very friendly and helpful,food was very good smelled like heaven when you walk through the door,the restaurant was very clean lots of indoor seating places to sit outside if you want , portions are huge well worth the money and the time prices are inexpensive , definitely fat boy approved

Review №16

1st time in.... Really good food and service will be back soon.

Review №17

This place has exceptional lechon. Great service.

Review №18

The Best! People know how to cook the food, It's not salty just perfect! Staff are really friendly and nice. Best experience. We will be back. Highly Recommended!

Review №19

Very good food! family owned restaurant with a very friendly and great service!!!

Review №20

Nice selection of freshly prepared Filipino food and the customer service is very good.

Review №21

Had a awesome experience in this place with my son. The food comes quick and the customer service is just awesome. Prices are fair.

Review №22

Great people with a personal touch. Some unique flavors but inconsistent food quality. Some dishes might be perfectly cooked with others taste old or overcooked.

Review №23

I've been to several places in the Tampa/Clearwater area and this restaurant is by far the best! I highly recommend the place...the only thing they do not serve dinaguan ( hope that's correct spelling) but it's all good!!! DELICIOUS food I'll be back!!

Review №24

Very good, a new taste for me. Well made, large portions, friendly staff. Most important, great price... Rice and entree $7.99

Review №25

I had high hopes until I found hair in my food. The concept & portions looked good but the restaurant itself is very dirty and small. In my opinion a hair net, gloves & a good cleaning would make a world of difference.

Review №26

It's amazing when you can order numerous items on the menu and mix it all together. Happy to see another Filipino venue join the slew of new restaurant concepts opening in the Tampa Bay Area. Stop by if you're craving Lumpia!!

Review №27

They were out of everything by 3:30.. they weren't making anything else. Everything looked good but like it had been sitting out for hours.... maybe next time.

Review №28

Sorry, some of the worse Filipino food ever. The pictures on this site look look wonderful, however , this was not available today. We will not be back!

Review №29

Small but not often do you find a Filipino restaurant. The food was good, but I'm half pinoy and I'm custom to my mother's recipes which sounds silly but I haven't met a Filipino yet that actually measures when they are cooking its always done by taste. Its worth visiting

Review №30

I tried everything before I ordered and it was all incredibly good. I would recommend this place to anyone it's truly some of the best flavor in town. I'll be going here's just that good.

Review №31

Best Filipino restaurant in Tampa !!!Love the brunch !!!Took my daughter there for her birthdayWe all enjoy the food yummy !!!It's the place once u tried the food that you want to go back again....

Review №32

We love your food and we always keep on coming back. Hopefully if you intend to close on your normal open days. Kindly update your websites if you are open or not. We drive to your location twice at the same exact reasons. In your websites says you are open but when we get to your location you are actually close. So disappointing.

Review №33

Why only 2 stars? My girlfriend and I went there twice. The first time we ate and the second time we walked out. We walked out of there because we stood there and waited between 5 to 10 minutes and no one was there to take our simple food order. There was 1 lady at the cash register (apparently the only front of the house person that night) ringing up customer, then she walks away to get something from her purse in the back, then she talks on her phone, and then went back to ringing other people up. All the while, she should have taken our food order after she got down ringing up the 1st person. The staff there should remember that they are in a service industry which serves food. There are a ton of restaurant out there for people to choose from and if you can't even do the most basic thing at a restaurant (serving food), why would people come back? Anyway, they missed out at least $30+ of business that day and any repeat business from us thereafter. It is sad because I actually liked there food but I refuse to spend money where I can't even get the most basic of service.

Review №34

This restaurant was amazing this morning! Bobby was very helpful in explaining to my girlfriend & I what everything was on the menu. The server Marcel was nice, she explained what the sauces were at the table & offered sour soup to me! The milk fish Bobby offered was Delicious. My girlfriend had Philippino pork in vinegar, it was tasteful. We both love the Phillipino eggrolls...they were amazing. The food was tasty & fulfilling. The service felt like a home away from home, and the people were informative and welcoming! The best experience I've had at a 1st time restaurant! We will definitely return!

Review №35

Love this place! I haven't been able to find a good Filipino place in Tampa and I'm so glad that my first try here was a hit. Felt like home

Review №36

This place is great love the food love the people, it is just what you need if you like asian food.

Review №37

Upon pulling up, my husband stated that the restaurant "looked sketchy" to which I replied, "yep! And I bet it's amazing!" Turns out I was correct! The food is delicious and the staff is incredibly warm and helpful. I will definitely be back!The staff is made up of very kind people, but most importantly, the food is delicious!

Review №38

This is our second time here and we have been well satisfied each time. I think the complainers are just not down with the mom and pop style. Something we look for and enjoy.

Review №39

Awesome food just like my Gram used to make. Sinigang and pork adobo was delicious, bangus was perfection. So hard to find a good Filipino restaurant around so this place was a pleasant surprise. We left full and happy!

Review №40

My wife got a combination order that included a ginger beef and a beef/pork item with rice / noodles. Tasted great.

Review №41

I am Filipino, and this little restaurant is definitely authentic. It smelled like my mom's house. There was a wide variety of food, and everything we tried was absolutely delicious. All of the restaurant staff were very friendly, and prices were reasonable. 10/10 would recommend

Review №42

Pretty AUTHENTIC!! Small place 24-26 seats inside. A few small patio tables outside. Very clean. Food like Mom or the Aunties made! Point-Point style cafeteria style service. 8 hot dishes that can rotate fresh daily. Lumpia, desserts (halo-halo) too. Worth the drive from Parrish (Manatee Co). They cater. Gotta call them. Low tech. Limited Internet info. Pictures of food. Blackboard Menu. Said they will make anything you want. Real nice folks. Think it's family run. Open Thursday- Saturday 11a-7p, Sunday 11a- 5p. Going back!!!

Review №43

The food is so delicious! My family and I come here almost every Sunday for the budol fight. Great service and Filipino food! My favorite is the egg rolls and halo-halo.

Review №44

Felt like home coming in and getting food. The staff are very friendly, the food is delicious and the Halo Halo is perfection!

Review №45

Good food but Servers are not that friendly. Bad morning? No smile kinda rude at times. Seems like it is a favor that we ate there!

Review №46

Cute authentic filipino restaurant.Their leche plan is the best..melts in your mouth

Review №47

Awesome food and great, friendly staff. My mother and I enjoyed every bit

Review №48

I went late, so they had limited food available but it was so delicious and didn't leave me feeling sick-full. Will go again!!

Review №49

It was alright, but I wish they had spicy dishes though. They might have gotten an extra star or two for spicy food. I'm part Lao, Thai, and Chinese so you know I'm crazy for spicy food. I thought there would be a few spicy dishes at this place, but I was sadly disappointed.

Review №50

This place is GREAT! One of my favorite dishes is the Kaldereta or Caldereta. It is a filipino dish made with beef and stewed with vegetables in a tomato sauce. It includes a whole lot of green peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and other delicious veggies. This dish is not spicy, but very tasty. So far all of the dishes have been very satisfying. I've honestly tried most if not all of them. It's a great intimate place to eat with family and friends. The service is excellent. Everyone has been very kind and courteous every time we've eaten there. Can't wait to go back again!

Review №51

A really good intro to Filipino foods. All the classics. Decent prices and really good. My mother in law's is way better, but hey! We will return.

Review №52

Amazing! So glad they're here. So authentic!

Review №53

I have one experience to share, drove from far north Clearwater to enjoy a lunch and found the door locked and the lights out on a day they advertised as being open, this told me all I need to know about this restaurant, you lost what could have been a loyal costumer, do not recommend this place!

Review №54

Gave it 2 chances, today and yesterday. Food is 2 out of 5, very limited choices. Customer service is 1 out 5, aside from the cashier at the time. A paying customer asking a question about your food expects a honest answer, but the attitude says it all. Server/Owner can be very difficult. Also, when you are talking bad about your customer, you might want to do it privately, because hearing it displays your professionalism. I really hope you can keep your customers, and use this comment as a learning tool. But for now, I'm out.

Review №55

Excellent! Delicious and super friendly staff!

Review №56

My Filipina friend took me was terrific!Very flavorful, authentic Filipino food.It is wonderful to have it here! Yay!

Review №57

We were so excited to try this place and we were terribly disappointed. Flavorless, oily food. Lumpia were dry and tough. Served on foam plates with plastic cutlery. Table service was terrible. One word review: meh.

Review №58

Awesome authentic Filipino food!! I've been looking for a place like this forever. They had great service and the food was amazing.

Review №59

Best Filipino food near Tampa area that we've been so far. Great staff, great food and reasonable price.

Review №60

That's the best you can get in this side of the tampabay area.

Review №61

Simply amaze-balls. Halo-halo is a must!

Review №62

As a first timer it's a little intimating, but you just go in tell them/point to what you want. If it's to go, let them know that. They give you your food with the price on it and you're off to the register to pay. Or to a table to eat. I got there 15 min after they opened, it was very busy. The portions are large and very reasonable.Parking is very limited. We will be back!

Review №63

Poor service! I felt very confused trying to order food. The music is loud and you can't understand if you're supposed to pay at counter, or sit down while food is being either brought to you, wait, or what. I'm not trying to be critical here but seeing all the negative reviews re. Their service, I'm surprised they haven't responded and taken the criticism into consideration and changed their ways.

Review №64

The food was different, but the fish and jasmine rice were delicious. Otherwise, the service was horrible, you are forced to use cheap paper plates and plastic utensils, and even the drink cups are very small plastic. The dining area is extremely small and very dirty as well. Most of my food was luke warm at best....if not cold. Again, the service was also very bad. Last but not least, the prices are WAY TOO HIGH for the skimpy portions. I honestly don't like to be mean....but I wouldn't eat here again....even for free.

Review №65

Good food here was fantastic. It really was authentic Filipino food. I have been to a lot of places and this place really was a frontrunner. I enjoyed my time there. You order up the phone and then take her food to the table. The stuff there was so nice and we had such a good time here. I would highly recommend this place to everyone!

Review №66

Food's great but it's sad that you guys are using stryfoam plates and cups and everything. Be eco-friendly.

Review №67

Boodle fight.. yahooo..

Review №68

The service was awesome and the food is authentic. There's something for everyone. It's a small place that will leave a big impression. I'll be back for more.

Review №69

I have been a few times now each time I've tried something different and every time it has been very good! Nice people and good food it's a win win!!

Review №70

I'm not sure if this place is owned by the same people as 6 months ago. The bowls were pretty decent and we were excited to come for the roast pork. The pork needed a little more tlc and could easily be remedied with some seasoning

Review №71

For a little mom&pop place the food is authentic and great. Take it from a fat kid who loves a dish called pancet', took my dad here to enjoy as well cause it's been 5years for him to have any so it was a father an son's day out. Recommend it if you want to enjoy fillipino food or just to try something you ain't used to.

Review №72

My first time having Filipino food and it was awesome! Super friendly people I can't wait to go back and try some more!

Review №73

Good selection of about a dozen steam table items. Pork dishes. Very tasty stew. Pleasant staff that aims to please. We'll go back for sure.

Review №74

Think of 4 aunties in a kitchen cooking your favorite Filipino dishes and you get this! The name is catchy and everyone there was super friendly. The food was amazing and I dont think I've had a better halo halo in the US! Seating is limited so get there early, come during non-peak meal hours, or be prepared to stand.

Review №75

Place was very small. No air conditioning and no menu. I had no clue what I was ordering other than the fact that somethings were beef and somethings were chicken. The food looked like it was sitting out for a while looking very dry and when it was served. The service is not good at all. Food is very oily.

Review №76

Small restaurant serving authentic and tasty Filipino food.

Review №77

Excellent food! Def will be back..

Review №78

I like unique dinning. This is a small, seemingly under the radar, culinary jewel. We will return.The food is on display and you point to what you want. My wife and I shared a variety of 6 entrees.

Review №79

All of the food we tried was wonderful and everything else looked just as wonderful! Service was fantastic! Very small but authentic place

Review №80

Great food, great customer service

Review №81

Nice philippine food, not great, not bad.

Review №82

Very good. Very flavorful food. I had two portions and didn't eat again the rest of the day

Review №83

So far, we've been to Noah's at least 6 times in a short time span. We haven't been disappointed. The food is incredible (the pork is amazing). What also makes it better is that we can actually get any dish and it's going to be under $10!!! We wind up getting take out too often so going here keeps us from getting fast food and gives us GREAT food at an incredible rate.

Review №84

Worth the drive from Hernando County. Food was delicious....Friendly Staff.

Review №85

Just tried the food, and found out it's tasty for Filipino recipes.

Review №86

Taste a very authentic! Very good flavor not too much fat not to much sugar just perfect portions.

Review №87

This place is not good. Food is precooked and sitting under heaters. The chicken Adobe is kept in a refrigerator and warmed in a microwave. The broth did not have a dark brown color and tasted mostly of oil and water. I will not dine here again.

Review №88

Nice to find a Filipino restaurant near me.

Review №89

Great food and service

Review №90

Very good food. It will be great when they get more established.

Review №91

Food was average/good, price was fair amount of food was great. Didn't blow me away but it's a nice spot to get some food.

Review №92

Great pork adobo.

Review №93

The food is very hearty and very Filipino. The place is a little small but it's perfectly fine. will definitely come back here again and would recommend it to anybody!

Review №94

Great Filipino food at reasonable prices

Review №95

It's was great me and my family enjoy ourselves

Review №96

Food is delicious, service was amazing and you can't beat the prices!

Review №97

Restaurant is an old small house,i selected 3 entree, plus a cheap soda, cost was $13.50 then tip so total cost $15,25; received two small bowls of adobo with lots of fat, and old sticky rice, i have been to the Philippines and this dish is way off base, their web site menu shows food they dont and wont serve so i felt robbed and taken advantaged, wont be going there not worth the money.

Review №98

The food was very good but the restaurant is a little cramped But A Good Start Over All I'll be going back

Review №99

Its Regular filipino restaurants with 6 or 7 choices of foods that ready to eat without waiting too long.

Review №100

My fillapina wife and I have been here twice (once takeout and once dine in). Both times the food and the service have been great. Very friendly and attentive staff. Generous portions. Clean.

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  • Organic dishes:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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