New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
10801 Starkey Rd, Largo, FL 33777, United States

Review №1

It's pretty good. Ordered through Uber eats and got the General tso and an egg roll. Good portion sizes as well. Only complaint is that the broccoli tasted weird.

Review №2

One of the best in the area.

Review №3

We eat here all the time for lunch, all my co workers love it also. Hot and delicious food with competitive pricing. Yum

Review №4

Some of the best Chinese food I have ever had. The egg foo young is great.

Review №5

The food is very good. There's many wonderful flavors in each plate.

Review №6

Took my kids and grandchildren. We loved it. It's nice to support the community after coved 19

Review №7

Food used to be great and last time I ordered pork fried rice had more onions then pork and sweet and sour chicken was cooked into charcoal was absolutely awful not sure what happened to that restaurant but won't be ordering from them anymore unfortunately

Review №8

The best Chinese food in town, I always go to this place whenever I want to have some Chinese food. They never disappointed you. The staffs are very friendly and polite.

Review №9

Place is good I call ahead for my lunch and it ready on time

Review №10

Very good food and nice service. will definitely be back!

Review №11

I eat here pretty consistently. the price for the amount of food you get is great. the food quality varies quite a bit though. sometimes everything is delicious, sometimes it's a bit too crunchy/over-fired. I still give it 5 stars because of the price.

Review №12

I have been eating here for years. Good food, good service, highly recommend.

Review №13

I ordered House Rice, ( has Chicken ,Shrimp and Pork. It was delish. House special soup, also delish. We'll be back..

Review №14

The bourbon chicken was very hard and dry. I called and they replaced my order immediately and delivered it to me. The delivery driver he was awesome. The second order of bourbon chicken was delicious. Thank you very much. I definitely order from them again.

Review №15

I've been going to them for years, and I gotta say they have the best food around.

Review №16

Glad you're open, everything was delicious.

Review №17

Food is great and the staff is friendly. The location is close by my work and i can always order lunch or dinner and my order is ready pretty fast

Review №18

Not the best but not the worst. Lacks at consistency on their product. Some days better then others I guess.

Review №19

I'm disappointed with my order coz it wasn't the one I ordered... I ordered hot and spicy beef and they give me pepper steak w.onions

Review №20

Really nice atmosphere and people. Their Pad Ti is outstanding!

Review №21

They have the BEST shrimp egg rolls, you actually get nice size shrimp in every bite! Love the flavor in them as well. I have ate at A LOT of Chinese restaurants in Pinellas county. I will also say the chicken lo-mein is good as well, wish there were some veggies it as well but the taste is still good and the wontons in the soup had a hint of flavor. I will continue to come back though because the egg rolls are unlike any other restaurant in this area.

Review №22

Great lunch special $5.55. Small 2 tables decent food

Review №23

Here I am editing this review once again. Welp, it happened again, I ordered my food, they said it was all good and was going to be delivered, and here I am waiting for over an hour to find out where the heck my food is and when I called them they told me oh I don't know someone was supposed to call you to say we couldn't deliver but yet here I sat waiting for it without ANY calls, emails, or any form of contact. I really wanted to give this place another chance after what happened last time but frankly this is a joke. If you know full well something cannot be delivered then it is your responsibility as the restaurant to contact the customer not just assume someone else will do your job for you. I am sorry to say it again but I cant give this place any more chances. We order from this Chinese place only because we've never had any issues, tonight our order was canceled 15 min after the order was placed, was told they called me, which they didn't, had I not called them myself no one was going to tell me why it was randomly canceled, after calling they told me they just didn't have time, despite them being open for another half hour she said no we are closed now. Unfortunately for now they have lost our business which sucks since we order from here at least once a week.

Review №24

TAKE OUT ONLY. Their food is very good. If you like hot & sour soup theirs is very good.

Review №25

Have always loved this place and always will. I go there regularly and it's great that they know me. Turned my co-workers onto this place and they Love it. BTW her name is Liu (pronounced Lou)

Review №26

Decided to try a different place from our normal place. Got food delivered and after eating the appetizer, I went back to my kitchen to get the dinners. Found out they forgot my husband's dinner so I tried to call. I literally called and hung up 200 times, got a busy signal every time. Decided to just eat the $8 and forget it. I was getting more angry with every dial. Plus the food we did eat was greasy and not worth it. We will be ordering from our other place from now on.

Review №27

Quality food and geat flavor.

Review №28

Good food, good price, don't expect anything new or thrilling.

Review №29

Rude counterlady redeemed by food quality.

Review №30

Filthy, cook opens fridge and grabs all the vegetables and raw meats with bear hands, will NOT go there again.

Review №31

Fast service and delicious!

Review №32

Excellent fast service great food

Review №33

The food is very good and the folks who work there are very nice

Review №34

The food was great ,but the sauces in their plastic containers ,the lids melted and hot sweat sour sauce went all over every thing in the bag and all over my kitchen floor. They immediately replaced the egg foo young sauce and we ate delicious egg foo young and sweet sour chicken, with a little bit of plastic garnish.

Review №35

Really good food for good prices

Review №36

Food is good, had delivered about five times but, the last time the woman started telling me " I'm done" when I asked what the problem was. She said she never was tipped. ( I tip through the app) This is was the first time, she had delivered herself. I offered her cash she ranted and complained.

Review №37

Tiny little restaurant in the Bardmoor shopping plaza with just 2 small tables for diners to eat in, which my daughter and I did after we worked up our appetites doing some bathing suit shopping at the Bealls outlet nearby in this plaza. They have the typical pictures of a variety of the usual chinese food options up on a large sign hanging above the counter and register where we placed our order and sat ourselves. A big, kinda tough looking tattooed gentleman greeted us and took our order and he was pleasant and friendly

Review №38

Always fresh and friendly, they are always busy too, that's a good sign...

Review №39

By far, the absolute worst shrimp fried rice I've ever had. I requested no egg and no onion. They got that part correct. I guess they just forgot to FRY it. The rice is hard and funny tasting. Being new to the area, I guess it's going to be hit or miss with these spots, but if I can save one person from having to experience this ridiculousness, please take heed.

Review №40

Excellent food quality and fast service definitely recommended

Review №41

Great is amazing, fresh, plentiful and appealing.. staff very good

Review №42

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this restaurant this is the second time I found metal shavings in our to them about it and they told us that we just want free food.

Review №43

I don't get what any of these people are complaining about. It's Chinese food. It's either good, or its so-so. This Chinese is good. I've been ordering take out and delivery from here for years. Employees and drivers are always nice and respectful. Food has always been what I ordered and delicious. I'm pretty picky about my Chinese and this place gets a green light.

Review №44

Absolutely disgusting, filth flies all over where you can see the people cooking.

Review №45

Love the food but always a huge wait I call and put in order so I uave enough time on my lunch break and everytime I wait forever usually missing something too I wish I can find a place close with better service

Review №46

When I ordered shrimp Mei Fun from this location, it had an entire WHOLE grasshopper cooked in with it. Laying on top, the grasshopper was completely visible. When I called to address the issue, they told me to bring it back to show them. I returned the food, with the grasshopper, and said that I wanted to refund the entire meal that our company had ordered. The other six employees I work with understandably did NOT want to eat after a grasshopper was found in the food. The woman behind the counter agreed, however she only refunded MY meal and did not refund the other food that was not eaten due to the contamination concerns. Awful!!

Review №47

Crab rangoon was decent. Sesame chicken was awful and so was the kung pow chicken. I will return.

Review №48

Good fast food. Freshly made.

Review №49

Very bad tasting food. Ive never had such bad tasting chinese food before. It doesnt just taste bad but also taste off. There is something about it that doesnt taste right. STAY AWAY

Review №50

Update on my review. I go there for there lunch deal and always get shrimp with lobster sauce. Something tasted very wrong with it today after i took it home. Im hoping I don't get sick. Im done coming here after today and i wish I didn't have to say that. Horrible

Review №51

They are not too friendly all they want to do is feed the fat Americans! Doing so with a really big attitude! If you want to serve food to us at least have common courtesy you know that little thing called respect that obviously your culture has forgot! Your food is never fresh it always tastes like it's been frozen for 2 days or like it's left over from the day before. Everytime I call I get a rude voice stating you need to hold on for one moment and then clicks doesn't even give me a chance to say yes or no! I totally wish I could give them zero Stars they don't even deserve zero they need like a negative star rating on Google just for this place in particular

Review №52

Best in the area, good food, you can see it cooked from scratch, tried a ton, these guys are our go to

Review №53

Picked up my order. Went back to work started eating, and it was the worse shrimp fried rice and crusty rusty chicken wings. The wings had a wierd taste, and the shrimp fried rice was NOT fried the shrimp even tasted disgusting!! I will never return to this establishment!

Review №54

Crispy shrimp was great even the leftovers.

Review №55

We order food Saturday night something was very wrong with your pupu platter. During the meal the chicken teriyaki had a real funny taste but also batter on the shrimp was different so i just thought it was a different cook. After my meal and thought out the night i became violently sick. Spent the next 2 days in bed with stomach pain.We eat here often never had an issues my wife work order form you all the time I'm very disappointed with the out come of or meal very shocked with the out come.order number #7654729 tried to leave this on your site but your site would not let me post because you have a security issuse that is shut down so i leave it where everyone can see it Sorry

Review №56

Great food. The owners are a young couple with a new baby boy. They are the typical family with great cooking skills and great service and clean practices...which I like.

Review №57

I ordered online and it took more than an hour to arrive to my house less than 3 miles away. When I called the restaurant, they wanted to say i gave them the wrong address!!!! the confirmation email is proof enough i gave them the correct one. Once the food arrived, it was cold... too cold to eat without having to microwave it. Then they didn't bring eating utensils even when i specifically asked them to in the notes for the order.My first and last time ordering from there...

Review №58

Ordered food at 5:45 pm and set request time for 6:45 which is my break, got a call at 6:10 that my food is at the door. told the driver i request a certain time for a reason. got a rude call back from the owner saying never to order again. trust me with that kind of customer service, i can promise you i wont!

Review №59

Our first order got sw& sour chicken. Way over cooked chicken.hard to chew, rice was very good and also eggroll. Also got boneless spare ribs very dry only flavor was sauce. Rice was good and also egg roll.they did deliver quick

Review №60

I ordered the pork lo mein combo went and picked it up came home and went to eat it and it tasted like bad seafood. I called to tell them it didn't taste right and that I wanted my money back they proceeded to tell me they don't do refunds and that there was nothing they could do. The service and employees are terrible I will never eat here again

Review №61

On their website it clearly says delivery is free. We do not deliver more than 3 miles.. yet when I order my food I notice that the amount that was charged was more than the amount that I authorized on the website. So when I call into the store the man tells me that he always charges everyone a 1.20 delivery fee. (I live .5 miles from the restaurant). After explaining to him that it says free delivery he then proceeds to tell me that I am the only one that uses the website and that I need to call next time to get proper pricing. He was so rude about it and then proceeded to tell his coworker that I was a botch while I was still on the line and could hear him. Unbelievable. Do not waste your time with this place they are rude and have absolutely no customer service skills.

Review №62

Best food best egg roll nice employees, my family is client almost two years!

Review №63

My dish was supposed to be spicy, it was sweet instead. The eggrolls are a mixture of a curry style dessert with an odd apple flavor. The lo mein was salty and lacked depth very bland for a house special. Panda express would have been a better choice.

Review №64

Love the wonton soup and fried rice - great folks - pick up or delivery!

Review №65

Well, at first I was excited that they had a website. Then I was even more excited that you could order online! Awesome! The ordering process was fine and the food was delivered quickly. Unfortunately, once the food arrived, the charged amount was more than the website indicated. Apparently the website doesn't include the delivery the even $30 amount my friends and I had decided upon, including tip, for an easy number to split 3 ways was no longer an even $30...annoying.Food: The food arrive hot and ready. Great! We were starving! We began to dig in (Bourbon Chicken, Cashew "Chicken", Pepper "Steak", Krab Rangoon). The meal started out as "average" tasting Chinese food. The more we ate it quickly became "OK" tasting Chinese food. Then "sub-par"....then "bad"...and finally, once we were full and had finished the food and sitting on the couch in utter disgust at what we had just done - we decided it was the worst Chinese food we had ever had. We were collectively trying to decide why we had done what we had and how we could purge ourselves of the meal. For one friend, it didn't take long - he quickly was forced into the restroom to relieve himself. He's the lucky one. The other two of us are still sulking in disgust wondering if we will survive the night...But really, it just wasn't very good. The Bourbon chicken was the only meat that was clearly what it was (chicken). The other meats were hard to distinguish as "meat" while the vegetables were even difficult to tell from the meats.I would not recommend this restaurant.

Review №66

Good consistent quality.

Review №67

A grasshopper (species not native to Florida) was found in co-workers meal. This meal was with clients. They were disgusted and we had to find another place to eat. When we complained to staff, they only refunded the one meal, not all of the meals that were not eaten.

Review №68

Just found a bug in my fried rice!!! Wings and all!! I called to simply get a refund and they wouldn't. They also could careless that there was a BUG in my food!! I will never go there again!! Disgusting!

Review №69

Horrible food! It was not fresh at all! Would never go back !

Review №70

My company orders from this place. The people in that place are rude and disgusting towards their customers. They messed up my order and refused to fix it. They then continously hung up on me and said "PHUCK YEW" and the lady picked up the phone at one point and was like "Its dee stewpid lady again, HOW MAY I HEP YU" They then said the delivery driver leaves at 10 but this all happened around 8:30. The food was disgusting and the krab ragoon had no filling.. I even gave them a 3 dollar tip to bring the crap ACROSS THE STREET. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER ORDER FROM THEM.

Review №71

Food tasted refrigerated and gross. The beef and broccoli did not taste beef at all. Will not ever be returning.

Review №72

Very good. Always delicious!

Review №73

Your food is disgusting, watching the person that's makes my food go outside and smoke is absoultly disgusting

Review №74

Always quality

Review №75

Food is always good and well portioned

Review №76

Good food poor customer service... Will get attitude from staff if you don't order to their expectations..

Review №77

Really good food!!!

Review №78

Great menu

Review №79

Some of the best takeout Chinese I've ever had. And I lived in China for a couple of years.

Review №80

Great lunch deals and food tastes really good. Have been ordering from them for years.

Review №81


Review №82

Don't eat here it taste like frozen food , disgusting

Review №83

Great food...

Review №84

Best Chinese in the area

Review №85

Very good. Same as most Chinese restaurants.

Review №86

Gross very nasty after taste.... Never order from here again

Review №87

That food is very good!l like !!!

Review №88

Good food

Review №89

Fair food but not cheap. Would not eat there again

Review №90

My favorite take out..very friendly

Review №91

Found metal in my food

Review №92

Honestly if I could get a refund, that's what I would get. Overall poor quality of food.

Review №93

Good food

Review №94


Review №95

Great food!!!!!

Review №96

Good and fast

Review №97

Good, fast, quality food

Review №98

Good food

Review №99

Extremely rude staff...I have ordered food from here for years but the woman there these days needs a lesson in matter how good the food is...I would never go to this place again where I feel disrespected...

Review №100

Being from Boston not much cuts it regarding Chinese food. . . this place is great!

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