Panda Express
2200 E Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33771, United States

Review №1

It took an hour to get my order even through they are 2 miles away. I am not complaining because we are in the middle of a tropical storm, so I am lucky they found a driver. Even though I expected it could be cold that is no excuse for the rice, noodles, honey chicken, walnut shrimp, to be dry, tough and hard. It tasted old like it was sitting around. The egg roll was greasy and mushy! I will never order again from Panda Express on East Bay Rd in Largo, Fl. Threw away the leftovers which you usually do not do.

Review №2

Absolute rip-off you get a bowl 3/4 of the way filled with fried rice and a half a scoop of orange chicken no other location is like this i just don't understand is there some type of chicken shortage definitely take the extra time and drive to Pinellas don't waste your time or money here

Review №3

Great food... A bit higher than I thought but great

Review №4

The food is fresh and delicious but the portion size sucks. They give you mostly rice or noodles on the dinner but skimp on the meat and chicken. I visited the Largo Florida location on Eastbay Drive.

Review №5

Very good food. Take out or drive thru only right now.

Review №6

Very disappointed! I tried to call the store before leaving this review, wanted them to have a chance to make it right.Went through the drive-thru tonight, a Friday night, at 9:25. Now I do know better, at this location you get way better service when you walk in but I figured it can't be bad every time. Well, I got the extra teriyaki sauce that I wanted with my teriyaki chicken, thank you for that but unfortunately, it was beef and broccoli in my box when I got home... I love beef and broccoli but that was gross and not what I wanted or paid for! The sweet tea was deadly, you can taste the bacteria from the containers. Get it together or at least, answer the phone, a little P.R. goes a long way. I love working in the food industry and its frustrating to see a restaurant fail. East Bay's Panda Express just doesn't hire people who take pride in their work and is losing customers for the company.

Review №7

The Food quality was just horrible and the management service was poorly handled when asked to fix it.

Review №8

Came in here looking for a couple parts for a scooter and they had exactly what I needed. Even gave me some pointers on getting it fixed, would recommend 10/10

Review №9

Love their food. But long lines most of the time. But they are that good though

Review №10

Horrible pickup system. Order online expecting to pickup in restaurant as stated on website to find the doors locked and you have to wait in the drive thru! Waste of time. Food was not fresh or hot. Trying calling to get a refund to go somewhere else. Was put on hold phone was never answered. Saw lots of car leaving the restaurant is definitely losing money and poorly managed.

Review №11

Still great food but its WAY better up in PA. Honey Walnut shrimp is the bomb. Worth the little upcharge.

Review №12

This use to be my favorite place in the world, with my family going there weekly after swim practice, but over the last couple years it's gone way down hill. Tonight, my mother went down to this location and placed her order, then went to wait in her car for said order. An associate came out and told my mother that they could not fulfill her order because an online order that came in after hers called for the honey walnut shrimp and they would be out If they fulfilled our order. So instead of calling the online order to tell them this, they chose to tell my mother this, after driving out there already and paying for it. Absolutely disrespectful. We won't be back after this.

Review №13

Generally a Panda Express fan, but this place went down: the food just no longer tasted right. They earned one star!

Review №14

Quick and easy. Lobby is open for pickup. Good food, descent portions.

Review №15

Always fresh food and the workers are always super friendly.

Review №16

Oh yeah everything's open over there the servant everything go inside order but wear a mask Take out only Good stuff good stuff

Review №17

Thanks for being open during the quarantine! You were the only place I could get Chinese food for awhile. Your food is always hot & tasty.

Review №18

Nice food, nice staff.Too bad they don't have more veggie options ( like tofu or tempeh)

Review №19

How can you guys keep your bathrooms closed to uber drivers? We are essentially your employees, delivering YOUR food, and have basic human needs. It's a crime. Open your bathrooms.

Review №20

Out of desperation I have gone more then once. Food was cold 3/4 times. They hide all the soy sauce and hot mustard behind the counter like someone is going to steal all their sauce. Very inconvenient because they usually have one person working the line and I have to wait if I forget to ask at checkout. Also EVERY time I go. I get SOLICITED for money! EVERY TIME! I would like to know does Panda Express donate money to “children's hospitals” as they solicit money from every customer it s very unprofessional to ask your guests for donations. I came to eat hot food, not cold food and to be harassed about donating money every single time I've made the bad but desperation choice to go there! Stop hiding your sauce! No one wants it and stop begging for money!

Review №21

Every time I go to this place they screw up my order in a Drive-Thru every time

Review №22

Ordered from here through UberEats last night, half the food we ordered was wrong and it was nasty, half cooked. During this virus you would think they would do a better job, for return business, then again from this order I guess not. Well we won't be ordering from here again, so good job if that was your plan!

Review №23

For fast food Chinese, Panda Express is pretty good. You definitely get enough to eat even with the smallest option on the menu, so the value of food to cost is decent.This particular location is easy to see in traffic. Clean & service was excellent. I'm a fan of the Beijing Beef, and as I was placing my order, fresh noodles & BB were ready. My server made sure to give me the fresh, hot new batch, even though I'd have been happy with what was in the warming tray. That was still fresh & hot, too, but I appreciated the gesture of her giving us the piping hot fresh batches without even having to ask. This was at lunchtime, and they were busy, so no one was shorted anything & all got good stuff. Just small things like that deserve to be noticed, excellent service.Parking lot is a little wonky, but ample. I'll be coming back here often.

Review №24

Horrible. Everything was dried out and gross. The tea was good. Won't be back.

Review №25

Not good. They have reduced the amounts of meats you get

Review №26

Great food, service, very clean. We had a variety of entrees and sides (11 in our group) everthing was very good and delicious. Family atmosphere, taste samples available as well.

Review №27

Don't waste your time here. The food was dried out and outer appearance looks trashed especially the drive thru speaker.

Review №28

To be clear, i do like panda express. But this particular location Dont even bother coming here, 45 minutes before posted closing time they lock the doors and make you go in the drive through.Unfortunately my truck doesnt fit in their drive through so even though they are open for business allegedly, Ill have to go somewhere else.

Review №29

Good food and a great price when you pick it up!!

Review №30

We love Panda Express because they have a large selection of foods. They are always bringing out new batches of foods. The servers are friendly and say "Thank you" with a smile.

Review №31

Had my life threatened by 2 intoxicated individuals who got in my face, called me slurs, showed me a weapon, and threatened the life of me and my family while the employees just gave me faces that said "wow that's awkward". It took 5 minutes (plus another few minutes of the men with their shirts removed, calling me more slurs) before one employee said to get out. When the police arrived the employees mentioned none of this, with one employee saying "the two were a little drunk and causing a scene, but I'm not the type of person to really confront people."Never thought I would write a review like this but I could never return to a place that stood by and said nothing while my life was threatened for looking different.They also forgot my sauce.

Review №32

It was alright. Food was good service was also good.

Review №33

Terrible. Burnt Ragoons. Terrible egg rolls. Never again. Worse fried rice I ever eaten. Dry chow mein

Review №34

Largo Panda has been good. The employees need to be boosted to smile. But the customer service served is good.

Review №35

Panda express. Although a multi location supersized company, this location has some of the nicest staff.Being a long time fan of Panda, i have been to many locations.Keep up the great work guys!

Review №36

Everytime I come here the food is old and dried out with a foul taste to it. I would never recommend this place and I'll probably never eat there again.

Review №37

Great food, quick service reasonable price. Yummy!!

Review №38

Food was terrible and I no flavor at all rice is dry and the noodles from Krispy almost

Review №39

I enjoy reading their menu at home and have ordered takeout several times.The food is always delicious. I have never dined in but I have observed that it also seems to be a pleasant experience. Highly recommended.

Review №40

This place is super dirty in the food cooking area. Waited 10mins for "fresh" food.We had dirt in one of the chicken dishes. All the rice was clumped up and dry, all the noodles were cut into very small pieces. Not worth the price. Feel like I was scammed. Was hungry 1 hour later. 100% they use MSG in all the food.

Review №41

Payed extra for a "premium" item.... Was 5 pieces of shrimp in a large entree.... It was literally a box of vegetables that werent even fully cooked.....Panda express used to be lower priced decent quality Chinese food.... You have since upped the prices to more expensive then normal Chinese restaurants and the quality has gone way down.Orange chicken is just soggy. if your dish has vegatibles in it, it will be 75% veggies. And the noodles literally have zero taste to them.... The fried rice is still good, but it's really hard to mess that up.

Review №42

Occassionally missing out on some dishes sometimes, but its okay.

Review №43

I was ordered a meal through drive through a few minutes before closing. I ended up with rice only for a plate and two meats. Be careful

Review №44

I've never visited a Panda Express before so this was my first impression. The establishment was clean and the staff were nice but I'm not a fan of the food itself. I would prefer to order Chinese takeout and customize my order the way I want it.

Review №45

The food trays were dirty with sticky food. They didn't care. They said sorry but did nothing about them. Our food was dry & over cooked. They were friendly.

Review №46

Very bad attention, the food did not look fresh. They made me wait too long and in the end they served him badly and there was a side less.

Review №47

I used to be a regular patron to this Panda Express due to the fact it was the closest. I will never return simply because their customer service can be described as non-existent.I ate at this Panda Express a couple days ago and everything seemed normal. A couple days later I received a double charge on my debit account for that same meal ($10.38). I went into the restaurant to try and get the matter resolved in person. I was told to come back around 4:00pm when the manager arrived. After showing up at 4:00pm I was met by the shift leader (not the manager). After showing her my bank statement which blatantly shows the money leaving my account twice in one day, she tells me she can't help me and the manager won't be in till 4:30pm. So I return to find out the manager isn't even coming in at all and that i have wasted an hour of my time.The cashier called the manager in the back of the restaurant and came to the conclusion that I would not be receiving the money panda stole from my bank account. If I wanted that back I would have to call corporate and wait a week for them to decide if I deserve my money back.This type of customer service is absolutely ludicrous! Why must I wait weeks to receive money that was stolen from me when panda can double charge my account and take my money almost immediately!Never going back!

Review №48

My favorite place! The staff here is always super friendly. If you dine in or go through the drive through they are always super fast. Food is very consistent (I get the same thing every time). Always hot and always tasty!

Review №49

Great placr to get a quick bite when you're in a hurry. Would not recommend for a sit down meal with family and friends since alot of the meals taste the same

Review №50

Alwats friendly service

Review №51

There was hair in my chicken broccoli! I freaked out!!! I was so grossed out, I just asked for my money back.

Review №52

Waited 5 minutes to order because they said teriyaki won't be ready for five minutes. Then went to order, and they said teriyaki would take 15 to 20 minutes, because it wasn't started when I asked the first time. Also had to wait for mushroom chicken. Asked for a comment card, which they didn't have, so they said the manager would come out to talk with us. 20 minutes later, and no manager. Food we had was good, but very dissapointed in how much food was not prepared, and the staff didn't seem to care about it. We love Panda Express, but did not enjoy this visit.

Review №53

I enjoy panda express. Food is good! Very pleasant workers.

Review №54

Always tastes nice but Always cold...even at rush hour when its busy the foods still cold.

Review №55

We needed a quick bite for 6 before they closed. They quickly got the food ready and gave us a lot.

Review №56

Service was great and food was better than expected

Review №57

Sad they removed the dumplings

Review №58

Fast and delicious

Review №59

Good quick service Chinese food. Food is fresh. Can choose between rice or veggies for a healthy alternative. I stick with the Chicken with Green beans. Another good one is the black pepper chicken but it has celery in it and I don't necessarily like celery with it.Restaurant is clean. Staff attentive. Different size options depending on your hunger level.

Review №60

My fav.. Especially the Coolsprings location.

Review №61

The most disgusting food I have ever gotten at a panda express. Everything DROWNING IN OIL.

Review №62

Great quick great tasting meal!

Review №63

Love mein had set for a while, they we're very quick and short with communication, but we're not that busy. It was dinner time and a ghost town, seemed a little strange... Do not like the funky noodles in the eggrolls. Definitely something different, we even had to Google it, to find out what they were

Review №64

Since about 6 months ago, the portion sizes have gotten smaller. The spices have changed to be overloaded with garlic.The mushroom chicken has very few mushrooms and veg, and the chicken is not trimmed into nice bites of meat - it's like you just cut the chicken wherever and throw it in the grill.The biggest problem for me is that you have switched to Coke drinks. I love Mountain Dew and the citrus taste goes best with the Asian spiced foods. So now I have to get the drink somewhere else, then drive to you. That sounds bad.

Review №65

Food was amazing today thanks to dude at drive thru asking for sauce on side this time. amazing amazing amazing

Review №66

My first experience with Tmobile Tuesday and I promise you it is not worth it. They refused to give us our order because we didnt have a confirmation number that we never received via email even though the code was marked used. Nowhere in the instructions does it say to bring a confirmation number. The girl at the counter refused to help us & just started ignoring us & left us standing at the counter while she moved on to other customers with us having no idea what to do. Terrible service even free, it is not worth it.

Review №67

My first experience was paid through TMO Tuesdays. I ordered orange chicken with rice $6.90. From 2 locations on two different days and the serving size was something to laugh about. It wasnt a full size dish it was a kids meals. The dish cost $6.90 regularly for an adult meal lol but it was more like an appetizer. First impression of the Panda wasn't great.

Review №68

In VA. Love the panda Express their. One day would love to try the one here in FL. Guess it would have to be largo, cause Clearwater don't have one yet

Review №69

Good food and service.

Review №70

Delicious food! Great customer service.

Review №71

The food is okay I don't like that they service your food and give you scoop of this and a scoop of that that's really kind of effed-up I going to eat I want to eat that give me a little scoop of this and a scoop of that when I can go right next door and get at least more for the takeout place for less money the same quality I wasn't too impressed

Review №72

Always full of flavor and fresh food

Review №73

Ordered online for pick up... said 9:32 pm for pick up time. Website says open until 10 pm. Arrived at 9:40 and all the doors were locked. An employee noticed me and had the common sense I must have been the one picking up the online order, so she brought my food to the door and asked my name and gave me my order. I asked what time she was open until because it says 10 pm online and she told me 9:30 pm they close. Employees don't get to make up the hours of chains like this just because they want to go home 20 minutes earlier.

Review №74

Every time order from bitesquad my order is never fully complete, so today I went through the drive through. And still didn't get what I asked for. They offered the sweet and sour for the crab rangoons, didn't receive it, asked for soy sauce and yet again didn't receive it. Asked for utensils and yet I NEVER GET THEM. This place needs to be checking their Togo orders twice instead of not caring about what they are sending out of their drive through.

Review №75

Ordered the beef and broccoli through the drive thru, recieved nothing but broccoli with my rice. Horrible service and the food is luke warm. Paid money for barely cooked broccoli.

Review №76

Could have been better. Sometimes its really good sometimes not..

Review №77

This particular Panda Express was different then the others we ate at before. Overall it's excellent food for the price that you pay and the customer service was exceptional. I took note that the cooks, they were very thoughtful in their process while completing their jobs and look like they took their jobs very seriously and with dedication. All of the servers we're very polite and all had smiles. Overall just a great dining experience if you're looking for a nice twist on Chinese food but somewhat in a fast food environment. The quality of the food was exceptional and was very good to taste. They will let you sample any of the meat items before ordering as well. We will continue to eat there and always feel welcomed with the friendly service and nice environment, it was very clean too. Thank you to this Panda Express of Largo and the crew for the A++ service!

Review №78

This place used to be good. Suddenly they removed the potstickers, the only side worth anything in this place. I for one am very disappointed.

Review №79

Do not order online. Got home and they didn't give me 2 things out of my order. Was told I'd have to contact corporate for refund since I ordered online. I just want the food I paid for when I picked it up and am back home sitting down to eat. Not coupons for next time.

Review №80

Went in to order food, and the staff was seemingly in a hurry. There was not enough food for what I wanted to order. So I had to improve for my coworkers on the fly. Then on top of that, they did not give me ALL of my order. I called to speak to a manager, and was told that the manager was unavailable until Wednesday. Then the employee, rudely went on to assist a customer and hung up on me.. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Review №81

Good place to have a quick dinner

Review №82

The food is good. A pleasant staff

Review №83

The best chinese food ever

Review №84

Uhmm, wonderfull. the best you can eat for 10

Review №85

Best fast Chinese food but this location is a rip-off the first 2 photos are of the largo location the rest are from other locations.

Review №86

My daughter's favorite

Review №87

You want FRESH delicious sweet and spicy, you come here.

Review №88

Love this place. Great food, soooo tasty. The service is ok. I recommend coming here, its my favorite fast food.

Review №89

Typical Americanized Chinese food. Quality isn't super consistent as Teriyaki sauce that they use might taste really good one day but too bland the next. Some of the sides sit out for a bit too long and become chewy, especially the orange chicken and Beijing beef. Restaurant is kinda clean. Some tables take a bit to get wiped down and might have some rice remnants from a previous customer so bring a napkin to do a self wipedown if that concerns you. I have no idea where the restaurant gets the music they play, but it's a mix of pop English songs with a couple of popular Chinese songs thrown in. Overall the place is ok for a quick bite, but there are other more authentic Chinese places nearby.

Review №90

3 out of last 5 visits there was no Unsweetened tea made even though it was around Noon - lunch time. Had to wait for it to brew - 10 minutes each time. Also don't find that this location has very friendly staff. I am used to Panda in other state that had super friendly staff always. This one they look bored and uphappy. Where is the Manager?

Review №91

They charge for anything thats good . And portions are skimpy

Review №92

Store was clean and the staff member offered to get us new fried rice when it was getting low. My fiance had beef and broccoli but there wasn't much beef in it, so she got him more on the side and didn't charge us. The food was good as expected and for the price, we will definitely be back.

Review №93

I just asked for some chow mein And rice she suggested a bowl . I got half and half of noodles and rice which was equivalent to one side. I wasn't too worried about it but she still charged me a full bowl price (whichis one entree and one side ) I mean it wasnt even half full of rice and noodles. Pretty aggravated that I was charged for full price for basically half a meal.

Review №94

Fast food Chinese...good bang for your buck

Review №95

Great food, fast. I love trying the samples. The staff was very friendly and attentive to all the customers at this location. Food was fresh and hot.

Review №96

Love the siracha chicken.

Review №97

Love this food always! Just ask them to wok it fresh for you and they will.

Review №98

A wonderful staff who remembers me, even though I don't frequent Panda very often! Quality food and good atmosphere.

Review №99

Josefina the manager really screws up a lot. Like every time it seems like. If her job was to screw up she would nail it. But thats not her job.. The restaurant has potential if it was under new management.

Review №100

Service was good. Restaurant was pretty clean. Everything was well-stock. Some of the food could have been a little hotter. Plenty to eat.

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