Thai Basil II
1700 W Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33770, United States

Review №1

I have been coming here for over 5 years and I truly enjoy it. Service is always great. Decor is very soothing to the eye. Food is always consistently good. Soda is brought out by cans. You can also ask for a spice rack.

Review №2

This is one of my weekly "take out" restaurants. Food is excellent and service superb. I have had only one issue that I discussed with the owner. She listened and it was corrected immediately. Excellent customer service.Highly recommend this restaurant without hesitation!!

Review №3

Love, love Thai food. Most of the food that I get is a mixture of meat and veggies. My favorite sauces have coconut milk, like the Panang curry chicken. Prices are reasonable and staff are friendly. I love the small, intimate atmosphere in this restaurant. Some of the staff have been there for years.

Review №4

I have celiacs so I have to be careful where I eat, but this place was knowledgeable and had many options. Loved the food! Very very good service.

Review №5

Just finished eating here for the first time. Very good! I recommend.

Review №6

Love the food and waitress was great. I will go back again. Great prices too

Review №7

I love their Thai tea and Tom khai soup. Everything on menu is delicious and should definitely check this place out.

Review №8

Great Basil duck! Staff extremely pleasant and good service. Cheese puffs or whatever they are called are amazing!!

Review №9

Waited an extra long time inside the restaurant once the 25 minutes had passed for pick up. "Sorry, waiting for the rice to cook" was the reason. What? Food was very bland and sauce watery. Will not be returning.

Review №10

Excellent! First time trying this restaurant and we really enjoyed it. They were very accommodating to food allergie. Jane was so nice to ensure our order was properly prepared. Amazing Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken are delicious.

Review №11

Friendly service, expansive interesting menu, many vegan or vegetarian dishes. Our coconut milk soup, green curry, edemame, iced Thai coffee and iced Thai tea were all delicious!

Review №12

First time at this Restaurant and we had a great meal. We will be back very soon.

Review №13

I ordered from the West Bay location last night and it was delicious! Fresh, hot, and just plain yummy!

Review №14

Best food EVER!!!! I go at least twice a month. And they remember you by name!!!!

Review №15

We love going here. The food is always wonderful

Review №16

Amazing curries and noodle entrees. Great price and good quality food.

Review №17

Just finished eating here! Very good service and delicious food! We will come back here again.

Review №18

One of the best for Thai food great prices good food

Review №19

Used to love this place til i realized how terrible they were at using the services (grubhub) they offer. spent 47$ on an order that was wrong just to be told it was our drivers fault, so they would need us to pay the same amount for us to get our original order.

Review №20

Won't eat here again. Came to have Tom Yum soup, but they just biked water and put something in it . 15 miles from there is wayyyy better Thai restaurant . Go there !!!

Review №21

Food was ok. Not enough sauce, chicken and beef weredry and flavor less. Cheese egg roll were greasy and lacking shrimp flavorWon't order again.

Review №22

Terrible!! We will never eat here again!! We picked the food up (Red Curry) and it was wrapped up like dog food.. absolutely no flavor!! Then when I called about it they expected me to hurry back there before they closed in 10 minutes and said they would not refund it the next day. All around horrible experience!!

Review №23

Had a awesome experience in this spot with my girlfriend. The food arrived quick and the customer service is just great. Prices are fair.

Review №24

Just finished eating the food here is good do recommend

Review №25

The food is great. They have lots vegan/veggie options! I waited 20 minutes for my takeout, but I think it was worth it. Decent portions for the prices

Review №26

Really relaxed atmosphere and really good sushi. Thai iced coffee tastes great and the eel rolls were good too. The staff are also very nice people.

Review №27

Called for take out order and they said the only chef they have had to go run some errands and wouldn't be back for a half hour so I should call back.

Review №28

I've been coming here since it first opened, growing up down the round and now being in my 30s. I couldn't wait to come back since I just moved back to town.I ordered some appetizers too, so excited. Well-the salad rolls were gross tasting. They tasted like bitter pieces of sprouts which overpowered everything else. I've lived in 8 states now since Florida and I've had lots of good Thai salad rolls. I politely tasted them, strongly disliked them, and told the server I didn't care for them, much to my surprise since I love salad rolls.BUT. The manager came over to tell me, that the policy here, EVEN if something is gross or they deliver the wrong item, is never to take an item off the bill. I've never heard of this at a restaurant. I told her that I normally love them but they tasted off at this spot and she told me that it's not her job to let picky people sample food. I explained to her politely that I felt this was very poor service especially since I had been a regular for the better part of a decade and was going to review my experience honestly. She said she didn't care and I got on yelp to see how other people felt.I'll never come back again! After 16 plus years of patronage, you can forget me! And also after reading other reviews, I read one too many where people had whole cockroaches cooked into their meals.

Review №29

Always the best ! Everyone so friendly . Working hard under circumstances . This is the only Thai restaurant we go to and have never had anything but the best .

Review №30

Yummy, Curry is always good.thanks for the great service.

Review №31

Exceptional food

Review №32

Amazing food as always

Review №33

I've been a Customer for Years!! Never Disappointed!! Great Service, Food, and most Importantly, you're part of the Family!! I've Enjoyed watching the kids grow up!! Thanks for Always Providing Great Customer Service and Delicious Food!!

Review №34

I've been reading reviews and putting off trying this place... boy have I been missing out!! I got beef fried rice and he got pepper beef. Both dishes were well worth their $12.00. I couldn't eat all of my rice but I wanted to! It was a huge plate of food. I can't wait to try several dishes I saw on the menu. This restaurant is so CLEAN. I knew by the smell the moment I walked in... it's not dirty covered with scents to hide... it's just clean. The service was great. Two lovely young women waited on us in team fashion. This is definitely our go to for that asian flavor mood.

Review №35

First time customer here. Located Downtown Largo found it online it's close work. I had to go, the Pad Thai with shrimp. Not bad it wasn't spicy at all is my only complaint so overall flavor was too sweet for my liking. The place is pretty inside and the server who helped me was extremely friendly and got me in and out of there very quickly. I will definitely try it again. If you enjoy Thai food give them a try.

Review №36

Completely ignored us when we walked in. Waited patiently then a gentleman walks in gets immediate recognition and served. Still we wait 2 min then leave. Very poor service.

Review №37

First time there. Waitress awesome. Food Awesome. Those who are gluten free...lots of choices. Decor is interesting and clean, unlike many places its kept clean. I was impressed!

Review №38

This is our favorite Thai restaurant for Pad Thai.

Review №39

I love their food. Highly recommend the lava chicken... just came back and had a Tampa roll a salad and soup and I can't figure out where the six star on Google Maps is

Review №40

The food was delicious and it also tasted yummy. Love how friendly the staff was and the service was good. Would definitely visit again when we come back to Clearwater!

Review №41

The chef specialty rolls were great, the pineapple chicken and rice was flavorful.. the dumplings can be a little better, but no bad comments honestly. Service was good as well

Review №42

Food was awesome. Will he back when I come back in town

Review №43

We have been going here for year. The staff is always very welcoming and the food is always fresh. And obviously they have sushi as well as Thai food.

Review №44

Awesome Thai food! I love the green curry.

Review №45

Very good food for affordable dining.

Review №46

Great food, good service. I get the roasted duck once a week!

Review №47

Great food and service. Soo clean!

Review №48

The food was fresh and very tasty. Interior of the restaurant is very nice also. Very impressed!

Review №49

Delicious! And, large servings. Leftovers are always welcome. Great customer service.

Review №50

The best of the best. Everything is always amazing. Without hesitation I would order anything on the menu and dive in fork first. Desserts are better than anything I've ever had anywhere. Do yourself a favor... Don't just drive by, make it a destination.

Review №51

Always delicious food and wonderful staff, Jane, Mollie, and Ue. We love you ladies!

Review №52

I have been coming here for years. The food is consistently delicious and the staff is exceptionally friendly and attentive. I'm here at least a couple of times a months.

Review №53

Delicious food and great service!

Review №54

Very good food. Good service but a little slow when restaurant is busy. Staff is very polite & respectful. Nice place, take out too. Downside? Is a bit pricey but not as bad as some.

Review №55

Food is delicious!!! The people were super courteous and helpful. Great atmosphere!!

Review №56

Good food but if they mess up your order they refuse to fix it so you're stuck with food you paid $20 for and can't eat. It was covered in pineapples and tomatoes when it wasn't supposed to and I am allergic to tomatoes. Not to mention I waited 45 minutes for this food. VERY unhappy. HORRIBLE service. I had ordered the same thing multiple times before this with no issue. They wouldn't even let me give it back and refund me for it. I guess now I have to find a homeless person to give it to or something so it doesn't get wasted. NEVER coming back to this location.

Review №57

They serve excellent food. Hot thai food is good for the health. Inexpensive esp if u there during lunch time

Review №58

Been going here for years, food keeps getting better

Review №59

Wonderful food and service in a quiet little restaurant. Some of the best Thai in the area. Give it a try!

Review №60

The service and business ethic in this place is awful. The waitress literally followed me to my car to demand that I give them a 20% tip. First of all, I tipped 15% because it took them almost 5 minutes to even acknowledge my family after we walked in the door, the waitresses were not friendly at all and behaved like it was an inconvenience to take our order, and it took over an hour to make the food. So needless to say, I wasn't very pleased with the service to begin with. Second of all, it is my right to tip based on the level of service received and a 15% tip is pretty standard, especially if the service was not good. This woman had the audacity to follow me to my car and demand a bigger tip, spouting something about charging me a "service charge" if I didn't increase the tip amount. She did all this while my 1 year old daughter was screaming in the back seat of my car (she was very tired and ready to go home) and she refused to leave until I increased the tip amount. I was so caught off guard by the whole ordeal and so frazzled with my crying child that I obliged just so I could hurry up and get my little one home. I'm just so appalled that a waitress would harass me, tip shame me, and threaten to charge me some made up service charge so for a couple extra dollars. What kind of work ethic is that? I really hope you reconsider before going to this restaurant.

Review №61

Great food great service

Review №62

Delicious and reasonably priced

Review №63

I frequent this restaurant with colleagues from the hospital. Wonderful customer service. They even named a special dish after me!!!

Review №64

My International women's meet-up decided to meet for dinner at this Thai spot when they found out the Mediterranean choice wasn't open at 5 pm on a Saturday. I wasn't very excited about the other menu so I was happy with the change of plans as I'm a Thai food lover.Note that this is Thai Basil II. Its location at 1700 West Bay creeps up on you quickly so if you drive too fast you'll miss it.Some of the members of our party ended up at the wrong location and had to be contacted to find us. So if you're going with a group, be sure to provide adequate directions.It was my first time at this restaurant. The customer service was excellent with someone greeting us warmly at the door & the waitress remembered my name in a party of 11. I was impressed. I usually go forred curry chicken but instead I asked them to create a dish with sauteed eggplant and drunken noodles. It was .I got to try my friend's curry pumpkin dish which was a hit. I'm going to order it next time. The service was slower for some in our party of 11 but mine was one of the dishes that arrived quickly. Overall it was a great dining experience over Easter weekend. It began to get crowded by the time we were getting ready to leave. I would definitely recommend it.

Review №65

Love their style of lad na.

Review №66

Amazing food and service. Been looking for a good Thai place for a while and happy to finally find it!

Review №67

Food is usually good but not always. 3.5 stars. Love the staff. Prices are just a bit too high. Recipes can be a bit boring so order it special how you like it. I'm glad they're still in business.

Review №68

Good choices on the menu. Good service. Nicely prepared food. You will need to go here several times to try so many dishes. Never have been disappointed.I also recommend the hot sake.

Review №69

I come here quite often, the staff is always VERY attentive and the food is always delicious. I have yet to had a bad meal, or experience and i have been going roughly for 2 years. I brought my parents here for the first time a few days ago and they fell in love with it as well, and they are hard to please when it comes to new restaurants.

Review №70

Excellent food! Don't pass up the Fried Cheesecake for dessert. OMG, YUM!!!

Review №71

Awesome food!

Review №72

Awesome pad thai. A bit sweet so dont forget to ask for spice.

Review №73

Clean and friendly staff. Delicious meals. Always looking forward to stopping in. Wish there were more location like this one. There is no outdoor seating but very cozy inside. Give it a try and review for yourself.

Review №74

Order the lava chicken and you will not be dissatisfied. The bird is breaded and fried, delicately placed on vegetables and inundated with curry sauce, all while being served on a hot skillet.The service was on the slower side and mediocre but not to the point of frustration. I will be coming back.

Review №75

Good food good price, great service

Review №76

Delicious. Everything was cooked perfectly and the presentation was superb.

Review №77

Best Thai food in Florida. Staff is friendly, fun, and courteous. The yellow curry chicken is excellent.

Review №78

Thai Basil II has an enchanting atmosphere and an excellent selection of delicious foods to choose from. Appetizers, soups, salads? All delicious. Pad Thai? Spot on and you can get it as spicy as you like. Sushi? Yes, please! My number 1 go to spot for sushi.The problem? Their service. You can tell they try and I'm assuming they've been understaffed, but it's hard to be forgiving of a restaurant that has slow service each time you visit. It has reached the point that we only order take out, which is a real shame.

Review №79

One word says it all . . . DELICIOUS

Review №80

My first time eating here, and I'm absolutely in love! I've eating at just about every other Thai restaurants in the area, and nothing can compared now. The sushi had real crab meat for less then fake krab at other places and the difference was undeniable. The taste and flavors of our dishes were amazing and so fresh. Our waitress Jane, was so nice and excellent at taking care of us. I will definitely be coming back and making this my new favorite Thai restaurant.

Review №81

LOVE THEIR FOOD!! Favorite dinner is spicy basil beef Thai hot.

Review №82

Food always tasty, good atmosphere,Service great even at lunchtime rush.

Review №83

Exceptional food, I've been coming here for over 20 years. I love their vegetarian menu and had selections from both for this visit the fried kale chips and the tofu Thai vegetable dish were so I love their vegetarian menu and had selections from both for this visit the fried kale chips and the tofu Thai vegetable dish were so flavorful and exquisite. My husband had duck Curry other people in my party had pad thai. For lunch or dinner this place always surpasses my expectations and is very reasonable.

Review №84

Great and friendly service. The cuisine is good to excellent on a consistent basis. Prices are seemingly high but by comparison two other Thai restaurants in the region it is roughly the same or a little less on cost.

Review №85

What an amazing place to eat. Authentic Thai food in a lovely atmosphere. The staff are super friendly. The food is fresh and always served piping hot! Love love love this place!

Review №86

Always a great experience. Food is delicious and staff is curtoues!!

Review №87

Awesome food great service. We will return. WE LOVE THAI FOOD. Clean cute restaurant.

Review №88

DO NOT EAT HERE!This was the worst experience I have ever seen at a Thai restaurant. The lady clearly doesn't enjoy being a waitress. My group had a person who wasn't familiar pronouncing panang duck, our waitress rudely replied, "We only have what's on the menu." (First off, your job is not to be a smart ass. Not everyone knows the Thai menu and name of the dishes by heart. Your job is to help navigate the menu and realize people will mispronounce things. They don't need you to be rude.)As she was walking away, I had asked, "Excuse me, can I get an apple juice?" She hastily replied, "I will get to your order after I help this customer." Mind you, she wasn't talking with another customer yet and only one other empty table away. Does she really need to snap at me and go on a tangent for apple juice? Is that so hard to remember? It's your attitude, lady.At this point I tell my group, this lady is weird and I am ready to walk out but they are really hungry.Our group asked with every request with an "excuse me" or "please" and with "thank you."So what did we do to you? Nothing to deserve your horrible customer service.

Review №89

Stopped in to TB2 for lunch during the week. Was very impressed with the decor. The exterior is not very charming, but the inside is ornately decorated. Service was fast and attentive. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken with brown rice. I received an egg roll as an appetizer (I guess it came with the meal), which was nicely crunchy and delicious. I received a decent helping of food that I very much enjoyed. The veggies were fresh and cooked but crunchy, the pineapple was browned to perfection, the chicken was tender and juicy, and the brown rice....ahhh, so delicious. Tasted more like vanilla rice, but maybe that was the sauce or something. My friend had the curry duck and was also very pleased. I had enough food for leftovers the next day too. Very much worth the trip and I would highly recommend. Great selection of menu items; very clean restaurant. Don't let the exterior fool you!

Review №90

Don't get the papaya salad. Not very fresh. Great egg rolls though and good customer service at least for take out

Review №91

My favorite Thai in Pinellas! Great sushi too! And the staff is very friendly :)

Review №92

Thai Basil II is definitely my go-to restaurant. The food is excellent and the sushi is very fresh and generously proportioned. The staff are kind and friendly, and they do not hesitate to offer you a sample of Thai iced tea if you've never had it before.The restaurant is very clean and has a comfortable, pleasing atmosphere.

Review №93

Food and drinks are way overpriced and portions are very very small!

Review №94

Food was nice and fresh

Review №95

I have been here three times and haven't been disappointed yet. Great authentic Thai food, friendly staff and reasonably priced.

Review №96

Amazing Vegan menu and service! Food was delicious and filling. Highly recommend.

Review №97

Even though they were understaffed when I went, they were very attentive and got me out just in time to make it back to work. Their food is incredible! Best Thai food I've had in on the west coast of FL.I wish they weren't so far from where I live or I would be eating here far more often.

Review №98

Very fresh sushi,quiet decor,and very pleasant service.i hidden gem.i highly recommend.

Review №99

My wife and I recently moved near this restaurant. After one visit we're hooked. All the staff are friendly, courteous, with the appropriate level of humor.How about the food, well... it's just a little bit AWESOME. Never a bad dish. This is the only Thai place I've ever ordered something different.In short, if you're in the county and like Thai cuisine, stop here!

Review №100

The Massaman Curry is exceptional. Wonderful dining experience, and very honest staff. I left my phone-wallet combo under the table and didn't realize it until after hours. I called the next day when they opened and they had found it. When I went in to pick it up they asked several questions to identify that I was the true owner of the phone. Not a dollar of my cash was missing and all my cards were exactly as I left them. I would highly recommend this authentic and honest place!

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  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Groups:Yes
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