BRGR Kitchen Bar
5031 W 135th St, Leawood, KS 66224, United States

Review №1

Eat here every now and then and i really like it. Service has always been good. Nice atmosphere and it's clean. Good selection of beers on tap and in cans. It's a little more than average price for beer but I don't drink much. Burger is always good and the onion rings and fries are good. My only complaint is price here. For 2 people eating burger and fries, it'll be around $30+. Though I still visit occasionally, I'd visit more if it wasn't for price. Would recommend it though if you can get past the sticker shock.

Review №2

Definitely has a bar & grill feel to it. Went with some friends. Arrived about 9:20pm..No one at the hostess station to greet us. Took about 3 minutes for someone to come seat us. There are some unique appetizers and entrees. Keep in mind, the focus of the menu is about the burgers. If you're vegetarian, there is only a few options. What is nice, they offer a turkey burger substitute for all the burger recipes. The portions are quite large! The sides you could definitely share with 2-3 people. If you get onion rings, be prepare to share with about 4 People. The onion rings are Colossal! Our waiter, William, was very knowledgeable, friendly and had great customer service! He even brought us a little humor to add to the evening. The prices are really reasonable. Fries do not automatically come with the sandwiches (keep that in mind).

Review №3

Pretty good place to eat burgers and fries(can feed 2-3 people). Friendly staff and clean restaurants. Bathrooms were very clean too.

Review №4

We got the juicy Lucy (medium well) and the 3 side combo to sample all 3 sides. No regrets! burger was nice tender and flavorful. Would like to try it medium rare next time. It was supposed to have cheese in the center but I didn't notice any but the burger was still great the lighter of the 2 dipping sauces is a little spicy and tangy and the darker is a little sweet and tangy wonderful all around!

Review №5

BRGR Kitchen + Bar is one of our favorite places in KC. They consistently serve burgers that are on my ‘Top 10 burgers in KC list.' If you're not a burger fan, no worries. BRGR has a solid, diverse menu.If you're looking for a somewhat casual sit down place to grab a quick bite, give BRGR a shot.

Review №6

Place was almost empty at 6pm on Saturday night. That should have been a good warning. We sat at our table for 15 minutes and never saw a server. We had menus we got from the host that seated us but no drinks and no service. I will not return.

Review №7

Great, Over-priced Burgers and Fries... But I'll be Back.Met a colleague for a quick business lunch and this review will match in brevity. BRGR lasted longer than its main competitor, Blanc Burger, for gourmet and specialty burgers and now it cornered the market and can charge almost whatever it wants.I ordered the Fast Cow Burger ($11) that was an espresso-encrusted burger, with Wisconsin blue cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, arugula, and a rosemary aioli, served on a Wolferman's English muffin. I ordered it medium and, unfortunately, it came out well-done. Even though we went over the lunch rush, the place wasn't busy, so I'm not sure why they couldn't get it cooked right. However, the complex flavors from the ingredients overcame the doneness of the burger and it was delicious. My three pieces of advice are to 1) cook the burgers on higher heat, so they sear better on the outside and they stay pink in the middle for those who want it medium, 2) add more of the espresso rub so that flavor comes out more, and 3) get a larger English muffin (great idea to use it for a burger, by the way). I also ordered a side of truffle fries ($3.50) and they were great--crispy and a good helping of Parmesean cheese sprinkled on top. The sides are a la cart and you can choose from: regular, truffle or sweet potato fries; regular or truffle tater tots; onion rings; brussel sprouts, coleslaw, charro beans, elotes, or mac and cheese--all varying in price.Overall, it was a good experience with great-tasting burgers. You get what you pay for and they deliver unique entrées.

Review №8

Really good burgers and fries, I love the jalepeno burger!

Review №9

Food is great. Service has been touch and go for lunch a few times but usually pretty good. We go in a group for work and while this location is not as busy service has varied a bit when we go. Food has always been good and I have tried several of the burgers. Tatchoes (tater tot nachos) are pretty good too. We will be back.

Review №10

Visited here and had a relatively good experience but when I noticed they double charged me I called them to get it resolved and they said they were going to cancel the second charge. Instead they charged me for a 3rd time.

Review №11

Haven't been in a long while. Our trip didn't change our first impressions. Food was tasty but were waited nearly an hour to get it. Service was ok. Seemed server was spread really thin. Crowded place with the usual Johnson county vibe and options

Review №12

Great place for lunch during the day. Outdoor seating.

Review №13

It's a little pricey but the burgers are pretty good. Everything is sold separately. The burger doesn't come with fries, you have to order them separately. They might be big enough to share though.

Review №14

Food is Terrific at brgr. We got excellent service. Requested outside seating even though it wasnt ready they were super nice and got it ready for us! Love this place, so accommodating.

Review №15

Food is always excellent and service was very good. I tried the Bison burger and it was just okay so I would stick with beef next visit. Onion rings and tator tots are so good. Be sure to order your burger medium rare, it's so perfect...

Review №16

I cannot say enough good things about the food and service at this establishment. My ONLY complaint would be the music! It's always some early 2000s pop music and very loud. Not a huge fan, and I'm not the only one. Several other people have mentioned it to me... again, great restaurant, awful music.

Review №17

Good place for a burger. Service was friendly and fast. Their food is good, but slightly overpriced. Beer selection is good enough.

Review №18

Have always loved this place, really missed you guys at Jazz Zoo last year. Hope to see you there this year.

Review №19

Some of the best burgers and truffle fries in town. Service is always good even when they're busy. Kid friendly, too.

Review №20

We LOVE this location. It's the best of the three. Atmosphere is awesome and the food is always amazing. Best burgers in KC, you can't go wrong here

Review №21

Great quality. A touch on the expensive side. Fantastic ambience. Good for date night, small groups.

Review №22

Burgers are awesome. I love that you can upgrade to bison or local beef. But... pricey. Ordered two burgers, fries, onion straws and a coke. Bill was $47. Yikes.

Review №23

I'm feeling so grateful for the free Superbowl burgers! Thanks for helping KC celebrate the first Superbowl victory in 50 years!

Review №24

Food was good. Lighting made reading the menu difficult. Variety of items was nice. Patio was great. Server was very friendly and gracious.

Review №25

The burgers are Great BUT they charge you extra for just about everything, Want fries with your burger ? That's extra, limited menu, doesn't help. The location is in an odd place. If you didn't know it was there you would just drive past it, ( I only knew because of the Bonefish grill next to it ). We will go back but just order the burgers

Review №26

Great ambience & well-cooked-delicious food. Wait times can be a little tricky depending on the time of day. Took us 20-30 minutes after we put in an order. Caution: They dont have Apple Pay yet so remember to carry your wallet and/or some cash.

Review №27

Large servings of food and expensive. The Onion Rings are Super Large, so don't order with a burger unless you plan on sharing with someone, or having as an appetizer. The dipping sauce for the onion rings is extremely good though

Review №28

Service was good prices not bad for the area might try it again.

Review №29

My wife and I had a craving. We'd been to BRGR back when it first opened.Almost everything was fine: service, beer choices, menu, cleanliness, etc. ...Until the burgers came. We ordered medium well but they were a little extra charred. There were a couple of good bites and those bites were good. I don't know if this is standard or if there is a need to order down. We probably should have sent them back. I'm sure they would have made it right.One hidden gem: Chipotle aioli dipping sauce for the fries.I'll give them a try again but it'll take some time. The place was full so I think it was a fluke.

Review №30

It was just okay. The atmosphere, people and service was great but the food was just okay. I ordered the adult mac n cheese and it wasn't very different from a plain ole mac n cheese but priced like something that was gourmet. My family had burgers and they thought they were okay. Will probably not go there again.

Review №31

Have been coming here with my wife & 2 kids on Fridays at 5pm for about 5 years. We love it... great staff, great food, always perfect.

Review №32

The menu consists of delicious, well made and diverse items. Everytime I dine there it is nearly impossible to choose an item because they are all equally intriguing and delicious. Despite that, I know whatever I choose I will definitely enjoy. The staff is more than friendly and will go above and beyond to insure a good experience for the guests. This is an excellent restaurant in every sense of the word.

Review №33

BRGR is always a great place for a burger. Plenty of options to choose from and great service as well. They do have other options like wings, chicken sandwiches, and salads.

Review №34

The burgers are great and cooked perfectly. The rotating beer selection is great.

Review №35

Sorry, I realize you sold in 2/19 but you should honor the Gift Cards that regular patrons present. Unacceptable that part of the sale would not include the transfer and allow for current Gift Cards to be used at the restaurant in which they were purchased. Food and service are pretty good.

Review №36

Really excellent burger (Juicy Lucy). Friendly service. Decent price.

Review №37

Cool place..really enjoyed the Funky Chicken sandwich! Great service

Review №38

Met an okay person here. Mac and cheese was good tho

Review №39

We ate at BRGR on 4/20 at 6:40pm. The restaurant was not too busy and it had a nice vibe. Food portions are plentiful and there is a lot of variety on the menu. Food is average, I thought the beef was a bit too fatty for my liking and I can tear up some burgers! The reason for my low review, is that our server never said “thank you.” She dropped off the bill and said “here you go.” That is unacceptable at any restaurant regardless of what you spend. Maybe I am being to critical, but if I am going to drop almost $60 for 4 burgers and an order of tots and I can't get a thank you from my server...that burns my burger!!!

Review №40

When it comes to hamburgers, I am picky. I only eat hamburgers at maybe 5 places at best. Coworkers wanted to go for lunch one day, hesitantly I bought the Road Hoss burger and they have gained a new fan!

Review №41

Went to lunch at the location off 135th. It was not busy. Dining with a group who needed dairy free and gluten free and there were no issues with ordering. Love the totachos. Full bar, although we did not partake. Wait staff was competent, although our waiter looked like he was going to have some sort of heat stroke.

Review №42

Solid burger! Super tasty and the tater tots are delicious!

Review №43

Love their burgers! Tots are always good, and they have their own special ketchup to go with... Tangy and awesome. Don't miss this if you like burgers. Best in town.

Review №44

Good food, but not great. Atmosphere could be better but then it could have depended on the night I was there. Overall, good.

Review №45

Great burgers. The jalapeno burger could be spicier for my taste, but still a delicious high quality burger. Love that you can get tots, sweet potato fries or onion rings instead of just regular fries. Way more food than you should be eating at one sitting, but everything in moderation right? My only gripe is that it is kind of expensive. With tip (and only water to drink) my burger and sweet potato fries cost about $22.

Review №46

Get seated and waiting on a server about 5 or 6 minutes while a couple of them walk past without even acknowledging me or asking if I needed anything. When a server finally comes around, he messes my small order up. I pay $10 for fried pickles only to get a basket of overcooked jalapeños and something else with like 3 or 4 fried pickles. Server hardly around. I just paid for the soda and 4 pickles and left. Highly unsatisfied with this establishment. Used to eat at BRGR at another location, but tired of being assisted by careless servers. Will not eat here again.

Review №47

Always delicious and the bartenders are the best!

Review №48

More drink options than food. Half of burger well done the other half medium rare. Wasn't very impressed for the price.

Review №49

We often have our HOA meetings there as they have a nice sized room for it. We have appetizers and then a few of us eat dinner too. The farm salad is awesome. Heard good reviews on the burgers. Decent service.

Review №50

Great food and great service. Really interesting menu. Options for vegetarian and other non-beef eaters.

Review №51

The food was awesome! Drinks were cold! Service was on point! One bit of advice I would offer, share your sides! 3 of us went. We each ordered a side of tots.... we could of shared just an order of the tots... wish we would of ordered different sides to try! It was all delicious!

Review №52

Really incredible helpful staff. The manager served us and went above and beyond. I highly recommend this place for anyone with celiacs too. I myself have celiacs and I have never had an issue eating here.

Review №53

I was not that impressed my Burger was dry and lacked the juicy flavor I was hoping for! Had really high expectations and was disappointed I will have to try again.

Review №54

BRGR specializes in exactly what the name says. The burgers are delicious and it's a laid back atmosphere. Staff is always friendly and courteous, and the time between ordering and getting your food is surprisingly low.

Review №55

Great happy hour, fun themed decor, yummy food & cocktails

Review №56

I had the New burger it was pretty tasty great flavor. Loved the tater tots..

Review №57

Food is outstanding but our server must have been new to the trade, just seemed very uncomfortable and kind of inexperienced. Received our appetizer then right after our rare burgers arrived. I think he could have time that better.Overall I'd go again, maybe when it's busier and more experienced staff on hand. Very delicious food.

Review №58

One of the best burgers in KC. Bring back the sweet potatoes tots and you'll get 5 stars

Review №59

Great burger place!! Craft burgers, I am not a burger person but I love this place. Not ordinary burgers, something for everyone! Even the sides are amazing and shareable. Drinks/ cocktails are amazing doesn't feel like you are at a burger joint. Feels like an experience! Service has always been good here too!

Review №60

Ordered the beyond burger and was served some other boca burger type patty. Figure paying $12 you should get what you ordered. Granted going to a burger place I shouldn't have expected much as far as veggie options but having just had one the week before I knew that wasn't what I was served. Also updating the menu link would be good, totally different menu.

Review №61

Changing my review from 5 star to 3 because they no longer serve bison as an option and the service isn't as good as it used to be.

Review №62

Great atmosphere and my son is head chef. Great meal and priced right.

Review №63

Nice Modern design restaurant. Great service. Went on a lunch outting with a large group of co-workers everything looked good that came out. On the pricier end, $10-$13 for burgers that do not include fries or any sides. Everything was great and well put together. But the burgers aren't over the top delicious. They aren't burgers that you would never forget.

Review №64

Food was Good, but brownie in Sunday was hard as a rock. I brought it to my waiters attention thinking maybe we would at least get it for free, but that didn't happen. Waiter was nice and the meal was good other than dessert.

Review №65

OUT OF THIS WORLD SERVICE! Our waitress had pink hair, cannot remember her name, but she was AMAZING! I would seriously come back just to have her as our waitress again. The food is pretty good overall, hard to really WOW me with a burger, but get their Mexican Street Corn good!!

Review №66

Fun and interesting menu selections. Kind staff, quick service. Only 4 out of 5 stars due to overpriced items. Would consider returning if I had extra cash to blow.

Review №67

Best place in town for a burger. Wide variety of original burgers, friendly/helpful staff, always clean and fast service. The tater tots here are always excellent. They have deviled eggs with candied bacon on top that are killer. They also have vegetarian options which was surprising at a burger restaurant. Overall it's a little pricey for a burger but worth it.

Review №68

Great burgers and laid back atmosphere. Always a good place to go with friends or family.

Review №69

One of the best burgers in KC with affordable prices.

Review №70

Server for our group was also bartending. Mixed up our tickets and charged the wrong cards for meals. Seemed more bored than overwhelmed by our party of 8. Had to ask repeatedly for refills. Food was good and the waitstaff that helped deliver the food was friendly and helpful.

Review №71

Burger was awesome as always, tots a tad on the salty side. Strongly recommend

Review №72

Based on our excellent experience and service at the power & light location, we decided to stop by this one for lunch... The Jackson salad is unique and delicious and their popper burger was excellent... Cold fries at 1230? Unacceptable... Our server was less than enthused to do her job and would hardly give opportunity for us to respond to her cool ''doin ok's" before breezing by another near by table... Based on this experience I would be iffy on going back...

Review №73

Very nice restaurant friendly staff and great food

Review №74

Burger was *INCREDIBLE* -got the Juicy Lucy and it was like heaven :) Split a large things of sweet potato fries and was not disappointed. The bartender even gave me the remote to the tv after being unable to find the game I was looking for. Quick google search later and I was enjoying Sporting KC with a cold glass of beer and delicious food. Thumbs up!

Review №75

Excellent burger cooked to absolute perfection! Good size burger. Great fries too. I'll be back soon!!

Review №76

Love the place . Service is good. Staff has knowledge about gluten free. I have never fell sick eating here. I usually eat the black bird sandwich and it's just yummy

Review №77

Their salads are good, service was okay.

Review №78

Food was very good but a very limited Happy Hour menu. Lots of competition for HH.

Review №79

The waiter was nice and my burger was tasty

Review №80

This was my first BRGR experience. All 14 of us went there on the recommendations of my sister, who said it was great. Maybe 14 was too much for them to handle. My wife got the fast cow. They really skimped on the rosemary aioli and went she asked for more they said she couldn't have any because the kitchen ran out. ??? What? She ordered her burger medium. Came out well done and dry. About a fourth of our orders came out deficient or incorrect in some way. After we had waited forever for our food. And correcting them again took way too long. So my wife didn't say anything about the burger being dry. Drink refills hard to come by. One of the orders didn't even get put in and that member of our party had to wait. Bless our server he was really trying and was the best part of the experience. Food was overall ok. Sweet potato fries were actually really good.TLDR: First experience. Won't be coming back. Maybe it was because we had too many in our party, but you'd think you'd really want to knock it out of the pro for a big group. ??? If you go, try a smaller group and maybe your experience will be different.

Review №81

A little pricey. Food was decent. A personal preference but the place was really loud. Plenty of parking and we did get seated quickly. Concrete floors and metal chair legs not a good combo.

Review №82

Very good food. I've eaten here several times, and the food is always good. Portions are generous. One order of fries is generally enough for 2-3 people.

Review №83

While the restaurant looks nice and the servers were friendly the food was terrible. We went in on a Sunday evening and they were not busy at all and while not wrong, our order wasn't exactly right either - no steak sauce on steak burgers, they brought tabasco sauce when we didn't ask for any and so on. The meat on my burger was warm while the sautéed onions and mushrooms were cold. The tots tased like they had been under a heat lamp for several hours. My wife didn't finish her burger, while I did. Both us us had an upset stomach within a couple of hours of returning home.

Review №84

Very good! Glad they had gluten free verisons

Review №85

The food is always amazing, even if they cook your burger to the wrong specifications (you order medium-well, you get well for example). sometimes they forget to season the fries? anyway, I've never been sorely disappointed by this restaurant. they took care of me when I arrived earlier than my family by providing some chips at the bar. the bill usually runs about $25/per after all is said and done.

Review №86

Great pig wing's and burger's. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Review №87

Usually love the food here, but everything was overly salty, even my salad. & the burgers are not nearly as impressive as they used to be. Not sure if it was just an off night for the cook or what. Disappointed in our overall experience tonight, especially for the price we paid. :(

Review №88

Good food. Friendly staff. Pleasant atmosphere.

Review №89

3.5 stars......Tasty food, nothing spectacular, won't go out of my way to return. Our server was pleasant, assisted us with questions since it was our first visit. Our burger arrived under cooked, no problems getting it corrected. Downers....... Had to ask for drink refills, and box for extras.

Review №90

This place is awesome! Delicious food and good prices!

Review №91

Wonderful food. Great service. Great atmosphere.

Review №92

Ordered to go for our office which is only 7 minutes away . Had to wait on order when I got there(which was fine) however as soon as I got back to the office our food was freezing cold. I've never gone to this location before and we haven't gone back. But giving 3 stars because they do have great food and just hoping that was an off trip for this newer location.

Review №93

The best burger place ever!!! AMAZING FRIES!! Honestly my favorite burger place I've ever eaten at. Amazing customer service!! The manager Brett came out and personally took the time to ask how our food was tasting on a busy Friday night. I could tell he actually cared about the customers and tried to make them feel at home. Ive gone back once a week since the first time i ate there!

Review №94

Awesome burgers! The Fast Cow on an english muffin is my favorite with sweet potato fries on the side! 4/5 stars because restaurant is rather drafty sitting by the "garage doors" at the front. Can be really hot or really cold over there.

Review №95

Fantastic gluten free burger and fries.

Review №96

Food and service were average. $10.00 for only a burger and nothing else, I would expect more. $5.00 for a plate of over cooked tots? This place is overpriced and full of itself. They sent out my burger luke warm and while they cooked another one, you have to wonder, how do you screw up a burger? Guess since they can't spell right I shouldn't expect them to cook right. Keep moving unless you have money to burn with your dull taste buds.

Review №97

Its always been fantastic when we go but I just ordered my first to-go burger. I got home and there was no cheese. It was supposed to have two different types of cheese and it didn't have either. This was my birthday dinner and it was really upsetting. Really great food, just make sure you double check your food before you leave

Review №98

Fire.. I have to give it to BRGR.. they have the best truffle fries and truffle onion ring Trio I have ever tasted.. best food I have had in KC so far.

Review №99

Good food, clean and good service.

Review №100

Fairly short menu of great sounding burgers. Burger and bun were cooked perfect. The sides were great, try the truffle tots, wow.

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  • Address:5031 W 135th St, Leawood, KS 66224, United States
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  • Phone:+1 913-229-3900
  • American restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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