The Ainsworth - Kansas City
11563 Ash St, Leawood, KS 66211, United States

Review №1

I simply cannot say enough good about this establishment. My family and I were in Kansas City under very unfortunate family circumstances. Everyone at this bar - from the manager, to the bartenders, to the other patrons - made us feel at home and helped us through a couple of very difficult days. I happen to teach business law and ethics, and when a company behaves this company behaved while we were there, I know I've found a company worth supporting. Good drinks were simply an added bonus. This place is much more than that. We'll soon be driving two hours just to go back and give them a special follow up thank you!

Review №2

This place was great for lunch. They have a sandwich or burger with fries and a drink special for just $11.99 for lunch. One of the best burgers I've ever had. Wait staff was fantastic. Cool, different decor. Highly recommend.

Review №3

We really like this place. Food is inventive and very tasteful. The burnt ends combined with eggs and muffin was inspired and delicious. My wife's salad was great but there was a "traveler" on one of the lettuce leaf's that was not washed off. The manager comped the entree which was kind...still it left a hollow taste in our mouths to put it lightly. Hopefully they will take this more seriously in preping their food.

Review №4

I wanted to like The Ainsworth more than I actually did. The atmosphere is great and a nice upgrade from the earlier Ingredients restaurant. The host and hostess were very welcoming and our seating went great. I would rate them and our server a 5. I had the Chicken BLT and my friend a salad. Both looked great...see the pictures attached. I thought my fries and the drinks rated a 5. Unfortunately, my friend thought his salad was just okay and my Chicken was dry and rather flavorless.. I'd rate both a 3. Perhaps an off time. I'll try it again and hope it is better next time as I want them to be successful in that location.

Review №5

Miserable dining experience.On 12-July-2020, we arrived around 2:15 pm to dine. The server informed us that the brunch menu was still available until 3 pm. She also stated the potatoes could be made without gluten. My spouse has Celiac disease. She said it would take about 15 minutes longer to prepare the food due to his allergy.There were only 3 tables when we arrived and the same tables were there when we left. None of the tables had more than 4 people. We didn't receive our food until 3:10 pm.We started to complain around 2:55 pm. There was no manager in the restaurant. When our orders finally arrived at the table, the food was overcooked and cold. The server didn't come back to promptly check on the food, we didn't want to wait another hour for our food to arrive at the table, so we went ahead and ate our food. When the server did finally come back to the table to check on the quality of the food, we complained again. She had to audacity to snark back to us that we ate the food, so obviously it wasn't that bad. I told her if she checked on the food more quickly, we would have told her. I also told her we didn't want to wait another hour for our food to come out.A manager finally came to the table around 3:20 pm and apologized for the experience. Apparently he had left to buy some printer paper. He said the chef had forgotten about our order which is why the order took so long. Seriously. . .That still doesn't explain why the food was cold and why the server didn't immediately check on our food.The manager ended up wiping our entire bill and said this isn't a normal experience for the Ainsworth. I've talked to a few other people who have dined at this location. All of them say otherwise. . .We won't be coming back.

Review №6

Great place to watch Football. Nice selection of beer.

Review №7

I wanted to try this restaurant for their Burt Ends Benedict. First patrons seated for brunch. I could not order the first two menu items because they were all out. Service was very slow probably because they had about five servers sitting down at the bar talking. Food was just below average. Even the food presentation was horrible. Must have been a new cook. I know a lot of restaurants are trying to get back to normal from covid and starting with all new servers. There are also a lot of restaurants that have it all together with a five star menu.

Review №8

Great bartender. Great service. Great patio.

Review №9

Traveling for Joplin, MO, I was in charge of finding a restaurant for a party of 11. We were seated quickly, and received good service! Will definitely be back.

Review №10

First time. Came for HH. Fairly empty at 4:30 so had great service and attention. Barrel aged Eldridge very good (basically an old fashioned). Nachos very tasty with nice presentation. Anxious to try some of the other menu items.

Review №11

Not good do not waste your time or money.

Review №12

Atmosphere..nice patio over looking courtyard. The food was delish.

Review №13

Good flat bread! The pesto was very good!

Review №14

I tried to like this place, but their service and training is just too poor. On today's visit:1) Phone line was down, so I couldn't call for reservations or to even see if they were open.2) Service was *extremely* slow. Five minutes to get a waitress. Almost 10 minutes to get a drink from the bar. THIRTY minutes from the time it was ordered for food to come. This was 2 apps (nachos and wings) and 2 kids meals (noodles and grilled chicken sandwich).3) Food quality was not as advertised. A: The nachos say served with "Black Bean Pico," yet there wasn't a single bean on the platter. When asked, the waitress knew nothing about it. B: The melted cheese looked like it had been sitting below a warmer too long, as it had all hardened up. C: The kid's buttered noodles had SO much butter at the bottom of the bowl, we had to strain them and put it in a different bowl. D: Vegetable side was FROZEN vegetables with some zucchini added.4) Food all came out cold5) Server forgot multiple requests6) Since phone & internet were down, we had to pay with Square, and sign and leave a tip while the server was present.This is NOT the first time the service has been lackluster. All 3 times the servers are not knowledgeable on the menu and absolutely not professional. They are always NICE people and work hard, but the restaurant lacks standards and training. For a high end restaurant charging $9 for a bowl of butter with noodles, I expect some professionalism and training.The food has never been bad, but it is not worth the wait or worth their prices. I wanted to like this restaurant, but tonight was their third and final strike. You're Out!!!

Review №15

I would not recommend this place unless you bring your own alcohol and order something to be delivered to you from somewhere else. The waitress is working hard but the management must be the problem. Very slow service, food arrived cold, alcohol took at least 30 minutes to get to us and we went inside to get it from the bar. Understaffed and poor management.

Review №16

We had a great time last night. Our server, Josiah, was phenomenal! This was our first time there so we asked Josiah what he recommended and he did not steer us wrong with the burnt ends burger! It was HUGE! The truffle fries were amazing and the mac and cheese fries are a must try! We will be back!

Review №17

Great food! Great atmosphere! Awesome drinks!!

Review №18

Why are they getting one stars you ask if my food was good, well mines wasn't the problem. The issues was with my friends meal, he asked for a medium steak and the server said she would go speak to the manager to see what could be done. I saw her speak to him and point at our table, well he just ignored us and didn't say anything. We would have been okay if we were told they couldn't make another one and gave us a reason but to be ignored completely is not the way you conduct business. So I hope this review matters more to the manager then we did.

Review №19

Clean environment. The roads were free of trash which is always a plus while traveling.

Review №20

The food was HORRIBLE and over priced. The candied bacon was COLD, slimy and under cooked.The Philly egg rolls were small and the wrapped used was gross. I wouldn't go here ever again

Review №21

I was excited to try The Ainsworth! When we arrived and tried to order a glass of the house red they were out. No big deal, I picked another drink. Next we tried to order guacamole and tacos. They were also out of guacamole and chicken tacos. Tacos were not their primary focus when looking at the menu but they were on their special. We ended up just leaving at this point out of frustration. I have not experienced another place being out of 3 things I tried to order ever!

Review №22

Should be called ain'tsworth. 2 hours to get food. Manager no where to be found..

Review №23

So just went with the fam for cocktails during happy hour and the sign says HH 3-6 and we all ordered our drinks before 6. We got the bill at 6:17 and everything was full price so I asked about the HH specials. The server came back and basically said “these menus are outdated HH ended at 6” (ya I know we order before 6) he went back and gave us the HH special for 1 of the 5 drinks.. then he said the new menus aren't here because the “bosses in NYC haven't sent the new ones.” So even though the current menus said it was happy hour and showed HH prices it was not honored, EVEN THOUGH we order before this “new” HH time.Sorry you are not winning over any of our business.

Review №24

Great service and good food during happy hour. It took a long time for the food, but our server explained that it's not prepared until you order it. I had the ainsworth burger and it was delicious. My husband had the shrimp bruschetta and the oysters for $1.00 each. Would go back but would really try to order more from the happy hour menu.

Review №25

Staff if really here for you. Good choice of beers and the burgers are ok. A bit too noisy.

Review №26

Absolutely my favorite spot in the KC area for a good burger. The owners treat everyone like family. If you have not tried the Mac & cheese burger, your missing out!

Review №27

This place constantly delivers. They serve fantastic food for reasonable prices, there is no waiting time even when they are full.

Review №28

Great atmosphere, service, and food.

Review №29

Excellent burgers. Atmosphere is relaxing. It wasnt busy when we went but the service was quick and staff very friendly. Food quality is great.

Review №30

Awesome pub! Had the skirt steak which was absolutely fantastic. Greg and the other bartender were great.This was my second visit to the Ainsworth, the 1st being with a group of 8 that had rolled into town late and the kitchen was already closed. They went out of their way to put together some munchies for us. Will definitely return.

Review №31

This place is the worst restaurant I have been to for a while. The staff was very friendly and accommodating but the food is not good at all. The atmosphere is cute though!

Review №32

Food was excellent. Drinks were great. Server was very friendly but the service was extremely slow.

Review №33

Deceptive menu and pricing--from offering "still water" vs. tap & charging for pricey bottle, to inquiring of side dishes as if included when most are at additional cost. This mentality makes sense in a high end restaurant, but not so much in a limited menu burger joint.

Review №34

Disappointed in the service we had tonight from our server. He tried to up sell everything we ordered. We declined all add ons, but we were still charged for two. He would not remove both fees. The burger was the only good item. The kids meal was so overcooked it could not be eaten. My fish tacos had almost no fish on them, and only one had the sauce listed on the menu. The nachos were cold and unappetizing. Everything was overpriced for how terrible tasting the food was and how bad the service was.

Review №35

Great food poor service

Review №36

Decent burger and recommended place for hangouts

Review №37

The happy hour menu was lower quality food then I expected at this restaurant. Order off the real menu for higher quality food. The burgers off the real menu looked good.They have a great patio next to the park area so it's a good spot to take kids, especially on a nice day.

Review №38

We walked in, no reservations, and feeling underdressed (until we noticed all the cleverly hidden and understated flat screen TVs) -- agreed to wait at the bar until a seat opened in dining.. but, instead, the bar was full service and since the place was so busy the attentive management got our first round instead of bothering with a table. Our two bartenders had all their stools soon full and a a couple high tops to attend to, too. Constant swinging of the kitchen doors. Pay per view. And the burgers were insane, thanks we'll be back for real..!

Review №39

Game day app sampler says includes slider trio. App menu says slider trio and describes it as classic, bbq, Mac and cheese... But when ours arrived it was 3 bacon cheeseburgers. Questioned server she replied that we've changed the menu and we've served it this way for months no ones ever questioned it before. She said she had to talk to someone... Later we got a Mac and cheese slider and abbq slider with no further explanation or apology. (You changed the menu but the physical menu in my hand stated what I was saying) bizarre. Also server said she couldn't split a bill. Rediculous. Food was ok. Nothing special.

Review №40

Some of the worst service I have ever had. Drinks took forever to get. Food took forever and was wrong. Went on a Saturday night at 6:30 pm. Had a reservation and they were out of almost every wine on the list. Would not recommend to anyone.

Review №41

We had a great time. The food was amazing and the adult beverages were perfect.

Review №42

Great atmosphere, very relaxed but definitely lives uo to its description of an "upscale sports bar". Great food, priced a little high, but not out of reach. You can take your family, as there is outdoor seating and a little lawn with games for kids who need to move around. Beware though, lots of little up charges sprinkled around the menu could result in higher spending than you intended.

Review №43

The bartender was nice, but for a Sunday afternoon with less than 10 tables in the restaurant at the time I would say, it took 40+ min for us to get our food. We over heard another table complain about the same thing! No reason it should take that long for food especially when the place was so dead! Manager never even came out to apologize (maybe he didn't know). But I would be letting a manager know after 20 min.The food wasn't that great to go back. Boyfriends steak was chewy and my veggie burger was just alright. I didn't know it was going to cost 6.40 extra to sub the baked potato. I think they should of mentioned how big of an upcharge it would be for that!! Because I wouldn't of ordered it if I knew.

Review №44

Nice bar. Great location and nice patio seating overlooking a grassy courtyard

Review №45

Love how accommodating The Ainsworth is for vegetarians if you ask the waitress! To those who complain about overpriced food...go to McDonald's for your burger or pay for what you get. And what you get at the Ainsworth is great service and a good ambiance. Always love my brunches here and my servers!

Review №46

Good place, Gold wings made for a good time

Review №47

This place is beautiful but they need to overhaul their kitchen and hire a real chef

Review №48

For a Sunday night it was very empty which meant we had service to ourselves. A decent selection of beers. The Mac and Cheese Burger was above expectations. The hamburger patty was a good size and cooked perfectly. The mac was creamy and having a fried mac patty as well pushed this over the top. The only down side were the fries. Skinny shoestring fries. But there was a pickle so that's a plus.

Review №49

My wife and I got a babysitter and wanted a nice quiet dinner. We chose the wrong place. The food was adequate but the wait staff interrupted us every few minutes. Before I even got my coat off to sit down the waiter came over and asked what we wanted to drink, and before we could even answer he started naming off a bunch of cocktails. The place was nearly empty but it felt like we were being rushed. Same when it came time to order, he asked what we wanted and then rapid-fire named off a a few of their most expensive items. The forced up-selling got annoying during our visit. About half way through our meal we decided to keep track of every time a waiter would come over and ask if we wanted another cocktail or something else to eat. 11 times. It was a bizarre experience. Any other restaurant would be a better choice. The Ainsworth?...more like the Ain'tsworth.

Review №50

Food is good. Had coffee rubbed tacos and truffle fries. Service was slow for a half empty lunch hour. Odd choice of steak knife scratched wooden platters for a taco plate. Overall good food, but needs some polish for an "upscale" experience.

Review №51

This evening was our first experience at the Ainsworth. We were celebrating a good friends birthday & looked forward to trying something new in the area. When we arrived we stood at the front entry without being greeted for some time, Once seated we were offered drink suggestions quickly and ordered several starters. We placed our dinner order and proceeded to enjoy good conversation. Our party of 6 waited what seemed to be a long period of time without any acknowledgment from the server. The restaurant was nearly empty this evening & waitstaff seemed to be standing around socializing. When we were finally presented with our food we noticed that my wife was missing her crab cake which was ordered with the salmon. We asked the server where the crab was only to be told that they were out of them & don't worry I took it off the bill. This information would have been nice to know before the order was placed by the server so that we could revisit the menu to find something else. Another gentlemen in our party ordered the filet with lobster and the drawn butter was not brought out with the meal. We once again asked if we could please have some butter brought out to the table, roughly 10 min later we walked inside to the bar and had to ask the bartender to please have butter brought out to the table. I ordered the filet with blue cheese sauce only to discover when it was brought to the table that the sauce was presented in a bowl & appeared to be warm blue cheese dressing? Needless to say the experience was horrible and it seemed that the establishment lacks proper management & attentive staff. The lack of customers in the restaurant is a testament to the quality of service we received.

Review №52

One of the worst experiences I have ever had at a restaurant. Absolute joke. Was almost empty besides what appeared to be the owners son living out his DJing dream. Horrible music and unnecessarily loud for 10 people max! On top of that they were out of steak... not a big deal, I ordered an app and another entree. Their food is the most bland food ever created. Whatever ever you order you will receive the most mediocre version of that dish. Never going back. Gives me something to laugh about though so it's not all that bad!

Review №53

I have always had a great experience at The Ainsworth. The staff is very friendly and works hard to provide a great dining experience. The Mac & Cheese fries are AMAZING. I will definitely be back!!

Review №54

Tried to eat there yesterday. They were out of Oysters and wings.

Review №55

Super patio for catching a movie or a concert. Yummy food, creative cocktails and very friendly staff. Great vibe.

Review №56

Food was good. Service was great.

Review №57

The server was inattentive, she actually made faces as I asked a question about the menu. I should have walked out then but because I was with a friend and this was a first visit for both us us, I wanted to give it a fair chance. We waited over 30 minutes for two appetizers. Then both of our orders came out incorrect. The server was full of excuses about a big party and the cooks being overwhelmed. I commented to my friend that if they were busy, they'd be in real trouble. I would recommend you find another option instead of choosing this restaurant.

Review №58

Food was average for me, not so good for the wife. Their crab cakes were too salty, dry, and over cooked. Ordered their signature cocktail and it was not served cold.... just below room temp. Bartender was not knowledgeable about their wine selection, and spent more time talking with the staff than people at the bar.

Review №59

Great food and atmosphere!

Review №60

Monday night is steak night - half off steaks and wine, nice!

Review №61

We had a great time. I was surprised at how busy it was. I recommend reservations on the weekend. The food & service was very good. The only ding is the acoustics...the noise level inside was extremely high & on par with a bar. We will be back.

Review №62

Wonderful upscale bar! They have tons of tv's for the games, the best playlist you've ever heard (Usher, Chris brown, Jeremih, 80's & 90's), and the best servers and bartenders. I had the Ciroc and Chronic and Cobb salad, both were delicious and I highly recommend. Next time I'm in town I'll be back!

Review №63

Came here for a friends birthday. It was a Friday night around 6:30 and we were 1 of 2 or 3 other tables in the entire restaurant and the bar was empty. Despite that - the food took over 40 minutes to receive - and the drinks didn't arrive much sooner. Service was SLOOOOW!Not only that - but my card was ran, a pending transaction was posted to my bank - reversed and charged for over double. They decided to help themselves to a $40 tip!!Such a bummer because I really enjoyed the food and was looking forward to bringing my husband back for the burnt end burger.

Review №64

So many TV's it wasn't fine dining but overstimulating bar feel

Review №65

Recently hosted our office holiday party at The Ainsworth. They did an amazing job with a group of 30 people. Pre-event planning was thorough and easy. The food was truly delicious! Burnt End sliders - YUM!!! We had a dedicated server for our group and she was amazing. A great experience all around. We will go back.

Review №66

Somewhat overpriced for average food. Went for drink special and got charged regular because they rang in drinks minutes after time was up. Great well whiskey and coke tho.

Review №67

Friendly environment. I walked in by myself during the McGregor and cowboy fight. I saw that the bar was full, so as I walked out I was offered to sit somewhere I could still watch the fight. 10/10 would come back!

Review №68

Heard a great deal of buzz about this new restaurant. Probably my first and last time I will visit. Biggest flaw was the flavor of the food, or the lack of I should say. Service was poor and didn't feel any presence of management ("table touch"). 2 stars come from the modern atmosphere it offers. Glad I can cross it off my bucket list, won't be going back anytime soon.

Review №69

Great experience

Review №70

Horrible waited 2 hours for my food came here at 6:00 and got it at 8:20 and it wasn't even busy

Review №71

This place did NOT disappoint!! We tried several taco's on “half price taco Tuesday”, it was hard to choose the favorite! Sliders were yummy and those mac n cheese bites were delish!! Our server was also great!! I am definitely coming back, keep up the great work!

Review №72

Generous portions. Burnt ends hamburger was tasty. Staff very friendly. Wish there was a basic wedge salad option with different meat choices and I would be a regular there.A bit disconcerting when trying to talk to others in our booth & someone at another table is staring what appears to be right at you (but at the screen right above your head). Screens seemed to be out of place here.

Review №73

Nice place, slow atmosphere but Great burger!

Review №74

The staff was great

Review №75

It's convenient if you work in the area, but the service, food, and prices aren't all that outstanding during the lunch hour. It was an okay experience.

Review №76

Great food and amazing service!

Review №77

Mac & Cheese Burger, so good!

Review №78

Very good food, nice atmosphere.

Review №79

Nice food. Nice setting.

Review №80

Really delicious happy hour. Mac n cheese bites are craxy good. The chicken in the fried chicken taco needs to be fried! A little breading will add a perfect crunch. Too many TV's. Felt like a bar. Expecting something cozy and quiet. Overall a nice experience.

Review №81

Noise level unbearable. This location has the potential to be a great "date night" location, low lighting, ice skating rink outside, tables for two. Instead, we had loud music on top of echoing bar conversation extending over the "faux" hedge. Though only 15 people were in on a Friday night, it sounded like a crowd of 50 at the local dance club. Music was too loud to be just atmosphere. Food was good, but forget trying to have a conversation--unless you like yelling.

Review №82

Great food, great music, & great vibes. Bartender Vanessa is gorgeous. Wife loves the Brussels sprouts

Review №83

Excellent burgers! Maybe one of the best I've had. Lone star burger if I remember correctly. First time here. A keeper!

Review №84

Great customer service. Blair stayed on top of everything for our large group.

Review №85

The Ainsworth is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. They provide unique dishes and a good atmosphere. One of my favorites items are their fried macaroni and cheese sticks, as well as their Mac and cheese burger. Good place for dates and stuff.

Review №86

Great drinks, food, and service. A must visit.

Review №87

Service was great! Bathrooms dirty and took to long to get our food and was cold

Review №88

One of my favorite spots in KC! They have a great happy hour and their burgers are some of the best in town. The burnt end burger is one of my favorites.

Review №89

Cool, nice place to hang out! Really relaxed atmosphere!

Review №90

Had date night here on 1/31/2018 great atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious cocktails, and a mac and cheese burger! Thanks Jason and Michelle for taking great care of us!! We'll definitely be back soon!!

Review №91

Fun happy hour, good food!

Review №92

Danney and his team do a great job of providing great service and delicious food. A go-to spot in Overland Park for burgers, wings, great sandwiches and hand-crafted cocktails.

Review №93

One of my favorite places in KC - and it's located right in the heart of Leawood. Great food, amazing music (like seriously best playlists), and trendy atmosphere. Only thing I could complain about is the staff. Not usually the nicest, and a bit pretentious but that's the only thing to complain about. Other than that, great place. Worth a visit.

Review №94

Food is great, but the best part is Grace the server!! She is wonderful and so sweet!

Review №95

Drinks were delicious...but glasses only half full with no resolve. Service was terrible. Food was okay.

Review №96

Great atmosphere and excellent service! Burgers were good, but I'm not a fan of the thick buns on them. Still, nice place and will be back.

Review №97

Tapas were wonderful. The staff were very prompt and courteous!! Atmosphere was very nice. We'll visit again!

Review №98

I went here for the first time the other day. Diamond is amazing! She's super friendly & made my experience one to remember. I will definitely be back.

Review №99

Absolutely amazing food! The pepper jack chicken sandwich was hands down the best one I have ever had!!! I will for sure eat there often!

Review №100

Great service, atmosphere good people watching from the patio. Also $5 Tank 7 during happy our could get you in trouble. Mac fries awesome!

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:11563 Ash St, Leawood, KS 66211, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 913-320-2530
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–2AM
  • Saturday:10AM–2AM
  • Sunday:10AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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