Del Taco
7060 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

Very friendly service, but there was a long wait.. the crunchy Del Taco taco was pretty good and the guacamole with chips. I used the app and got free tacos.

Review №2

I love Del Taco! Its my fave.. its never busy and its cheap and not too many calories. For me its perfect.

Review №3

I use the drive through mostly and it's very fast even with long lines. The order is correct everyone so far and I'm a complicated order. I enjoy my military discounts also. They are open very late. My score is a six out of five stars!

Review №4

It's pretty good for fast food tacos - especially the fish taco. I like their crinkle cut fries. Doesn't come close to a taco shop though. It is cheaper than a taco shop.

Review №5

Today is my last day for fast food! I decided to have Del taco in Lemon Grove. I was treated very well as I ordered my food. I brought the whole family and had the fiesta pack and macho fries. Food was fresh and we had a good time eating dinner together. Good place to take the family at a reasonable price for fast food.

Review №6

Amazing friendly serviceThe staff was extremely professional, they truly care about their customers

Review №7

I love taco Tuesday at Del Taco

Review №8

Double Del with bacon U can't go wrong

Review №9

Fast and good service!! Food was good.

Review №10

I liked that they have the Beyond Meat Avo Taco on the menu and I liked the guacamole side. Avocados are such a tasty satisfying healthy food and with being able to include this meatless taco ( I've been hearing HORRIBLE things about what is in most FF meats, I'm going to be a new regular customer if and when I done out.

Review №11

I celebrated my birthday last night in this great restaurant. I am glad to say that we enjoyed a terrific evening and the restaurant was unquestionably one of the reasons for this successful gathering. The crew collaborated in a very nice manner, the food was yummy and my buddies were so cheerful. We shall absolutely return for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Review №12

I really appreciate that this location is open 24 hours. There have been quite a few times when I've been out very late due to work or other constraints, and there are not a lot of choices available for a quick, hit, fresh drive thru meal convenient to where I'm passing by.Food here has consistently been well prepared, fresh and to order. I will definitely continue to come back!

Review №13

They are always busy and very slow. The food was warm not hot.

Review №14

Good good slow drive through

Review №15

Our drive thru guy was hilarious! Thanks guy that told us our order was $31 and my BF said NO when it was $13 it made me laugh so hard! He was great...honest mistake.

Review №16

This store is always understaffed, and super slow. Food is good as usual.

Review №17

I think the steak would have been better if I went across the street to Petco and got it there instead. Fresh mexican grilled ? Mine was lucky to have even been microwaved. And the tortilla was like if you dont seal the bag all the way and just leave it out for a week.

Review №18

Had to wait a really really really long time because the lady forgot to turn the shake machine on today! So very unprofessional and if I wasn't picking up food for someone else as well, I WOULD HAVE LEFT AND WENT SOMEPLACE ELSE.

Review №19

Very busy location, but the food always tastes fresh for fast food mexican.

Review №20

Love the macho beef burrito, not on menu but you can order

Review №21

The employees are so sweet.

Review №22

The carne asada fried surprised me!!! They are actually pretty damn good for the price

Review №23

My kids love coming here to eat. I think its because it has a little play area. Once they are done eating.

Review №24

This place was poor and very rude when I called to let someone know that they mess up on my order. So I give them no stars. So be careful!

Review №25

Food is always reheated instead of fresh

Review №26

The food is much better. I have not been here in several years because of the food. Someone is making good changes...

Review №27

Good crunchy chicken tacos for the price.

Review №28

Good fries. Old meat

Review №29

Been eating here for along time enjoy everything about the place

Review №30

Faked food cheap tacos homeless outside

Review №31

Closes early. No time posted. They just close whenever they seem fit.

Review №32

Good customer service.. the cashier was really kind and helpful..

Review №33

The food tasted fine, the store was clean, and the staff was friendly. The food, however, made me ill shortly thereafter. I paid way too much for that experience.

Review №34

Really yucky the cheese cake bites were delish but the rest was really yucky!

Review №35

They made it quickly and the people were good.

Review №36

Good Mexican food and good milkshakes

Review №37

Ok ! Good food

Review №38

Avocado and fresh salsa makes their food better than taco Bell. Consistently pretty good and inexpensive.

Review №39

The Del, did great by adding the NEW $$1.00 Menu good job no more Taco Bell for me...

Review №40

Service was average. Place is generally empty with 2-3 guests every time I'm there, but the drive thru is non stop. Food was freshly made.

Review №41

Ordered the donut bites and caramel cheesecake bites last night and they were both bitter, like the oil was old or something. Would not recommend. Just nasty.

Review №42

My fries had to be put in the microwave they were Ice Cold. The fish taco was Ice Cold and had the fishiest taste and I not just spit it out but through it in the trash, the regular tacos were soggy but I choose to eat them. From now on I will ask for all my food out of the greese and grill!!

Review №43

Del taco is forever my socal fav

Review №44

I have not eaten here in decades but found out it was really good. I liked the tacos and carnitas burrito.

Review №45

Awesome but you have to pay for a side of ranch.

Review №46

Their food is so much better than back in the days

Review №47

Great customer service

Review №48

I like their prices. The food is good. The rice is a bit hard sometimes :-/

Review №49

I understand fast food requirements are low but messing up orders is wrong. I don't care about customer service give me what I pay for. never going again... sticking total Mexican food

Review №50

For taco night be sure to order at the restaurant and not in the application as you will be charged less, by around 40 cents per 3 chicken value of sell on Tuesdays has similar results

Review №51

Always down for a Del Taco, drive thru was quick and the attendant was courteous.

Review №52

Awesome late night crew! Always a pleasure and delicious.

Review №53

I found a long piece of hair in the del classic chicken burrito. I am glad I was able to post this so maybe human resources can read the comments. Nothing else to say Besides the drive through was pretty fast compared to some other places. Thanks.

Review №54

Always get my orders right.!

Review №55

Everything hot, but no dine in yet.

Review №56

Great Service and price

Review №57

Good service

Review №58

Best service in southern California

Review №59

Best fries!! Great customer service

Review №60

Food is amazing I love the loacation as well they have very nice staff only thing is there's a lot of homeless people

Review №61

Sara in the drive thru is absolutely the best fast food worker I have ever encountered

Review №62

Food is good and the drive-thru is open 24 hours a day, perfect.

Review №63

Really good food and not too expensive

Review №64

Good service

Review №65

Great customer service. Especially from one of the managers who's name I've sadly not yet learned. She is always on it with taking care of customer'and lessoning the line professionally,fast, with a great attitude & smile to back it.Thank you Del Taco and your Manager.

Review №66

Del Taco is always a good quick place for a fast meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner).This location even has a playground for small children.

Review №67

Slow at drive up window and i was only one in line took 15 min

Review №68

Outstanding food and well trained staff. I love the food.

Review №69

Consistent food quality and service. Not bad for fast food. Less heartburn than Taco Bell.

Review №70

This location is usually great but I just went in and apparently someone ordered 200 tacos before me, I got there and ordered the $4 box - 2 tacos sm fry sm drink and was waiting for 20 minutes before I got fed up and requested a refund, apparently on top of being behind from of the other person's huge order they also just straight up forgot about MY order. I understand large orders need a lot of help but you could easily just have the majority of your team working on the large order and then one or two people working the small orders so they don't have to wait around forever, it isn't too much to ask for. - Irritated and hungry

Review №71

Efficiency, courteous staff

Review №72

Poor/slow customer service

Review №73

It's a nice little spot for lunch or dinner. The menu is decent and the prices are alright. I mean, it's not Taco Bell but it's ok.

Review №74

Good customer service while I was there. Very polite. Food is great. And cool environment.

Review №75

You know, I have to say it was pretty crowded but I went inside anyways. it took a few minutes but nothing spectacularly long. top marks for the staff who endured a really mean lady yelling at them because her order took about all of well she was there for 5 minutes. Definitely will return!, Love the fellas

Review №76

Im standing there the only customer walked in and 2 employees talking. Not once acknowledged me, but they looked at me and continued a personal conversation. I was stunned. I was going to walk out but l decided to order 1 small ITEM and go somewhere else.

Review №77

I ordered a few items from postmates. My two beyond avocado tacos were missing from the order. I contacted postmates & all they could say was oh well, we will let the restaurant know & ur out that money, cant do anything for u. I tried to contact the restaurant itself & it just rang & rang for 2 minutes. Poor customer service on both parts but mainly on del taco, especially because they have a stick on the bag that said doubled checked for accuracy. Ha, bullsh!t!

Review №78

Good food and very good service

Review №79

Great service. Awesome low prices.

Review №80

The young man at the drive thru was very polite.

Review №81

Quick fast food can't go wrong with it

Review №82

What can someone really say about a fast food place. I think Del Taco is better quality than taco bell but that's just me. The place inside could be cleaner and more modern. Sometimes service is slow. But they are helpful and kind.

Review №83

Always good food

Review №84

Tacos were yummy, love the meat .compared to taco bells salty meat

Review №85

Great place if you went some cheap yet good food

Review №86

I haven't been to Del Taco in a few years but wanted a quick bite. I ordered the $6 meal (chicken tacos and a chicken and cheese quesadilla plus drink) What a tasty meal!!! I will be returning for taco Tue today, and I can't wait to try the beyond taco (meatless). I will bypass Taco Bell sorry not sorry I do wish that I had a picture but we inhaled it rather quickly lol, but I will take one next time.

Review №87

Very nice and fast service!

Review №88

Good deals. Not a big fan of their beans but the tacos are good.

Review №89

Not good!

Review №90

This place was bery nice and clean. The food tasted great. This location is offering Beyond meat!! My vegetarian spouse and i enjoyed

Review №91

Great tacos, the food all together fresh, with good price

Review №92

Just learned about Taco Tuesday!!! Plus there food is good and my little ones love the play ground

Review №93

No stars! Worst experience ever, waited 20 min in lind and another 10-15 min for food then got the order wrong by that time we had to go and asked for it to go, I got like burrito bowl and didnt give us our fork or when they the order wrong we still had to pay the diffrance even when it their fault, our burritos we half the size of unusual ones we get and my bowl was saddest looking bowl ever! So upsetting, also their iced tea was out by the time my son got his fries and quesadilla it cold he did not want to eat it. There was one cashier and she was working both the DT window and the counter service btw may that is why everyone was getting their order wrong!! Everyone was discombobulated staff as well as the customers.

Review №94

We love coming here. Food is always good, and there is a play area for the kids. We lived close at one time, and use to spend hours here

Review №95

Fast and friendly

Review №96

Great bean burritos

Review №97

Great service good food

Review №98

They now offer the beyond meat vegetarian burger substitute in their tacos and burritos. Nice! The service was great and quick.

Review №99

Quick service.also have a small indoor kid's play area.

Review №100

Crew is sweet. This day they were swamped. And still in good spirits

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:7060 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States
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  • Phone:+1 619-698-2076
  • American restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–11PM
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  • Wednesday:8AM–11PM
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  • Saturday:8AM–11PM
  • Sunday:8AM–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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