El Pollo Loco
7087 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

Great tasting chickens with varieties of other choices like tortillas, coleslaw, fried beans and rice. The chickens are cooked very well over the fire with a tasty sauce. It is very healthy. Bona petite.

Review №2

I will appreciate if the employee how more respect for CUSTOMERS service!!!! I don't why people how so sacarm and order was not the right no tortillas I ask for salsa .... I'm so so tired.... employees they have meetings how to help CUSTOMERS and one thing pleaseeeeee SMILE AND SAID THANK YOU... I KNOW WE SOME DAY COME I'M NOT YOU MOM .. WHEN YOU'RE AT WORK TRIED TO DO THE BEST... OWNER PLEASE CHEER UP YOU EMPLOYEE'S RECOGNIZE THE HARD WORK MOTIVE... SO THEY CAN WORK WITH CONFIDENCE AND THEY WILL LOVE THE JOB... I HOPEFULLY MY COMMENTS WILL HELP .... IM TRAVEL A LOT I DON'T HAVE AN OPTION TO GET FOOD AT RESTAURANT OR USE YOU PLACE.

Review №3

So so customer service. Long wait for food order. AND cashier asked person cooking chicken (which was full of cooking chicken) if there was enough for me to place my 16 pc of chicken order Also, didn't get gravy as should have with mash potatoe meal order. PLUS, rec'd serious hesitation from the manager when I requested more green and red sauce for the $40 chicken meal order.

Review №4

Waited for fresh chicken. Because that's the way I like it and they aimed to please.

Review №5

It's a very big place sadly they don't accept EBT they don't have a dine-in but they have takeout and drive-thru due to the pandemic. I love their variety of choices of combos absolutely love churros. They speak English and Spanish so for those of you who use their family members to speak for them don't worry there super friendly and super helpful so don't be bashful.

Review №6

Had the chicken avocado street tacos, YUM, a must try, great eats

Review №7

I walked in and ordered a family meal and they took a very long time. Thirty minutes was my wait. Would not recommend coming here.

Review №8

Horrible customer service at this location. Cashier was extremely rude once I had noticed there was an issue with my order. Full details of my October 7th order that took place at 7pm below.I placed an online order using El Pollo Loco's the website while I was sitting at my bank. I timed it perfectly that the food would be done when I arrived at the location I selected. I placed the order and made my way over to the Broadway, Lemon Grove location. Due to the lights it took me a few minutes longer than expected. When I walked inside, the cashier asked to take my order. I told her I placed an online order and she went looking through the bags. She told me my order hasn't been started yet, but she'd start on it right now. So, the app says my order will be ready in 15 minutes and I arrived 20 minutes later and it hasn't been started? Okay, nothing I can do about it so I say okay and step to the side.I watch as she starts my order, puts it to the side, starts another order and puts that one to the side, starts a third order and puts that to the side. At this point I'm thinking she starts the order and someone else is finishing them, but no. She circled back to my order and does a little more and goes down the line again. So finally she's putting the chips in my bag, seals it closed and tells me to have a good night. I say thank you, and take my food to a table and open my bag.I want to make sure nothing was forgotten before I drive home and end up having to drive back. So I go through everything and I realized I'm missing the guacamole to my chips and guac. So I go back to the front with my food and the same cashier looks at me and looks at my open bag. I start explaining there's no side of guacamole for the the chips. Her FIRST response to finding out an item is missing is, “MA'AM IS THST YOUR ORDER”? Are you kidding me??? I tell her yes this is MY order that I placed online on your website. Her response to that was, “oh we're out of guacamole”. Excuse me? Your out of guacamole, but less than 2 minutes ago you handed me what you made me to believe was a complete order, without uttering a word about how you were out of one of the items I ordered and paid for? She intentionally handed me an incomplete order hoping I was a delivery driver and couldn't check the items or that I would just walk out. So she asks if I'd like to switch it for another side, which I didn't since I had already ordered all the sides that I wanted when I originally placed my order. She asked if I wanted to speak with her manager and I said no just refund me for the missing guacamole and I'll be on my way. She then proceeded to go speak to another employee behind the table where all the food is, back by the grill in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish so all I understood was guacamole. Then she went to the employee over by the drive thru window and speaking on Spanish again said something about guacamole. Then came back to me and asked if I wanted to switch it for another side. At this point I'm annoyed and embarrassed. I have no idea what she was saying and why everyone she just spoke to was starring at me. I ask if they have avocado slices, I'll mix my own guac at home. She gave me 3 slices of avocado and told me to have a nice night.So they had avocado, and couldn't make more guacamole? And instead of telling a customer an item from their order was missing they handed me what was believed to be a complete order? Delivery drivers get rated based on the food they deliver, so if any driver has gone to this location and received a bad rating or a complaint something was missing I wouldn't be surprised.This wouldn't have been a big deal if the cashier had honestly forgotten to pack the guacamole in my bag or telling me once she realized she was out of guacamole, but not telling me they were out and attempting to hide the fact hoping I wouldn't realize is the issue here. Also let's not forget that you make guacamole from avocados so I'm not sure they were out or if they didn't want to be bothered with making more.

Review №9

The service is usually pretty quick. I recently enjoyed their new lineup of burritos!

Review №10

When ever we go order chicken after 7:00 pm there's a wait of 15 to 30 minutes. Its a drive thru for chicken and you have to wait. Don't get it. So we have to go to National City and the chicken is never dry and over cooked. Pm MANAGER doesn't seem to care mention it and service seems to get worse

Review №11

About 3 weeks ago I made a large purchase. I had to repeat myself several times and they still messed up on my order and did not give me everything. When I got home my order was incomplete. I called and the manager knew that there was a problem and compensated me for my troubles.Now today I go and order 4 large salads and ask for extra dressing and paid for them. Once again I get home and only had 2 dressings for 4 salads. This type of service is totally unacceptable. I tried calling twice and no one answered. It will be along time before I go or recommend this Pollo Loco to anyone. I had the same problems years ago and stopped visiting this Lemon Grove spot.

Review №12

Yummy, fresh chicken, though, because is open flame grilled, it can be a little dry (especially the smaller cuts of meat). Very tasty sides and other presentations of their chicken. I love the new bowls!!! Yummy and fewer calories. Highly recommend.

Review №13

The staff at this location are always pleasant and efficient.

Review №14

Didn't give me any salsa or hot sauce. Very hot inside the restaurant. The staff seemed overwhelmed.

Review №15

Gave three star because its good food, but almost always they forget to give salsas, even when you ask for them.

Review №16

I love their chicken. Today's chicken could have been cooked a bit longer.

Review №17

Great customer service! Delicious!

Review №18

Busy intersection food is okay the coleslaw was not tasty smelled sour must have sat out too long

Review №19

It varies day by say. The size of the burrito is very small but tastes great. The taste of everything is good but I dont agree with the portions especially something as simple as chips

Review №20

Horrible curbside pick up! Doesn't exist!I've already filled out the form with all of my info.

Review №21

Classic Pollo bowl is good for the price. The young lady who took my order was very friendly and courteous. Will be returning.

Review №22

Two hours before closing they didn't have any white meat. I somewhat can understand their situation but, without any notification (a written sign) I didn't find out until I was trapped in the drive thru.

Review №23

6/21/20 12pmAscurrent situation and slow bussiness compared to the other locations worst experience ive had as my first time in this location . flavorless chicken , the chicken in the nachos really dry. Tasted days old as a experienced cook old chicken can contain bacteria

Review №24

Relatively healthy fast food! Fire roasted chicken dinner simply and well! Great place for keto if you are careful about side dishes. Disappointed that so many places in Socal still use styrofoam!! Ask the places you patronise to do better and get away from petroleum based plastics!! Demand better, demand biodegradable! ️

Review №25

It was my son's birthday, I ordered dinner by delivery, it was never delivered, I went to claim my food and they told me that they are not responsible because they do not have drivers, which is a third company. When I made my order to Pollo, I made the deal with the restaurant, not the drivers. sadly they leave a family without dinner for offering something and not complying, and they wash their hands saying that the person to complain to is the driver !! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! and more in these times when we are out of work

Review №26

Tried this place once with my friend and I am hooked ever since. I liked the great character and tasty dishes and beverages. Kudos.

Review №27

Alway's a pleasure getting my DoorDash from here

Review №28

Great variety of mexican food, which they expand frequently. Love their chicken. Good service weather you eat there or take out.

Review №29

Always good although tge prices have gone up since Covid struck.

Review №30

Have been there before. They have no idea as to what customer service isOrdered 4 piece chicken, one of the breasts had a huge chunk of the meat missing other pieces were dry was told I could get a refund. Drove up there and was treated like I was looking for a free meal and she said no refund just replacement.She was rude and condescending.

Review №31

Drive thru lady was super nice and courteous

Review №32

Would absolutely recommend trying this place. Great mood, delicious food, great customer service. Great work.

Review №33

Good food, not the cleanest though:[

Review №34

Great 5 dollar menu

Review №35

Best grilled chicken in town hands down! Wish I had taken a picture of our large family meal. But we were to hungry & tore it up! Lol!

Review №36

They forgot half my food and to many flys

Review №37

Food quick, hot ans delicious

Review №38

Delicious and fresh. Good prices.

Review №39

Customer service was great!Food was delicious, had tried pollo loco before but thought it was gross.This place made me change my mind, food was so good and didn't get cold fast.

Review №40

I ordered the double chicken avocado salad.I enjoyed the salad because it was fresh and had alot of chicken. My only complaint was there was only 3 small slices of avocado. It definitely needed more avocado.

Review №41

Everything is perfectly cooked to my taste. Always enjoy the food and never disappoint

Review №42

Good prices, even better food!! It's a perfect combination between a healthy meal and fast food

Review №43

The dirtiest fast food restaurant ive ever been to. EPL is usually much better than this location, I eat at several different ones. There was not one clean table I could find. Food was all over the floor and the salsa bar was a mess. There was no scoop for one of the salsas so people were using salsa cups to scoop their salsa right out of the bowl. It didnt looked like anything in there had been cleaned for a while. I will never go back to this one.

Review №44

The wait is unbelievably long around 6:30 pm...

Review №45

Pieces of chicken are too small and take out only and there was a line

Review №46

Mariella was so helpful and SO AWESOME!

Review №47

So my family and i came here to eat lunch and the lady in the bottom photo dropped the mashed potatoes spoon on the floor, picked it up left it on the counter and as i watch and waited for my order she reused the spoon to serve food until i came to the counter and told her she need to serve everyone new food, she still had the nerve to catch an attitude like she didnt do anything wrong.. because of people like her, people get sick, and whats worse is shes okay with doing that and not serve with clean utensils.

Review №48

Fire! You can never go wrong with the 3 piece combo.

Review №49

Double pollo salad was tasty good.

Review №50

Good food great deals on the app

Review №51

The young woman at the counter, Anis, had a big smile, and a great attitude. She is a self initiator and went out and clean the dining room when it needed it. My food was very good. The right temperature and the flavor was very good and the value was more than excellent

Review №52

Good food and the first nice person I have encountered at the drive thru. Great experience!

Review №53

Pros and cons about an open salsa bar, people pack and go take more than they need. Soup is too salty, but so good

Review №54

The food is good but the the lottery in the ceiling is falling apart. I think the management should be closing the lobby down so they can get that fixed before anybody get hurt or injured.

Review №55

Clean, good service, good food and value with coupons. The chicken at this location was more dry, not as juicy. Overcooked?

Review №56

Great tasting grilled chicken. Unique pollo taste. Place is clean. However, when we ate at Lemon Grove store, staff cleaned the floor despite having customers eating. The smell of the cleaning solvent was nauseating and affected the taste of the food. Very bad customer service to use strong smelling materials when people are eating. Management must review its cleaning procedures.

Review №57

Decent food, in case you haven't tried it, they dont have chicken KFC style.

Review №58

Good salads and new chicken tacos are delicious.

Review №59

Horrible customer service took a long time to get my food which I place the order online to avoid waiting. When i got there i still ended up waiting 25min for my order to be ready if there was a 0 star I'll give them a 0 star.

Review №60

Just love this place , really good food

Review №61

The employees are not kind to customers. My experience here was not enjoyable and do not plan to come at this location. The manager lied about her system being down so I am not sure how people are paying for food.

Review №62

Good customer service

Review №63

Horrible customer service.

Review №64

Great tasting food and salsa bar with really hot serrano peppers, so good.

Review №65

The pollo is great. Nuff said!

Review №66

Very nice. She didn't even charge me for an extra sauce

Review №67

Love this place

Review №68

Great service with a sincere smile! Clean store/bathrooms. Food had excellent flavor and a good temperature and came out fast.

Review №69

Extremely dissatisfied, out of an 8 piece. 3 I wouldn't want my wife to eat those, and 1 was what I expect. I wanted healthy rice and black beans where delicious. But the portions are why I'll never have a desire for El pollo loco again

Review №70

Chicken, rice,beans and sauces where excellent with a cherry cola.

Review №71

Salsa was nasty and bought 2 ranchero burrito and both had so much rice and hardly chicken aye no no more

Review №72

I was eating in the dining area and I asked the employee not to sweep near my open plate of food. She just kept right on sweeping. I believe it was the manager too. I won't go back.

Review №73

Great job ,I enjoyed my order

Review №74

Poor service and apparently someone cant read at all english who prepares food there. Im vegan so I ordered the chicken tostada without the chicken so no chicken ,no cheese, no sour cream, and paid 89cents more for gucamole that wasnt even on there. So I got a chicken tostada with meat,cheese and sour cream. Not at all what I ordered and I ordered chips n gucamole, ha. I only got the chips. Poor restaurant service by not paying attention to customers customized orders. What's the point of having it if u dont follow it.

Review №75

Healthy and delicious

Review №76

It's fast food but it's good fast food. I have burritos and Mexican fare just about everywhere in and around San Diego including Mexico. But El Pollo Loco is always fast service, and food is pretty good. So if you're looking for a place where the food is reasonably priced served quickly and taste pretty good El Pollo Loco is a good choice. And their menu is quite varied

Review №77

Ordered a double chicken salad and received a spoonful (see chicken in the corner). The manager was very nice and replaced the salad with no problems. However, this isn't my first rodeo with this place and the lack of portions it gives you in reference to what your suppose to receive

Review №78

Love the taco salads. Coupons make it even better. Fresh ingredients served up fast.

Review №79

Great food

Review №80

Unfriendly staff. Made me feel unwelcome. Cilantro on my chicken bowl has some yellowish discoloration. Didn't look fresh.

Review №81

They had good food it was a great experience.

Review №82

Food was dry, and the service was a tad difficult.. the girl taking our order in the drive threw didnt speak clear English so it was kind of frustrating getting our order correct.

Review №83

Great food

Review №84

Good food and quick service (drive through)

Review №85

Good food good price

Review №86

My favorite spot to go for the tostada bowl, I love it.!

Review №87

Great Service

Review №88

Waited 25 minutes today at 7:30 pm in the drive through just to pull up and have the lady tell me the chicken was going to be 25 more minutes. So unprepared. Very disappointed. Maybe telling the people waiting would help us not waste our time.

Review №89

Tried to order delivery horrible options quit advertising if you can't deliver

Review №90

Excellent Service & Excellent, Very Delicious FOOD. Thank you so much, El Pollo Loco..!!

Review №91

Clean Restaurant Great staff excellent food..Reasonable pricing, and also food is always fresh, and they do not mess up on your order!

Review №92

Great service I like the doble chicken tostada

Review №93

Yay!! They were out of an item so I ordered others and they gave me half of them free!!! Great customer service. This ones my favorite. Always fresh chicken and no matter how many times I can't understand the order speaker, they repeat themselves slowly. Awesome for this little old rockin grandma.

Review №94

Helped me with my order, my girls loved the food. Got the drink wrong but other than that, very good visit

Review №95

If you have not been to the restaurant in a while, you need to get re-aquainted and experience the new menu.

Review №96

Our visit was great! Food was just fine. Tasted very good.

Review №97

Good food and the crew is very helpful

Review №98

Perfect grilled pollo

Review №99

Food is good but service is v e r y s l o w

Review №100

Very good and good for you healthy lunch

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  • Address:7087 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 619-668-0655
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:10AM–11PM
  • Saturday:10AM–11PM
  • Sunday:10AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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