The Buffalo Spot
7820 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

They were pretty good but I wish it had more ranch ( its cost extra for more sauce, ranch and cheese). The chipotle sauce is flavorful and a fan favorite there. They come in three sizes small, regular ( size in the photo) and large.

Review №2

We ordered buffalo & Lemon pepper wings thru a delivery app and the chicken was so soft and fresh, sauce was perfectly made as well! I was so happy to have lemon pepper wings WITHOUT butter taste finally! (somehow I saw lots of other wing places put A TON of butters which makes it super greasy and add up crazy calories) Highly recommend!

Review №3

Ordered the family pack ($25 one) and it was sooo good. Would definitely recommend for anyone craving some Buffalo chicken, and especially popcorn chicken. The food hits the spot!*I got the family pack with honey mustard, hot, and garlic Parmesan sauces. The fries came with Buffalo hot sauce, which goes very well with their ranch and special sauce. Special sauce reminds me of chick-fil-a sauce.*

Review №4

This is probably my favorite place to eat in sf, the chicken wings in any flavor are awesome, full of flavor that goes great with there chow-main. It's a pretty busy place especially around dinner so I would arrive earlier for dinner plans,

Review №5

Really excellent customer service and the settings were ready fast. I really liked the chipotle sauce.

Review №6

Food good cashier was friendly. It was busy so the wait for food was quite long

Review №7

Great fries but not so great chicken. Seems like they chop it up pre fry, which causes there to be a lot of fried batter with no chicken in it.

Review №8

First time trying this place. Good. Will try some other day and try something new.

Review №9

The only thing I'm critical about is the wait time.... Ridiculously long

Review №10

Food was good, my kiddos loved it. Clean restaurant seems like the place does fill up pretty fast. By the time we left at 12:30, the restaurant was packed.

Review №11

Fast service. Breast meat instead of wings which was fine with me.

Review №12

Food is always amazing, just such a long wait

Review №13

Horrible service !!! They messed up my order and refused to admit they we wrong. The order I was given took forever just to be cold ! Would not recommend

Review №14

Love this spot,, great service and friendly staff and the food is always great..

Review №15

Great place and great food some times they take a lil long even if you order online and pick up in store but it's worth it foods always bomb

Review №16

Wings were great. Ordered the very spicy and everyone in the house was a fan. Definitely coming back.

Review №17

Went during this Covid outbreak and had a pleasant experience serves was fast and food was really good. Definitely plan on going back

Review №18

We arrived at this place for dinner. we heard about this spot from a lot of people. Well, we were not disappointed. The staff welcomed us with a smile and we had a great feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Keep it up.

Review №19

Everything was great except for the wait. Took them 45 minutes to get our order ready even though we called it in ahead. The Cashier was very nice and she has excellent customer service.

Review №20

Great fries! Portion are good they charge you for sauce? Seems kinda cheesey! Service was great employees just doing what the owner wants to nickle and dime customers.

Review №21

One person behind the counter working his butt off, Aaron. Incredibly efficient and a hard worker. not to mention extremely friendly. Will return.

Review №22

The ranch tasted so bad it tasted like mayonnaise the bread smells weird buffalo sauce mild is not it would not recommend this to anyone

Review №23

The Boss Fries are bomb you have to try it

Review №24

The food is just alright. I got the buffalo fries with the original hot sauce. They barely had any sauce and were kinda dry. They weren't bad or anything but I've had better buffalo fries for cheaper.

Review №25

They take forever to get your orden

Review №26

Hotcheeto chipotle buffalo cajun fries with ranch and parmesan is sooo goood

Review №27

I am pretty disappointed.I phoned in my order and they said 15 minutes it'll be ready. I come 15 minutes later then proceed to wait 35 minutes.. 3 people came in and ordered after me and those 3 got there food before my phone order. That totally made this location loose my business! negative star if I could add one! I should of asked for my money back!

Review №28

I got the buffalo fries and the fries were hard when they looked like they're suppose to be soggy...

Review №29

Best Buffalo fries in existence!

Review №30

Love this place!! I came in early Sunday afternoon and it was so inviting. The A/C was music, the music was soothing, and sports were showing!!I got the world famous buffalo fries with the guidance of Rashawn!!He was awesome!! Right when I walked through the door his energy was so contagious. He was ready to make suggestions.His suggestion for the fries was perfect. It had the best Cajun spice and siracha flavoringAll in all, this place sparked my taste buds and the mood for the day!!I'll be back!!

Review №31

Asked for extra sauce, not only was there hardly any but neither the fries or meat tasted good.

Review №32

This was pretty good! Although when my order came, it was warm, so not entirely sure how fresh or made to order this is

Review №33

Perfectly cooked. The spice was not too overpowering and the flavors of the meat and fat pulled through.

Review №34

Food not ready in time. Some of us have limited time for lunch. Not happy and first trying this place. 15 minutes later

Review №35

I was here on June 6 I had called was told 10 min wait, showed up. I ended up waiting 45 min. Now it's June 9 decided to give this place another chance. I called 10 min before, now I have been waiting about 25 min and since I'm still waiting I decided to write this review. All I see is a 1 out of 7 people with there food(5 employees). Not coming back here ever again. I don't know what happened to this place. Don't waste your time coming here. Just let this business die. Waste of my weekend. (Update) I ended up getting my food at 9:30 I would like to thank Stephanie for taking action and noticing I was waiting she was so sweet and kind, I could not be angry at an employee like her. I give her 4 stars but the restaurant still gets 1 star. This place needs more employees like her. And if I ever do go back it would be just to get her number.

Review №36

Hello, the atmosphere is okay. The customer service is fine. HOWEVER, as I was sipping my Sprite, the drink has a HORRIBLE taste like dirty socks. Told the cashier to check the fountain,so she did. GREAT! yet she didnt find an issue, gave me another drink. Disappointingly enough, same taste. Had to leave since I couldnt have something to drink my food with. Did not feel comfortable with the taste of the drink.

Review №37

Chicken salad, chicken fries and classic wings filled the buffalo craving. Friendly attentive staff. Conveniently located near Hwy 94 on and off ramps.

Review №38

These wings put Buffalo wildwings to shame! The Garlic Parm wings are the best wings ive ever had hands down. Thanks for staying open on SuperBowl Sunday!

Review №39

Okay it's during the close down everything. Maybe the staff was not up to handling the customer load. I was driving for Uber and I had to wait 15 minutes to get the order once I showed them my order. I will just say they were slow at getting the food ready. I didn't eat the food so I can't say anything about the quality of the food.

Review №40

Delicious food and good wings all-in-all a cozy place to vibe snack and munch. What really got me is that they serve milkshakes and they're pretty good. Wrestling ring sizes great but the tables could use some work for larger groups of people other than that it was a great spot and a really good lunch. We went more towards late at night and they still hang in there. So Props.

Review №41

Food was good but we ordered 20 wings and only received 18, bummer

Review №42

Good food and service but don't order any drinks here. The drinks always have a horrible after taste. Maybe its just the fountain but i don't recommend getting a drink here.

Review №43

It's good, just wish they would add more sauce

Review №44

The sauces are awesome. Had the BBQ chicken fries.

Review №45

Quality, portion and above all taste fell. Wings and Things is better.

Review №46

Try the world famous buffalo fries!

Review №47

Ordered traditional wings by mistake, called them and asked to change order to boneless they said no problem and "changed" the order. The items arrived and we got traditional which was suppose to be changed! Then we tried to call the number back and no answer! Finally reached the manager and he told us that it was the dash delivers fault that he grabbed the wrong bag and that they had called me which is incorrect they never called my phone nor my husbands! NEVER ORDERING FROM YOU OR DOOR DASH AGAIN!! TERRIBLE SERVICE AND ALWAYS GETTING WRONG ITEMS!

Review №48

This pains me to give this place a low rating because I really like this place. When they first opened, everything was so consistent. Food quality was always great, service was amazing too...but now, I feel like since they've become more established, everything just kinda went down the drain. The food portions have gotten so much more smaller and the prices have been jacked up ridiculously. Not only that, but first of all I wouldn't mind paying that IF the food quality was the same. I don't know what happened to the management here but there's a huge difference with the overall feel and experience here. The portion size and quality of the food being served, which I speak mainly of the buffalo fries, that's what their whole restaurant is based off of and sadly it's just not that good anymore. I really hope they can go back to what it was because this place used to be way better!

Review №49

The boneless wings and fries are very good but the breadsticks are the best I've ever tasted

Review №50

Something changed, used to come here consistently, they had Biggie and other hip hop artists on the walls, not only good atmosphere but great food, hearty portions. One day they took all of it down, took Sriracha Sweet off the menu, for weeks they said they were out then just stripped it, the portions shrunk to where now they always ask if you want extra meat for an upcharge $$ if you don't it's mostly just fries. Chicken quality dropped tremendously. Service has always been good though.

Review №51

Sat in there waiting for 25 min after ordering 6 breadsticks. it was not busy at all, there is no reason for this. after my boyfriend finally asked why it was taking so long, the employee disappeared in the back for a few seconds and came back with the breadsticks wrapped and ready to go. clearly they were already prepared. it was like they completely forgot i had ordered even though i was sitting there with no food for 25 minutes. will never go back. 0 stars if i could.

Review №52

Only two works they spent half of their time outside moving their cars. the other half of their time was spent complaining about each other and how much they hate working there very loudly for all customers to hear.

Review №53

Amazing cajun wings.

Review №54

My kids love it so I love it

Review №55

The food is good but they take forever to make it.

Review №56

All I have to say is omg their chicken fries are amazing!

Review №57

Food was good, didnt get the order right

Review №58

Wings Empire on El Cajon Blvd is way better. Quality, portion and above all taste fell way short. Not sure about customer service cuz I ordered take out and I wasn't the one picking up. This location is closer to me but will not be coming back. Sorry guys:(

Review №59

The chipotle buffalo fries with parmesan!

Review №60

Worst customer service ive ever had & McDonalds literally has better chicken. Don't waste your time or money.

Review №61

Great food but the customer service suxks

Review №62

This place was so bad. The service sucks and the food was not good at all.

Review №63

Fast service

Review №64

Over rated. Wings were served warm not hot. Buffalo fried were great. Vanilla milkshake tasted funny like it wasnt mixed correctly

Review №65


Review №66

Good wings and fries Friendly staff. Other happy customers

Review №67

Always orders are late!Drivers wait there long time. They do not care.Not recomended!!!!

Review №68

I love their buffalo fries, but one time they fries were overcooked, basically burned.

Review №69

I'm giving this place a 3 the food was good I ordered the buffalo fries for delivery but for some reason there was no sauce at all on my buffalo fries so its was really dry since there wasn't any sauce other than that solid 3 out of 5 in my opinion

Review №70

Fresh and delicious

Review №71

They cancelled my Grub Hub order and did not inform me. Then when I ordered on the phone after finding out through email my order was cancelled they said it would be 10 minutes. When I drove to the place they said they ran out of regular chicken. Why did you take my order then? Also why didn't you call me on the phone? So I had to pay extra for chicken tenders and still had to wait. This cashier was nice. Some times I go in an the cashier is ghetto and rude (not sure if she still works their). Some times they are cheap with the sauce (specifically lemon pepper). Basically the place has bad management (first problem), bad inventory system (second problem), very inconsistent with sauce (third problem), and bad customer service (fourth problem). Don't get me wrong, their are good days when they make everything correct and the food is great. They should probably pay their employees more (their prices are high enough) and give better training.

Review №72

Unremarkable atmosphere at the cost of overpriced, ordinary chicken. I had quite the appetite that afternoon. No breakfast or lunch whatsoever and I just finished with an intense workout, but even that didnt stop from reminding me how painfully average the quality and overall taste was. That's not a good sign. I ordered the california buffalo chicken burrito, not knowing what to expect except something along the lines of, you know, meat (in this case fried chicken) and fries or potatoes- the common ingredients of any cali burrito. That is literally ALL I got. Diced wings coated LIGHTLY with sauce, and an overbearing proportion of fries wrapped in a surprisingly small package.That may satisfy some people but for the price you pay they really couldn't think of putting one more ingredient to even out the density of the fries? It's understandable. This isnt a taco shop, but if you have a unique, mexican inspired menu item such as this you really should get it right, or even half right. Was really disappointed, but an extreme need to feed was the reason I ate the whole thing. If I were to get it again I would definitely have dipping sauce or a side to complement it, but the price they'd charge for that I might as well go to a sit -down restaurant and pay a few buck more for such a nicer experience.

Review №73

The bbq sauce fries are my favorite !!!

Review №74

Nice friendly people. Food is good. I have nothing bad to say about it. Just a nice place to grab a bite to eat and not be disappointed.

Review №75

I like their boneless wings, they have a nice variety of sauces to go with their wings. And, they make a great blue cheese dip from scratch, definitely worth the extra charge. Jessica works there and is a very friendly person. She always does a very good job.

Review №76

Went in around 8pm, asked about their Cali burrito, the Cali burrito is known for their choice of meet, granted this is a chicken spot and thats wht i was looking for so i decided to try it, crispy fries, sour cream and just deliciousness! (not the case, it was more of wishful thinking) so i ordered, it was ready about 10 minutes, seems rather quick for a burrito and 5 wings, a shake and some bread. i get home, 5 minutes away and the burrito tortilla is red! red!.... really?! this normally only happens when a tortilla sucks all the sauce into it, sooo needless to say this burrito was not fresh, it was luke warn, the fries were not crispy, no sour creme and the chicken was dry as no other. not good and not a cali burrito. big disapointment to say the least. the 10 minutes were spent on the qings my wife ordered and to add disappointment, the wings bare had any sauce at all, its almost as if they were just sprinkled in sauce not dipped or douced at all. nnedless to say it most likely the last time we eat here at the Lemo Grove location. i feel bad for the young lady who was at the counter, it seemed as she was the only one there.

Review №77

Food is great. Hottest sauce, wasn't so hot. But still delicious.

Review №78

I'm vegetarian so I'm a bit biased but it's okay. The food is really high priced for small portions. The girl who is working majority of the time is awesome but the prices are unjustified. I like to order just fries with ranch and buffalo sauce, they are good but not the best. Sometime fries are soggy and sometimes they aren't. Hit or miss. The bread sticks are ok and every time I go they never have ice cream for shakes. The wait can be very long but like I said it's ok. I'd choose Wings N Things over this The Buffalo Spot just because they have salads and beer although they did request an alcohol license so maybe soon they will serve beer also.

Review №79

Love the food here. Girl at counter was friendly and efficient

Review №80

Been here half a dozen times now and the food is decent. The Buffalo fries have a disappointingly small amount of chicken. They also charge for EVERY sample (.60 cents ea.) or side sauce and more often then not they forget to put them in your order!!

Review №81

Yummy food, whether it's the munchies, date night or just family out to dinner this spot is so delicious!! Buffalo wings all different styles. We came here for Valentine's dinner on a budget. We had fast, friendly and tasty food.

Review №82

Great place for some great food

Review №83

Asked for my fries extra crispy, did a good job. Would have given a better rating but not enough sauce on the fries.

Review №84

Love tthe buffulo salad

Review №85

Uber pick up good service and always busy

Review №86

Good food but low meal portion and slow service

Review №87

Food was great and tasty, but they need to add more stuff for the dinner rush

Review №88

So good! Wish I went her more!

Review №89

I had the buffalo burrito and it was kind of smallish but not inappropriate for the price. Pretty nice atmosphere and workers.

Review №90

I've tried there buffalo fries twice now and I had high hopes that they were good because I've seen the reviews but to my dismay they were lacking in flavor. I tried mild first which were very lacking in any flavor other than being hot the sauce was almost obsolete. They were super bland. Then I tried the mild and they were hot but again bland and the sauce was very runny and almost clear. They were not good. I plan on trying the garlic Parmesan fries but I'm afraid that it'll be a waste of more of my money.

Review №91

I got to this establishment at 10:45 Jonique D. Was very rude did not smile at all. I proceeded to order then she asked me to pay card because if I paid cash she “would HAVE to open her register I said no sorry it's for my company she rolled her eyes and counted her drawer very loudly and slow. Afterwards she handed me my recipe and turned and walked away. No thank you nothing!!! Once my food was ready I asked her if it was mine as she just walked past me standing by my food. She replied yes without even a look my way. Our food was horrible with no sauce at all! Very rude customer service we will not be getting our company lunch here again! Maybe this individual should not be working the front counter of your business if in the customer service field at all.

Review №92

Good food and great service

Review №93

The most disgusting boneless wings look at all the oil horrible no sauce !!

Review №94

The buffalo salad is the best. I wouldn't recommend getting any breadsticks because they are not worth it. They are too small and skimpy. I prefer the ones from wings and things.

Review №95

Jessica you're the real MVP. I call buffalo spot to ask why they dont have the tenders on door dash anymore. Not expecting a real answer, but they are my favorite item and the reason I keep coming back to Buffalo Spot in the first place. So I thought what the heck give it a go. "Ring" "Ring" Jessica answers the phone. Guys when i say she didnt miss a beat. She explains what it could possibly be and GOES TO CHECK THE APP. I'm not kidding. She didnt hang up. Didnt tell me there was nothing she could do. None of that. THEN when she found out that even on her end she couldnt change it (I'm expecting her to say sorry there's nothing I can do) which she does. Then IMMEDIATELY followed by so "I'm going to call the representative for the app". Guys. Ive never had customer service like this in my life. THEN she sounds wary about asking me to call back in about 10 mins. LIKE IM GONNA BE MAD, Talking about 10 MIN, I NEVER thought my beloved tenders would be on door dash again. Jessica you're hands down one of the nicest people in customer service. Thank you. Seriously someone give her a raise. Waiting to call back. The hunt for the Door Dash Tenders continues.

Review №96

By far the slowest restaurant ive ever been too i placed a order to go showed up 30 minutes later and still waited 45 minutes for my food. When i asked how long it would be i got the answer “Its gonna be a long time”. Enough said

Review №97

Medium buffalo fries extra crispy onion rings an blue cheese sauce yesss

Review №98

Place gave us less portion than the usual very dissapointed

Review №99


Review №100

This place is incredible , the ribs are meaty and the sauce is great. I have tried alot of rib places and it is a top pick, the chicken wings are great and the Buffalo fries are the best.. Kitchen is slow but food is hot and cashiers are really friendly... great place to eat!!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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