Burger King
6960 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

Went here for the first time and got 2 whoppers, 2 small fries, 2 orders of spicy nuggets, and 1 large drink for about $3 with T-Mobile coupons. Food was hot and fresh. Really enjoyed it. We dined in inside and the place was clean. Service was good too! We will be back.

Review №2

Food quality has drastically went down. Served cold mozzarella sticks, jalapeno bites were dry, possibly for sitting under the heat lamp too long.

Review №3

Food was late, crazy since I live 3 minutes away and they made another delivery before mine, ok I'll give them that. Our sprite drink had a bug floating around in it and was flat, no fizz, the other drink was flat too. Food was cold. I'm done with Postmates and Burger King lemon grove.. they didn't answer their phone to report the bug floating in my upset 6 year old drink. My tip to Postmates was .10....Now I'm feeling sick.

Review №4

I asked for a whopper with no pickles and they gave me 8 pickles Very poor management.

Review №5

Went over to pick up dinner for me and my kids. I had trouble with my CC and order, luckily Evelyn was quick to help! Shoutout to the amazing workers like her that are so graceful during this pandemic

Review №6

I had a coupon..for a Whopper combo and one for chicken fries. The service was great. Just didnt like employees one if which was management speaking Spanish in front of guests. But they had great smiles.

Review №7

This is the best Burger King in the community of Lemon Grove it is there to provide a service for the entire community in this time of covid-19 what day are EBT friendly and there to make sure your food is hot and ready and serve you with a smile

Review №8

The whopper is like half salad in a good way

Review №9

Love Burger King. Staff was amazing and so were the chicken nuggets.

Review №10

Fast service! Nice staff! Ample free parking!

Review №11

Burger King keeps their maintenance up very well very clean and the Staffing side always welcome you in I'm a breakfast person when it comes to Burger King because I love the French toast and the croissant sandwiches.

Review №12

We ordered spicy nuggets and we got regular nuggets. We would of gone back but didn't realize of mistake til we got home. We live 20 minutes away. Please check what you hand out.

Review №13

Extra long wait today. Food not super hot either.

Review №14

DoorDash Issue - (NOT a Burger King problem. I believe.) Fries were ice cold, sandwich extra cold and the soda watered down. I've never before had an issue with EVERY. SINGLE. THING. in my order!!! Let me start by saying that I love BK!!! I order several times a week. BURGER KING ISSUES... For my order tonight...1st - I ordered large onion rings. I got medium French fries. They were anything but warm. What dipping sauce DID come was not the sauce I chose.2nd - I ordered a double Whopper MINUS pickles. I got a SINGLE Whopper with extra pickles. I pulled 7 pickles out of my sandwich and I know I had bit into 2.3rd - I ordered a large Coke. I got a medium Dr. Pepper, or a Root Beer. (I don't like either so I couldn't exactly let tell what it was that I spit out.)

Review №15

I know why their line isn't busy.

Review №16

Great service, beautiful smile from Sonia! The location is very clean inside & out. Lots of parking, fast service, the burger was a huge & tasty. I loved the fries & portion of soda. Lots to choose from. Bottom line you get a lot for your $$ & taste great too! I've visited this location 3 times. Every visit has been the same!

Review №17

The employees are a joke. They're rude and don't wear masks in the early morning. Also the quality in food forget about it. This location is trash now.

Review №18

Stopped by at 9:20 PM to place an order. After being asked several times to repeat the order I decided to drive up to the window instead. A stocky white fellow bluntly stated "We are having problems with the headset". I replied "I thought so. That is why I drove up here". He then stated "Well you will have to wait over there (parking spot) to pick up your order because you did not wait back there" (where I tried to place an order). There was no one behind us. Due to the way he interacted with me as a customer and the tone of his voice I bluntly told him" Well you have lost us as a customer". He didn't really seem to care. I suggest others stay away from this location late at night. We went to McDonald's instead where the service was top shelf compared to these folks.

Review №19

All in all I love this place!! Every time I come here it's has always been !! We got two junior whoppers, fries, chicken nuggets, and sodas!! The whopper veggies were so fresh and meet was charbroiled!My favorite part was the crispy pickles and raw onion.Don't even get me started about the fries. The perfect amount of saltiness and fit perfectly was my soda. I could barely wait to eat them on the way home!The ranch, bbq sauce, and honey mustard are tip top taste bud awakening deliciousness!! (Excuse my run on..)I can't wait to return!! Love this location and great employees!!

Review №20

Went inside and after waiting for 5 minutes I left.

Review №21

Don't like the wopper anymore, they charged it, but the fish sandwich is still good

Review №22

Fast drive thru nice.

Review №23

Great customer service, food hot and made to order..

Review №24

Have great offers during a time of need thanks to burger king i had a hit meal

Review №25

Fast drive thru good service

Review №26

The best hamburgers

Review №27

This is my 2nd Favorite Burger King. They are nice and fast.

Review №28

Yesterday was our first time we came to that good restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We had great time with the good service, with the fine meal and fine drinks and with the modest payment. We will absolutely go back there soon.

Review №29

My son loves it!

Review №30

Got our order wrong. Got home and had six orders of nuggets missing. Had to go back. No excuse for this

Review №31

Best burger in town

Review №32

Typical BK. Friendly staff. Clean facility.

Review №33

I ordered the whoppers with french fries, which was delicious. Love the combination. Awesome services,good food. Everything was as it should be! Great experience overall.

Review №34

Very good strong coffee

Review №35

Always quick and consistent at the drive thru.

Review №36

Worst experience the lady was rude her name was annabelle at least what that wat she said she was she please on mask I covered my face then said that won't work so use paper towel and she goes In back and comes back and says u have to leave

Review №37

Well today I tried the impossible Burger it was quite tasty. I think I was trying way to hard to notice the difference in this patty.So it looks like I'll have to try it at least one more time.

Review №38

Understaffed food was cold and long waits.

Review №39

Quick service.

Review №40

Best offers for fast food

Review №41

The staff is usually very nice. One time one of the cashiers was taking an order AND delivered our order to our table.

Review №42

I bring my kids through here in the morning sometimes for a bribery treat. We get the same person at the window and she is always friendly. Usually the order comes through pretty fast, there was one time that it didn't but nothing is perfect. Overall we've always had good experiences here.

Review №43

I had a good meal with a regular Whopper but my son decided to try the impossible burger & got really sick. That is definitely not something we will try again!

Review №44

Excellent location for eat with your family or friends.

Review №45

Was good, used the coupons got bunch of burgers, frys and some 1 dollar chicken nuggets. Then we were crowned like Kings and ate like Barbarians! Savages Baby!

Review №46

The place smell like sewers

Review №47

Prices too high.

Review №48

Love there burgers

Review №49

Crew is always nice. And the impossible Whopper is incredible.

Review №50

Wait time was a bit long

Review №51

Fast friendly people

Review №52

Great flavors... bummer the burgers are soooooo big. Great flame broiled taste.

Review №53

My daughters Love Burger King. We had not gone to the BK on Broadway before, and I must say the people behind the counter were very polite and courteous. We will be going to this BK in the future more often.

Review №54

Does not do free whoppers anymore from tmobile Tuesdays! Made me waste a code

Review №55

This has to be the slowest store in the county if not the state. They were out of ice on a warm day. This is why I only eat at Burger King once a year if not less.

Review №56

I like the people at this burger king

Review №57

Burger gave me upset stomach

Review №58


Review №59

Good location but got there late and cold food

Review №60

Service was decent and the food was burger king

Review №61

Very clean. Good customer service

Review №62

The machines were down when I came, but once they were up I received excellent service and my food was really good and fresh.

Review №63

Had a great experience here. Had to drive much further than I'd planned in order to have lunch at a Burger King location because the one on North Johnson Avenue in El Cajon is closed until further notice due to fire damage. Fortunately the extra drive was worth it as the service was prompt and friendly and the food was very fresh and prepared exactly as I had ordered.

Review №64

Very friendly and great food. Spicy nuggets are good and hot. Love the fries and the chicken fries.

Review №65

Great wopper!

Review №66

A bit higher than most, but clean and location easier to access from any entrance

Review №67

My order was not correct. The cashier had good customer service, repeated my order back correctly. The person who put my order together called my number, and just walked off not knowing if I wanted my condiments. Which I did. The cashier made sure I received my condiments.

Review №68

The customer service skills were very poor and they gave me a washer to get into the bathroom then he didn't even fit

Review №69

Our local Burger King has a really fast drive through. Variety is good. Better then some of the other fast food offerings

Review №70

The Commercial got me to come back after years of hiatus however only reminded me why I stayed away for so long . Yuck After a hard day's work looking forward to a delicious Burger It's such a let down

Review №71

Nice and empty at 5:30 pm. Food was fresh and hot. The cashier was friendly.

Review №72

Quality Mexican food. Quality-wise You pay for what you get.

Review №73

We had a wonderful customer service. Great place to chillax.

Review №74

I like BK burgers better than Jack's or Mickey's

Review №75

On MAY 18, 2019, I went here to get the new "Vegan Whopper", but it turns out, they didn't have it. So I ordered a "Valley Farms Veggie Patty" instead. It wasn't worth it. When I bit it, I felt pain in my teeth because THE PATTY WAS HARD AS A ROCK! I went and complained, only to get a different one instead of being offered a refund or a choice of something else. The burger was uninteresting. Unlike the veggie patty in Subway, it barely had any flavor. My bottom teeth still hurt today.

Review №76

Finally got up the nerve to try the new Burger King (American-ized) Tacos. At $1.00 ea. it's a pretty good deal. The shells are light and crispy. However... the fillings in the tacos were a bit on the skimpy side. Little cheese, and Light lettuce. The meat is what sets it apart from the competition. It was very well seasoned and pleasant to the taste. I will be having more of these. The restaurant itself is a different story. I found it dingy and not what I expected. The bathroom had urine on the floor, and a VERY strong odor of fecal matter. I had to search for a clean table at 2:30pm. When I found one, There was light bits of trash on the ground under the table. It also was concerning to me that the service appeared to be 90% focused on "Drive-Thru". The rest of us didnt appear to matter. The manager herself took my order. She was very productive and matter of fact. That said, It would have been nice to at least be greeted and acknowledged while I was waiting for her to finish taking a drive thru order on the radio. She never smiled, and never thanked me. While the tacos were good,.... I wont likely be visiting this specific location again in the immediate future. Jack in the Box sells Americanized Tacos right across the street.

Review №77

These burgers taste better than the ones in Harrisonville, Mo. Overall- very clean and the burgers was very tasty, very good!!!

Review №78

My experience was nice. My food was pleasant.

Review №79

The food is great just don't order inside they take for ever to give your order

Review №80

Why as soon as your done ordering they ask you to go park in the hot sun what was the point of going to the drive-thru, I do like the food

Review №81

Not big on fast food but it was convenient and on the way home

Review №82

My wife and kids love this Burgent King in Lemon Grove they Always Always treat us Good ️ and have the best strawberry shakes in the world !!!!!plus I was really upset that none of the other locations could make a shake for her cus it stops at 10 pm and she's pregnant so upsetting but thanks to Everyone in this location

Review №83

Horrible costumer service !!! Today I came in and the lady was rushing with with my order and then charged me extra for my drink. I try to explain to Adrianna that I told the lady I want the regular size with the meal but she continue to argue with me then Diana (the lady who took my order) came to the window telling me she told me it was going to be a charge when I told her she didn't Adriana and Diana started both talking to me hostility making a big problem. I felt so uncomfortable I just wanted a refund all together! If I could give zero stars I would, I will never come back again.

Review №84

Much better Service than Previous Management, getting Better

Review №85

I come to this BK about twice a week. Every week. For a few months now. I've never had a problem. The staff is always friendly, my order is always right, and my food has never been cold. As far as BK goes, this is my favorite location. We all know BK doesn't serve high quality food, but for the price, the food is good.

Review №86

My opinion out of all the fence Foods Burger King taste the best. Charbroiled you can't go wrong. Two Whoppers for six bucks what a great price as well. Love Burger King

Review №87

Good fast-food.

Review №88

This place used to be amazing but has gone down over the years. Food is on the cheaper side and they always have a lot of coupons on the app. Also service is pretty fast. The last few times I've been I've had mistakes made on my order, but they were very kind about it and fixed it. The staff is nice. Overall it's a good place for a cheap good meal.

Review №89

It was a hot day so I decided to get the lemon frozen drink and it hit the spot. Also got a Whopper and it was fresh and tasty. The woman at the drive thru window was very friendly and helpful.

Review №90

Best damn welfare EBT burger I ever ate.

Review №91

Best buy chain fast food burgers. Everything else could use some help.

Review №92

The oil was clearly old, it made their fries taste so bad my kids said their tummy hurt! I love burger king. But thia place shouldn't be part of the chain.

Review №93

Whoppers are the best!!!

Review №94

Yeah I did rate it 4 starts

Review №95

If I could give it no stars I would food took for ever they had me park on the side waiting for my food and after 12 min they gave me my order with no ketchup which I had asked for

Review №96

Best whopper is San Diego.

Review №97

Can't beat the king.

Review №98

I will give the two alibys upfront, they were closing soon and they were apologetic. My order consisted of 2 meals, a 4 piece chicken tenders and a fish sandwich both with "onion rings" no complaints on the 2 double cheese burgers. We waited about 15 minutes for fast food. 2 people who ordered after us got their meals before us. They forgot to drop our onion rings in the fryer til about 7 minutes of waiting. They also started breaking down the kitchen before our order was up. The fish sandwich was dry and the chicken tenders resembled more dry, leather straps. I also had no idea the onion rings were compressed breadcrumbs and minced onions frozen and fried. Worst fast food experience I ever had. Sorry BK but this was low low.

Review №99

Very good I really like burger King

Review №100

Love Burger King for a quick and tasty meal !!

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  • Address:6960 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States
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  • Phone:+1 619-460-8558
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
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  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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