In-N-Out Burger
7160 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

Great freshly prepared food at reasonable prices! Why else would anyone wait in line upwards of 20-30 minutes?They are following the state and local mandated guidelines for Covid-19 by not allowing dinning on the premises and all employees wearing masks. The go the extra precautionary step and bag your condiments separately.They are staying true to the way they have always conducted business; fast, fresh and friendly. Well worth the wait every time!

Review №2

Very consistent location. Always get the #1, and this year I always order a milkshake, since it's 2020. But hey, it doesn't make my stomach upset since they use real milk!

Review №3

Don't let the long line fool or deter you. Lemon Grove In n Out's employees are so kind and extra efficient. They have at least one person continuously wiping down contact surfaces at any given time. The food is always hot, fresh and delicious! I love that In n Out offers protein style burgers for those of us who have dietary restrictions. Thanks In n Out LG!

Review №4

One if not the best burgers around. Got protein style yesterday. It was great. Animal fries rounded out my order. Didn't realize how filling the fries still are.

Review №5

Great burgers! The drive thru lines are long and weren't well designed. Sometimes it backs up on to the street. The average wait is about 13 cars. They do their best to take your order as far back in the line as possible. If you have time to spare, it's worth the wait.

Review №6

Friendliness is much appreciated. Guy was so chill durring their rush. The computers went down and he was just coolin. Didn't miss a beat

Review №7

Delicious food and amazed me as always! The employees were extremely helpful as always! Surprisingly, it was not busy at all inside. I'm usually used to longer lines. But the drive thru was really busy though. I love coming here! I'd always give In-N-Out 5 stars!

Review №8

I went here Sunday 8/4 - the woman that took my order was a pro! They got me in and out in a jiffy! I order special and they got my order just right and was so good! I've been here before. The interior space is cramped so I would avoid eating in! I have heard they will be closing sometime soon to add more space.

Review №9

During covid aware employee; as he was serving food, a customer handed the receipt to him, he took the receipt and pulled the glove over it off his hand, and put on a new one. Great job of non cross contamination. All workers wearing masks and gloves, gave me peace of mind.

Review №10

The place was clean. Employees were friendly and courteous. Service was fast. Food was good. My granddaughter wanted to go to Carl's Jr. but I wanted In-N-Out Burgers. I asked her to chose between the two and she said she didn't know the difference, so I drove to In-N-Out Burger to show her the difference. As we were approaching the spot where it was located I pointed to the cars that were waiting in line almost 2 blocks down the road and I said, "You see those cars waiting in that line, their all waiting for In-N-Out. You ever see a line like that at Carl's Jr.? ": Needless to say, she chose In-N-Out-Burger and was happy that she did.

Review №11

Always good. Even though the line is long, the service is fast and friendly. Love it

Review №12

In-n-out is always a yummy burger. This location has terribly long lines for drive thru most of the time. The line can build up into the street, so you have to approach from 1 direction if you want to get in it.

Review №13

People here are so nice! They have positive vibes and they treat you well but not just that, they also serve very good burgers and fries. I assure you that most of the times you will get the right order you asked for, and they are fast at doing the food. In 5 minutes you will probably get your order. I think that instead of going to McDonald's you should come to this place. It will be very worth it and even their prices are cheap.

Review №14

This branch wasn't different than others and I enjoyed my burger. They're always so good!!!

Review №15

Hubby loves in n out burger...he's a big guy so of course he goes for the mega meal: 4x4 with grilled onions, animal fries, and a strawberry shake. I ordered the double double protein style with mustard and onions only. It was not bad I can get used to not having bread. However, it has to be a better way to present protein style as the lettuce doesnt stay crisp. Next time will see if I can get lettuce separate if not then without it...wont make or break my carb!

Review №16

Good quick and always tasty! Staff are courteous even to those who dont always deserve it.

Review №17

Great location but traffic gets so crazy sometimes.

Review №18

During this pandemic, In n Out has gone way above and beyond in making me feel safe when using a drive thru. I love the fact that the money and food handlers remain separate as always. Also, the added precautions like being able to put your own credit card in the reader so no one else touches it and not having to press any buttons to pay was great! Also the condiments had their own bag and didn't touch my food. Thank you In n Out for really caring about your customers.

Review №19

I can say this with all lhonesty. Out of all the fast food places that I've ever been to every one of them has messed up my order in some way whether it be huge or small at some point in time they have all messed up the order..... Except for ins and outs, they have never ever not once not even the slightest tiniest little anxious bitsy this little request like give me an extra packet of ketchup. They've never messed up a single thing, not once and there's a lot to be said for. Why do you suppose that is? I'll tell you what it is because they actually pay their employees more than minimum wage they make a decent learning they make a decent living of manager at in and out makes I bet you more than $60,000 a year because 10 years ago that's what the managers made

Review №20

Great burger and fries. Try to the double double with chilis cut inside. Animal fries and shake are great on cheat days. Gotta hate the lane though but worth the wait.

Review №21

Whoop whoop big time. Clean and tasty

Review №22

Food was good. Employees were above great. Friendly, helpful at 1am.

Review №23

Horrible drive thru. Need to expand or relcate estate to make better access

Review №24

Service and food are good. Very tight to get in and out through drive thru. They need to rethink for easy access, due to the traffic coming in and out of parking area.

Review №25

Long line worth the wait, good food and service.

Review №26

They have always gotten my order right, are fast when under pressure, and the food is outstanding.

Review №27

Can never go wrong lines weird but I like the staff young but dedicated ifthe order is wrong most likely you didn't say it clear enough but its ok they got you in the end

Review №28

Great place to eat n the food is Awesome. The drive thru line move pretty fast.

Review №29

It was so good American animal burger and animal fries

Review №30

Great never fails same great taste always consistent

Review №31

The place was nicely cleaned in the restaurant while ordering to go, as was the RR clean too. The food of course hit the spot. Thx. Keep it up pls.

Review №32

Long drive thru line like always! But.... customer service is good and especially the food! Best burger in the world the way i see it! I would totally recommend it if you haven't had their burgers.By the way follow me on...Instagram: Rommel TroncosoTiktok: Rommel TroncosoTwitter: Rommel_Troncoso

Review №33

It's In N' Out playa!! If you don't like their burgers, you are a vegetarian or super picky eater because they will literally make your burger however you want it. My pick? Double double with grilled onions, chopped yellow peppers, extra pickles and triple tomatoes.

Review №34

There is no Better Burger in San Diego.. look up the hidden menu online.. BOMB.COM

Review №35

I love eating at in-n-out, love their burgers and always request the fries well done and never disappoint. However, today's fries well were well done but not hot, as if they did the fries first let it sit while the burger was getting made. Location is small, always pack with limited sitting, parking can be limited if you want to park close to the restaurant, but there is plenty of parking spaces a little bit further from walking distance.

Review №36

Been here several times, always have good customer service. Never have any issues with food either. Only thing is that the In n Out is at a busy intersection, can get congested with many vehicles on drive through and you can tell some people get really stressed when the streets get blocked especially during rush our probably recommend coming at another time but that's hard since it's always busy.

Review №37

The drive-thru line is longer than it has ever been but they are doing a great job. I was way out in Massachusetts when I got in line and it took 22 minutes total. I've waited longer when the line was shorter.

Review №38

So good. Always my first stop when I arrive put west

Review №39

One of the best In and OUT burgers in San Diego/Lemon Grove area.

Review №40

Great place to dine in. Great atmosphere with great customer service. Inside was clean as well as the outside of In-N-Out was clean. Love this place and will continue to come!

Review №41

Bad location, but food has always been good. Difficult to access franchise. If you have a big vehicle you may want to park in the bigger parking lot and walk over to restaurant. Traffic light beside it creates some congestion to get into parking lot, as well as exiting.

Review №42

Very good burgers, but too much line to order burger

Review №43

Great food and great customer service.

Review №44

1st time they have made a mistake on my order. Order animal style burger and fries and only got animal style burger.

Review №45

I very much love their dishes and customer service, excellent location close to where I live. The cashiers are always welcoming. Will visit here again.

Review №46

Great you have you so close by!!! Awesome food

Review №47

Always good and always fresh. Every location I've ever visited has been excellent, including this one. I wish the lines weren't so long, and that there was another one on the other side of town (near the Costco area). Best burgers and fries out of all fast food restaurants.

Review №48

Eh. Ive had been in rockford il

Review №49

Who doesn't love In-N-Out? I know I do!My mom and I popped in here early Saturday to grab a quick bite to eat. We went inside, as the drive thru is always so long and crazy. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded inside, as we easily found a nice booth to sit in.The workers are always so very kind and they listen when they take your order, as they always get it right.I ordered the Cheeseburger Meal with both kinds of onions, Protein Style. My mother just ordered the Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions, as we planned on sharing the fries. The food was great, as usual. The fries were nice and hot with just the right amount of salt.The restaurant was very clean and the food came out in a timely manner.I will always be back to In-N-Out, as it is by far one of my favorite Burger Joints! And I'm not a French Fry person at all, and In-N-Outs Fresh Cut Fries are the only fries I crave!

Review №50

Been coming here for years, never got a wrong order food is always good

Review №51

It was drive thru only bc of CO19 but the line moves staff and the staff was very professional.

Review №52

They like to go home.

Review №53

Not as good as sit down. The option was to rat in the car or drive home. It was cold when I got home. This food is best fresh.

Review №54

Long line as always but the burgers are always great.

Review №55

Food was great and quick to get our order

Review №56

It was ok burgers are a bit small but the shakes were great.

Review №57

Easier to walk in and carry out then drive through at this location.

Review №58

Service is quick, but there is usually a long wait. Our favorite are the protein style Burgers, cheeseburgers and I highly recommend the fries well-done!! Friendly service

Review №59

Long lines (caused by customers) The staff are very professional and quick. They are serious with social distancing and wear masks. Food is still worth the wait in line. If you see the line and don't feel like it, there is a McDonalds next door. Dunno if ice cream machine broke there or not

Review №60

Just be prepared to wait in line as this place is very popular ️

Review №61

4.5 Yummy but a smidge too much salt on the burger.

Review №62

OMG these burgers are the best I always get a double double animal style, if you don't what animal style is ask for it. You can get it on your fries as well. The fries are always super tasty fresh tasting. I like how they ask if you are eating in your car so they give you plenty of napkins and a place mat to stay clean. Go get some you won't be disappointed.

Review №63

Very good quality food. Drive through takes a long time but in the end it is worth it when you take a bite of that fresh great juicy burger. It really is "quality you can taste"

Review №64

Ivan stood out in the rain at 1:34 AM to take our order even though they were technically closed. I'm nothing but grateful for staff of this caliber. Shout out Ivan.

Review №65

To me, the best burgers! I'm happy the menu is simple. You can spice it up if you like with animal style or grilled onions, but it's simply wonderful. The lines are always long. That's because they are the BEST! If you have never tried IN-N-OUT, you need to try it. If you have any special requests, let them be known. (Please ask them to center the tomatoes, Patty, extra onions or whatever is your pleasure. Need fresh lemons, let them know. The people who work there are more than ready to help you.

Review №66

The double, double animal style is on point. Some might tell you other wise, but hey, everyone is free to have an opinion lol.

Review №67

Extremely nice and pretty fast compared to other locations.

Review №68

Food was good, staff not too friendly, but they blocked the handicap parking area, so I had to park across the parking lot a little ways away and walk back.. bathrooms were dirty and gross.. there was no construction yet blocked all the parking. Doesn'tmake sense... I wont be back any time soon

Review №69

Excellent food, nice employees, regularly awesome ambience. They charge reasonable rates and the food quality is very good. I recommend this place.

Review №70

The food came out quick,looked as good as it should,tasted as good as it should,fully well stocked with condiments and peppers.It was delicious.

Review №71

It's not my favorite, but it's ok for late night munches.

Review №72

Awesome as ever....line moved quickly

Review №73

I'm giving this 4 stars because the location sucks. The route to get in is terrible. Otherwise the restaurant itself is 5 stars.

Review №74

Great customer service and the food was delicious I will definitely be going back

Review №75

A lot of line, but very fast and excellent food

Review №76

Always good food.

Review №77

Crowded Fast and yummy. Your staff is on their post handling a fast pace business in a fast and professional way. I would love to work for IN AN OUT.

Review №78

Sarah, Kevin, and Ashlee give great customer service!10/14 I think his name was Edgar (I didn't get a good look at his name tag) who was awesome!! Excellent customer service. He was taking orders at midnight tonight.10/22 great service from sebastian and Susan. I always come around midnight after work and the staff is always wonderful.My only critique of this location is the location itself. There is not enough space for the drive thru line, nor the parking itself. Very tight turns/corners.

Review №79

In-N-Out it's popular to the most people. because they made only three kind of hamburger they make it to customer very easy. and also it's more delicious than other places fast food

Review №80

Better hope you don't get in the drive through line from the wrong spot. They straight up kick you out.

Review №81

Good food and done fast.

Review №82

Took a little to long in the dry through. Usually they are on top of things, what happen.?

Review №83

For it to be very busy and a very long line..they actually move pretty fast...nt tht bad of a wait and the burger was really goooooood

Review №84

Went on a Friday evening and it was jam-packed with people. Still, the staff were friendly and they whipped our food out much more quickly than you would imagine! Also, the quality was NOT lacking - the fries were among the best In n Out fries I've ever had and the burger was incredible. In-n-Out rarely disappoints, but this location has their skills on point and we were very happy with our decision to stop.

Review №85

My fave burger!

Review №86

Best all around fast-food burgers, please, please add more sitting tables!

Review №87

Really really good. Double double combo and cheeseburger combo. Wife and I love it

Review №88

Gross. I don't know what the hype is all about. The fries were like cardboard. The patty and toppings on the burger were good but for the hype...I expected better. Definitely not upset we don't have an In-N-Out in my state.

Review №89

Amazing food every time! Always a friendly worker at every station. Sometimes there's a wait but the staff really knows how to busy through a rush. 10/10 will come again.

Review №90

What can I say..always hits the spot. Great prices.

Review №91

Been years since I've been in one. Food was delicious as always. Building was not nearly large enough for the amount of people. Must have been day after Christmas shopping rush.

Review №92

Great the same as always.

Review №93

This location is very popular especially in the drive thru. It's always busy but they are fast as we'll. The staff is friendly and the restrooms are clean. I like my burgers animal style!

Review №94

Went during rush hour and it was very busy, which is expected for the area/location. The drive-thru line moved at a decent rate. I was very confused where my gps wanted me to turn after leaving In-N-Out, and the girl at the second window actually helped me and pointed me in the right direction.

Review №95

Animal style 3x cheeseburger fries nilla shake for me. Lettuce wrap for wife. Gotta do this food every once in while. 20 minute line wait not so bad.

Review №96

Hamburgers excellent, fries dry and hard.

Review №97

One of the last honest burger.

Review №98

Best burger I've had!

Review №99

The drive through is a mess, but the staff and food are great.

Review №100

Love it just not the fries. If they had better. Fries all would be great?? U try to make them less fattning if your having a burger your not thinking of calories?

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  • Address:7160 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States
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  • Phone:+1 800-786-1000
  • Fast food restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–1AM
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Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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