Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market
1034 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019, United States

Review №1

My favorite Ethiopian food i ever had! The service is homely and the prices are so reasonable. I loved my time here. They have outdoor seating and I felt very safe considering the pandemic. Don't forget to complement with their honey wine! Authentic!

Review №2

Excellent environment, friendly service, great menu choices, amazing tasty dishes "VEGAN" friendly and at affordable prices.What a lovely restaurant I also LOVE the COFFEE. I enjoy the decor everytime I go. I drive 45 miles just to eat and buy injera here worth the time and money.

Review №3

The service and food are A 1. Home cook meal feel and there's are little market inside with little "jewels" like African black soap and raw shea butter. I highly recommend checking out this spot: you won't be disappointed.

Review №4

Great place! We love it so much. Dessert and coffee was so tasty. The food is unique and tasty. We had it very fast because it was great.

Review №5

Out of the 5 Ethiopian LA restaurants I've tried multiple times. This one is actually the best. Well seasoned. Balanced Sauces. You won't regret it.

Review №6

I've been to Buna 3 times now, trying the Beef Tibese, Vegetable Combo, and now Meat Combo.Been really pleased every time - I'm from Washington, DC, where there's a large Ethiopian population, and this is up there with my favorite spots from that city. The beef and lamb stews that come with the meat combo were especially good - just enough spice to kick the palette.Service is friendly, the atmosphere is low-key and unpretentious, and prices are very competitive for LA. Really recommend this place.Also: I've eaten here and Meals by Genet, and I've preferred this spot - there's a meaningful price difference, too. So if you're looking for an alternative to that very-hyped restaurant, give this a try!

Review №7

Best coffee shop in town best hospitality I always feel at home!

Review №8

Awesome food, great vibe.The two sisters who own the place are very friendly.

Review №9

This place is a taste of Ethiopia.its cosyy ,friendly service and food cooked fresh of the will enjoy the food and will keep you coming back once you feel the taste.

Review №10

I loved my experience here! This was my first time eating Ethiopian food and I absolutely loved it! The food takes a little bit longer to prepare but it's definitely worth it, and the servers were extremely nice and attentive. Definitely will be coming back!

Review №11

Best burger I have ever had. Can't wait to eat it again, but until then I will simply dream about it. Oh, and it was the first meal I ate faster than my breast-feeding wife. And that says something.

Review №12

Delicious, and helpful staff when ordering over the phone—will be coming back for more takeout, thank you!

Review №13

Best Ethiopian food in LA hands down. Pricing is perfect for the service and atmosphere of the restaurant. Owner Eyob and his beautiful wife are so welcoming! Any question of Ethiopian history, this guy knows it all. He's a great teacher and chef!P. S. Buna means coffee!

Review №14

Best Ethiopian food. Very Authentic.

Review №15

Delicious. Great option for local takeout. Fast. Friendly and travelled surprisingly well! Defined would get again.

Review №16

Buna is a small cozy place that we count on. A nice spot for lunch. An excellent vibe and when you look around. people are enjoying the food!

Review №17

Super good food and the owner was so sweet! He offered us coffee to take with us on our long trip back home. Definitely going to go back the next time we visit California!

Review №18

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. We really liked the environment of this restaurant. Nice spot to take the family out for dinner.

Review №19

Really good authentic Ethiopian food! Also extremely well priced. Be sure to get the coffee if you come here!

Review №20

WOW. What a hole in the wall! The best Ethiopian food I've ever had.

Review №21

First time here - small restaurant in the back, mini market in the front. If you're not used to Ethiopian food, it's "family style" and you eat with your hands. The fish was beyond delicious!

Review №22

Once I entered this place I felt so Spicy and a good feeling took me back home to Africa, I love just walking in here , I also purchased two oil perfumes for $5 each and they're good.They have many kinds of herbs and othe grains rarely found in markets , small but good an I highly recommend it .

Review №23

And again I love this place.... Just keep coming back. Food are great ppl are great. Not big fancy place and that's why I love it

Review №24

I always order the veggie combo, and my husband orders doro wat, the food is really good, consistent and it's less expensive than all the other restaurants. There are a few less items in the combo but it's fine

Review №25

This place is amazing!!! Phenomenal service, delicious drinks, and the vegan cheese-sticks melt in your mouth. So delicious! I'm not a vegan but I will be attempting to make these! Bar atmosphere & music rocks.

Review №26

Excellent customer service and great food!!! It is my favorite place to eat out with my friends and family, I highly recommend Buna Ethiopian Restaurant!!!

Review №27

Brought the fam here and this food was amazing! The beef stew was really good. The fish was really good too. I had a wonderful time. Oh, and I highly recommend the mocha latte as well! Though the coffee did take a while, but it was worth the wait.No bathroom so be prepared!

Review №28

Quaint market and restaurant with a warm intimate ambiance. Delicious food, great service!

Review №29

The flavors were amazing on every dish we tried. Generous portions. Happy in every way. Will definitely come back.

Review №30

Place was amazing, very cozy and totally worth the wait!! Check it out

Review №31

Excellent food and customer service.

Review №32

Going to Buna's is like a trip to grandma's house - the food is always good and the hospitality is sure to make you feel at home !!!

Review №33

Great Home CookingReal Culture Place withOutlet to charge ur PhoneN Have Authentic Tea & FoodGreat Fried fish seasons trout excellent !!!Veggie Platter with Ethiopian BreadMy Three Favorite are wirh Fried Fish- Bright Yellow / Split pea- Dark Orange Lentils- Dark Green GreensUse Yelp check in 10%Real Home feel to marketHusband & Wife operationPpl in naibor hood pass thru like happy villageSimply Good stuffMust Try....U gotta Go meet Eyo & Wife...

Review №34

Just called in to see what are included on the veggie combo and the lady literally rudely chased me off the phone. I'd recommend the restaurant next door. Messob or Merkato. They're professional and considerate...

Review №35

Always Peace Vibes... and the Owner is a Pretty cool Guy.

Review №36

Love this place! Every other month I have to make my trek from the Valley to little Ethiopia in L.A, Just for their food. Love the fish with the side dishes. My daughter's favorite is the Vegan plate.

Review №37

Guaranteed good meal every time. I mostly go because the owners are so nice, but really their food is great. I use their marketplace most often to buy spices and injera. It's my first stop every time I go to Little Ethiopia (which is 1x per week).

Review №38

Small and cosy eatery. Astounding and homely food. Really worth a visit.

Review №39

I have been to all the restaurants around this one but i have never seen such a warm and welcoming customer service. And the food is really good. I am definitely coming back.

Review №40

One of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the West Coast. Great food and ambiance resembling actual places back home.

Review №41

Great food, and great service. The lamb stew was delicious, and the tiramisu was to due for!! :-)

Review №42

Good food

Review №43

If I could rate it higher I would. This place is a gem. The food is amazing. Highly recommend having a a sambosa.

Review №44

This place is super bomb. Also run by amazing people. Great place to come if vegan. Also I love the convenient store.

Review №45

The proportions here are great. It's a spot with a small sign in Little Ethiopia. The staff are considerate. I overheard the guy here talking with someone else about how the youth are crucial for the future.Anyway the food is and just enough for satisfaction without leaving you bloated. I had the veg special and their baklava. Ethiopian food is my comfort food and this is a great spot. The music is also sharp, and they sell pieces of Ethiopian art! I plan on coming back

Review №46

Great food and super friendly!

Review №47

This is my absolute favorite Ethiopian restaurant. The owner is amazing. They are always pleasant and professional. The food is amazing! I can eat off of one plate for 2-3 days can't go wrong with the baked fish and I love the yellow peas when I'm just eating light. I recommend Buna over all the other neighbors. thank you Buna for putting all the love in your food.

Review №48

Best little restaurant in little Ethiopia great coffee (Buna) great food nice atmosphere gift's for family and friends.

Review №49

Buna is fantastic! The food was really delicious and the space felt really authentic and full of atmosphere. Our host, Eyo was really warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Buna!

Review №50

The best place to eat ethiopa food I love there food it's fresh

Review №51

Beautiful and clean Restaurant nice food

Review №52

Nice products and good products.

Review №53

#1 egg #2 foul was excellent.

Review №54

This is one of my all-time favorite restaurants! The food is consistently AMAZING and the service is always excellent. Buna's injera (Ethiopian unleavened teff bread) is THE BEST I have ever tasted -- and I love that they carry the dried injera chips, as well. My # 1 go-to when I have friends visiting from out of town. Thanks, Buna!

Review №55

Would highly recommend Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market.

Review №56

We had the sambusa, which was a little soft and doughy, and the vegetarian platter, which was good but not extraordinary. I wish the food had been hotter.

Review №57

This place is so good. We got the meat sambosas to start, and scarfed them down. Then we split the whole fried fish, which came with plenty of injera and sides, and was delicious and worth every penny. Tiramisu was also excellent.There was only one guy running the whole operation: cooking, waiting tables, and manning the cash register for the little market; and he was awesome.

Review №58

Nice service, calm and attentive owner. Good food

Review №59

I order metro and aware tens, it was the best I ever had. Also, the service is the best. I definitely recommended.

Review №60

Service is slow

Review №61

More than just cusuine, Buna is an excellent Ethiopian cultural experience . Be sure to sample the authentic coffees and desserts.

Review №62

Great food! I'll be eating here again the next time I am in the neighborhood.

Review №63

Door Dashed this place and they never saw the order. No customers in the restaurant and no one bothered to check the app orders. I don't even know what the food tastes like yet. This is ridiculous. Put a siren in the kitchen when you get a delivery order from an app or don't sign up. This is horrible. When I called them they had no idea how to respond. They messed up and were just trying to shift blame. Horrible and unacceptable.

Review №64

Good food, good service, fair prices.

Review №65

I had Buna Ethiopian bookmarked for its fried fish (trout), which comes on a slice of injera bread and various vegetable and bean stews. Quite reasonable at $14.99, it was delicious but I can't give 5 stars because the stews were cold. The fried trout, however was piping hot and as I requested, they didn't put too much salt.Small and narrow space combining market/gift shop with a casual restaurant. There's a convenient hand washing station next to the barista coffee machines — if in doubt, just ask. Unisex restroom in back of kitchen.4 stars for now, will upgrade rating if my next visit there shows improvement.

Review №66

Obviously there are a ton of options in the area for Ethiopian but to us Buna really stands out for their attention to detail and care. Owner runs it very cleanly, all the food is brighter and lighter as well. Love going there.

Review №67

Awesome food, great prices. First time for Ethiopian food, what a great experience. We ordered the fish ( best fish ever) samosas and the beef. Everything was so fresh and the portions were huge.Definitely worth the trip if you are in the area.

Review №68

Delicious fish and veggies! The trout is always tender and flaky and the lentils and greens are great! Nice, comfortable space. Nice that they have smoothies and fruit juices also.

Review №69

Ordered online toPick up.They gave our foodTo someone else .Drive for nothing ..Won't try again.

Review №70

Very clean setting, friendly staff, and delicious #vegan entrees.

Review №71

Great food great service great people!#IloveEthiopiaJAHbless

Review №72

Very relaxed, well priced. The owners are excellent and very welcoming. They explained everything about each dish. Overall it was a great dining experience, I can't recommend it enough.

Review №73

I have been coming here for a while. My favorite dish is the fish platter. Their coffee is also amazing. The is very authentic but the best part is that the owner makes you feel as if you are a part of their family. I've made this place a tradition.

Review №74

Came here for a date, it was eclectic and authentic. I couldn't believe i found such a great place to go

Review №75

The service here is absolutely amazing! The staff are very polite and they give you your food in a timely manner, not only is the service good but the food is delicious as well! I'd reccomend this place to friends and family for great Ethiopian food any time.

Review №76

Food was excellent with quick service, owner friendly.

Review №77

Terrible in every way. The food took forever to make it to our tables. The sambusa was served cold, I requested a veggie combo and a separate chicken dish for my parents and they came together (I've been to other ethiopian restaurants where they bring it out separately and ask if we want it combined) I'm strictly vegetarian unlike my parents so this was very unsettling to have had the chicken slathered on my combo. One star because the people were nice.

Review №78

Great food, cooked to perfection! The service is good and good value for the money. I will definitely have to come back next time I'm in LA!

Review №79

My go to place for Los Angeles dining. Buna delivers everytime. The food is amazing with cafe vibes throughout its a go to for dates, dinners, lunches & all. Also pricing is really nice! I recommend Veggie Combo everytime

Review №80

My favorite Los Angeles eat (and I eat a lot). Come at least once a week and order the Veggie Combo, it comes out served on soft injera (ethiopian bread). Got great service! Love it! Recommended!

Review №81

This place wonderful, the food is delicious, and it is a relaxed environment! The owners are welcoming and great! Lentil sambosas were fantastic. Gluten-free injera tasted great. We bought the Buna coffee in the market and love it.

Review №82

No air conditioner. Food is too oily and unhealthy. On my first experience, the food was too salty and couldn't eat it at all. I told the guy abt it and he said he promised to correct it. On my second trial, salt was okay but food was too oily and totally uneatable.Find another better place if you love Ethiopian food.

Review №83

First time experiencing Ethiopian food. Nice quaint, great food, cultural music, great service.

Review №84

Came with my friend Baba from Oakland. Wonderful food. Third time in less than two weeks.

Review №85

This is my home away from home restaurant, I've been to every restaurant in little ethiopia and this one has the freshest food! Love the staff here, Eyob and his wife are great, I️ come in at least once a week!!! Support this business, the food and coffee is amazing !!!

Review №86

Probably the most authentic Ethiopian in LA's little Ethiopia. And it shows. Highly recommend the fish and veggie combo.

Review №87

Very good Ethiopian food found here. Also, if you need a car charger for your phone, they've got that too.

Review №88

Thank you Eyob and Hilina

Review №89

Buna Market ranks at the very top of best Ethiopian restaurants in LA for me. It's filled with Humble people, great customer service, World class coffee &desert, Delicious Doro wot, succulent tibs, and injera bread to pick it all up and scoop into our mouths: that's what you'll get every time! I highly recommend it!!!

Review №90

Came into Buna for the first time and I was amazed by the service and flavorful food. The chicken yedoro was tender and seasoned to perfection. They've got a customer for life.

Review №91

Food was ok. Our party had a couple of vegetarian. My wife was very upset when they mixed vegetarian and meat dishes in one communal plate. Service is very slow. Sambusa was cold.

Review №92

Buna restaurant makes me happy,they make us, or our group feel like home thank you buna.

Review №93

This the only restaurant that I dine at when ever I go to the area to have lunch or dinner. The price is right and the food is fresh. I suggest to try it before you go to any one of the restaurants at little Ethiopia.

Review №94

Nice place, tasty authentic food, really enjoyed it. Affordable too.

Review №95

The food was Amazing. The service was awsome! I would definitely go check out Buna Restaurant.

Review №96

The food is good and reasonably priced. They roast and sell their own coffee which is very smooth

Review №97

Not over friendly but reasonable. Food ok, ive eaten much better though, quite salty and the ethiopian spices just seem bland compared to food in a good ethiopian. Injera was also quite thin... sort of 1.5 mil thick... i like mine thick n fluffy so that it absorbs the sauce well. So average although i wouldnt go there again.

Review №98

Best Ethiopian around. Eyob is THE MAN!!!

Review №99

Love this place! Small and cozy, plus incredible etheopia food. Love it!!!

Review №100

This Place is great They'll treat you like family the tiramisu is the best

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  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
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  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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