Go Pocha
401 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States
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Love it! I felt like I was in the Korean drama. Love this restaurant. Their service was excellent. Their food was unique. Their servers were excellent.Love their watermelon.

Review №2

Ultimately the best Korean food I have had here in L.A and great service. Thank you!

Review №3

Super good food! The servings are pretty big so don't overorder! If you go during happy hour (before 7pm I think) it's half off all food when you order just one drink so it's definitely worth it!

Review №4

It's a wonderful casual dining atmosphere. Undiluted Korean flavours & pleasant banter with the staff. Enjoyed my food. As a bonus, it's open late.

Review №5

This place was actually really nice and the waiters were so nice. Even gave us a free dish. A little expensive for what we ordered but still good and friendly service.

Review №6

This place is a good solid drinking spot. The dried fish is something dreams are made of. Sounds weird, but trust me dried fish + peanuts + mayo + hotsauce is a magical combination. Also, the chicken wings are great!

Review №7

Friendly service. Great money tree and card decor!!! Great free ice barley tea in traditional metal kettle and cups. Great free tableside omelette made!

Review №8

Randomly swing by this place, was amazed by the big food portion, tasty food, and kind 'overwhelmingly' great service. The music is usually US pop and popular K-pop. nice atmosphere for hang out with friend, and grab a drink, and have good conversation.

Review №9

One of my faves now! Yuus finally something new in my rotation of go-to food! Hehehe! The resto is on the smaller side and we did wait about 1-2 hours, but don't fret!! There's a waitlist available on Yelp and I think they take reservations. Service is great and super friendly!

Review №10

The food here is incredible and the service is even better. Had a great time here

Review №11

Absolutely excellent. Try the deep fried pig feet. So so good

Review №12

I have had a blast with my Korean friends here a couple of timesBest restaurant ever!

Review №13

Came on a Friday night had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. Complimentary egg appetizer. Had lots of soju flavors! We ordered lots of soju and beer so they offered us a free dish - my friends wanted cheese corn. Great place!

Review №14

I like the little bar by my apartment. 50% off on most items during happy hour. Such a great deal!

Review №15

This place was awesome. Had a fun, yet intimate dinner and drinks with friend. Drink soju and eat delicious Korean style dishes.

Review №16

Love their fried egg (free little appetizer). Also had fish cake stew which had a nice spice to it that was really refreshing. Would also recommend their mini kimbap rolls! Overall the food was great but I knocked down a star just because it's a little inconvenient as a casual dinner spot. Definitely more of a bar-food type place so it's loud and sears aren't that comfortable.

Review №17

Some of the best dumplings I've had! Super fresh, not chewy or unflavored fillings. I ordered the kimchi steamed dumplings and the veggie pan-fried ones. They are much larger than I expected and the stuffing is generous.I found this place on google and am very glad I came to try it. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Review №18

A fun place to hang out with friend.

Review №19

Best of the best. Seaweed covered rice was a perfect touch to my kimchi rice cake soup.

Review №20

Don't think kimchi will Taste same everywhere Too long to explain

Review №21

This place is about as authentic as it can get if you're looking for a Korean spot to eat, drink, and chill with good company. Vibes 10/10. Servers are extremely friendly. Over the course of a year and some months, I've befriended 3 servers and they continue to give me and my group service whenever they can. One night I got three meals as service. Usually if you go with a large group you're guaranteed service. Make sure you leave a big fat tip though ;)

Review №22

Great Korean restaurant. Great food, good drinks and a great atmosphere! And a deal too!! $

Review №23

Best service ever in Korea town

Review №24

Cool place! Service was good, food was good, vibe was good. Scrambled egg was complementary. The duboki and wings were tasty. The popcorn chicken is a good snack platter

Review №25

Nice atmosphere. Decent food with good happy hour prices.

Review №26

Fun place to drink and eat

Review №27

Amazing servers here! Very friendly and nice to everyone. Love this place!

Review №28

I enjoy coming here for happy hour on the weekdays. They have great happy hour deals and a wide variety of foods that are all delicious and perfect for large group gatherings. Around 7~8pm is when the place gets packed and the wait to order gets much longer due to the number of people, however, as long as you get there early and order, everything is fine.

Review №29

Amazing ambience. Fantastic food. Very eclectic. A tree in the middle of the restaurant! Tvs everywhere. Great staff, very helpful. Good music and strong drink!

Review №30

Service was good, food affordable the staff was a bit busy but nice. Clean place !

Review №31

Im hispanic and im always around this area so i got curious to try it out. I went on a Saturday night and when i got there the host told me and my friend that they were all full and had no available tables so we would have to wait if we wanted to. Shortly after, the host walled away and a hispanic cook came out from the kitchen carrying some pots, noticed us, and asked us why we would come to that establishment when they mainly keep a korean clientele. He said our service wouldnt be up to par. We were confused. Then the host came back but didnt even look in our direction until the cook caught his attention and told him that we were his family. Suddenly the host walked us to the tables and we noticed there were several unoccupied tables.

Review №32

Love this place. So cool inside.

Review №33

Used to pass this place all the time off Vermont but never thought if coming here. I had a friend who incurred me here to get a few drinks. Prices are fair and the food was okay but as far as Koreatown pubs go, there are better ones not too far away. The decor matches the name of the establishment, covered in go cards. Still, because the pricing was decent and service was as well, 4 stars.

Review №34

Can't beat the prices, but the food was meh - ordered stirred fry pork and veggies, egg roll, and seafood pancake. Egg roll was fine. Pork had not many meat pieces, but the pancake was literally just layers and layers of sweet onions with 3 pieces of squid pieces. Again can't beat the price, but don't overload on sweet onions in the pancake pls ;_;

Review №35

I like the atmosphere, happy hour is 50% off drinks and the food, til 8pm. So yeah, it gets REALLY crowded during the happy hour. I ordered spicy toppogi during HH, we waited about 40 minutes for it, and the portion was small, and rice cake was super soft, like you can actually cut with chopsticks! That's way overcooked! And can't believe they served that to us! And of course, it was not good at all.

Review №36

Very affordableEspecially before 7pm, everything is 50% off.

Review №37

Half off most of the menu during happy hour (M-Th)!!!

Review №38

Has been my favorite bar in Ktown for years. Servers are always super friendly, owners are chill, interior is nice- There isn't anything to complain about!

Review №39

Nice place for cheap eats during happy hour

Review №40

I came here cause I heard about their good food at happy hour prices! The happy hour is EVERYDAY from 2-8PM and almost everything is 50% off except for the special items. You must order at least ONE drink to get the deal, so we ordered a bottle of Cass beer. I like how we got some free eggs at the beginning! The buddae jiggae was decent, but I felt like I've had it better at other places. The soondae sausage was good, since it was my first time eating it, I was impressed. The wings were really good and the sauce was delicious! The seafood pancake was alright, not enough seafood. Overall, a good place for happy hour! I would come back just because of the price. For all the food we ordered it was basically 11 per person, so what a good deal!

Review №41

Best happy hour deals! Good food and friendly staffs.

Review №42

My friend drew a penis on the wall, over all very awesome place to hang out and drink with friends :)

Review №43

Excellent service. Best happy hour in Koreatown.

Review №44

Not as well known as gaam or other Korean longues in ktown but this place is alot more low key and honestly the atmosphere is a lot better for those who want to grab soju and conversate. Plus their happy hour is 50% off 2-8pm everyday!

Review №45

Enjoy happy hour

Review №46

Way too noisy. Why are people all yelling so loud???

Review №47

Super busy but service is always the best. Great for b-day parties and groups.

Review №48

Korean style drink place. Nice food and people

Review №49

Regular korean pub. Great happy hour prices.

Review №50

My fav ktown spot. great happy hour!

Review №51

Nice place!!

Review №52

They wouldn't let us eat there because one of us wasn't 21. There wasn't warming anywhere for it. The valet charged us because they wouldn't give us validation. A waste.

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Review №54

Too loud...period.

Review №55

Walked in the door 12 minutes ago....and I'm fairly intoxicated.

Review №56

Typical korean drinking place!

Review №57

Good place to dine-in.

Review №58

Everything is half price before 8pm

Review №59

Come for happy hour

Review №60

Don't leave anything in your car. The valet guys will steal it

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:401 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States
  • Phone:+1 213-381-0088
  • Korean restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6PM–2AM
  • Tuesday:6PM–2AM
  • Wednesday:6PM–2AM
  • Thursday:6PM–2AM
  • Friday:6PM–2AM
  • Saturday:6PM–2AM
  • Sunday:6PM–2AM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Popular for
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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